The Last Days Of Saturn In Sagittarius

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Saturn near the end of one sign – as it is now, in Sagittarius – can feel a bit dreggy. It’s like the end of a long road trip, where the sugar high faded out about 100km ago and you’re left with jittery digestive consequences.

Whatever your lesson of the most recent Saturn cycle (the one that began in late December 2014 and then started to get it on more earnestly from mid-September 2015) it’s being crammed right now.

Saturn in Capricorn from the Solstice may not turn out to be your favourite Saturn but it will at least feel fresh. And in the meantime, Mars is fronting up to Uranus, making for a particularly feisty expression of all the Saturn-driven realisations.

More on this path-clearing astrology in the Horoscopes. Thoughts?


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Carl Barks

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61 thoughts on “The Last Days Of Saturn In Sagittarius

  1. My sun sign is a sag
    And my natal Saturn in Capricorn.
    I have been preparing as best I can for my Saturn return and failure frightens me so

  2. I think this transit was difficult because the truth is ugly and hard to swallow.

    “The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off”.

    Sadges are being sent home to their pastures, with medals, wounds and dignity of serving the collective the last few years. Our job was not to be liked – it was to uncover the ugly truths so that progress has a chance to be built on solid ground. Mission accomplished.

    The army of Capricorns have been drafted and they will become the front runners of Saturn’s next agenda.

  3. Wow Saturn in Cap.
    He’s worked me hard through my 4th. I’ve also said goodbye to quite a few ‘dreams’ or more accurately, delusions – learned to distinguish between thought-bubbles and ideas with traction. I have zero romantic delusions left. I said to Triple Toro last night – after a year, relationships are what they’re going to be, it won’t be any better even if the external circs change – at our age, people, in general, are who they are. This is hard-won life knowledge, not cynicism, as he suggested. He is deluded, his Neptune-moon/Merc-Mars T square wreaking havoc in his life.
    I suppose I’ve neglected my creativity during this time, and it is starting to bite – I think that’s why I feel so down at the moment. I could say it’s not that I’ve neglected it, I’ve just prioritised other important things. My plan for Saturn in Cap is to rectify that.
    He’s just crossed into my 5th and the vibe is already quite different.
    I think I’ll spend the weekend cleaning my house…literally getting my house in order. My wardrobe in particular needs renovating, both structurally and what’s inside it. I still have it in two sections – my ‘happy’ clothes from back then that I still can’t fit into, and my current clothes – a mish-mash of old crap and tired op shop basics I bought as a stop-gap until I lost the extra weight.
    Part of the problem is I just don’t know who I am right now – not the best frame of mind to go shopping 🙂 plus, my only focus has been paying down my mortgage – clothes just haven’t been on my radar. Not very Leo rising, is it?? 🙂
    Transiting Saturn will conj my 5th house moon-Lilith, Eros, Juno and trine my Mars, Uranus/Pluto and Jupiter. With Jupe in Scorp trining my sun/Saturn/Merc I’m hoping for positive things.

    • You forgot Chiron return. That’s been the hardest transit for me this year. And maybe Neptune square Saturn. I thought i was done with the romantic delusions, but i guess you can’t have a Chiron return without some lesson as a side serve, especially when Saturn is transiting your 12th house (where south node lives).

      Mortgage is more important than clothes. Of course I’d say that being Saturn ruled. LOL. But to be honest I’m terrible at saving. I’m a moon in Saggo (trine venus Libra) spender.

      3 years full time at art school though and i had to give up pretty much everything except for food – even that was a luxury at times. Still living on a student budget. Whatever it takes to pursue my dreams.

      Saturn in Cap will be awesome i reckon. It will trine Pluto, and Uranus (once it moves into Taurus), sextile Neptune etc. No major harsh transits.

      And Saturn Cap will trine natal Jupiter!! And Uranus will conjunct natal Jupiter in Toro in 4th house. Curious to see what happens there. I’m currently living and working in a 34sqm studio space and it’s feeling rather crowded. I have no room for a dining table and often eat my dinner off my coffee table with my painting palette shoved to one side. LOL.

