Cancelling Your Order Of Mercury Retrograde

Hello? Is anyone there? I’d like to cancel Mercury Retrograde and the Full Moon, modulate the Mars Uranus crap fest to a lower setting and bring forward the Jupiter Neptune good luck groovy juju please.  

If only. But we’re stuck with this. And delays/obstructions when Mars is opposite Uranus feel personal. It is like Whack A Mole out there – one task pops up, gets whacked and there is another. Or ten. Mercury in Sagittarius wants to go fast. Uranus in Aries wants to accelerate to Warp Speed velocity now.  The North Node in Leo is all about fabulous self-actualisation. Incessant distractions and tech issues are not in that picture.

But no, we are already in the Retro Zone and feeling it.

Could it be time again for the Mercury Retrograde Body Mitten?

I would be seriously interested in a hologram version, for warmer climates.


Image: L’Etudiante 

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117 thoughts on “Cancelling Your Order Of Mercury Retrograde

  1. Uranus and moon are conjunct my 10th house Venus, opposing mars on my north node, Jupiter conjunct Uranus in my 5th house, seems as good a time as any to buy my first synthesizer 🙂

  2. JUST when i am plotting an all nighter to make this new horoscopes/monthly scopes happen – due to tech delays beyond my control it is behind schedule – my coffee machine gives up and conks out totally.

    • Stove top espresso is my lifelong failsafe.. no moving parts..

      Speaking of mars in virgo, I think the junior Leo i am managing part time must have this placement. She is SUPER AMAZING but also I am feeling a tad inferior lol. I have to remind myself that I am here to help her kick off a really awesome career and give her lots of cool opportunities to expand and learn..did I mention her work ethic? (hopefully) she sees me in a different light to how I see me hahaha!

      • Yes – stove top espresso never lets you down. I always travel with a v small one and a candle. So even if there’s no power you can put it over the candle & voila – good café in under 10 mins.
        (Plus you can meditate/do affirmations of daily intent on the candle flame while holding espresso maker)

        • Omg a candle works?!?!?! This is also amazing
          Meets all spiritual needs

          Just realised our love of stove tops may not be of assistance to MM – mystic do you have a coffee plunger you can dust off? Go with the Turkish coffee option? UberCoffee? Phone a friend? Should we post motivational messages every half hour? Just tell us what you need we can do this as a team haha haha xxxx

  3. Think because I was born with Mercury Retro that I can feel it and it affects me days before it actually happens. Still, have wonky things happen but also things move at a slower but much clearer focus for me and not others. Even though machines start getting all jiggy, knowledge of the hidden big picture always seems to come into sharp focus.

  4. Fall clean up- post haste -raked and bagged x11 grass and leaves. Then delivered bags to friend’s house for city pick up- our last day was Monday.

    Discovered my license expired on my Libra bday. Renewing today with awesome hair-makeup.

    Pisces Moon/Mars husband lost his wallet at gym again- w/ $ inside.

    Merc- weirdness Teen approached at gym by young guy-he offered to show her pics on his phone if she would come with him. She firmly waved him off but he persisted. She got an escort to her car. He bothered another woman too.

    Found great blog on chronic disorganization/grief/trauma. Hunt inspired by MM posts on messy Crabs. Ariane Benefit is blog author. For 12th Houser- it’s a goddess-send esp her view on addicts to insight via Chris Fields-

    Unpacking Uncle Pluto issues esp defusing trauma triggers i=great antidote to mess.

    Merc Retro- mirror work. Mirror work. My chaos hunt began with irks re husband. Jupiter-Neptune in my 12th.

    The big reveal- our longtime old boy leaders shot down with sex harrassment accusations. From way back in the day. So called intouchable- they will never resign- now are drafting resignation statements.

    The truth will out. Maybe it’s Leo NN? Cleaning out the throne room?

    • The ariane benefit site is really lovely. thanks for reminding me of it. I agree about emotional state and chronic disorganization. I have a lot to say (part of my long-standing Pluto ic transit sq. And more) here.

