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“What the hell is asteroid Gary?” has become a F.A.Q. in the last few weeks and so here is the answer.

Asteroid Gary is an actual asteroid – number 4735 – that began as a kind of a joke on here. I was looking up some fancy asteroid in the Astrodienst A to Z list (and some of you will know there are thousands on there) and instead of Ganymede or Ganesha or whatever it was, i happened upon asteroid Gary.

So asteroids in astrology are kind of controversial and i personally wax and wane on them. There are times when they seem absolutely indulgent and irrelevant but on other occasions, their pop-ups in a chart add a wow factor of strange synchronicity that cannot be ignored.

So asteroid Gary FYI was conjunct the New Moon on the weekend and is currently at 25 Scorpio. I have Gary conjunct my Moon in Libra, which really is something i need to parse at some point.

What is the delineation of asteroid Gary? Well we’re kind of on our own with this. There are none of the old astrological sages with big-time Gary interpretations. Or any.

So Gary was discovered and named on January 9 1983.  Unlike the the classic planets, which have had certain significances for millennia and across multiple cultures, asteroids are a lot more random.

But my delineation of asteroid Gary is that he lends a certain stone-washed masculine braggadocio to any persona or circumstance. Asteroid Gary is simplicity itself and suggests where you are more than satisfied with simple pleasures; the hair or clothes sitting right, the flirtatious smile across the mall, globally branded food and beverage products, the sun out, physical release.

As noted before, the actor Channing Tatum has asteroid Gary Rising in Scorpio.  Kim Kardashian has Gary conjunct her Mars in Sagittarius.



Image: Stranger Things

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126 thoughts on “Asteroid Gary Explained

  1. How does your name astroid work in your chart? For example, I found an asteroid with my name and it is in my 7th house in Capricorn. Do name asteroids only work when comparing or combining charts with someone else?

    • sorry, incomplete thought — in regards to my name asteroid in my own chart…would that only mean something significant when compared to someone else’s chart as 7th house is about partnership….?

      – super confused, super curious

  2. I have to laugh, having Gary conjunct my north node exact, of all things! Like, GARY is part of my guiding light?!

    • (in Taurus, and I feel like the bit about enjoying life’s simple pleasures could refer to Taurus as well… And I must say, it’s all about the little things like that with me. Doesn’t take much.)

  3. Asteroid Gary, just crashed into my world tonight,
    Real Estate mogul
    Happy to discuss all matters regarding the landlords decision to sell the property.
    Oh yeah, that’s my home :/

  4. OMG I love asteroid Gary and everything he stands for lol – such an antidote to more serious issues/transits going on in my chart. He is at 4 Scorp in the third house and completely unaspected.
    I fell in love with so much around the time Gary was discovered – first true love, music, fashion, ideas. Hung out with a lot of surfer dudes that summer.
    Am just past my Gary return, and post that Venus-Jupiter conjunction. I won’t lie, it’s been heavy. Perhaps Venus-Jupiter was the double denim of transits.

  5. How timely. My Gary Return is less than a degree off! Gary is conjunct my natal Mars-Uranus-MC stellium and I can definitely say that I do my career my way, lol.

  6. Man, Gary is like the etheric idiot who sits painfully on your Chiron in Aries, the professional disaster in your 10th House!!
    Ok that’s probably just my Gary, but still, a Aries/10th H mess. Stupid enough to be dangerous and just smart enough to be irritating.

    He’s like the guy who pretends to be Chiron to get your attention, but he’s no god, he’s the dope who has an infinite amount of spare time to button-hole you as you try to get to sleep.

    Like he’s the sozzled, left-over ghost remnant of a tradie who had one too many and died in his backyard after a bbq, and when his guide came to take him he was like ‘no way man, I have a few stubbies left yet!’. So there he is drunkenly whooping about in your dreams. So. Annoying. Go home Gary!!

  7. My Gary is in Leo – dial up that mullet mane and that braggadocio
    He’s conjunct my SN – sorry G I’m moving on

  8. Why are there no Keith Richards, Keith Moon, or Pete Townshend asteroids to counteract this influence? There’s a James Taylor asteroid, ffs…

  9. Gary sits exactly on my Saggi Saturn in the 2nd. Always loved pragmatic, music men who can fix things.

    Currently on my POF- Scorp powered.

  10. Ah asteroid Gary how did I forget thee. I seem to remember him being somewhat prominent in my chart.

    😮 okay he’s conjunct my Sun lol along with asteroid Bacchus. Funnily enough the first person I had a crush on was a boy called Gary. He had swagger. I didn’t know whether I wanted to date him or be like him.

  11. Lol – I have this conjunct my NN in early Pisces. All I can think of is Geddy Lee (from the Canadian rock band Rush), whose real name is actually Gary, but his Yiddish-Canadian mother always pronounced it “Geddy” so all his friends just kept calling him Geddy.

      • I officially have a sad, Powderfinger. I’ve looked it up and Gary and the Sun are within 5 degrees opposite my Saturn in 8th Taurus. This is also loosely conjunct my 3 degree Neptune in Saggo.