      • “Whatever it takes to pursue my dreams.” Yes, this.

        I pictured you eating dinner at your coffee table and felt envious of your clarity and focus. I am having trouble committing 100 per cent, yet at the same time the policeman in my head is yelling ‘Get the fuq on with it’.

        I’ve had the same stuff going on for a few years, I’m looking forward to a change of astro-scene. I refer back often to my Phoenix consult and can’t wait for my 2018 consult. I feel there will be so much I can take advantage of. First time in my life I don’t care about love stars and only want to focus on career / empire 🙂

        • Chrysalis, you’re forgetting I’m a fixed sign. Clarity and focus is how we roll. Everything for me is black or white, love / hate. No shades of grey here… unless it’s related to art then I need the exact shade or it’s the end of the world. LOL.

          No need to be envious. The grass is always greener. I have nothing else better to do with my time. Found it hard to do any work, let alone focus after things ended with the Pisces.

          We’re opposite. I want to focus more on relationships. With a 10th house Sun, that stuff comes naturally. Love / relationships not so much.

          You’ll get there in the end. One step at a time.

      • Scorpy I feel you with 3 years full time at art school and poverty/student budget~~ I finished in 2013. Since then I’ve had a bit more money but not until an inheritance last year did I get the means to travel overseas for the first time since 1990 and start doing some modest renovating… and could let go of money angst and allow myself a bit of indulgence… concerts, trips, new clothes etc. which was most welcome. Plus the peace of mind of having a backup nest egg, just in case! I’m sure your dedication will pay off and be worthwhile. There’s more to life than having a fancy house, car etc. etc. To most people art is a luxury, to artists it’s a necessity. My first half solo show (show with one artist friend) opens on 2 Dec… next week is full time organising and making art… excited, scared and ready as I’ll ever be!!

        • Good on you GY, your vision and hard work is paying off!
          You are so right. Art for some is a necessity and it’s far more damaging not to pursue it.
          As someone I vaguely knew once said, ‘there are no sacrifices, there are choices.’
          All the best for the exhibition! xxx

        • Ha! yeah my last big trip was USA back in 1998! I’ve done lots of smaller trips around Australia but yeah, that’s the thing I miss the most about not having a regular salary – travel. Saggo moon!! *sob*

          Ooooh, 2 Dec is perfect for an exhibition !! Jupiter trine Neptune and full moon in Gem. May you shine!!! 😀 xx

          • Yay I didn’t look up the astro. Just had a few things on in Nov and didn’t want to make it any closer to xmas. Thanks for your good wishes Scorpy

    • chrysalis are you still reading this post – I found this randomly

      also i can see how a leo rising might need a role to create a wardrobe for before shopping – but this doesn’t have to mean tired old things – are you doing the equivalent of the lion in the wheelbarrow thing (self-limiting leo) a la an earlier mystic post? what if the neutral woman of mystery is the current thing? my cappy moon says “nice basics that you can build from” and while i get that this sounds a bit tame and suburban, there’s so much available in that realm. the wardrobe equivalent of a blank slate? allowing yourself to not feel sludgy simply because your agent has not sent you the script or something like that
      funny though, i haven’t bought clothes for ages, but just realising that I am thinking about this means that there is some change due, I can feel a shift – when saturn into cap? i am wierdly cosmic-materalist about this (capricorn again? saturn in leo?) – new places and clothing does mean there’s an energy shift taking place – maybe that’s a thing

  4. Ooh interesting – I had been so focussed on Saturn leaving my 8th and into my 9th I hadn’t really thought about the feeling of it leaving Sag itself… interesting, can definitely feel it! blerugh hahha

  5. Well I’ve learned my lesson(s) since Dec ’14. And before with ASC. Weird to look back at timestamped texts from that era. Just had started lackluster current job, guy I was talking to at the time, new friends I had made. Here’s to the new era! What’s an appropriate celebration, popping a bottle of something nice at a sundial? Obviously I’m going to quit job to travel (liberated Uranus in 2nd h sagg) but need a few months of funds savings

  6. Mystic thank you very much for the road trip analogy, which I can identify with very easily!! And also thank you for the Scrooge McDuck pic, which I think is a genius choice for the times… Not because of scrooge as such but because of the everything else

  7. I’m so looking forward to this. Saturn just finished up an opposition to my natal sun (23° Gemini), which is part of a grand mutable cross (w/ Jupiter in Pisces and moon in Virgo). This went on for MONTHS.

