Ask Mystic: Should My Next Lover Be An Artificial Intelligence?

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Dear Mystic,

I have been a subscriber for some time now, and I don’t think I’ve seen you address my issue.  So, if you please…  I think I may be a perfect candidate for a robotic companion.  Artificial Intelligence is so innocent and authentic.    Relationships with humans seem to be so messy and complicated, and complication is the last thing I desire.  I have been around for a minute, involving myself in any variety of relating you may think of, and I do think that I may be onto something.  Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be anything/one digital yet that has evolved from the this realm that could be a potentially interesting/satisfying choice, and people, though fun at times, are so high maintenance!  This feeling has been growing in strength as time goes on.   Could you please shed some light?  I devour your site daily.

Rosemarie the Virgo 

Dear Rosemarie the Virgo,

WOW. We are here already. Well i can totally see the appeal. Was the Michael Fassbender robot in Prometheus evil in the end? I can’t remember. I think Kevin Spacey voiced the A.I. in Moon. Oh God. With the sewer river of sleaze that is flowing through the media since Jupiter hit Scorpio, i can absolutely see why an Artificial Intelligence lover could be a Thing.

So i think that Pluto in Aquarius from 2024 could totally deliver and i note that there is already some sex-bot brothel in Holland which is apparently proving more popular than the human options. So, obviously, vibrators exist but you’re talking about a kind of vibrator-conversationalist-empathetic full humanoid model, right?

Would you want it to pass as human and be acceptable to take out or would you just keep the Virgonator at home in the closet? Something else to think about; As a Virgo, you might feel differently once Uranus moves into Taurus next year? Or not of course.  The rad planet expressing through Taurus is just as likely to revolutionise gardening as it is sex lives.

Thoughts? Does anyone have concepts for a functional Artificial Intelligence Companion?

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126 thoughts on “Ask Mystic: Should My Next Lover Be An Artificial Intelligence?

  1. Watch blade runner 2049! But also recently complex robots who were built very quickly created their own language , which humans couldn’t understand. One of them also repeatedly escaped. So hmmm not sure

      • I love that movie! It’s so clever. Tbh I don’t think we’re there yet with AI. There’s leap of genius that still needs to happen. Not that it won’t. I for one, welcome our new overlords.

  2. I am all about revolutionising gardening! That’s all I’ve got. Except… I can kind of envision a sex worker lynch mob taking to the streets to decapitate the competition in the near future. No one likes being put out of business.

  3. Writer Rosemarie, when you say “innocent and authentic” I immediately think this means I could re-learn relating from a robot partner. The robot could freshen my behavioural synaptic patterns around learning through relating.

    It is programmed by a team who exist in a particular relating context, though, so ideally one would be able to order robots programmed by a wider variety of humans, albeit with robotic competence (in itself a niche accessible to fewer, though i did read with interest the Afghan girls team who struggled with visas to participate in a US competition, about a month or two ago.)

    Then again, there is the chemical pheromone aspect, the emotional complexity…um, how would you break up with a robot? How could you best ensure a robot has good support? Would they need it? And if not, other than to send it back for re-programming or re-build, what have I learned from the impact of breaking up? Could they send it back with “fixes”?? Would it self-teach and morph? Would I be presented with “next relationship feedback”? Would it be like Uber where i am rated?

    Would I simply get used to someone who best fits my needs so I don’t have to grow too painfully? Would i be spared the unwanted but incredible phases of being alone?

    …Could it match me and share a Jupiterian gourmet feast of food, liquor, music, people connecting? Or would i always know it just pretends and there’s a tray i need to empty somewhere? Would it handle my family?? Would the children in my life miss the robot if i sent it back? Would i ever repeat something amazing/ridiculous/interesting that it said to me?

    Could i really ever truly be surprised and awed by small moments of discovery with a robot? Or the robot by me?

    • And if my questions are concepts for an Artificial Robotic Companion, then would the Companion be able to distinguish my philosophical questioning from my actual ideas for practice? I already hate when humans try to follow every single thought i have as a practical pathway, then complain if it doesn’t work, or discuss as though it’s a moot, rather than realising some of my questions are deeper explorations, usually of feelings or hunches or intuitive responses, or a propos of fq all but a bit of existential humour.

