Why Is The Lead-Up To Jupiter Conjunct Ascendant So Hard?

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Mystic advises a Pisces wondering why the lead-up to her Jupiter conjunct Ascendant transit – which is meant to be amazing – is so challenging.

Dear Mystic,

Is there some 12 house die off before my Jupiter conjunct Ascendant later this month? Let’s say this week was rough. It started with getting roofied and almost sent to the hospital on Saturday. Then my coworkers started gossiping about my friendship with a male coworker, and I was scammed out of $$$ trying to buy concert tickets. The final irony was that I told another coworker I’d take a look at his art project and he was sleazy. 

I have big plans for next leveling everything this year, but I’m having trouble getting beyond this. Jupiter conjunct Ascendant is meant to be amazing, but this feels bad. Is there a syndrome, like a die-off during candida cleanses, where things are worse before they’re better? 

A million thanks as always for your horoscopes/wisdom/ blog ✨

Fish Femme

Jupiter Conjunct Ascendant Wants More Room

Dear FF,

I love the concept of there being a “die-off” like candida in astrology. But Pluto is more likely to prompt that sort of a scenario. Jupiter is an amplifier, remember. So when Jupiter roars along to cross your Ascendant, everything blows out. Budgets, diets, crushes, goals, appetites. Jupiter wants Big. So Jupiter transits make you acutely aware of constrictions. You look around at your life and see artificial limits that you previously thought were somehow non-negotiable. The restlessness and sudden recognition that your comfort zone is a rut go with Jupiter. So I guess you’re right on track.

Jupiter conjunct Ascendant is fortunate if you heed the call to expand at warp speed. It sounds like your place of work could be target number 1 for the rut-busting.


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Scorpio rising here, just a few degrees difference in ascendant. The changeovers from 12th to first have been instense but I have not experienced them quite that vividly. Do you have any 8th house planets? I have a few here plus my prog moon, currently conjunct my Mars, which is shining a light on just how much qi we move as Scorpio risings. The subtle and of course not so subtle, intentionally or obliviously. I wonder if when planets move closer to house lines, the ascendant especially, it acts as though it is in the anarectic degree for our own… Read more »

dark star

Good call. Ha that probably nails it on the head. 8th h Chiron at 1deg cancer


I’m going to read through all the comments, but THANK YOU for this question – as a Scorpio rising I was wondering this as well. Good to know it’s the Saturn/Chiron square. Saturn is also opposite my sun for 2 more weeks (counting the days!!). If anyone is interested I highly recommend Iron Shirt Qi Gong for these kinds of occasions. I’m a tai chi instructor and I have been slacking on this, but I am going to kick it into high gear. This is just a random video (not my school) but it seems to be useful from the… Read more »


Thanks for the link, I need to up my energetic work. Scorpio rising with Uranus conjunct ascendant.


Jupiter in 12 is the unseen “Guardian Angel” – you may not look at it this way, but you’re actually lucky you didn’t have to go to the hospital (12th H) and that nothing even more unfortunate happened while you were drugged! So perhaps some context, then: It could always be worse than it is/was. That’s why Jupiter’s blessings are so hard to appreciate when in this house – you don’t ever *see* them. If it’s doing its job right, it’s the invisible hand cradling and keeping you in its benevolent palm; especially when in harm’s way due an innocent… Read more »

dark star

The guardian angel thing is a great point actually


You know what is weird? I keep re-reading and i dont get the metaphors. Maybe it’s the idiom. “Die off” sounds good if it refers to bad flora or fungus..? But examples given are more like a build up? ” Dry down” i understand but dont get. Ah well. Im usually well into metaphor but i guess im got!


No i dont actually think i i know “dry down” either. My god, i feel so weird not to get this!

Secret Sagg

So I had a Saturn-Chiron epiphany this weekend.

My estranged husband (his Virgo moon in my 12th house, fwiw) is obsessed with picking at old wounds. I told him he’s done picking at mine. Because I need to heal.


Jupiter might love being in the 12th but not when you have natal south node there. I noticed many years ago that whenever moon was in Saggo (my south node) I’d experience deep melancholy for a few days every month. Not always but often enough that i had to investigate WTF what was going on. Saturn transiting my 12th, Chiron square Saturn + natal chiron return was…ugh.. no words. Endings, karma, painful lessons… being ghosted by a Pisces (his Sun smack bang on my natal chiron). Was like being punched in the guts upon waking for months. Don’t think I’ll… Read more »


I’ve had about ten (of twelve!) planets in my natal transit chart in pisces in the 12th this year, Talk about cloistered! Also my natal Jupiter is in the twelfth. Someone asked what was good about it (above): karma flows back to you, you’re extra sensitive, creative things flow when solo/cloistered and there’s absolutely no interest in drama or extroverted nonsense for the sake of being ‘busy’. Everything is ultra-meaningful this year. Silence isn’t boring, and i’m actually adoring being alone… Meditations are extra powerful, too. That said, can’t wait till everything moves off the twelfth house emphasis next year… Read more »

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Yes. yes.