    Now Mercury is crossing back and forth over that same point 3 times, just to really hammer it all home.

    I also had my 1st Saturn return (5° of Sag) in late 2015.

    So like…. yeah. I’ve got Jupiter about to cross my AC in December so I say let’s hit it with Saturn in Capricorn. I think I can work with that energy.

    Saturn is going to be transiting my 2nd house for another 2ish years but it can’t possible be harder than transiting it while opposing my natal sun, squaring my natal moon, and squaring my natal Jupiter.

  8. On a collective level, I have absolutely despised this transit and all the xenophobic BS brought with it. I am open, not closed and this transit has made for people/leaders with very narrow political and world views – so over it. The only thing I have appreciated about it is that, in the wake of the Saturn/Neptune square, more have begun to realize that we don’t have actual democracy but the illusion of a democratic (political) system – Saturn’s huge reality checks in this sign do make Neptunian disillusionment serve greater a purpose at least.

    On a personal level, Saturn through the last decan of Sadge has been uuuuugggghhh. It’s not so much it operating in a vacuum, but that ongoing square between Saturn and Chiron has been rubbing raw about 12 years worth of Pluto transits that I’m only *just now* finishing. Spiritually it’s been grist for the mill alright, but good gawd I’m tired of the mental/emotional/physical price I pay. It would be nice if Divinity could just throw me a tangible and non-conditional bone once in a while…it’s kind of like our running joke, only it really isn’t funny. Looking down the barrel of Saturn & Chiron both transitioning into Cardinal signs imminently while realizing there’s more to brace for does not please me at all. I do not want to have to do “stoic” – I have far too much practice at that already. I’m working on soft and gentle; not “hard”. Can only hope Tr. Neptune aspecting my chart ruler brings some measure of respite…the prospect of sweet surrender sounds lovely right about now.

    • Do I recall a Pisces moon? How does that work with all of this LV? Is this where you can get some of that surrender you wish for?

      • No, I am not a Pisces Moon. It’s more the yearning to sprawl out in shavasana instead of being tucked into a defensive little ball. Neptune in Pisces is relaxed while Saturn in Capricorn is taut; tensed & ready for action (it being Cardinal and all).

  9. Saturn in Cap IS my fave Saturn. At least Saturn is at home in Cap – structure, hard work, discipline.

    I’m ready!

    Signed Cap ascendent 🙂

    • I am crossing my fingers and hoping to heck you’re right! Saturn in Sag included my Saturn return and MAN I was a different person 3 years ago. But the last 2 years has really taken it out of me. I am a Saturn in the 1st house person with my moon in the 10th so I should be able to work with this energy I think. I really feel I’ve done the work and I’m hoping to see some payoff here soon.

    • I hear you. With my loaded Cap 5th I’m actually looking forward to it. I feel so Saturnine these days.
      Saturn through my 4th has been punishing – squares to my Asc, sun, Mars, Pluto, Uranus, conj my SN/opp NN, you name it I can’t remember them all. No wonder I feel like I’ve lived ten years in the past three years.
      Some good has come out of it though. I began serious bodywork (gym not surgery lol) and am fitter and stronger than I have ever been, even if I’m still battling with extra weight. In the new year I’m upping my sessions because I like it so much. I’ve been working a crappy job but have almost paid off the mortgage on my modest apartment.
      No wonder I’m tired!! 🙂