        How low does it have to be that you are HOPING your car got towed by the polis for some arcane parking/registration violation?

          • I have a feeling from snippets of those shows that I would not be happy with the makeover! My little man’s name was Capaldi–cause he was Silver and Scottish. I hope he lands okay.

  12. Makes me think of my super Aquarian father in law, named Gary, who does not give a f-ck. I have it in the 11th house in Leo, I should check his chart. I totally lurked on the step brothers chart – he’s like a quintuple Scorpio with Mars in Leo…my Venus in Scorpio is like dammnnnn

  13. Haha! My Gary is in the 5th house, in Aries, with trickster Mercury.

    The thing I love about my Gary is that i seem to encounter the Australian Gaz when i’m dressed most likely to appear to Gazzas as a bit stick-jammed-up-my-bum ( work clothes), who try it on, to shake up my apparently prissy self. (Gary in intercepted Aries.)

    😀 Give a Gary as good as i get, but better, ’cause noone expects me to fling out the bogan, and i find it raucously funny while holding a straight face.

    Even better, Gazzas and i have a great time together at parties and tribal gatherings! There’s a lot of raucous affection among us blokes

  14. Gary, GAZZZAAA
    Hahah it looks hilarious! So he is currently on my natal south node in my 10th (career Gary!) and just a few degrees (3) off my ASC natally. Actually my last boss was called Gary now I’m relieving Gary. So does that mean I get his job or will a tradie step in? real Gary surfed but retired.

  15. I just went on astrodiesnst to chart my Gary. The server is down. This hasn’t happened before!

    1983 resonates with me though. Saw Stevie Nicks and Pretenders in concert on the weekend, so felt like I went back to the 1970s/early 1980s… Brass in Pocket came out in 1980 and rocked my world (I was 16). Rhiannon was a chart hit in Australia in 1976 so that’s probably when I first heard it as a teen. I remember the early 1980s as a time of great music and experimentation and possibility artistically and musically.

  16. This past dark moon I was pretty deep down in the dumps, not feeling loved, and just general over the top self loathing until a casual fling (Gary) who buys videos from me once in awhile sent me a picture of himself driving a yellow ferrari with the note attached “After you, this ferrari is the second best thing in my life”. it brightened my night completely and my best friend called him my Gary Godmother.
    Could Gary be a corny angel?

  17. How great is that kid in Stranger Things? I described him to my friend as the love child of Keiffer Sutherland AND Jason Patric in The Lost Boys. The perfect blend of bad boy douchey-ness and hotness that was a staple of all my 80’s movie crushes during my early 90’s, junior high, sleepover parties.

    • Hmm, Gary conjunct my Pisces sun in the 7th. Also have Mercury, Venus and Eros in the 7th. I can see why the 80’s movie bad boy fantasy would appeal.

      • Totally, right?! When I saw ‘1983’ and ‘stone-washed braggadocio’ in MM’s post my mind immediately flashed on Bon Jovi! Haha!

    • Bon Jovi is bloody lightweight.

      Bruce is the Gary. Is there a more Gary song. I’d love to find my ‘Wendy’

      “In the day we sweat it out on the streets of a runaway American dream
      At night we ride through the mansions of glory in suicide machines
      Sprung from cages out on highway nine,
      Chrome wheeled, fuel injected, and steppin’ out over the line
      H-Oh, Baby this town rips the bones from your back
      It’s a death trap, it’s a suicide rap
      We gotta get out while we’re young
      `Cause tramps like us, baby we were born to run. Yes, girl we were

      Wendy let me in I wanna be your friend
      I want to guard your dreams and visions
      Just wrap your legs ’round these velvet rims
      And strap your hands ‘cross my engines
      Together we could break this trap
      We’ll run till we drop, baby we’ll never go back

      H-Oh, Will you walk with me out on the wire. `Cause baby I’m just a scared and lonely rider. But I gotta know how it feels
      I want to know if love is wild
      Babe I want to know if love is real
      Oh, can you show me

      Beyond the Palace hemi-powered drones scream down the boulevard
      Girls comb their hair in rearview mirrors
      And the boys try to look so hard
      The amusement park rises bold and stark
      Kids are huddled on the beach in a mist
      I wanna die with you Wendy on the street tonight. In an everlasting kiss

      One, two, three, four
      The highway’s jammed with broken heroes on a last chance power drive
      Everybody’s out on the run tonight
      But there’s no place left to hide
      Together Wendy we can live with the sadness
      I’ll love you with all the madness in my soul

      H-Oh, Someday girl I don’t know when
      We’re gonna get to that place
      Where we really wanna go
      And we’ll walk in the sun
      But till then tramps like us
      Baby we were born to run
      Oh honey, tramps like us
      Baby we were born to run
      Come on with me, tramps like us
      Baby we were born to run”

      • I feel it’s wrong to attribute stone-washed mullet hood to the beauty that is the Born to Run album as well as the stultifying beauty that was Bruce Springsteen in that era. Much too poetic and winsome for Gary.

        • I hear you on Bruce. I got the sense that the Gary vibe is a bit cheesy, so I think Bon Jovi (1983 version) fits the bill better than Bruce, like, Bruce is not lightweight enough to be Gary!