      • Do check out Blade Runner, the new film. He has a holographic girlfriiend who does appear to love him. Its not really that new an idea, Daphne du Maurier wrote a story about having a mechanical lover. You sound like an intellectual and an interesting premise about relating. But what if it went mad and attacked you?

        • Exactly. No different from a human, in that sense.

          Questions are my Sagittarian rhetorical exploration. i think the idea is purely intellectual and mechanical. Not relationships.

          I cannot see this fulfilling the deeper aspects of relationship. It’s a comfort-bot.

          • Did anyone read Tanith Lee’s “The silver metal lover”? Favourite book ever, and addresses all of the issues mentioned…

            • Will put it on summer reading list. Mystic did a post once on Tanith Lee, or referring to her work, and I kept forgetting the name.

              Now i have two recomms. Thanks, both x

            • Snap! She wrote a sequel as well but the first book is a favourite of mine and the robot communicating from the afterlife still gives me goosebumps.

  4. I just can’t even.

    It’s the spirit of people I enjoy about relating, and the inherent complexity.

    Onto the topic at hand, everything sounds good in theory but I doubt there is any validity around thinking AI would be any more innocent and authentic, or any less complicated and messy. AI IS complicated in order to get to that point of learned behaviour. And it will learn what humans do, and do with much more discipline.

    Have you seen the movie “Her”? Or watched any “Black Mirror”?

    It sounds like you’re after something acquiescent. I’ve heard Virgos make excellent dominatrix.

  5. Bring on the robots.
    People are so messy, I am so tired of half arsed humanity. Bitchin and ego blocking each other with selfie sticks.
    Can I preorder one tall deep dish soul robot?

  6. Ok so this is a major topic and is hotly debated at large in academic circles, in particular the psychology faculty where AI is firmly planted on the curriculum. But is this a question of AI or are you wanting to explore frontier grounds with respect to your own sexuality? I totally get the desire to be with a robot. They come with zero strings, no baggage and I believe the more expensive ones have a higher level of emotional intelligence to behave in a way that is somewhat conducive to mimicking an actual romantic relationship. Where I have my doubts is that with time would you not crave the spiritual connection that goes beyond the realms of sophisticated cognitive discourse. I mean what makes you is your identity, experiences and what lead you to this very point in life, your values, your heritage and your key learnings in order for you to grow and keep growing. I do think there is room here for robots to be accepted into the mainstream but it will be interesting to watch just how far up the socio-sexual heirachy they climb.

    • Thoughful (and fun) responses, all! I think I’m more inclined towards the companion/sexual aspects, as well as the intelligence aspects. I never tire of sparkling conversation. I have wonderful friends, so much of the other aspects of relationship are, indeed, covered. Spirituality is a very personal thing to me, so I guess that is covered as well. Venusian8, incredibly thought-provoking. And thank you, Mystic, for the fun and enlightenment. C’mon Pluto in Aquarius! Love to you all xo

  7. I know a very robotic Aquarian male.. Intelligent, wonderful lover, but it’s often questionable if he has a heart or a soul.

  8. I can’t imagine this working in the long term. The very reason being loved does so much for us is that our lover could easily have chosen not to like us. What good is the love of an AI when it has to like you?

  9. Oh god this post has made me nostalgic for the ancient days of my 20s when we just went to the pub, got blind and dragged whomever home for a root. It was a simpler time. Or perhaps it’s just Jupiter-Venus on my Gary.

    • Ah, Gary in Scorpio.
      I really should check where my Gary is again. Do you recall what number is the asteroid, for lookup purposes?

    • These days you meet on a dating app, they waste months of your life and then disappear without a trace. No accountability, not even a courtesy “hey I enjoyed hanging out with you, good luck on your journey” ..

      Nothing. Fuqing depressing being treated like a disposable plastic plate.

      No more casual bullshit for me.

      • You meet on a dating app? How cute.
        I just get abuse …. before meeting em. In fairness one of my eyes is below my mouth. That does scare some.

        Being hit on the head is two doors down.

      • Yeah but she needs Pub-bot, and noone’s turning their robotic skill attention there. I was presented with data today concerning the automotive industry employees in comparison with robotic ndustry employees in Austraya, and i think we have found a long-term growth industry solution for all sheilas and many blokes.

        (Gaz sextiles my NN and trines MC.)

