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F.A.Q. How do i adjust the settings on Auto-Scorp?  You can’t.  It will automatically begin to modulate back down after the New Moon conjunct asteroid Shiva and once Mars backs off Pluto. Details in Horoscopes.

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44 thoughts on “Auto-Scorp

  1. Auto scorp is my factory setting 😉

    My mom just dropped the knowledge that two of my favorite aunts and grandmother are Scorpios. Who knew!

    • Cool!

      Both of my grandmothers were Scorpios, one born Oct 30th, the other Nov 11th. They were awesome! I feel like they raised me more than my mom.

      My brother is Cap Sun but has Moon, Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Ascendant in Scorpio! I wonder how he’s feeling tonight…haha!

      All I can say for myself is that I have an 8th house Sun (Aqua) and that this new moon is exact conjunct my natal Neptune at 26 Scorp. Intense day, but I did not do any lower Neptune stuff to deal with it. I took a reishi capsule and feel calm now. If this were six months ago, I would be on the wine right now, which would not have been a good thing..

      Happy New Moon! 🙂

      • Ooooo that’s so cool! Scorpy families…your brother is like auto scorp to the nth degree right now lol. my mom has a Scorpio moon too but doesn’t fully grasp it. I love your reishi low key vibes I went the same route and feel amazing! Had the best manifestation list session after chill dinner and vitamin organizing(is it my Saturn return yet ?). It’s interesting what opens up after we stop numbing out and listen. New moon blessings!

  2. “deep rivers of attraction with strong undertows” check

    I’m also glad I read the daily horoscopes before I ventured out today. I was ready for the spiritually infused flirtations 😀

  3. A little question, which falls in Pluto realm. Could anyone weigh in?
    I learnt recently that my libra Pluto (and IC) is exact conjunct my Virgo sun boss’s mercury. He has 4 planets in Libra – mars mercury pluto Uranus (on my north node).
    My moon is conjunct his part of fortune
    I guestimated that he is Aquarius rising (hates hierarchy and ego-invested authority with a passion, runs the business more like a collective, airy. Although it’s possible he is Libra rising with Uranus on asc or in first house)
    He is also moon-Venus exact conjunct in Virgo. But remember this is Virgo man not woman so (as much as I hate gender stuff) he’s not the clean white notepad + 3 sharp pencils lined up kind of Virgo

    • oops, my phone died and cut me off (lol)…

      anyway a scorpio colleague joked that he had the hots for me, i actually don’t like writing that and would never have picked up on it tbh, tho he does have a certain kind of sex appeal + the virgo cleverness that i adore in all virgo men, but it’s just not an option for all the usual boring obvious reasons..

      normally my pisces things can crack the code fairly harmlessly but this fella is a bit of a dark horse.

      i noticed that our composite chart has lilith, north node and moon tight conjunct in Scorpio, ha, actually at the same degree as this new moon tomorrow

      anyway, i guess the whole point of all that was to ask whether an underling (me) with pluto on the boss;s mercury is wierd, or do i have more of a sway than I realise? Not that I necessarily want or need to? Generally this whole situation is bamboozling me a bit, (does boss have low key hots for pi? does it make a nanogram of difference? am i talking myself into a pisces-virgo crushy situation? is it blinding me to other issues on the job? the tarot is a bit mixed here tbh) and at this stage i have learnt to back right away and breathe and let things be and just get on with my job, and i will because I’ll bore myself at some point, but moon in scorpio …so this is research.
      ….anyway thanks for reading love pi x

      • Yup, your Pluto is on his Virgo ruled merc…id say big chance for some kind of secret fancying. Ref article how to tell if a Virgo likes you?

        • Also he probably enjoys your Gemma Aqua virgoans are some of my fav ppl and tend to keep cards close to chest. Maybe this is an option post you working someone else

        • Ah, thank you dark star
          I remember that article
          from memory most of the Virgo ppl commented that they try and do nice useful things for you ? While quietly dying inside and shredding themselves for perceived missteps? Or something.
          I suppose giving a Pisces a paid job is a gigantically nice and useful thing to do with dubious benefits hahahahahahaha j/k
          Thank you again ..
          I’m not sure if I should venture too far down the path of inquiry though, mostly because there ain’t a damn thing anyone can do about it…let sleeping dogs lie etc.

