Hyper-Flux: The Full Moon

And I would just like to thank next weekend’s Full Moon, in advance, for being so thoroughly bats. If there were a Full Moon Weirdness Beauty Pageant, this Full Moon (December 3/4) would be the automatic winner.

The other contestants would have taken one look and stomped out of the building already.  There would be just one person, a trail of glitter and spray tan, the smell of fading hope.

So, this will be covered thoroughly in the Horoscopes leading up to it but here are the basic astrological facts, if you are interested: The Full Moon is going to be in Gemini opposite the Sun in Sagittarius, conjunct the Great Attractor and with both square Neptune. Mars will be coming off an opposition to Uranus and Mercury will have just gone Retrograde….conjunct Saturn.

The potential for trickery and candid reveals, fate and mysticism with a sub-tone of burst bubbles and Martian restlessness is immense, obviously.

Mega Mystic magical people, stand by for instructions. Or, okay, suggestions. This can and will be turned to our advantage.

Image: Nadia Lee Cohen

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A Friday eve and i just opened Myst’s blog. PHEW.
Put the shoot from the hip email to tenant’s association under ‘save’.
Last days of Sat in Sagg and i feel the need to reveal errors in their policies and approaches.
Feel like i’m powering up, breath freeing up, then the urge to clean cull box and label mes affairs readying for the transition or transmutation, panspermia? that you do when change is in the air.

A total Buddhist at Christmas is the Pegasus: smile and rise above it 🙂


I’m going to reprise “Round Pot Benjamin”.

Triple Air Gem

This is on my natal Saturn.
While Sat is opposing my natal Venus and Sun.
Squaring natal moon and Uranus.
Pinging off everything.

I feel wired.

And my work Xmas party is that night too

Michelle, wondering if we work at the same place? hehe


Mistress of Mirrors

Did someone mention trickster energy? Haha I’ve encountered a very, very rare trickster of my own today. I’m celebrating the Saggittarius season and my Sagg Moon & Ascendant in a small cabin in the northern wilderness of Finland with no electricy or running water. Anyhow. Today I tried to warm up the old sauna but could not succeed. The tools were missing and literally changing places when I turned my back on them. The fire would light up and when I was gone for a second, it would be out already. I would stumble, hit my head and wet my… Read more »


Feeling bleurgh! Breathe and be grounded, breathe and be grounded. Can’t imagine what the muggles are making of this. Or am I being overly sensitive (not mamby pamby from prior discussions on sensitive)

dark star

Granted that I don’t wish any death or disaster/ geopolitical mayhem, this actually sounds interesting on a personal level as long as precautions are taken. Maybe I’m just ready for the status quo to evaporate


Also, regular readers of MM circa 2016 should recognize the term “Hyper Flux” – a phrase she coined referring to the astrological vibe of mid 2016 – but newer peeps might be unfamiliar. You can always just search this site for more deets and I’m sure you’ll pull up an abundance of material. The reuse of this label in reference to the upcoming Full Moon is spot-on, as it does re-activate the degree of the zodiac sensitized by the June 17, 2016 hit of the Saturn/Neptune Square; the one that also had Jupiter & the Nodes thrown in for good… Read more »


That was so many lifetimes ago!

I was gifted a subscription round then, a lifesaver sent through the lightning.



Lifetimes or avatars? 😉



At least 12mail addresses and passwords

dark star

Whoa. Good info LV, I joined early 2017 I think? What a flashpoint, the hyper flux…mid June 2016 I was on a little Iceland trip- a vortex place for sure. That trip was the catalyst for a bunch of themes that year too.


OMG thank you for this, LV– on the day of the Brexit, I quit smoking– started again 9 months later, now feeling the urgent need to quit again. So yes, the Hyper Flux has come calling!


Conjunct my Saturn vesta midheaven? Check

Opposite Lilith Ceres Juno Sag IC? Check

Take your protein pills and put your helmet on? Check.

Square mercury? Check.

Countdown started engines on. Check.

Ahhhh astrology you don’t play


Other transits occurring today
Venus sextile Pluto, exact at 09:44
Moon sextile Moon, exact at 00:03
Moon trine Mars, exact at 00:13
Moon trine Jupiter, exact at 03:47
Moon opposition Neptune, exact at 03:52
Moon sextile Venus, exact at 10:03
Full Moon in 9th house, exact at 10:48
Moon sextile Sun, exact at 12:51
Moon conjunction Saturn, exact at 17:09
Moon conjunction MC, exact at 17:24
Moon in 10th house, from 17:24
Moon sextile Chiron, exact at 18:29
Moon square Mercury, exact at 18:59

Just another sunday


Yod to Jupiter. Oh, huhuh, Jupiter Pluto yod to Saturn midheaven.

This is a major arcana thing. I am in the hands of the fates, again.


I’m so fed up of Neptune I can’t even begin to think what Jupiter trine N, and a full moon square N will do. I might just go to bed. LOL.


one of the things Neptune makes me want to do, are physical, practical sort of errands as an antidote to desk and mental work!


Full moon conjunct my Mars and my progressed Moon in my 8th house trine Pluto! Did someone say Scorpio season?

Recently joined a local conservation group to meet more peeps (we’re rural-ish) and have the kids meet more kids. Full moon day we are going to a full moon owl walk with naturalists. So excited! Pluto in my 11th too. I love when I time this stuff just right without realizing it.