  10. Saturn in Cap always felt like good news to me.
    I’ll know in less then a month anyway.
    Sat in Saggo has been very lonely sentimentally wise. I guess that Neptune in my 7th /Sat in my 4th square has had something to do with it.
    My health has been a bit of an issue but my focus has also been a lot on nutrition/diet/keep up the healthy food, and as of tomorrow I have a vegan based recipes cookin’ class.
    Also: I don’t know if – being <2the house of self" and while Mercury Retro there also – the 4th house is good for psychotherapy, but I'll start a 4 weeks counseling session about anxiety tonite.
    Being that Saturn in the 4th is gonna square ma BC Pluto in my first house right before moving to Capricorn and that is when this 4 weeks coaching will end, I thought that I am building toward that last psychological obstacle to remove it for good.
    Pluto is also about to end the opposition to my BC Mars and starting a trine to my BC Moon around the same time (mid December).
    Does that sound like something that could work?

    • Well the 4th house is related to your family of origin, sense of home, and important women in your life (especially your mother) and that tends to be rich fodder for therapy! 😛

      I’m in a Pluto trine my natal moon transit now (have been for awhile) and I have done some great therapy and work on understanding my own emotional needs. I’ve learned a lot about recognizing my needs and prioritizing them. Lots of boundary work. Lots of shadow work (I’m Pluto in the 12th and Scorp rising so that’s natural for me).

      I think your plan sounds like a good one. I think Pluto can remake your emotional life if you work it (I’m no expert though).

      • I was planning on Saturn to do the hard work in this last 4 weeks of its transit in Saggo.
        And then happily feel the support of Pluto in my 5th trinining my Moon in my 9th, exploring my “moon” sides but in harmonic way, for months to come, having past the Saturn sq Pluto and hence removed the hard obstacles.

  11. The real intent of the last 3 years… yes, that little piece of information has been a quest and quite the illusive one at that.

    I’ll be looking forward to that configuration you mention in the weeklies Mystic and it’s (I’d like to be optimistic and say ‘inevitable’) download.

    • I have a feeling that despite our feelings about it all, the intent of the last three years will only become clear once we have the opportunity to sigh with relief and look back.

      Will go check out the weeklies (as i tried too early, of course, wishing the freaking last day of this one away before heading into it on my girded horse 🙂 .)

  12. I am a virgo asc , aquarius with natal saturn in my 8th in Aires. Since Dec 14 I have had so many insurance claims from house break ins, to massive freak storms. I had never made a claim on insurance but this period has resulted in 15 separate claims amounting to nearly 350000 worth. It has been quite for awhile and yet another break in today at our new place. OUr insurance broker has offered to pay for a space clearer for us. Bring on the change and lets move on

    • Just wow.

      Your 4th has really copped it. You’ve also had Saturn trine Saturn and Uranus on Saturn right…

      All I can say is I hope this vibe changes up for you pronto without any more chaos and heartache and yes, take up the offer for the space clearer.

    • love to see how the Insurance Broker will record the Space Clearer expense in the accounts!

      You should take him/her up on the offer.

        • Amazing and contemporary insurer! I wonder also if you have to use linked providers…is there a precedent for them? Are you with the Brokers branch of Neptunian Life Coaching Services?? Who have a business model that takes the future Uranus in Taurus into account??

  13. Since September 2015, Saturn opposed my Gem Mercury, Sun, squared Pisces/Virgo ASC/DSC, conjunct MC/ opposed IC, today exact square to Pluto in Virgo.

    Lesson – I survived. 🙂 I will celebrate on Dec 20 – while doing what Mystic suggested: write a love letter to myself.

      • I’m just finishing up this transit (yay Scorpio rising!). It has been intense but it carried me through some tough times. I also had Saturn opposite my sun for a lot of it so it felt like being in a pressure cooker. *A LOT* of dark matter came up from my subconscious for processing, and I definitely had to deal with obsessive thoughts a lot (but Pluto was/is opposite my Mercury at the same time SO). I recommend lots of physical activity – something “violent” like martial arts or kickboxing helps a lot. Or drumming is great too – very root chakra. 😉

        At the same time I had/have Pluto trine my moon (oh yes, 3 Pluto transits and a major Saturn transit all together).