          • Hahahaha dying lol yeah give us a job then good luck. I mean jup in Scorpio – whatever’s hidden will emerge without assistance. Yeah I think your vibe to be balanced about it is good, the crux of the sitch is in Libra after all but I sense something under the surface. Experienced a few random subterranean vibes from men of my office scenarios recently so maybe it’s a thing. Directive to self: stay poised

            • <3 thank you
              I think I might even go with my aqua Mars placement for "how to act" here – attack by completely detaching, up the interpersonal chill / nothing to see here factor by about 100. honestly it is so much easier to just not give a shit hahaha.

              there are other vibes in the work place that I think I am collecting that are not mine – this could also be a factor. hmm. engage warp shields

      • Love Pi…. honestly, yes, love you girl 🙂 x

        So, my take (thank you for the invite though yes I do offer unsolicited advice lol) will be my usual Centaurus meander….

        Your IC is your darkest part of your chart right so ponder that for a minute… it’s Libra so it’s going to want equity, fairness, and a meeting of minds or a level of equality on the high side. On the low side it can be needy and can compromise standards… give ground or go with the flow for peace. So, just a couple of ideas. Being that this is the IC the thing to reflect on from a psychological perspective is the family unit and is largely unconscious so we are feeling it. It is also, for you, the house that sets you up to feel safe enough to leave that space and venture out to connect with others.

        Cardinal Air will want to rationalise but mutable water will feel it differently and be more open. Sometimes Libra will give ground to keep peace. Sometime Libra will pretend it’s all fine when it’s not but that works for the collective.

        Boss has my signature Pluto/Uranus Virgo so I’m staying out of that. Why? Well it’s generational and it’s so specific to someone’s upbringing coupled with being so generational it’s hard to call sans dialogue. Mercury in Virgo would feel super comfy and easily articulate what needs to happen and how.. gunning the deets and building rapport so could feel kinda sweet there or obsessive. Mars, well I don’t know… there’s a mother load of Virgo but we’re looking in isolated houses and spaces but Mars = desire right.. and is the lower octave of Pluto. If we just looked at that in isolation there could be a duality of expressions from boss-man with Pluto/Mars and that could be pinging off your Pluto albeit unconsciously.

        So.. to tin tacks… is it weird?

        If you want. If you don’t it won’t be. Pluto has a propensity to take you down or at least create that feeling so that you get something, learn something or acquire something you don’t yet have.

        Clue – be aware and awake but not necessarily on guard and paranoid (or overthinking).

        If this sitch is feeling a bit out of logic mind then you’ve got to feel it through… and in that space there are no rights/wrongs, just better ways to approach it. If you are not clear on where you are at or not (and I am empathising with Cap Moon here) or refusing to take it on/in then it might trip you up. Be with the authentic thing whatever it is and navigate from that point. That’s actually something you’re very good at btw xx

        • thank you centaurus <3 there is a lot in this to consider
          (Just a thing, he is pluto uranus mars merc in Libra not virgo)

          what is interesting is that the cancerian at work who is triggering me in 5000 different ways has moon on my pluto and i am like a spiky puffer fish loaded with venom don't come a step closer, but boss has mercury same degree and barely breaks a ripple. (Noting in this case that these two therefore have a moon-mercury conjunction, cancerian feels ultra comfortable with how virgo boss communicates? vice versa?)

          tin tacks, no not wierd, as in the idea of any attraction doesn't bother me, we're simpatico, but yes wierd, in that my capricorn moon is potentially insulted that i'm there because of a crush, not because he thinks i'm actually a great person for the job.. then again who cares, he can always fire me if he thinks i'm doing badly (lol, 3 planet mutable 4 planet libran actually fire someone does that even happen or do they just change the locks without telling you)

          sorry rambling a bit
          the other thing that occurred to me is that my natal pluto – is conjunct inner planets of two men i work with and so maybe i am wierdo heavy pluto person to them.

          • Oh gosh… facepalm, long day…long week. Saw Virgo Sun and then just decided to put all his other planets there. Haha.. well in terms of Libra and the 4th going back to what I know the 4th to be and listening to you there’s some gold in understanding what goes on there for you first and then perhaps how he’s triggering that house because it’ll become clearer (hopefully) what’s attempting to be revealed.

            Uranus and Pluto are forces beyond our control so I’d sweep them to the side a little except for your Pluto…

            Mercury can relate to siblings and Mars to desires and both those planets are represented in houses prior to the 4th.