      I work with a csncerian now. His desk is an absolute shitfest, I can’t understand how rats aren’t living there already. (By way of example my desk is fine but my bedroom rivals Tracey Emin’s)
      For cancerians I think its a kind of security thing, plus that csncerian material relationship thing.

      I spent a fair bit of time reading about ptsd and disorganization (and related habits) too. Found some helpful info. It seems like a psych bandwidth thing to/for me. Society is better at condemning the differently-operating among us, rather than sitting still and being loving company for the troubled.
      Well that was a bit of a ramble.
      Glad your teen was safe in the end. It feels a bit like the “stranger danger” era is back in some ways.

      • Pi,

        I always appreciate your wisdom and humor.

        My teen has 13 years of martial arts training so I am grateful she paid attention and that the trsining kicked in. She is Pisces with Aries Venus and Aqua Moon- and Cappy Mars. Kataka Rising very nurturing until-

        She noted that he was probably on a spectrum so slowly escalated her polite demands to be left alone- then she got help.

    • Whoa. That link? I have a healthy disrespect for the “life-coaching” industry but, man. I’m crying reading that “chronic procrastination” page. Fuuuuuuq. Hello Pluto square natal Moon/Uranus conj. in First AND Venus in Pisces 6th. Might as well throw NN oppo Sun Aqua AND SN Leo.

      And why is Merc retro/Saturn right on top of Jupiter the day I have to meet with my supervisor in order to pretend/excuse away/shine on my chronic procrastination?

      Thank you, Lili.

  5. I have been a shit storm for awhile now. Uranus has been conjunct my sun for what seems like forever and Pluto has also been doing the same dance on my moon forever. So please pardon me while I have a bitch session. I started my month-long vacation on October 21st taking my mother to the emergency room and since then I have done nothing but care for her (she was going thru radiation for her 2nd bout with cancer) Two weeks ago I put her in a rehab facility and i think she hates me. She refuses to eat or drink. I am watching my mother kill herself out of sheer stubborness. I am at my wits end. I go back to work and my sergeant get pissed at me b/c I wont arrest a 55 year old man for selling loose cigarettes on Thanksgiving, 10 mins before I am supposed to leave. We have 4 days off and I come into work and he punishes my whole team for my disobedience. Now Mercury is going Rx. When will this cosmic test end?!

    • oh my god Maureen! Your post has prompted me to look at where Uranus is at and its conjunct my Sun toooo! Wth.
      How did I miss such a thing.

      How coincidental. My mum has been diagnosed just recently with a chronic lung infection, counsins with tuberculosis. And doctors insist she be on strong medication for ONE YEAR and she is very muchhh against medicine and will not be taking the medicine, instead using natural remedies. Very stubborn! And scary.

      I literally got let go from a job I just got made ‘permanent’ which was a bit of relief I won’t lie, but that was 2 months ago and I’ve interview for this amazing and super promising role, all the right signals from the managers! And now nothing… big fat STALLLLLLLLL since November 13!

      Pluto is ALSO CONJUNCT MY MOON. I’m sorry but are we the same person?

      Aries Sun 27degrees
      Capricorn Moon 21degrees

  6. 2017 finale Rx observations:

    Super fund wont accept contributions
    Lots of emails returned.
    Billed twice at supplier for same order
    Refunded said amount, compensated x 2 (winning)
    Old-school swipe card on the blink
    Ordered new one knowing it’ll never post.
    Crew from eons past making contact
    Auto Roller-door at home opening by itself late last night
    Not a thing knocked-off, 5k mountain bike included.
    Old Clients calling wanting shit done yesterday $$$
    Phone changing to random 24hr time
    Surreal Workmates’, family and friends mood changes.

    And we’re not even in merc metro proper! I’m noticing this round of Rx it’s pendulum like. Bad then correcting with goodies. Weird as.


    • There’s some sound juxtapositions in the wording that are hilarious and poignant here. The syllabic timing in the build-up appeals to my sense of humour. Bet you tell a good joke!

