Holding The Line – Prep For The Most Whack Mercury Retro Ever

Dear Mystic,

Wowser! This must be some doozy of a Mercury Retrograde coming up. Before it’s even started, I’ve broken my computer screen and can’t access any data on my laptop which is where I keep ALL my information. Plus, on the laptop I borrowed from my daughter I’ve now got the eternal ball of doom on Microsoft Word, but if I restart the computer I lose all the information I’ve spent two days loading, and this happened right before I was about to save it onto a USB. Not to mention the fact that the laptop I’m using has a parental control lock on, so I need my daughter’s permission to access a whole lot of everyday sites (Imagine lots of laughing face emojis here).

Is it impacting me more because I’m a multi-Gem and this retrograde is taking place in opposition???


In appreciation of all you do…Multiair.

Dear Multiair,

Your email arrived with savage synchronicity, just as i was wondering how the hell Mercury Retrograde could be being felt before it even reached the shadow-zone of the Retrograde.  I have been peppering the Horoscopes with apt pre-prep warnings, mostly for the Mercurial signs – Gemini + Virgo and of course, Sagittarius, the sign that Mercury is going to be Retro in. My Mercury Retro warnings are ultra-specific these days and they are apparently apt – my fave recent “thank you” email said “thank you for warning me off buying an exotic pet in a fit of impulse.”  I bought a cow and i live ten minutes walk from the central business district of my city. Physician heal thyself and all that.

ANYWAY, Mercury is in Sagittarius for nearly ten weeks and i have yet to fully parse why it is already so strange but it is.  See my Instagram for the wall scrawl that appeared shortly after Mercury into Sagittarius. So i am finally back on line properly after a shitty outage/call centre hell last week – honestly for a Mercury in Aries person this was like when aliens in sci-fi films get their atmospheric acclimation space juice tentacle thing ripped off them.

So there I am getting on with stuff, catching up…suddenly iCloud starts going bats – demanding log-ins for no reason, claiming non legit log-ins from weird places thousands of kilometres away (ALERT: Someone is logging in using your Apple ID on <insert strange town on other side of continent>) and then saying that to continue using iAnything, this temporary passcode had to be input to “the device” but the device first needed to added to the account.  AND on. Now i am getting my daughters text messages “Trent is at the beach, he’s totally sprouted” and some intense observations about other girls that can only be described as Kardashian in their depth and complexity.

Add also strange conversations at the post office – minimalism, Russian spies, drones, whether or not Philip K Dick was actually a woman, the French Prime Ministers wife, some spectacularly bad attempted cons over the phone – “Hello, to whom am i speaking?..this is in a robotic, multi-accent tinny voice…”We are good friends but you may not recall me, however i am in trouble and i need your help…Your assistance right now could net you a substantial sum of money…Would you say that you are a compassionate person?”

So, given that Mercury is just IN Sagittarius…i think it is time to prep for the most whack Mercury Retro ever. The truth-storm alone should be awesome.  Proper prep suggestions will be incorporated into the Horoscopes and also in list form in the Daily Mystic email.

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66 thoughts on “Holding The Line – Prep For The Most Whack Mercury Retro Ever

  1. Gem sun, gem rising, pisces moon. I tried a sample of a new overnight face masque and woke up with a reaction. I had to go to urgent care for treatment, which doesn’t seem to be working. Both eyes so puffy and fluidy, can’t see so great out of my left eye, whole face is really swollen and it’s uncomfortable to wear my glasses. Thank goddess I’m not working right now, otherwise it would be difficult to navigate. UGH.

  2. I’m on a business trip this week and my travel is working beautifully in terms of ease and timing but I left my coat at home (did the same thing 3 years ago), and people seem to be gravitating to me in annoying ways: people asking for help at the airport (I do get mistaken for staff as a Cap-rising), a guy’s suitcases fell towards my feet as I was telling someone to go get help from staff and then loud talkers right behind me, I had to walk way out to get some quiet. Last night I was at a concert with loads of room and people kept parking themselves near me and dancing or stepping into me (I had my bags with me so needed to park myself). I look around and tons of room, few people dancing/getting their space invaded. It feels like a magnet, seriously.