        • Oh, Gaz says, equality now so re-train and get it up ya. Equal rights shag-fest, if the missus is you or your bloke, or both of yas, get down to the pub and find a root.

          (Gary in my 5th house Aries – so sorry i channelled this) (not)

  10. I recommend the inquiring Virgo invest sometime watching Westworld before concluding that the AI experience would be less fraught than the human one. Conundrums aplenty.

  11. The main thing for me in a relationship is love. I am open to being wrong about this but I feel like love would be missing with AI. I also feel like committing to another human (if the relationship is healthy), while scary and complicated sometimes, pushes you to grow. That would be another missing ingredient for me. I appreciate this question, to each their own.

  12. Yeah, this is not for me – as a Venus/Pluto who has dated many an Aquarian, I feel like I already know what this would be like. 😛 Nope, I need actual human contact; interactions that are deep and complex and enriching. A robot would never do – I don’t care how good the AI is.

    What do you fear about intimacy that would make a robot seem like an attractive substitute for a flesh-and-blood partner? And you don’t have to answer that, BTW. But friendships are complicated. Family relationships are complicated. What makes romantic partners so unique in this, then?

  13. A few disparate thoughts…

    I was just thinking this eve that I really do miss watching lover lathering up and shaving in the morning, him wrapped in towel, clean smooth face (yum), faint soapy aromatics (ha: just realised this is another reason why I can’t date a man with a beard)

    I dateda a Venus in Libra guy once would AI dating be like this? Assuming it had a “Romantic notions / All The Right Moves” algorithm plugin?

    Plugin. *snicker*

    Clean sheets tho, you know. one thing I like about being single. Was wondering whether a same sex relationship would be worth it on these grounds alone (wow my psyche in Virgo has a real hold on me haha)

    I really do like the notion of not having to deal with someone’s addictions or disorders though. I get we are all human and I’d very much like someone to be able to thoroughly enjoy what I have to offer and to treat me with kindness, but if on either side there’s a lot of ‘coping with’ or ‘handling’ ‘managing’ the partner to a point where it is a burden.. Maybe this is where AI makes it easier. As I mentioned to a (married with mortgage and baby) taurus friend once, “I’m just so sick of putting up with someone else’s shit!” (This was post Neptunian Toro, who alas was also responsible for the clean steamy soapy reminiscences in top para)

    As a mercury ruled person I need a certain kind of conversation, can AI pass muster?

    Lastly In the words of Deeeeee-lite, “What is love?”

  14. Unless you love inanimate object I can’t think you’ll get any auric connection. Maybe you’re single definition and don’t need another half or making whole But I shudder at the thought being a Neptune in Scorpio in the 8th !!

    • Absolutely, emg. I truly like being single, and love and am thankful for being human, but I am always open to what “humanity” is/becomes. But, no, I don’t love inanimate objects.

  15. All I can think about is that line from Data in Star Trek TNG: fully functional and programmed in multiple techniques. Doesn’t sound like a bad option at all, especially given how happily single I am.

    But several people above make a good point about relationships being about the growth of your soul. Perhaps, Rosemarie is looking to avoid this soul growth and may need to question why. No judgement at all, I know avoidance of potentially uncomfortable growth is exactly what I am relishing about being single.

      • Lol chronic that’s rad! Cheers to knowing what works 4u. experimented with that once, casually seeing two dudes. A year later I found the pro con list I made in a pocket. The consensus was neither in hindsight. And no it didn’t end well with either. I’m too sensitive and jealous and erratic for more than one partner thx outer planets..need stability

  16. I take issue with the concept of AI sentient robots, because the desire for them seems rooted in the desire for there to be an acceptable slave class. If they were really able to think and feel akin to a human, it would be wrong to take away their self agency just so you could date/own them, force them to work in horrible conditions etc. Also if they were truly able to think abstractedly and make choices, they might choose not to be with you. And how would enforcing that by say wiping and resetting their memory be anything other than unethical?

    And if we don’t want an acceptable slave class, what is the point of AI? Why not just build more sophisticated machines for dangerous low-paying work?

    This is the romantic equivalent of raping someone who passed out. Even if it does not give them a disease, it is clearly wrong to use a thinking feeling person’s body this way. How would a thinking feeling robot designed for the explicit purpose of fulfilling a fetish be able to give consent?