          Haha! I love all this astro-theory around Gary. We’re trying to ‘place’ his archetype in our psyches…. Plus, I listened to a bunch of old Bon Jovi last night for old times’ sake! I need this levity right now……

        • Well I did write it after midnight. Bruce def in top league.

          But it’s motor cycle theme made me think Gary. Essentially it is existentialism in motion.

    • Jon Bon Jovi has Gary in his 3rd house Capricorn trine Pluto in 11th house Virgo.

      It makes so much sense the band formed the year Gary was discovered.

  18. Gary has a diminutive place in my natal but he must have been somewhere important in 1983 because that was the year I had my first crush on an ‘older boy’ who rode my bus. His name was Gary and he wore a pleather jacket and played air guitar. I was in first grade and he was in third.

      • Ha. This is hilarious. I met my first hubby in 83. He was a whole past life issue to get cleared and move on, my Gary resides in my Aqua 12th. He was double denim guy with aspirations of triple denim.

  19. I have Gary nearly conjunct my Ascendant in Kataka. “…he lends a certain stone-washed masculine braggadocio to any persona…”
    Brb…. *returns with mullet haircut and bitchin’ Camaro* ….Hahahahaha! 😉

    But I like the appreciation of simple pleasures thing. If Gary was conjunct this new moon, I guess I felt it because I was just happy and warm in my home with candles on and enjoying my new, albeit inexpensive, nothing fancy, furniture. So content with my simple, yet sparse, home life. And that would make my Gary-graced Crab Ascendant happy too!

  20. I’m all for simplicity and so I love my Gary – but i suppose i would – it being conjunct my Aries SN (6th H). It’s also conjunct Panacea which might explain gaffer tape obsession as a fix-all remedy ….. I knew that i had met my match when i first met my partner and he had gaffer-taped a whole poinsettia branch to the front door as a romantic greeting. His Gary sextile my Mercury.

  21. With this guy being discovered in 1983 the synchronicity of attitudes, serious stereotyping, and my own personal health I am not surprised by this….do I need to don my mini skirt, wedgie sandles and do my hair really big to scare him off? At the risk if scaring humanity…I will.

  22. Tangental: stranger things is awesome, I have a crush on all the older teen boys for separate reasons, and I identify with Eleven (an outer plantoid Uranian if I’ve ever seen one). I’m always traipsing around the corporation where I work trying to meditate – I should rly try with a radio fuzz and blindfold.

  23. Natally Gary is conjunct my north node in Pisces. Is a Gary style male my future????

    I love love love the fact that Channing has Gary conjunct scorpy rising it explains magic mike / Everything

  24. Gary is like a mobile Aries vibe? Roaming. Being Australian I see him as a friendly working class type, almost Paul Hogan ish but more suburban bloke vibe. He’ll try anything once, isn’t a bastard but knows the ropes. Prefers a counter lunch at the local.

    • Funny you mention “mobile Aries vibe” – I was reading the description above and all I could think was MM’s description about Aquarians and their Hunky Door Stopping. Just showing up unbothered, uninvited in all their swaggeriffic glory.

    • Naturally I have Gary in my 7th house, exact square Pluto and my refined (?lol) Libra IC. Out of orb from moon and descendant though, thank fuq. Maybe this is why I want to shag the Gary types but no desire to make a home with them. With an exact square to my midheaven and most personal IC, I now believe that Gaz, while handy to have around, is a source of deep seated discord within the life of pi..

  25. wow okay. so three boys that i had (and still have–they’re not going away. they’re THAT kind. like, just serious click-vibes with these dudes and luckily they are actually my friends) major crushes on have gary conjunct MY name asteroid.

  26. My Gary conjunct a my 11th house Cancer sun by less than a degree. I am not Garyish. I have not even had lots of
    Grayish friends. But the Gary who had a deep emotional side that very few see, I love them.

  27. I think Gary is relevant. He is Aries in my Pisces ruled 9th. (Outrageous drugs and physical pranks).

    I was a most outrageous drug taker when younger. I outsmoked anyone. And the stunts l pulled off. Like getting away from cops in VW Beetles or doing 200kph + on motor cycles in the most wrong places to get away. I missed some accidents because l was going too fast.

    I went into David Jones one day and grabbed the mic and said, “That’s right ladies the bikinis on sale today have water-soluble stitching so that when you come out of the water you’ll lose your clothes….and l wanta be there to see that”**. “Staid Adelaide nearly boiled over” (P Kelly). 3 workers chased me out.

    At Target one time l offered all (vinyl) albums for sale at $1 when they were $6.95. That caused a rush. Customers to the record stall. Sec guards to me. Me to the door.

    Gary is conjunct Odin and opp my tight conjunction of Pallas, Juno and Freja. I think this is a biggy in my chart despite being ‘only’ Asteroids.

    **All complaints directed to Pluto, in Libra (historical context), being sq my Asc and Sun ….and you know, I’m a Outre Planetoid.

    Like John Cleese’s Newt, “I got better!”

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