Oooh square Neptune on both ends? Opposite or was that conjunct the great attractor? Ie my exact ascendant. Which, obviously is then in Sagittarius, with my moon, although shes closer to Neptune in the 12th but hmmm The challenging bit for me sounds like Gemini which is with Saturn in my 6th. Daily routines (huh?) and work/ security/ routines/rituals and healthy habits. Well, as you say, this can and will be turned to our advantage. If ever there was a “work it” moon, One to prep for and OWN, its this one. My wealth walet and Mercury Key Ring arrived… Read more »






Enjoy your Mercury key ring and magical wallet Invicta. It’s good to see you back xx


Wow! Thanks for the forewarning everyone! No natal planets in Gem in the 11 House but the full moon will be directly opposite my natal Neptune in Sagg in the 5th. Hopefully some protection will be afforded by being half way through a yoga retreat at an Ayurvedic Resort in Goa. So V. tired from these insane and relentless levels of dreaming though – feels like I am writing a tome, not a journal, on a daily basis x


I am very much interested in seeing what this “Great Attractor” brings –

10th house Gemini gonna go for it


Why does this feel scary? I am so tired. And yet I know this next 3 week right before Saturn is going to leave Saggo together with Mercury retro are gonna be already crazy enough without a Full Moon mixing things up.
I don’t feel I have the energy for this last end of the year stint.


Whoa! Thanks for the heads up! I’m a little nervous about this…. full moon will be in my 12th and all that Sag stuff in my 6th. I need a job, I’m studying to get a new skill right now, and I’m having ongoing financial problems, including housemates in flux causing further destabilization, all making me feel emotionally vulnerable on a daily basis. I’m ready for Mars to be out of my 4th house and today it’s conjunct my SN. Go away! Wondering if all of the above comes to a head this week…….ugh. I’m already tired and worn down,… Read more »


Yeah, this Full Moon taking place right as Mercury stations retrograde is indeed concerning. :-/ Drinking and driving is ordinarily a bad idea – as is driving while tired – but under these particular skies please just be super careful if imbibing at any holiday parties, peeps <3 To me when I look at the variety of factors in play – including that volatile and potentially accident-prone Mars/Uranus aspect in the mix and the near-perfect square between this Moon & Neptune – it seems like a situation ripe for someone having a few too many cocktails, being impaired behind the… Read more »


For real, if you have the Mercury Key Ring I would not leave home without it in early December – especially over the weekend leading up to this Full Moon. If you don’t, either consider getting one or in a pinch a St. Christopher’s medallion might help if you don’t have any kind of Hermes icon handy.


Most excellent guidance above, LV. Thanks very much! xoxo


Thanks for all this, LV


YW – happy to offer whatever small things I can to help keep the lovely souls that populate this beautiful digital space protected <3


Lovely sentiment, as well.

Eternal Goddess-speed. xx


After reading this I will get my 2,000 km drive done in two/three days instead of zig-zagging thru 3 states.
Pertinent advice well accepted. Ta


Good to know! And, if you’re in an urban place, like me, be a very aware and mindful pedestrian because, even if you’re not behind the wheel, other people who are distracted, drunk, or otherwise can be and you don’t want to get hit by a car…


That’s a great point, Flowerchild – yes for sure pedestrians, bicyclists, joggers, etc. be extra aware. If you run in the ‘hood, this would be a good time to nix the earbuds for the time being so you can hear what is going on around you. This would also be a crap time to text while driving or while crossing the street (not that there’s ever a good time for that, mind you).


Oh my god this is gonna be smack on my Mars. I feel like I might want to invest in a panic room, or at the very least a weighted blanket.


Oooooo a weighted blanket. So much more discreet than a straight jacket!


Strait jacket ! Dire straights. English confuses my predictive


Soo funny! x


lol this is on my Mercury.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot



Holed up in cont ed classes all weekend in isolation. :/ Maybe it’s for the best?

Cosmic Carol

AND Jupiter will be trining Neptune at that same degree; that should add some spectacular spiritual insights into the mix…


I am waiting with baited breath. There are situations in play that the fates have advised patience and ‘divine timing’ with. I’m hoping La Luna will shivvy it all up a bit…


Well I maybe going to need surgery on my knee that I tqisted on the New Moon in Scorp with Mars sq Pluto so this may presage what rehabbing my knee will entail also dealing with younger male flatmate with anger issue which comes up in most tarot readings I had over the last few mths. So bring it on…


Oh dear my work Christmas party…could be interesting

Year of the Phoenix



Keep us posted on that one!

Triple Air Gem

Same! Lol


This will be basically on my Gem Sun – at end of 4th house. Moving house on 30th November (couldn’t wait until Uranus in 4th as that’s not until mid 2020 for me), and this is all while I’ve got Jupiter conjunct MC (thus opposite IC and Jupiter) and Jupiter sextile Pluto. So “potential for trickery and candid reveals, fate and mysticism with a sub-tone of burst bubbles and Martian restlessness” doesn’t sound exactly, um, fabulous.


Iam going to a rock concert with Rose Tattoo wondering what to wear.Maybe a the way the sky is I might need a suit of armour. Lol

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