    • Ok things were worse on my way home – TSA was really weird, GPS sent me the long way home, gas pump weirdness, in two places the cashier had a problem with their register.

  3. Lol. Yesterday I got a text msg ‘Yo Bitches!’ And full explanation of the upcoming party this weekend, where the bus would be picking us up dropping off, how LIT we would be etc. from an unknown number. I replied that I wasn’t sure who the number was. ‘Hahaha Genna you dickhead!’ I don’t know a Genna 🙂
    The party did sound fun tho

  4. The mechanic said I’d be right to drive my van to Sydney. It’s only the oil rings; it blows heaps of smoke. So l leave this morning for the drive. It’s been overheating. I’ve gotta nurse it. Add coolant. Bleed the cooling system. Found a leak..fixed it. Go some. Overheats. Do it again. I’m still 300ks north of Sydney. Cold. Alone. I gotta a matress and some blankets.

    And what am I going to do in Sydney. Oh that’s right, I’m getting bankrupted by the caring compassionate NSW Education Department.

    It’ll cost a shitload to fix my van. A friend has gotta Diesel Pug l can exchange work for.

    Merc Rx opp Gemini….figures

    • “Only” the piston rings?!? Your mechanic is high – that still = an engine overhaul any day of the week! That’s not, like, a minor “NBD” kind of job. He’s a total dipshit to say you’re OK to take it long distances like that – that’s criminally bad advice! If the engine is in rough enough shape to need piston rings, there’s also a very real possibility the overheating is due a cracked head gasket, especially if it idles like garbage. IMO, leave if for dead and don’t look back.

      General PSA: Any time your car blows thick blue smoke from the exhaust that’s not a good sign at all – it means oil’s getting into a place where it shouldn’t be and (excluding a simple PCV valve failure) this is very rarely a cheap/easy fix.

      • Thanks. Smoke billows on start up. It abates as it warms up. Using a litre of oil per hour. Compression rings still good. I actually haven’t “overheated’ yet but I’m running that risk. No crossover between oil n coolant yet. ‘Air-lock’ in cooling system is main issue.

        I now gotta run the last 90ks into Smogney. I might catch a train from a mates place. Leave the car there and deal with it later.

        • That’s a shit-ton of oil for it to be burning, TBH. :-/ You must be referring to valve seals if the smoke is on startup only – when you say “oil rings” and “blows heaps of smoke”, my mind immediately goes to the oil rings on the pistons & piston (compression) rings. Damage to either results in oil consumption and smoke. An air pocket in the cooling system is easy enough to resolve (Bleed it with the nose facing up a steep hill if you don’t have access to a vacuum system), but the excessive oil consumption does not bode well at all for your engine’s longevity. FWIW I’d totally fire your mechanic – he should have told you to rent a car instead of saying you’re OK to drive a vehicle long distance with a major engine issue like that. Now in all likelihood you’re going to be out a tow bill, too – it would have been cheaper to just to get a rental car.

          BTW, symptoms of cracked head gasket aren’t always visually diagnosable – while milky oil can be a clue, often the crack is small enough not to leave such an obvious forensic trail and there’s no way to tell without testing. It burning a fuqton of oil AND running hot is *extremely* suspect, IMO – keep an eye on your coolant level.

          • It is the oil rings on the pistons that were the issue. Cheap chinese marshmallow alloy. Anyway its totally done like a dinner now. I’m wrecking the van now. It was a work in progress. Smoke was huge on start up and lessened as motor warmed up. Valve seals couldn’t have caused THAT much smoke. But l like your detective work. I’m onto things automotive (Mars in 0° Virgo).

            I was wanting to get a 2.5 Subaru in it. But l just gotta get a cheap set of wheels till l get a job b4 l go my next automania project.