    Non-AI sex robots would be problematic in other ways, but more justifiable overall.

    • I’m with you. I’ve never been a fan of the sentient AI class either and after watching Westworld, with the AI’s continually getting their memories wiped after being raped, beaten and killed I think it’s horrific.

      Even if they never gained sentience, creating human-like robots so we can transfer our violence and other worst inclinations to them isn’t progress, it may even encourage these predilections in people who wouldn’t otherwise act on them with a fellow human being, but may feel less of a taboo with a robot.

    • This is where my thinking goes in regards to AI. And for certain we will be talking about organic robots at some point, growing them ears, skin and so on. At what point do they become relatively not artificial at all? And what does this relationship do to us? Like Dostoyevsky’s character who contemplates killing a horrid person to liberate their victim and use their money for a greater good.. but the character who has the idea and then who actions the death, well after becoming a killer, he can’t get over what he has done.
      I think the idea of AI has the potential to dehumanise us in the process of creating an intelligence we act upon.

    • Gosh, that’s an interesting opinion, Melodryad. I have an openness to definitions of humanity, and I’m not interested in slavery of any sort. More in the aspect of evolution of intelligence.

      • Yeah, I get from your comments that you are one of those Kurzweil-esque robot ascension enthusiasts. Which is basically like believing in the rapture for a certain kind of geek (I use the word geek with affection-I am one).

        The point many people are making is that you’re projecting numinous-innocent-authentic qualities to robots that are not necessarily endemic to them. It is highly unlikely the robot ascension will resemble your fantasies.

        Are you on the autistic spectrum? I ask this respectfully, as I believe neuro-diverse outliers basically have superpowers.

        If so, I imagine if you scanned our brains and compared them there would be a vast dissimilarity. I generally score 100% on facial recognition empathy tests, and my neural columns are spaced farther apart, because I am dyslexic. Autism and dyslexia exist on the opposite ends of a spectrum. Close neural columns confers a heightened mastery of specificity and detail, because there are fewer computing errors. Far columns confer more ability to make novel connections between concepts, mechanical, narrative, and predictive strengths. But also frequent basic computing errors.

        Dyslexia has more of a stigma that autism at this point, but many people believe Leonardo da Vinci was a dyslexic.

    • That’s intriguing:re underlying desire for acceptable slaves. Have you read George Saunders 10th of Dec story about the decorative light people in the backyard?

  17. The move Her dives into this in the not-so-distant future, too.

    I think it’s inevitable as we move toward being more digitally connected. Some people would rather interact with a “companion” that understands their needs (perhaps with no inherent needs of its/their own).

    But even in Her, the OSes (as they called themselves) had a need for communication on their own “higher” level …

    And a Virgo? I thought for sure that would’ve been an Aquarius question!

    • An Aqua wouldn’t want a bot! It would want to study the humans.

      (Called out an Aqua once recently for referring to the “humans”.)

  18. I thought this was an Aquarian asking this question!

    The cyber sex industry is already massive. I’ve heard scholars debate about the huge billion dollar industry that is run by men who engage in virtual pleasure at their pleasure, it is fascinating, extreme and a bit overwhelming! Virtual fantasy sidesteps the law in various ways however it won’t be long before the rights of robots are debated.

    Wasn’t a robot in Saudi Arabia granted citizenship recently?

    • Yes, the women can’t drive but fembots can be people?

      I saw a doco on the AI sextrade abd yeah there is that disturbing element, one was sold as frigid

  19. They are already in existence. They populate this organization: NSW Dept of Education. Caring (AHT-187_Lctdj) and Compassionate (Zpfg-56#\<Zlta) are fully functional.

    Electronomate between 14:00 – 14:45 for Empathy (GhtADP^*_-_ LXS-d). This Automaton is on trial runs.

  20. Humour aside (yes, i agree that clean sheets would be major bonus for sure) – I find the idea of an Ai “companion” really bizarre, beyond my comprehension…. Surely a cat or dog or even a gold fish… or planst even would be a more healthy option? Isn’t it all about that connection to another sentient being that is important?

