Happy New Moon In Scorpio!

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Happy New Moon in Scorpio and yes, something is hatching alright. Or erupting even. Mercury is in Sagittarius so we are allowed to mix transformation metaphors.

Anyway, Pluto rules this Sun/Moon combo and Pluto is currently ramped right up by Mars. Personal power issues are everywhere – to do: surge protection?

What else? It’s in funky aspect to Uranus.

So you have been busy breaking up with your pseudo-self ever since Jupiter hit Scorpio and now the separation is becoming official.  No chance of reunion.

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scorpiodawnMM Member

got my mercurial keyring, yay! thankyou mystic! and dad!
love it, love the box it came in aswell.

also got lillith square…

jjt4732MM Member

I spent this New Moon at 26 Scorpio visiting my ailing father in the hospital. This new moon was conjunct my natal 25 Venus in the 5th. My dad is a Taurus, so I have a feel this visit was connected more to the Taurus full moon we had a few weeks ago.

kellieg77MM Member

….So you have been busy breaking up with your pseudo-self ever since Jupiter hit Scorpio and now the separation is becoming official. No chance of reunion……. Ha just love it!!! Handing in my official resignation today.!!! Me and pseudo-self are officially divorced!!!


Personal power alright! all this showing up in the workplace. Learning to be assertive, managing male insecurity tactfully, Natal lilith in capricorn 🙂 good times be coming. 2nd house scorpio, neptune to be direct in 6th house. All this energy asking me to step up, take initiative. Dont seek permission. Just do it. I wont be taking crap from people at work anymore. Ive played nice and now no more. Cant deal with peoples lies – thats what hurts me – the betrayal, the feeling that you’re not on the right side of reality (6th house work situations). People hiding… Read more »

emgMM Member

Ooooooo a psycho somatic therapist. Yes please.

MissDeeMM Member

I feel the harsh Mars&Pluto energy being on in these days. I feel like I am walking around in the world without my thick skin and basically everyone is mad and he/she can take a poke at me. This is really harsh.

LadyLehMM Member

Ugh, me too! A couple of colleagues were really mean & hurtful a couple of days ago, and i feel like a little kid wanting to run home & cry to my mom…but cant do that anymore. I feel inside out, vulnerable, and am on the verge of tears or simply swimming in them. Want quit every and hide far away…..

LadyLehMM Member

*want to quit everything*
Fuqing buggy ipad and spotty wifi
Christ already!!

Year of the Phoenix
Year of the Phoenix

Enjoying a peacefully quiet and rainy revelling in the moment of silence I have had the unusual experience of an international student sharing my charmingly petite modernist flat and the constant conversation and observation was a tiny bit much My Scorpio Moon/Nep was finding it draining being on at work (reception/sales/admin) AND on all night too – since separating / running away from my husband I have grown more introverted I can appear very outgoing and confident butbthis real side of me has retreated to its shell a bit and I nowv really understand the basic premise of too much… Read more »

GemyogiMM Member

This reminds me of ‘The old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now’ lol. I had a dramatic night, full on thunderstorms, lightning and torrential rain on my way to an *outdoor* concert yesterday. Magically, as we arrived, the rain had cleared and the air was fresh. Had a fantastic night with Stevie Nicks and Chrissie Hynde, staying in the bush with a friend, and woke up to the news that the Greens candidate had won the Northcote by election (I had volunteered on the campaign)… such great news it gave me hope. I also lost my wallet and… Read more »


I am Phoenix-ing like no other…since Jup came into Scorp. Had a traumatic event im June and changes or job and home so I suppressed every thing to swim and survive. I even got into a hypnotic delusional work crush thanks to my Venus trine Neptune/ Pluto Opposition Venus. I projected the softness, the gentleness, lonliness and sadness on to him. He was not any of those things. My wake up call was seeing him with his gf on the street. I was like, I need to wake myself the fuck up and stop using my favorite form of escapism…unrequeited… Read more »

JokermanMM Member

Of course I’ve never done anything like that.


My body is doing a complete shut down. Total exhaustion and needing rest.

Thankful that the anxiety has left because that was becoming a serious problem.
I didn’t know my body could ache this way. Hoping it’s just releasing the stored emotional state.

Having time to contemplate my past relationships like a CSI forensic expert. I will get the results this week. One stitch in my ankle and hopefully this is the last painful recovery from the Piscean ex.

Rebuilding takes time.

scorpiodawnMM Member

ive had sthing similar, thanku, ur words are helping me.
maybe its been my fav form of escapism aswell.
time to snap on out and smell the frigging coff coff!

emgMM Member

Perfect love. Hmmmmmmm
Go for imperfect love, as you’ll get that and it’ll teach you more about you and make you strong and incredible and possibly, if you’re lucky the sex will be amazing !
Honestly any mate you get real close to will have stuff that drives you nuts along with stuff that is wonderful. Enjoy the ride, enjoy them and be ready to leave if you have to. Without grudges if at all possible.


Dreams and escapism is some times necessary to survive and swim until we get to an island or dry land. Where we can dry off and breath and deal with what we were swimming against. If i didn’t escape to mt fantasy world idk how I’d get from June 1st 2017 to 5.75 months later. But a part of me started to realize that I had a pattern since youth to use my Mars opposition Neptune and Venus trine Neptune to either make my dreams come true or to create beautiful worlds to live in when I can’t handle my… Read more »


Happy new moon! 🙂 Perhaps the newness of the moon supports the regeneration phase of Scorpio? I sure had the destruction part of the phase going on for me last week! Sounds like with Mars/Pluto this week it will still be an uphill battle? This is our Thanksgiving week coming up….not a great time for a Mars/Pluto vibe, like, I wouldn’t want to be traveling for this holiday with Merc retro on top of it all. Crowded airports + national holiday that centers around family time + difficult astro = NO! I’m going to be home on my own for… Read more »

GemyogiMM Member

Flower I can see you having a lovely spiritual thanksgiving home in solitude. Beautiful food, being thankful for all that is good in your life, being gentle with yourself. Possibly lighting a few candles and/or journalling. Peace x


Aw, thanks Gemyogi! I envision my thanksgiving like this, too! I have a lot to be grateful for, spiritually and materially, and will be reflecting on kind of a tough year, but through which I triumphed. Even simple every day things, like the fact that I’ve had nearly no furniture in my living room for the past eight years and recently was able to get a couple of chairs from IKEA. I’m so happy about that, and surely do not take it for granted. I’m beaming smiles at my chairs right now! If thanksgiving is something you celebrate, I wish… Read more »

GoddessJacquiMM Member

Whoa! That image evoked tiggerwiggles of anticipation. Hatching. Yes. So very very ready.

LexieMM Member

I was mid gig when the new moon rolled over – felt an almost palpable energy shift, it was very interesting. Happy new moon peeps 🙂 XX

Saoirse Kirke
Saoirse Kirke

Huz-fuqin-zah. “Conscious uncoupling”

NinanotsosmallMM Member

It’s my nephew’s b’day tomorrow. What does the scorplet want more than anything? A hatchimal! Lol.

dark starMM Member
dark star

<3 scorplet


GAH… this new moon is working me so hard… fresh from a break up… and into an important exam on Monday… my Heart is just in its own chaos…