            • I’m confused as to why the splitting of hairs over oil/piston rings, then – either way you’d replace both; not just one. Hence my resulting supposition that you must have meant valve seals by default, especially when additionally stating that it smokes upon startup since that is usually the differential diagnostic symptom. When someone says to me they have a mechanic that gave them the (IMO really bad) advice that it’s OK to drive a vehicle in this kind of condition long distances, my thought process is that perhaps in the name of consumer protection they might benefit from a second professional opinion that causes them to re-evaluate their choice of shop. If the comment wasn’t helpful/appreciated, feel free to disregard and next time I’ll keep my mouth shut.

            • I love that your interested in the topic. And re the advice l spoke to him today and he’s admiited that it was poor. Compression rings deal with the fuel being used. Oil rings maintain a modicum of oil for piston / cylinder contact. If they fail greater amounts of oil appear in combustion chamber; hence the smoke. Maybe my definition of what l described was poor.

              Again, your input is valued.

    • Yeah, this is sounding an awful lot like mansplaining. :-/

      You’re all over the map with this, homie. ALL the rings on the pistons *are* “piston rings”. You would never replace the oil rings on the piston without replacing the compression rings on the piston or vice versa; you do them together. To get that far into the motor and not replace both at the same time would be ridiculous; it’s the same level of work and the only difference is a $30 ring kit. Failing to do so is highly imprudent to say the very least, as if one were old/worn enough to fail then the other’s not far behind.

      Nothing you have attempted to explain in subsequent followups has changed my original comment that your mechanic gave out appalling advice; a point which you, I, & he all seem to be in agreement on – it involves the exact same level of engine teardown, it’s major, expensive, labor-intensive, and by no means should you have been told it’s OK to drive your vehicle long distance in that condition. So the nonsensical splitting of hairs then leaves me with the impression you’re either being pointedly obdurate, mansplaining, and/or don’t know as much as you think you do on this topic. If you’re that auto astute to where you’re going to try and tell someone who’s in the business what’s what after disclosing that you A) have a mechanic and aren’t your own B) followed what to anyone with internal combustion engine common sense is poor advice, obviously I have nothing to offer you. Peace out – this has been a good 20 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

      • Ahhhh. I think I’ve found the miscommunication. The engine was a full rebuild. Unfortunately the pistons, barrels and rings (all new parts) were Chinese because German and USA were hard to source. The mecho was not happy with the Chinese parts but, stupidly, l went ahead with it. This where the engine failed

        I do know about engines, I have rebuilt Yamaha and BMW MC motors and 3 Peugeot motors. I do know what the various rings do. There was no suggestion that just the compression rings were replaced to the exclusion of the oil rings. The only thing l can’t do on a car is Auto Electrical.

        Rather he identified the oil rings were the issue. The engine was not pulled down to just replace some parts, for as you identified, that’s economic madness.It was my fault l got supplied substandard parts. I was actually expecting German but the supplier pulled a swifty. My previous post says mecho was sorry to have given me that advice.

        Anyways there appears some missed communication. I’m guilty of being stubborn because do know what’s happened. I believe if we were talking f2f we would have no misunderstanding. I read your posts eagerly.

  5. Would this Merc Rx affect me negatively if I am selling a home? Does this potentially translate as a difficult/lengthy sale/buyer? Im a Sadge.

  6. Gem Sun, Saturn in Sag:
    My work laptop died today, which meant I couldn’t finish an article for a deadline.
    My printer ate itself yesterday.
    I’ve had to start sticking my head out the window to get mobile reception.
    And the handbag I bought on eBay has been lost by the couriers. Their name?
    Hermes, of course.

  7. Another rural tale…..

    My Gemini sun neighbour headed out to the paddock to feed her 4 horses on Monday afternoon after a glorious rain. She slipped in her gum boots and broke her leg. She didn’t realise it was broken and kept hobbling around on it as though it were sprained. Aspirin only for 36 hours until she got to the doc. What a trooper. I’d have been screaming till knocked out.