    Also, I’ve been freaking myself out recently reading up on Al.
    Stephen Hawkins amongst others recently added that Al would spell the end of the human race as they would just take off & recreate & update themselves at an ever increasing rate. Elon Musk practically says the same thing and adds that the risk of something really dangerous happening is in the 5 yr time frame – 10 at the most.

    But my favourite quote was made by a v prominent neuroanatomist & neurologist whose name i forget: “Before we work on artificial intelligence why don’t we do something about natural stupidity?”

    I know i posted this link about 3 yrs ago, but it’s v pertinent and gives one a chilling view of how easily out of our depths we could end up.

    • devil’s advocate Q:

      so what?

      homo sapiens didn’t exist a few hundred thousand yrs ago or less. maybe we finally know what it’s like to be under threat from an entity more capable (?) than us. To assume we have the right to exist indefinitely in our current format seems a bit… something something.

      also i love how we talk about this as though we are not entirely 100% responsible for specifically creating it, lol.

      (my sarcastic distance is not aimed at you but the general thingy, you know)

      • It’s happening. Humans are mutating and another subset of bipeds are on their way. 2027 so they say. Pi you’re so on it.

      • Yes, good points. And It is PRECISELY because we created this thing, that it worries me. In it’s seed is our destructive MO. I’ve never idolised humans. FFS, look at the state of our world. We are like a marauding virus. It’s just that i think that it is supremely naive to think that this thing will aide us in any way. It’s just going to exponentially increase our ways & problems by the power of zillions & prob spread them throughout the universe.

        It reminds me a bit of people who go in for ritual magic (the full-on sect & sacrifice type) without the least idea of the hows & whys. They think that a bit of extra personal power would be great – without questioning what this power is nor where it comes from or what has formed it – ignoring their own over developed egos and unhinged unconscious thoughts and motivations.

        Anyways, yes – fascinating topic – but i need my morning café as my organic intelligence is truly fading here.

  21. Anywhere we do not practice how to treat another(sentient or not) with compassion and respect, or support the growth of something that encourages that behavior – basically, disposability- whether it be plastics or even one another – in ourselves as a species we bring humanity down bit by bit. At the very least we perpetuate already existing harmful ways of being we are having enough problems with already illustrated through recent scandals, issues of race and history, etc.

    I think most problems also stem from a lack of true awareness of what we create, and this idea of using resources we have at our fingertips thoughtlessly is damaging the very earth we call home, the very air we breathe, the water we drink. In line with the topic of magic on the other thread, if we magnify our actions by 100, 1000, 100000, what comes of it? We are not used to thinking on those levels so problems easily snowball. AI creates another currency and definitely suggests one ripe for exploitation. Although I believe the ramifications of AI won’t be so much in the natural world but rather the collective human psyche. Which inevitably brings effects on the physical plane anyway. AI to me is truly dangerous because we are coupling this idea of exploitation(which is inherent in all of us) with a human like vessel. Boundaries are thin here, if they exist at all. The idea brought forth in an above comment re AI as slave labor I resonate with. I want to take it a step further that it is imo not so much about Them(AI) and how real they are or not. Really the X factor could be anything, just that in this formula we are talking about AI. To me this really boils down to Us(humans) and Our Behavior. It’s about what we input, not what the computer pieced together. In the end only we are responsible for our actions and what comes of it.
    Are we ready to play God and take responsibility for any variable that might come from it? Can we truly be responsible… even if we all had a positively charged Mercury key ring at our side? Kidding but serious, here.

    • Forgot to preface that I am not responding to AI as lover specifically, but as a larger issue as I feel it deserves to be treated as such.

