Full Moon in Aries

L.A. – Thursday 11.40
NEW YORK – Thursday 14.40
LONDON – Thursday 19.40
DUBAI – Thursday 22.40
HONG KONG – Friday 02.40
SYDNEY – Friday 05.40
AUCKLAND – Friday 07.40


AriesAries/Aries Rising


Your ruler Mars currently in Virgo and alongside Venus wants everything broken down, digested and assimilated. Even in complex relationship scenarios, raw data feels more desirable than speculation or innuendo. But asteroid Psyche aligned with the Sun in your House of Love suggests that with the Full Moon, comes a subtle but unmistakable omen of love.

TaurusTaurus/Taurus Rising


You are now in the lead-up to the Full Moon – this is like the prologue. It can play brilliantly for you – heightened awareness, relationships improving, inspiration and so on – if you avoid an excess of fake in your work world. This is not the sort of astral energy where you try to tense-jaw-smile your way through. Tell the truth or nimbly evade Qi Vampires.

GeminiGemini/Gemini Rising


Saturn in opposition taught you tact and now you’re a lot more circumspect re sharing even your most precise perceptions. But this Full Moon could knock out those settings and possibly manifest as an unpleasant conversation. The point: If a dialogue is necessary, suck up the discomfort and just do it. If not compulsory? Set your vibe to sexy inscrutability.

CancerCancer/Cancer Rising


This is one of those Full Moons and you can count it as ON from now. It’s most likely to illuminate any snares or stagnation in the way you’ve structured your current domestic reality or how you deal with family of origin. Is there an out? Yes. Your negotiation and relationship rapport building techniques are augmented by Uncle Pluto. Foundation strong alliances.

LeoLeo/Leo Rising


The past love life flashbacks (this life, previous lives, whatever) courtesy of the South Node of the Moon in your relationship sector can be a bit much. But see them as instructive and turn your genius to gliding through the Full Moon without frizzing your mane or losing beauty sleep. How? Don’t do neurosis. Buffer up cash stores and work mojo via the rad $$$ stars.

VirgoVirgo/Virgo Rising


Sudden ventures needing a swift injection of cash/fast debt/new wardrobe? Not on this Full Moon you don’t. Yes to believing in love or art and an event that restores your faith in sensuality or magic. No to hustling out with a flimsy financial “plan” sketched out in your addled brain. Lilith in strange aspect can equal crazy (passing) psychosomatic symptoms.

LibraLibra/Libra Rising


The Full Moon in your opposite sign brings in Pluto, currently in supportive aspect to your ruler Venus. So even though the atmosphere is volatile and you may feel beset by a million tasks or issues, the overall result of this next 48 hours is going to be positive. By the weekend, the energy feels more sedate and you will be cherishing some happy info or dialogue.

ScorpioScorpio/Scorpio Rising


Jupiter is days away from gracing your sign for 13 months and Uranus months away from spending over seven years in your House of Love. So big things are afoot. But what this Full Moon Vibe does is reveal – in stark relief – what elements of your current persona, routine, relationships and belief systems are not a good fit with the coming excellence.

SagittariusSaggo/Saggo Rising


Conversations that you’ve been half longing to have and half wanting to avoid (Intimacy Phobia? Insane Saturn transit schedule? Denial?) could be upon you with the Full Moon so if you have any concept of what these might involve, prep your lines and know your stance. Your work and professional brand, charms or genius are being admired from afar.

CapricornCapricorn/Capricorn Rising


If you can stay out of Full Moon disputes and drama that really have nothing to do with you OR see clearly where another person has to follow their own path in life – without you as unacknowledged Sherpa or motivational coach – you have already won this Full Moon. Thus you simply are free are to absorb the fantastic vocational instincts this inspires.

TaurusAquarius/Aquarius Rising


The Full Moon influences your communications and ideas-generation. And given that Jupiter is about to benefit your public profile and career for over a year, a solid planning session before next week would be a brilliant investment. So, triple think any urges to let rip with a confession, lecture rant or reach-out today/Friday and put vibe back into your self.

PiscesPisces/Pisces Rising


Doctor Chiron is strong this week and in Pisces; many emotions and truths of your psyche are being mediated through your physical self. Time spent assessing the deeper patterns behind any health weirdness pays off fast. Ditto an audit of practitioners, supplements and so on. The Full Moon could potentially manifest as an epic $$$ breakthrough.

Glenn Thomas

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