    Anyway, now she’s on crutches for 8 weeks and I’m feeding the equines.

  8. Advice needed: I’m a triple Virgo, Gemini rising. Currently writing this comment because the websites I need for the project I have to do today appear to be down (sometimes if I get calmer tech issue unravel though, so I’m going to try this and then a walk in the woods and see if the website wants to behave). Definitely feeling very retro-grade-y already here.

    AND I graduate December 4th. My apartment’s rent is rising by 10% at the end of my lease in January. I’m applying for jobs both in the city in which I currently live and another city four hours away (and trying to figure out if I move or not) right now, because most of the new-grad opportunities start January-March or August-October, and I only have enough savings to make it through March. February if I have to use a bunch of savings to move, which apparently now I have to because of the rent situation.

    So completely inescapably I have to do interviews, compare offers, sign contracts, and coordinate moving, possibly to another city, right in the middle of December. Anyone have any tips for this?

    • This assuming I *get* interviews and offers. But that’s a whole other terror we won’t even go into.

      Also relevant: moving to another city involves uprooting my ex husband and child as well (though he’s agreed to it), so it’s not like it’s something that only affects me.

    • Yes! Sometimes hugely busy and mobile times during Mercury Retro are absolutely unavoidable. So if this is the case you just move through the phase with extra vigilance against tricky scenarios or people and perhaps also the strange serendipity that can occur in this time. It is also going to Mars in Scorpio over a lot of December, that’s one hell of a strong Mars and backed by Jupiter so work that angle?

    • The basics of electional astrology say not to fret about anything you don’t have any say in from a timing standpoint – I’m pretty sure nobody has ever died from Mercury Rx (LOL, excluding medical mistakes of course!), so this whole clusterfuq manifesting during Merc Rx probably *IS* the punchline.

      On a more serious note, lie. Yep, if you can postpone any major decision-making/deals until after the Rx by blaming it on the holidays/traveling to Timbuktu for festivities, do. It’s a stall tactic that may buy you enough time until you have all the Mercury Rx facts in and can make better-informed decisions. If you can’t, just roll with it and think of it as an exercise in faith. What I said above re: organization holds true w/ Saturn in the mix; don’t try and “wing” things. Plan, list, schedule, and don’t overcommit yourself – turn down what you can by saying “no” to things that perhaps are good-time diversions but aren’t absolutely mission critical (read: related to resolving the work/housing sitch). Sorting out the career end of things should be 1st priority, IMO – that will cause everything else to fall in line.

  9. I found several major security vulnerabilities in the last three Apple ID and iCloud updates. I am not a coder and didn’t have the language or confidence and was basically told I was bonkers by the lower lever apple tech support guys. A few of the senior ones took certain details very seriously and advised me to get a penetration tester and go to the police.