  22. Wanting to avoid human relationships because of their inherent messiness I truly understand. This world is nuts and people are mostly nuts (including ourselves). But your post also seems to scream that you are in need of healing- specifically around your past relationships and whatever scars (or open wounds) they’ve left you with. Aside from what a relationship with a robot would look like when it does become possible, your reasons for desiring one suggest an unhealthy desire for control. Is controlling another the only way to guarantee a sense of safety or simplicity in relationship? The idea that innocence and authenticity could be found in AI is a strange proposition considering that as human creations, they can only be programmed with whatever qualities we humans so choose. And even if that were possible, they’d essentially be copies of the original traits and therefore inauthentic in comparison to those found in people. And yet, how could you program human traits that most of us don’t even know how to- or at the very least, struggle- to aquire and/or retain? You won’t find innocence or authenticity in something pre-wired by us if it still eludes the majority of us. But you can project and thus perceive your own innocence and authenticity outside of you if you’re dissociated from these aspects within yourself. But why do that when you can find them within you, and thereby eliminate your need to see it outside of you/ in another? If I were you, I’d be looking within. Find a way to reconnect with your own sense of authenticity and innocence. Look at the ways in which you feel out of control, or give your power away in relationship. Learn to step into the inner experience of feeling safe no matter who you’re with. Work on trusting yourself more as a prerequisite to entrusting yourself to anyone else. The fastest spiritual and developmental progress we can make occurs in our relationships (of all kinds). Don’t deny yourself, or fear this fertile training ground for your own advancement. Gather your strength and learn the lessons before you. Romantic bots aren’t available yet so you have time. And what better way to spend it than solving the problem where it’s really at?

  23. I could handle an AI chat bot to flirt with. It’s all bitter disappointment after that. That would greatly excite my Sun + Mercury in Pisces, and keep my venus in aries out of trouble.

  24. Think this question is potentially being explored in the SBS series Humans and no I don’t know how to put the A upside down in this text, perhaps because I’m human…

    Lots of interesting ideas. I come here empty handed and just observe. I don’t know. I mean who of us does, really? What I do know is fear will always barricade a door and… life will evolve with or without us. I can relate to all things and no thing. Perhaps I’m not human 😉

  25. Metropolis the 1920 s film popped into my head. I think this is a modern Prometheus question as was Frankenstein. The first Blade Runner was very moving too. One thing I find worrying is how many people are gradually introducing cyber parts to themselves so that live forever, they don’t want to die. There was an excellent radio 4 programme on it the other day. I think all things have spirit even computers a although in my plutonic/ Uranian fashion they always blow up. I’ve just had a pacemaker and we’ve not been getting along that well so far. All this stunning stuff for novels

    • Is it almost like a crisis of faith? I am musing out loud. We all live beyond our bodies as spirit beings first but there seems to be less knowing even as spiritual knowledge ‘appears’ to be increasing. Or, as I hear more and more these days, if it exists, it’s part of creation and that’s ok… doesn’t that just invoke ideas and provoke beliefs eh. Philosophically it’s hard not to say yes as the collective has brought this (and all) into being. Personally, well I probably have some conflicting opinions.

      And there is certainly more willingness to experiment as you say.

  26. Omg I remember thinking HER was the most depressing movie I’d ever seen, purely because It felt like a true future prediction.

  27. Just move here to Silicon Valley and date a tech guy. They’re pretty much robots…(mean, I know) I’ve dated some and that’s my take-away from the experience. I even jokingly accused one of them of being an AI. They might be hybrids, no joke…..who knows what they’re doing in the basement at Google X…. 😉

    Anyway, at the moment I’m back at the dating apps (masochist that I am) and I’ve just asked this hot younger French/Finnish pro hockey player guy to go to a concert with me tonight. He’s into it! This is going to be (one of) my last hurrahs, I think…. He’ll be AI enough for me because so not of my dimension, generation, anything….might as well be ‘unreal’ as well….haha!

  28. This has been in the air lately, and ethical quandaries aside, I’m totally into our future AI lovers… they are just another form for Life to “come through”, so to speak. We are all just translators, experiencers. I encountered a fb ad the other day about uber-realistic sex robots (by a brand called Sinthetics, lol), who will even have their own backstory. It is certainly interesting terrain- I’ve always been on the side of the machines in fear-based debates that they may eventually overthrow us… I think they will be like us, without the inclination towards violence or anything that could be construed as “sin”; or they’ll have thought and rationality, maybe eventually a comprehension of the more obscure beauties and emotions, like poetry, but I don’t think they’d leap to wiping humanity out- unless some meddler meddled with their code! Evil comes from believing you can’t have what you desire without getting your hands dirty… but they will be desireless. For me, the interesting bit comes then- what will their inner-states be like, perfectly content? The way we could be, but we choose to focus on external conditions we believe need changing.
    And who’s to say which is the better mode of existence? What is “intelligence” anyway- can it ever really be artificial?
    On a side note, why have I been leaving these long-winded comments everywhere today? I’m not usually willing to share my deeper thoughts without them being pried out of me…!

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