      Don’t mean to sound pompous – it’s my real response – i like poetry, and will stop reading early if it makes me cringe or feel it’s derivative.

      Last stanza is not patterning for me, but it’s a comment that sounds like a summary, so i read it ok, too.

      Haha! You didn’t ask for a critique, i know! It’s just my way of appreciating.

    • I’m into this postcontemporary poem thing you have here (I think mille said same thing)

      Garage door : someone has a thing operating at same frequency ?

      Consider whether mars Uranus is flinging you between balance and anarchy? Saturn possibly offsetting somehow, a litttle.

  7. Huge bolt of insight into childhood today.

    How I shaped an impossible task and a two year old who shook her fist at an unjust world that made people sad. What a zealous perfectionist.

    Humbling and grateful that the “failure” can maybe, maybe, make amends. Having learned to love the imperfections that make everything and everyone so singular.


    • Haha thank you! I tend to Pisces-refresh if i’m in public and can’t read esoterica, with natural science and bio-chem journals and Words without Borders, plus African news from Le Monde and Eastern Euro art news from the Calvert Journal.

      Appreciate the bookmark!

  8. we had ‘home alone’ type of travel for Thanksgiving, made the plane by 5 minutes. Thought we lost car keys from running…..found them in outside pocket of luggage..had decided we were going to uber home and get keys lol. Just a lot of craziness and running. Then connecting plane was replaced and ppl lost seats (not us) but we received a refund (? not going to question that lol) It was a crazy trip there. Calm and easy on way home lol

  9. This started early for me…..the last two weeks I’ve been dealing with a botched IKEA order that has come piecemeal, and it’s still not all been delivered. I’m still waiting on three items that I ordered nearly a month ago now.
    Also, had part of an Amazon order stolen from my doorstep. So, talk about calling in to cancel an order of Merc retro! I’ve spent many irate hours on the phone with IKEA, Amazon, and FedEx in the last two weeks and wasted hours of days waiting for deliveries.
    I rarely order online but I’ll now never order online again! This has been an extreme nightmare. I did get a refund from Amazon, and got a $100 gift card out of IKEA for my trouble, but even this wasn’t worth all the energy and time this fiasco took out of me.

    Also, effing housemate decides to move out by Jan. 1st, the absolute worst time of year for me to look for new housemates because everyone is away for holidays and now my holidays will be consumed by looking for new housemates and it means I probably won’t be able to go away for New Year’s. F**K HIM! Grrrrrr! >:-(

    I was able to regroup and relax over the Thanksgiving holiday, though, and listened to a Pema Chodron lecture and Russell Brand’s new book on addiction recovery. I felt a ‘reset’ over the weekend and feel oddly calm and ready to start anew in dealing with whatever fuqery this week and the damn full moon holds. Famous last words…..haha

    • Ikea is really weird. This same thing happened to me back in 2012. I got sent a piece of someones’s sofa? I called to complain it wasnt mine, but no one believed me or would take it back. I kept thinking somewhere out there someone is missing part 2 of their 3 piece sofa thing. It wasn’t even a standalone piece. It had to be assembled with the other 2 to make 1 piece.

      • Lame! Sounds like a ‘too many moving parts’ thing. Like their whole put it together yourself theme has gotten unwieldy and they can’t keep a handle on where everything is and is supposed to go.

        With mine, it’s three full items that have not come yet of a larger order of 12 items, and the rest of the order arrived on two different days.
        If I had known this is how they do things, I would have either not ordered at all, or would have rented a car to just go down to the damn store and get the stuff myself! Ugh!

        • That last thing!!! That’s what i do now. Borrow a friend’s pick up or just hourly rent from Home Depot or do a whole day Uhaul and just move it yourself. 🙁 But yes the stupidity kills me.

          I STILL have this sort of wooden and cheap fabric hinged “box” thing that is supposed to go to a 3 part sofa in my house! It is so ugly but hey the box holds items so it is useful. I just have to throw some covers on it.