    Yesterday, and actually most days, every few days I find a piece of the puzzle or an article on some hardcore black hat conference which for some reason I now consume because they interest me which validate my concerns. Apple claims that for the protection of their customers they don’t make security patches and vulnerabilities public. If you look on the website however you can find links to their most recent patches and updates, supplementary updates and so on but it does veer towards the bafflingly technical for the average apple customer. We are so used to things just working that unlike windows users, we have become complacent about malware, viruses and the security of our data.
    Mercury Retrograde is indeed ferocious and although I’m used to the daily tech grind and gut churning loss of data or machines being remotely administered via big scary VM chains of command in the sky. Stuff like ruling out having a beta / developer account and or having your main Apple ID being conflate with that qi vamp of an app Game Centre with it’s “find nearby friends or connect with nearby players” and restricting your contacts etc seem to help a bit. But As a self confessed paranoid delusion drama queen I try to approach things from this basis and not obsess about what aint broke.
    My main concern was protecting the data of my former clients, which is why I was targeted and although I did in many ways take the fall for this, I did protect them all and cut off the attacker by letting him know I was onto him and having an on record convo about telling him to stop “even though, of course I accept your view that I am delusional, it’s my responsibility to protect my own data and, yes, I am a hysterical woman with documented mental health issues.”
    Could you stop it anyway please?
    Virtualisation is a cost effective tool for Microsoft network system administers but why all my apple devices should be part of a telnet / netbios workgroup still baffles me. Seeing Linux, debian and windows administrator stuff in my activity monitors and having various insecure apps creating mayhem is no doubt due to my delusions and ignorance. I have after all never used a windows computer in my life.
    I am learning but slowly and theres so much work to do.
    The most disturbing aspect of data rape is social engineering, because it is preventable.
    Regard USB sticks as roofies and try to familiarise yourself with networking basics and any incongruities that stick out. A spelling mistake usually means its a human being, also it will be slower. But hey, I’m delusional…
    wake me when the storm is over.
    I want to divulge personal stuff here but three stalkers have popped up referencing comments I’ve left here.. I won’t stop commenting, or let them stop me. Stalking and harassment is illegal and I’m clear about that. If anything I’m feeling more determined than ever to take bullies on. But there’s a time and a place.
    Long live Lilith in Cap

  10. Currently thanking god I booked all my travel so it finishes before we hit proper MRx. Now i just need to find time to throw a few more job applications out there.

    Also, I feel like this does explain the burst of clarity re: editing/revising a year-old story that hit me on Sunday. Not sure if I’d start anything new, though. We’ll see.

  11. Well i’m glad i’m not alone. It was like phone armageddon here last week beginning with me losing my phone & having to get a new one … which ended up being returned coz it was faulty … and 2nd one had to be returned too coz of battery fault…Finally, the 3rd one seems to work – but i don’t trust it as lights come on randomly without being touched.
    Then on w’end a visitor dropped our home phone from 6 storey balcony – he had got a shock when our cat went up behind him & casually started sharpening her claws on his thighs as he was leaning over the railing speaking on said phone.

    Merc Rx did cross my mind but seeing that it’s still some time away, all i could come up with is that for past few days trans Uranus/Merc have been quincunx/inconjunct …. super trixter vibe maybe?

  12. Um… eek. Am Sagittarius with Mercury in Sag AND Gem rising (Mercury Rising). Am anticipating much mercurial mayhem. Am also savouring your phrase up there “savage synchronicity” which maybe the best phrase I’ve heard so far this month next to “belligerent cricket”.

  13. Yes, this one is going to be savage alright – I was looking at it the other week and audibly groaned! Mercury is debilitated in Sadge as it is, but throw in a conjunction to Saturn at the outset and a square to Neptune at the close and I have just one word: Clusterfuq. Prep for hoof-in-mouth moments (and oh god, not at the office xmas party!), flight problems/delays/cancellations, shipping issues for mail-ordered items…the whole nine, basically. This is a Get Thy Shit Together retrograde – it stations Rx in close conjunction to Saturn so organization, patience, and restraint do help. But we’re likely to be penalized for procrastination (a favorite Sagittarian downfall), failures to self-censor, and/or a lack of any semblance of planning (Kings and Queens of “winging it”, be forewarned). I am just glad I don’t have to fly anywhere during this Rx – it looks like a recipe for major travel troubles, IMO. Was toying with the idea of gifting someone a phone for xmas, but in light of the horrid Mercury situation approaching decided not to!

    • I already feel it: I am usually very precise about what i write in texts, social media etc., but still manage to put enough personal flair into them to make a point. Lately, though, even by my own careful standards I’m be so careful, it’s verging on paranoia. I’m not just double checking my thoughts but body checking them. But can’t help it – I’m so overwrought about the idea of causing offence or putting that big old lion’s paw in in my mouth if I open it more than just a tiny little bit!

      Life as a Leo sucks when you can’t express yourself and already this looming retrograde feels it will be a huge, nonstop communication block. Probably will be the most boring retrograde ever… boring AND frustrating… yay. Maybe I should break out the sedatives and try to just sleep my way through it?