Saturn square chiron is like “the lesson repeats itself until learned” I swearz.

dark star

That perfume analogy is the Everything…and this Uranian vibe is a breath of fresh air. Insights calibrating


Really? Jupiter loves being in the 12th? I’m experiencing this now and I’m not enjoying it at all. My only solace is in knowing that it’s a short transit (so from sep until end of november, still about 3 weeks to go)
My relationship is put on hold, I can’t write as much as I would like to, I feel reclusive, but I’m not enjoying it. Singing classes stopped being joyful. The usual go-to males who could have consoled me are not available.
What’s good about Jupiter in the 12th?


Ugh, this weekend was so heavy! I thought it was the full moon but maybe it was the Saturn-Chiron square.


Astro.com is saying Saturn is Square Chiron until Nov. 11. It’s 1 degree away from my Venus Pisces and two nights ago, for the very firs time in my 46 years, I was the “cause” of a bar fight. So there goes THAT 4-year long but two of them not talking, never out of each others’ minds transcontinental but 5 months now in the same city trying to make it work WTFery.

I feel like this square has been kicking my ass in one area or another since March.


My advice as a natal Jupiter 12th houser: you are experiencing pieces of the collective shadow. It’s not just your colleagues and bar/art dudes that are dodgy. Everybody is. Love them anyway. Have infinite compassion for what got them to the manifestation of shadow realm. Do not forget. IMO this is a “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me” transit. Once Jupiter gets to your AC, use your expanded understanding and fight, not on an interpersonal level (ignore all those gossipy shitbirds), but on a systemic one. Jupiter = truth and justice.


Great big picture (jupiterian) insight hdq

‘Everybody is dodgy. Love them anyway’


this is interesting! I was just thinking today that I think it’s important for people to sin (=act unthoughtfully because of passion/obsession/wrong motives) because it can make their compassion/love for others less morally charged, less theoretical/blind, and more realistic/kind. Since everyone indeed is dodgy. so maybe that’s a small effect from a Jupiter through 12th transit


This is precisely the heart of the issue with my now (and once again) head-butting ex-boyfriend. He is much older (late 60s) and has done oodles of things of which he is not very proud never having been faithful during his 34-year marriage for one, and someone who’s been in a crap marriage, I don’t judge…)–but this has yet to soften him or increase his compassion for others’ mistakes. Instead, he’s got an icy judge/scorched earth policy on “infractions” with an invisible British Judge’s wig on his head (Mars in Scorp?). What’s the point of screwing up if all you’re… Read more »


Whoah you are really vibing a 12th Jupiter belief there! Despite all the lessons, all the evidence and all the disappointments, i still believe this could be a truth that sets free. Just remember there are so many truths and this one may not be recognised or taken up by so many. (I think of the people who take life under the banner of a cause, probably hoping to send a message to the consciousness of living/remaining/dealing others.) Try not to do the if only’s, when viewing another; it’s a great thought but dig deeper into yourself and remember that… Read more »


Meant to reply under the original – sorry VenusCanMarsSco.


Oh no, i think it was BOTH of you! Yes, VCMS, you got me thinking x


well as a scorp rising I’m naturally suspicious of people who haven’t sinned (wtf is going on, I always though this word/concept to be alien to me, but it goes so well with what I’m trying to convey)

Leo-Scorp Grrrl

Wow. So true. “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” I said those words near the end of 12th house Jupiter transit over the summer. (Unfortunately it was the shame on me part. I had resisted this person for a Long time… until Jup hit my 12th house… )

Now I have so much resolve to not waste time that could be applied to my own mission and max Jup in 1st house, it’s not even funny.


“Now I’ve always been the kind of person that doesn’t like to trespass but sometimes you just find yourself over the line.
Oh if there’s an original thought out there, I could use it right now.”

“Brownsville Girl” (Dylan)


Scuttles over to spotify to put on knocked out loaded.


Really great advice here. Thanks for sharing.


I am a 12th House Jupiter person – (some closer relatives tend to be 1st house) and I think this is fairly apt…and it is also conjunct ascendant opposite mercury…(that is trine to the moon & ceres) truths, in the face of distortions too, sometimes when it is not so opportune? As social causes show some community orientation, the spiritual learning through some kind of private undertaking (not for public gain) makes sense… At times I feel isolated, do realise I am taken advantage of, yet I do accept that it’s my path I chose, for my personal reasons –… Read more »


I like this. Realising your weaknesses and shortcomings shows humility. I relate being Nep cj IC (+ 9 Ptolemaic aspects and a SD / Focal in a T Sq).