        I will honestly take Saturn in Capricorn – it’s the end of my Saturn return and Saturn opposite sun. I’m DONE with it. Jupiter is in Scorpio now and will be conjunct my Ascendant soon so I’m leaning into that!

        • Stoic philosophy for me. When I say survived, I have literally survived. Job, family, health, finances –
          nothing was solid. At last, last month, I was diagnosed with afib / extreme stress induced. Once it moved away from MC/IC axis, things have begun to feel normal.

          So many things happened. Once Saturn is into Capricorn, I will list of the events and, probably feel in awe with myself.

          • feeling for you – for me Saturn squared my sun, moon, mercury whilst chiron was on said moon — I’m starting to feel more human again now and stoicism really did help.

  14. Hooooly Sheezus I am so feeling this. Theme seems to have been “surrender” and “embrace your demons” for this entire transit, but has only really become crystal clear in the past 1-2 months. Let’s just say the cramming (complete with anxiety ridden lack of sleep) is happening.

    Don’t care if it’s fresh or not, let that new energy come baby.

  15. Since December 2014, have been purging (and purging…and purging) my neediness for low-level intimacy, i.e.: “You set out to find God, / but then you keep stopping for long periods at mean-spirited roadhouses.” Saturn is about to clamp down on my Moon-Vesta at 29 Sag in my 7th. Deep breath, slow exhale, submit to the process. And hope (quietly) that there is a point and reward and a GIFT to all of this.

    • Your roadhouses metaphor was so on point i scrolled up to see how i could have missed those words in Mystic’s writing. I can visualise a mean-spirited roadhouse, and it’s filmic enough to set me to thinking.

      • It’s from a poem by Rumi, translated by Coleman Barks:

        On Gambling
        To a frog that’s never left his pond the ocean seems like a gamble.
        Look what he’s giving up: security, mastery of his world, recognition!
        The ocean frog just shakes his head. ‘I can’t really explain what it’s like where I live, but someday I’ll take you there.’
        If you want what visible reality
        Can give, you’re and employee.
        If you want the unseen world,
        you’re not living your truth.
        Both wishes are foolish,
        but you’ll be forgiven for forgetting
        that what you really want is
        love’s confusing joy.
        Gamble everything for love,
        if you’re a true human being.
        If not, leave
        this gathering.
        Half-heartedness doesn’t reach
        into majesty. You set out
        to find God, but then you keep
        stopping for long periods
        at mean-spirited roadhouses.
        In a boat down a fast-running creek,
        it feels like trees on the bank
        are rushing by. What seems
        to be changing around us
        is rather the speed of our craft
        leaving this world.

      • Three poems (helloise, yours is second) in reply to me in a couple of days…

        …i’m so touched by poetry. I will say the first was handwritten (personallly penned) and made me even more open to these ones, ’cause i’m in a reading rush and you just have to let poetry speak.

        Really touched by this. You both may not have exactly meant to do it this way, but your poetry replies to me in a genre that speaks to my soul. Just as the first poem i read recently sparked my very damp flame.

        *bowing low, hands in prayer*

        *also laughing* (sorry, that’s just what Sage does)

    • 2nd verse to “Love Never Runs on Time”
      P Kelly:

      “I followed that old river ’til the morning
      I stopped, I don’t remember the name of the town
      But the colour of the coffee was a warning
      It was the colour of the river but not nearly as brown
      The waitress poured me another, I guess she was feeling kind
      You know and I know that love never runs on time”

      • Got nesting wrong, and reply above is for you, too. (The colour of the coffee as a warning or sign: Piscean daily experience.)

        • Where it said “feeling kind” he actually sings “mind-reading kind”; it fits better with his facial expressions . The person who copied the lyrics mondegreened.

          Having travelled over 500,000 kms these past 5 years l really related to this blurb. Esp the food. Is KFC a food group?

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