    • I am ok ordering online but FTW if the seller chooses Australia Post to deliver the goods. It’s a stupid non-service under the current CEO, dubbed Ahmet the Arsehole by a Libran, which shows the crisis point we’ve reached 😀

  10. I’m experimenting with creative disassociation this mercury retrograde.
    Today I put sickly whiny me in bed, tucked her in and went to work without her. Came home feeling fine and will leave her there til I go to bed.

  11. Tomorrow is my birthday…Solar Return and Lunar Return.

    Slammed my finger and cut and bruised it yesterday. Cracked my cell phone glass today.

    Waiting on my period, and I’m traveling on Thursday to NYC for a week.

    WTF. Need to go home, smudge, deep clean, and offer tobacco.

  12. So far the mercury rx is hitting others around me with me getting sucked into the vortex. Sis had dead battery in her car, her freaking out it was something else. Me reassuring is is most likely battery. Me helping her change her battery. One stuck bolt. Her missing socket wrench attachment resulting in trekking all over town to get the right one cos ones that are mm are harder to find. Finally getting the right one…then she shears off the attachment piece. But we change battery…still have to go recycle battery….i use zip ties to keep battery on tray while driving because what else do u do? Take it to mechanic while driving only on non-bumpy roads who drills a hole into the car to put in a new bolt because that option is free. Tapping out screw will cost $100. But my sis is freaking out over mechanic drilling into her car. She is an INTP so any change from normal schedule upsets her. I said u are prob keeping that car for another 5 yr maxx…that car is over 10 yrs old and is in no danger of becoming classic.

    But yeah i could use one of those sweater tubes or maybe a thunder jacket for dogs.
    Still in musical instrument purgatory rn. The new group i started going to is poorly run by someone who doesnt want to run it. Hardly anyone shows up and no one knows any songs.
    Also my most recent acquisition…had the luthier look at it….she says it is set up perfectly. Twas good new and bad news. Doesnt help my hand pain does it? 🙁 i havent picked up my instrument in over a week. Going to try new strings eventually.

    • “that car is over 10 yrs old and is in no danger of becoming classic.” Haha.
      You’d fit in well in Aussie!!!

      • Haha! Thanks! My Crabby-pops didnt raise his little Scales (both metallic & fishy kind) to be afraid of minor car maintenance!
        Both sis and i like to drive our cars into the ground and then get a new one or get a barely used hand me down from a richer relative.

        • You are a gal after my own heart <3 LMAO @ “thunder jacket for dogs” – that’s totally it! Like scared little puppies freaking out over the Merc Rx “storm”. Please – I have bigger fish to fry. Perspective.

          Pour sis a nice hot cup of soothing chamomile and whisper reassuringly in her ear that it will all be OK. Siblings are Mercury ruled, so the fact that she’s freaking over something so minor (bonus points for it being Mercury/Saturn auto-related fear) really speaks to the retrograde “thunder” jitters in the air. Try being the best Muggle Whisperer you can be without allowing yourself to be pulled into the maelstrom – keep a solution-based focus. The hole is NBD as it doesn’t go into the car itself but the battery tray and I promise it won’t fuq anything up. You can also always just bungee cord it down, although that is a slightly less stable option – they make small ratchet straps that would do the job as well, but I’d just let the mechanic drill a new hole and be done with it if you don’t have a cordless drill to DIY. On a scale of 1-10, this is something that warrants a “0” level of Automotive Anxiety.

          Re: the hand issue, I haven’t picked up a guitar in many moons but FWIW when I did Elixir strings were easier on my fingers – maybe give them a try if you’re thinking a simple string change might do the trick? Hand issues suck – playing should give you pleasure, not pain. The current astro makes me wonder if it might not be something carpal tunnel-y, though – Tr. Mercury conjunct Saturn can be tough on the hands. I hope this isn’t the issue, but along with the string change maybe try some turmeric, skullcap, and/or magnesium and see if it helps?? I’m sympathetic – I have a natal square between Mercury and Saturn as one of the tightest aspects in my chart and repetitive octave stretches piss my hands off. My hands run on the smaller side so basically it’s FML for anything over an 8th.