  14. Yup, I’m feeling it already!
    Yesterday morning, tech support had to work on my computer for 2 hours because I cold not log-in. Apparently, my computer could not accept the network as a “trusted” source. Am now wondering if this was mercury’s Message to me!

  15. For sure there gonna be plenty batshits — but I figure the goofin’ gonna blitz out on FUN also.

    tbh Mercury in Sajjo for Moi is like discoverin’ novelty panties under my bed from sum old Christmas & throwin’ ’em on jus’ to see if’n they light up an’ play myoosic.

    Prolly gonna stick to business as usual … which kinda includes stuff like avoidin’ skiin’ an’ maniacs.

  16. I always feel Merc retro early…but it also seems to “end”early too for me. (Gem moon, packed Virgo 8th house with Uranus in it, Aqua rising, Libra Sun). I have learned to lay low, do my Saturn, take a deep breath, and surrender to the crazy. I also try to get shiz done before it really hits….money, bills, necessary repairs…mainly to keep things as streamlined as possible during the wackening. Helps to cope.

  17. OK I was JUST about to write you asking if it was ever possibile to feel it already.
    Gemini with Virgo rising here.
    My cat broke an old big design lamp that belonged to my ex husband so now I “unexpectedly” need to buy a new one + add thick and dark curtains to my bedroom. This has nothing to do with the lamp, but I would go to ikea for both.
    Shall I rush and buy it before the shadow zone (like next weekend) or just plain wait until January?
    Oh and my boss wants to change all the tech stuff (mac/screens etc) as of THIS VERY MORNING. 🙂

    • If it’s your ex-husband’s lamp, you might no longer “need” his light shining in your physical home. Funny it was your cat that did it. (Just out of curiosity, do you know your cat’s sign?)

      -_- “curiosity” = cat ; so sorry to make a pun, but i’ll leave it

      You can get both, i think because they’re not really tech items. You may want to look a little to get a nice feeling for your home: i think Merc Retro shadow has already done its work here.

      (Also, two different times in the past i found better quality blockouts that super work at places other than i-sweden.)

      It’s the work changes that will affect EVERYBODY, and can have some irritating effects on you, as you get used to it, or by way of others (like how your IT handles it, and what they miss in install.) That’s more Gem/Virgo to me.

      • “you might no longer “need” his light shining in your physical home” SO TRUE! I didn’t even get mad when she broke it. I kept it merely out of laziness, no real affection attached to that.

        Cat is a calico stray but presumably born end of march/early April this year, so she’s an Aries.

        I’ll definitely get the dark making curtains at Ikea, there’s no debate: it’s the only place that sells that kinda product here in Italy.
        But for the lamp you are right: I think I might take my time and buy it on January, post MR + shadow.

        • The “you might no longer “need” his light shining in your physical home” insight is brilliant (so to speak LOL) I have a Gem cat who has recently discovered that she can climb on top of the AC unit and knock my collectibles off the shelf above it. Those Donald Duck figurines are going through the wringer. I’ve started packing thing up into boxes so now it looks like we’re moving (which I would dearly love to do soon anyway). I’m sure there’s more zaniness to come, being a Gem sun and Virgo moon myself.

  18. I am trying not to die laughing at your stories, Gemini Multiair, and Mystic, lest that be the surest way to bring Merc a-retro-ing on my patience shredding MercAries (drives better than a Mercedes). This was like the last retro for me.

  19. Totally awesome time to buy retro handheld landline phones tho surely? I’d do it.

    I just ignore mercury stuff, it works out sooner or later (the advantages of dealing with artists and not developers, the bliss ) … can’t even deal with the cognitive burden on top of the yearlong exact Chiron (and now Saturn) shit.