            Libra might have the nice surface.. perhaps, where everyone gets along and desires are managed well and communicated nicely or perhaps there’s a shared desire and a well communicated method of how we (as the collective unit of the family) navigate that together? Or maybe there’s sacrifice for the other?

            Pluto is transformation as we know but transformation requires sacrificing something to become something else right.

            And a Cap moon can have the vulnerability of a child that was forced to mature before it wished to and can kick it’s own butt harder than anyone else would or would even consider doing… so 3rd para reads like moon to me.

            If you can access Elias Lonsdale’s description of Cap Moon I’d be interested to see what you thought.

            • thanks for the link. it must be in his book Inside Planets. in searching though i came across his Inside Degrees which is like a super profound sabian symbols. thanks Centaurus for the connection XXX

          • I am defo the weirdo Plutonian at work…

            One thought is Neptune the Virgos in me have been readying love vibes with boss but idk all I know is I know nothing

            I am a serial dream lover from way back

  4. I have most certainly been feeling this. Had a strange but very gentle psychic communication with a friend of mine that touched on some deeply painful things in my life. This was within hours of the Sun going over my Neptune in Scorpio. Weird witching is definitely afoot right now.

  5. I have mugwort smudge sticks drying and a batch of rose oil brewing, ready made to bathe in the new moon’s secrets tomorrow. I will fully imbue it with all the necessary juju closer to the new moon.

    I also got the secret Jupiter Scorp message related to Voynich Manuscript… hahah, nice… I just put a book on that on my wishlist.

    Happy new moon all. I feel like this is one of the most potent of the year… and potent in a good way not a gawd there’s another hard aspect way.

  6. How about Villans I’d like to just Fuq Off.
    Stupid work undermining by my own support staff! Grrr. I’ve been nothing but nice to her. My own recent victories seen to have prompted her power play. No trust now. I will give her Zero extra training she wanted from me- my time I preiously gave freely. Scorp time for me, too.

  7. I had this realization today that once Jupiter gets through my Scorpio 3rd house I’m done with it. In my 44years I’ve had Pluto Uranus Neptune go through and Saturn twice. Once Jupiter gets through it coincides with this year having been my progressed full moon in Scorpio.
    In two weeks it Mones into the sag bit.

    The “tenants”of sag in the third house might, hopefully feel like rivendell after mordor.

    But that’s it. Not sure what that will look like but that’s got to be prep for a confident thinker/ speaker in my next life.
    If auto scorp is on anyway it could be this life.
    I know I wasn’t put on the planet to whine about my insecurities or sit in a room alone trying to figure out how to get the kids on the playground to like me, regardless of how that looks as an adult. Why we think what we think.

    I wonder what’s still to be let go of, whatever I’m still holding onto with such a clenched jaw. Tight typing fingers. Clenched defensive heart. Must be something pretty special to have it on lockdown. Either that or its atomically bad. I guess that’s the plutonic maturity LV was just referring to. If I released it when I was young it might’ve taken out a lot more in collateral damage. Did I survive it’s containment though?
    The damage has been done but was it worth it?

    I should probably just get a diary.

    • Rivendell after Mordor!

      I like this, and your writing in general. You survived it’s containment. I can feel it come through your words but yes, sometimes the price of survival can leave us with an edge. The upshot of an edge is we know where we finish and something else begins.. or we know when to sharp right instead of driving over a cliff so it ain’t all bad.

      You made me think of a favourite old tune and I happened to find this version of it.

      • AHH that song. In my teen years I used to work out to zeppelin in the cellar in the dark. Aerobics class never felt epic enough for what I was training for. I wonder what it was I thought I was training for. And why I stopped. Because I definitely should’ve stayed in training. I really was just winging it. There was no marked path back there. Not one that made sense.

        If I’d met someone who taught me to work with mugwort sticks and brew rose oil I’d be stronger. Happy new moon. Thank you.

        • You sound like you’re much more than what you project (or perhaps protect) yourself as Saoirse. You’ve likely got way more tools in your bag than your give yourself credit for. Give yourself the credit, or just receive it from someone else 😉

          I can tell right up you’re strong enough but (and here’s the way my mind works) define strong and be clear on your definition or replace it. Ok, consider alternative versions…

          Resilience is where it’s at for me and that also requires the ability to yield, to learn how to fall and roll without breaking something or to cut but cleanly cut or to be with some sh!t thing that will not abate but you continue to endure and find new skills to navigate it. Acceptance and love, particularly self love as well as being able to be with truth no matter how uncomfortable. I feel like you have this.