          • LOL! Great description btw! But the rational thinking is strong in my sis, but she is def not a muggle. She just hasn’t tapped into her heritage yet. As a Fish you’d think it would be natural.
            After I watched the mechanic install the screw with self drilling tap, I am pretty sure i can do it myself next time.

            I grew up on guitar but this is for a ukulele. My hand is extra small. I wear a child’s medium glove. women’s XS is too large for my hands as they stopped growing when i was 10. A lot of the pain is simply finding the right sizes for hands my size. I use a child sized mouse at my computer because full size ones are made for men’s hands. That is why a lot of women with smaller hands suffer using those.

            • I have small hands too- my guitar guru always says lighter string s are good- men try to make heavy strings into a macho thing.

            • I’ve never understood the heavier stronger mindset. I make (or use to) more runs with a lighter cricket bat than a heavier one.

  13. Ha! Spent a morning resetting all my passwords. It’s been handy.
    Toxic sister is passing on Fir Tree Season at mine. Wouldn’t mind so much except the kids.. really upset me. I stooped to asking for half an hour on her way elsewhere, because ..the kids.
    Dreamed a Psych Professor was under house arrest in her teenage bedroom. 😉

    • Wow she is toxic. Maybe for the best?

      Though it is hard, because the kids.
      I find nowadays that celebrating Christmas is really for them, having kids around is the fun -est part of Christmas…

      I mean otherwise who cares really, if you don’t have to spend time with the shitty sister 🙂

      • Yeah all that V. All that! I figuratively have tattooed on my hand “Never trust, she won’t change”, so I consciously reminded of her nature. But I slip when I think of the only child, sociable and vulnerable, held by crab claws in isolation from the family. I guess when he grows up we can be there for him. No chance for now. 🙁 Thx!

  14. Would like to whinge and bitch about it all – i can; i have; i still feel like it.

    But nah the retrospective insights are both comfortable (as in, yes i’ve integrated that, though it now seems a small thing) and amazing (could i possibly take a new step?? Really?? I’m not stuck in Saturn School forever??)

    Won’t over-celebrate it either, but i am planning to celebrate a matter’s end, a matter only known by my fam who have been quietly and annoyingly amazing throughout.

    Saturn School is pickling and ageing, grinding and polishing. I’m not fully polished so i will feel adrift without Saturn School if i don’t fully integrate it. Saturn in 6th Virgo House says you had better do this integration of body, mind and souls properly when you have the down time to re-calibrate. Taurus in the 6th house of Everyday Alchemy says, well it doesn’t say much, does Taurus, it just gut-feels its way through and lets me know, i had better integrate it into daily routine, for my bod, health and sane mind.

  15. My annual review is day after FM- vying for good Merc/Saturn documentation- positive group qi.

    Hoping for good karma with Jupiter in 12th- conjunct my Scorp crowd. Challenge to stay neutral in face of Scorp see-all vision. Qi vamp shields up and Libra tact deployed.

  16. Indeed, its been a strong one for me – is it particularly closer to earth or something? supercharged by other planets?! I had a SHOCKER of a mercury retro schmozzle this morning and techie glitches all day!!! I was trying to figure out if it was psychic attack or the retro it was so strong it rattled me…particularly @ 8-9 am this morning…. The tech stuff started last week but raised the volume today! Here’s hoping the full moon’s a smoother ride.

  17. Yup, it’s a doozy alright. Actually it’s such a doozy that every time something goes to shit I just laugh out loud – it’s just so… so… so stereotypical that it’s like some 70s sitcom. I just can’t take it seriously. It’s kinda nice actually, usually I’m a lot more uppitty and egdy but right now I’m sortof watching to see what happens next – I find it so fascinating the way this stuff plays out. So far for me it’s all been just minor, run of the mill, glitchy stuff but oh sooooo much of it!!! Sometimes it’s a bit bloody annoying but it can be kindof hilarious too, like when I ripped the tag out of new pair of pants and ripped the seam open at the same time and not 5 minutes later got sprayed with liquid soap from a blocked bottle – my whole day was like that, one thing after another after another. So, how long is this going to go on for????!!!