Its what l did with kids at school. I came from a shit upbringing and kids who get bashed, who don’t get a decent breakfast or psychologically abused need love n care. So fuqn what if they swore at me or disrupted the class. Play a long game. Show kindness. Implementing some idiot “outcome education best practice” wankery is pointless if mum is on drugs or dad is violent.


The Pluto transit from my perspective is just showing how coercive and corrupt all these hidden forces of conservative power have been – incredibly destructive, and I really question how complicit people are to this even -unwittingly. A 12th house experience even from Jupiter is going to be a test of faith, of spiritual and moral truth, and is no walk in the park…

dark star

Hmm yes I get that everyone has shadow sides but I don’t respect those who don’t do any work to own their shadowy side of the road. Like ok I’ve kind of pulled some vaguely fuqed up emotional dark things when flailing about in my 20s. I have compassion for the “ sinning” moral ambiguity and a flexibility to see things from someone’s emotional pain. What I don’t get is the roofies / qi vamp gossip / lechery which is just plain gross and needs to not be apologized for.

dark star

The only solution is boundaries for those I think


I love this comment. x


yay 12th hse jupiter here…part of my stellium…


me too




Have to admit I found Jupiter through my 12th a few years ago completely overshadowed by loss and bereavement… I think it was only after then that I started reading cancer as my rising sign horoscope to get the house energies (and remedies) right. If I’d have known that stopping completely – embracing the softest, stillest, most fluid and gentle spiritual self-practice in that year was going to get me through with far fewer scars and damage than attempting to be ‘normal’ .. So ok fish femme… that’s a fair bit removed from dodgy gossiping colleagues (fuq them, srsly) and… Read more »


Jupiter just entered my 12th house, lovely mysterious Scorpio world, with a natal Neptune in there late in the degrees. My life for the past few years has been very active, busy, out-there. But the messages have been clear since the eclipses that, coming up, it’s time for me to disappear, nocturnalize, make myself absent from the public or from brazen activity. It’s time to rest into something, to settle, to get an understanding of the dark, my dark, the finer senses I have at my command. Jupiter is my chart ruler, which can be exhausting, with all that upping… Read more »


I wish you well on the inward adventure, Firetryin’! Someone said somewhere the 12th is also relating to confinement, which can take place in a cloister or monastery as much as any prison … The water houses (4,8,12) ..it seems we can only do our best if we just stop and listen, more than usual, maybe Also the 12th, the immaterial, it is just like *there all the time* .. tuning in via your natal house vibe sounds so nice. Also The gif in the above img finally came to life on my phone omg MM … I was actually… Read more »

dark star

I like this advice, esp re: staying still and listening. So counter society but it really is 12 h medicine – listening to that Saturn Chiron passage


Yeah… Modern capitalist society gets anxious when we’re not paying attention to it because that probably means we’re not spending our money on its products or subscribing to its belief systems, or something…


No words, or a novella.. so no words.

Saturn square Chiron after Saturn square Saturn has left my 10th house in disarray and as the 11th ruler, it’s fared not much better tbh.

The dry-down. I like that better than the dro-wning.


Close calls for sure- but Jupiter’s golden shield kept me safe-

Friend’s lively lovely mom passed on- stunning all including my friend who was driving her to an appt. Just a swift transition there, then gone. A good parting- heartbreaking, no lead up. But merciful and swift.

I too have Scorp Rising- one foot in the Upside Down the other above ground.

dark star

Sorry to hear about your friends mom…I can’t imagine that was easy for them.
omg yes scorp rising one ft in upside down always
also do you find yourself continually relating to Eleven? I’ve been traipsing around work all week trying to find a good place to self hypno /meditate. Seriously considered tying on a blindfold with radio lol


Chiron and Saturn natally conjunct in Pisces, Chiron return well it was before Rx and Chiron on itself again on the 25th Jan 2018. Ill let yall know what went down in Feb when the dust settles


A ‘clutch’. Still laughing


Couple of things. wtf is it with people and their drugging to others to get their way or rob or what ever the hell they want. I simply just cannot compute this stuff. Im the opposite and if I pick up with someone at a bar the first thing I do is ask him to quit drink have a water and sober up because I need him utterly conscious for the next few hours/days/ weeks however long this thang lasts. But this Roofie crap just boggles my senses. Hey guy buy a sex doll or go rob a bank but… Read more »


Oh and thanks MM for the Pluto meditation. Perfect timing as I have just embarked on a course that requires me to do guided meds and relaxations and I cannot stand the ones that start with relax your muscles in your face blah blah. This was fabulous giving the individual time to grasp their own sensations and run with them, Wonderfull stuff.


Good GAWD this weekend was grim. What astounds is that I definitely feel an uplift, a clearing, a subtle and certain pattern recognition clicking into place.

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