          Sense is subjective… it works for a time and can be haphazard in retrospect… or is that subjective?

          I’m a 7th house Scorpio. I’ve always been in some kind of labyrinth and at the mercy of transformation sought or gifted (hahah – my humour, some gifts you just have to take and work with). I reckon I missed out on having met those kind of people myself. I decided to become that person…. for myself.

          As you’d be aware with a 3rd house version, sharing is selective and you do have to tick some boxes before trust is even a discussion point right.

          The whole oil thing is relatively new but I love a new venture, and scent is kind of my thing and ritual.. well I’m a general 8th houser so…

          I went to a perfume making class today with natural/organic scent and it was so fun and so awesome and I have created the bomb scent for me so am feeling pretty good about life. Simple pleasures. As a Venus ruled human scent is kind of fundamental to my well being.

          I might be branching out into a whole new sphere proving yet again that the phoenix must be burnt down to the ashes of the last incarnation (this or another) and then reborn anew, no trace of what was..

          You can always resume training, it might be different because you are but call that expansion, phoenix-ing or whatever and enjoy the burn. The Scorpio bit of our chart enjoys the burn and the transmutation I feel. Prefaced with, if the energy is pitched just right on the high side and if there’s the scope to control on the lower side. Dance the edge…

          Thanks for replying. I appreciate what you wrote and I can relate. Bizarrely or otherwise I get a sense of the breadth of your ability and know you can tap that power. And.. historically around here I don’t generally do the ‘pep talk’ and this isn’t one either but I’ve got a clear hit on your ability and it’s absolutely right there.

          Anyway, anyone who knows me will know I can totes be verbose so I’ll wrap but… Blessings xx

    • Please just keep writing things out it helps me too! I feel like I’m on permanent Auto-Scorpio mode – my native Moon Neptune conj in late Scorp plus Sun conj Pluto j. Virgo

      The has be program running in the back of my mind plus the emotional riptides where I feel I need to swim against but now learning I need to let go and let them bring me back to shore less exhausted

  8. My “Auto-Scorp” is *always* running – Pluto flavors my Sun, chart ruler, & ASC. For a non-Scorpio, I manage to do a pretty wicked impersonation at times. But it is no mere performance; it’s genuine.

    I do think you actually can adjust the settings on Auto-Scorp – when I was younger, I was reactively Plutonic. You learn self-control as you pursue self-healing and go deeper within – I had a couple of good therapists over the decades and I owe them much. I still have an edge, though – it’s just used very….pointedly…now instead of being my unconscious default setting. I refer to it as “asshole repellant” – it’s useful to me and I have no interest in dulling my blade for the fuqwits who run themselves into it. 😉

    With “Auto-Scorp” there IS a finite range of expression; however with practice, maturity, and – most importantly – self-awareness, you can fine-tune the dial over to the Phoenix end instead of the Scorpion setting.

  9. Jeez, is THAT what this is? Now it all makes sense.

    Cancelled a night out tomorrow because I’ve learned from experience (mostly learned) that drinking alcohol in this mood is Not A Good Plan.

    • LOL yes a trine between scorpio venus and Neptune in Pisces might make things happen at subliminal speed….

      And the Pluto mars square would really ramp up…maybe detonate any tension?

      Well, I’m choosing to channel it via kundalini controlled practices, lol…

      At least the sun & moon are trine chiron!

      • Oh WOW…Demons or inadvertent teacher-shamans? I have venus and Jupiter now visiting my asteroids ceres, Juno, karma all in scorpio 2nd!

        How intense that this new moon is conjunct Shiva…

        Moon Sun + shiva conjunct my natal Neptune 3rd, exactly….which will trine my mars chiron in 7th too

        And sextile my Virgo stellium all 1st. Major Health revamp!

        Yep and mercury now in 4th supports my sun in 6th…

    • Why would anyone like to fuq a villain? Surely you’d rather save that for someone you like? A friend of mine used to say shoot them, no that’s too quick, burn them. But I think it’s better to just look right through them and don’t give them the time of day. What about vole’s I’d like feed (they’re so cute)? If you do want to go with the villain thing, what about villains I’d like to free? As free them from my consciousness so they can go and be an energy vampire elsewhere?

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