  18. Okay well i just had a classic Mercury Retro experience and yes i am counting this as ON already.

    I got new internet and now the kindle won’t connect – saying password incorrect though it is not -annoying.

    So factory settings restored – still does not work – finally got to transfer some stuff i want to read across via USB.

    There in a folder i never looked at are all my E-Book purchases going back years, like a weird narrative history of impulse purchases, considered purchases, obsessions and interests.

    Most illuminating, some slightly mortifying. Like a really dodgy Green Smoothie, Body Hacks, Naff Mating Tips stage from when i was seeing this Virgo…then you can see the Kindle list revealing me becoming more grounded again…

    Mercury Retro is brilliant at pulling this sort of stunt. i would never have looked at this history if not for the inexplicable Wi-fi crap out

      • I love looking at the past purchases. They do reveal some weird patterns, which I think is part of my default setting anyway.

    • I have the “password not working” despair on since mid November, and .by looking for solution in my inbox I ended up finding email I was sure had been erased a while ago.
      I keep resetting site logins like c-r-a-z-y.

    • Ha! My e-book purchases are a similar mix of impulse and considered buys: trashy soft porn + highbrow postcolonial treatises. With Mystic’s Year Ahead for my Rising and Sun signs.

    • A second tech past growth delve experience! Had one last Merc Retro but never had to truly examine the contents. It must be detritus because i haven’t need to look at it.

      My Retro flavour is shining a light on all the stuff (especially tech and paperwork) i’ve been hanging onto “in case”. In other words my Saturn in 6th house Taurus. I’m being urged to freshen the documenting space to clear the way for NEW and hopefully AMAZING streamlining! Hopefully in time for Saturn on my Mars in Cap 2nd House transit. i know it’s “time” and am impatient with the “time” demands to close up immediate admin that’s not all mine for the end of the year 🙂

  19. It’s in my 4th house. So far it has been quite stressful: together with the usual “plans changing constantly” that always strike me when MR is on, this one is quite strong for a Gemini Sun + Virgo Rising person, being in Saggo.

    I think that more than MR itself though, the issue here is the current “overloaded” sky plus my personal BC receiving a lot of stimulation / influences.
    MR slows and confuses things, Saturn in the last part of Saggo tries to make you learn all of its lesson slowing things down even more.

    But I’ll try to focus on the relief that Mercury Direct + Saturn moving to its home sign Capricorn will make us all feel, right before Xmas while being honest, trying to keep my mind open and playing a lot of sports. All Saggo things, aren’t they?

  20. A month ago, I’d booked a flight to Bali for a weeklong ayahuasca retreat for mid-Dec, only to learn last night that an imminent volcanic eruption is basically shutting the whole island down… BUT since I knew my flight was going to be within the Retrograde period I paid extra for a rebooking fee, telling myself “I don’t know what the hell is going to happen to delay this trip, but SOMETHING will.”

  21. Ah yes I see I had already specified a few colour choices. Might run with that selection. Spiritual-cleanse white appeals, for the Saturn in the final degrees of Sadge and mercury doing a last rake through the initiation coals (“you remember the time we walked over those barefoot, babe?” “I sure do, Angel… feels like yesterday but also 100 years ago”

  22. I’d like to commission a merc retro body glove specifically for my Siberian workplace. Bonus points for anti qi vamp selenite thread technology. Cashmere a plus. Theres gotta be a Cancerian with a body glove etsy shop somewhere….

      • But! It’s sadge! Remember the First Law of Saggitarius: Optimism or bust! So I think hotline bling is cheeky enough for this . With just enough uranian /Pisces wistfulness. Yes. Nice 🙂

        • Yeah! I like that Saggy Joie de vie maxim. All our sag houses (my 2nd) are shaking off the saturnalia. Am I correct in assuming it’s your 7th house pi?