      • Ah…
        My, um, sympathies? It’s been going on for so long. Since early 2016. I don’t normally subscribe to “dis planet = dat” but man. I’ve just got nothing to give to the waking world, the world that expects things of you. It’s wreaking havoc on my working life. My boss is a multi libran multi Virgo. I think also with aqua rising. I honestly don’t know what they see in me, unless i have just enough mercury left to appeal
        I hope the valley life helps with the, um, Chironitude, Jacqui

        I made a new word
        *weakly pumps fist in the air, flops back on couch, hash tags #chironitude on social media channels before falling into 100 year sleep*

        • I’m not even making sense to myself right now. Of course I subscribe to planet meaninks. Otherwise why bother with astro

  20. Oh poop I need to buy a new phone. Now Im scared. Ps i dropped it, after taking the otter box off it the week before…and stood on it. Lost wedding ring yesterday, got locked out of AEC website, trees down in storm detoured down wet 4wd track in 2wd sedan, the list goes on. Buy phone before 15th right? (scared breathing noise!) Crazy bat shit stuff at work, we’re all going loopy, kids and teachers alike

  21. I’ve always been a door mat and unable to defend myself so spend much time biting my tongue while others feel superior but occasionally explode into uncontrolled rage over the cumulative injustices; the words are in my head but don’t spill out for fear of some retributive doom. But this week that fear is receding and the directness has been SO SO SO liberating and relieving, like the floodgates of a dam are opening just a smidgin. My heart feels happier and I feel lighter, stronger, more confident and more honest within myself.
    There’s truth bombs lying in wait that have been waiting a long time… i can feel them welling up but not threatening to explode like the usual Mars/Intercepted Libra thing… just being supported to say those things without fear when the next moment arises. It feels beautiful. I feel beautiful when unafraid of my own assertiveness.
    I’m a Sag sun second house, mercury first house in early Sag [Neptune also first house but in scorp] and the hard one is Mars in intercepted Libra within the twelfth house ruled by Virgo on the cusp. This Mars is also square moon in cap third house. It’s difficult to assert myself most of the time.

  22. Here’s the rural version. I drive from home to nearest small town, grocery shop and come out to find the car has a flat tyre. Right next to my regular petrol station car mechanic, and the owner kindly changes tyre and orders replacement. Next day I start car, spare tyre still on, it’s flat – I change it and go to mechanic, ask him to order another one, make appt to have it fitted. Show up for appt and find that new tyre arrived but apprentice sold it to someone else who came in with a flat over the weekend. Make another appt, show up, tyre hasn’t arrived … Also emails suddenly not downloading in two different programs but not all devices, laptop slowed down so much I can’t get hold of tech chat to get them to check it …. etc

  23. Ok. After reading yours, I feel like my tech kerfluffles haven’t been that intense. Especially because I’m probe to tech problems- gadgets of all kinds tend to stop working in my field (is there an astro signature for that?). But I will say, it has seemed more intense than usual the last week or so.

  24. I certainly wondered about this today! I kept not being able to tell whether my signal was going out, or whether each website I needed to access kept going down. While I was on the phone with my credit union taking care of a whacky thing that happened with an ATM last week, I got the call back I was waiting for from the company I had called to take care of something by phone because I couldn’t take care of it online because their website was going haywire (I had been expecting the call back hours earlier, but the person who had been planning to call me back right away had found out suddenly that, due to a miscommunication, she needed to be out of the office for hours), and while I was on the second call, I got a third important call back from someone I had called back after I missed their first call when I was first on the phone with the other company who had told me they’d call me right back. While all this was going on, I kept trying to catch up with Twitter while I was on various holds with various people, but Twitter itself went down for several minutes. But I didn’t have time to get bored, because I got a text from someone in my organization letting me know that someone else in my organization had just let her know that *our* website was down!

    Luckily, though, each of the conversations I needed to have to sort all these things out did eventually happen, and all the things got sorted out! So, as a Sagittarius, I am expecting a whole lot of patience-trying complications which ultimately turn out *not* to ruin all our lives.

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