          And drake is scorpy too #jupiterinscorpio

            • Oh that’s rad..travels with a partner in crime in your future? Do you crave daily freedom/ outdoors?

              Lol maybe I should be a travel agent. Periodically I go awol and book a sudden trip (my Uranus lives there)

            • Not sure about partner in crime travels, it would be nice but I’ve (literally) flown solo for so long I don’t know how I’d go. Sadge people are among my fave though in certain ways. The Saturn DSC transit seemed pretty uneventful probably because it was squaring my sun at the same time hahaha hahaha
              I definitely need freedom and openness in my daily life though. I become utterly miserable and an awful person to be around if I don’t factor in away-time. Omg!! I just realised this is a good explanation for my love of working outdoors – I forget the most simple correlations (sadge outdoors freedom) this is huge, lol. I need to think about this…

              Uranus in 2h sadge … Unconventional beliefs about money & possessions?

      • Re pi below: brainstorming how to get more unstructured/ outdoors life might be interesting. I like the dichotomy of that to your cap moon. Make your own structure!
        Similarly my Uranian sagg 2nd h (I am the embodiment of the US colonial don’t fence me in snake lol google it) is conjunct my Nep/sat exact in 3h cap. Definitely a push pull there.

    • Additional thought (lily pad) I swear the universe made my phone malfunction so I had to go back to old phone which contains my 2014-2016 existence. Just waded through pix/ screenshots from Nov 2015 after mention of recall time warp in scopes. One screenshot of a text btwn me and this guy brought everything back…and I was super pleased at how I stood up for myself and his reaction. I had negative vibes assoc with the memory but it’s cool to see how far Saturn Nep + Chiron (jab cross jab) can get cha 🙂

  23. I nearly forgot True Node is in Leo. I’m True Node at 21 Leo 5th House and Beyonce (My Leo True Node muse) has just put out a Christmas jumper that says: ‘Beyonce Holiday Sweater’

    I just don’t know what I can say about it really…

  24. I’m feeling a bit fried, but not particularly in a bad way? But it’s at the point where I need to apply myself 100% of the time to get where I need to be by Xmas, personally and day job, even though that’s an arbitrary deadline.
    This 100% application thing would be fine except I feel like my coffee is dosed with a sedative. Yes, I see you Neptune.
    The full moon will be in my 12th house and the sun will be conjunct natal Neptune and then there’s the whole Pisces sun, and transiting Neptune square thing, a bit of a theme developing there hahaha… My management strategy is Extreme Lilypad – some kind of hyper-flow contingency work schedule where I do what I can when I can on the thing that needs the most attention at that point, and hope like hell for the best outcome.
    Anyway there’s more to it but I also think my cap moon is appreciating the traction of worldly productivity, in a certain way

      • Aha nicely paraphrased dark star !
        It’s all I have to offer… Also letting Neptune vibe exist in parallel via good sleep, heading to the local pool or some open space near water, when I can
        Realised I’m also going to keep my eating habits super simple. One less thing to think about. Work work work work work lol

    • Omg I just realised / remembered, the Saturn Uranus node trine is across my Work/PR/routine/money houses. Ok. Is this why I’m feeling surprisingly chipper? Or is it the allure of Xmas hols in a month…
      Bound to be an axe falling somewhere, best to light-foot it, those lily pads in full effect

  25. its been exactly that way these last few days mainly with admin and shared finance – with transiting Mars in my eighth and all squaring my very foggy virgo brain

    • As a fellow virgo I feel this exactly, although my Mars is currently in my fifth making me not want to do any of the neccessary work. What a way to end a wonderful 2017. I never thought I’d actually be looking forward to Saturn in Capricorn!

  26. I felt this one the moment it went into shadow. It feels like it’s going to be a doozy.

    I’ll take the body mitten!

    • Got home from errands already planning where to hide around the complex tomorrow to get work done. If only i had an Invisibilating Body Mitten.

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