How To Be A Genius Dream Analyzer

A query from an Aquarius newly turned onto the power of dream interpretation prompts my tips on How To Be A Genius Dream Analyzer.

Hello Mystic,

  I’ve been floating on the MM’s website waves for a couple of years now, every so often you will find a new way of gently prodding/giving reminders of the benefits of keeping a dream journal.

I have had one now for most of this year, pretty consistently, and insights have arisen, but I’m wondering if you’d have any advice in terms of more studied ways/practices to work with the material that comes up. (In a practical way, not a ‘please tell me what my dreams mean way’:\)

– Can one come to be able to decipher the difference between a ‘personal’ dream vs being somewhere else, like the astral plane? Or other places that are not one’s personal psyche?  Is the quality different?

-Does it help to try different styles of writing dreams down?  When I started I barely started because I was so eager/frustrated to remember every single last nuanced detail…when details really began to come in it got to the point of being like ‘okay do i really need to write down the colour of the light in the shop window in the corner vision of my eye when I’m clearly having an in-depth moment right in front of me that feels more significant?

I’ve started to make bullet points rather than narrative because I find with narrative my conscious mind begins to embellish.  But then wonder if that’s a bit of co-creating? (I raised my eyebrow as I typed that.)

If not bullet points than I ask myself a few pointed questions. You know, like listing three things you remember or asking myself what the three Ws of the dream were. 

Do you have any modes you’d be willing to share?


 Cap Rising Aquarius

Be A Genius Dream Analyzer With No Prior Training!

Dear Cap Rising Aquarius,

Yes, I am an ardent advocate of dream recall and dream journal-keeping. Whenever I read back over my dream journal, it is always a series of “aha” moments.  And it seems like such an accessible way to connect with “other” or with guides, our subconscious genius, and problem-solving neural synapses. Einstein famously said that we only use a small percentage of our brains. Maybe we access more of it when we sleep, while our bodies are in renewal and clean-up mode? So with the caveat that it’s a very personal process, here are my tips for being a genius dream analyzer. I like your idea of listing three things by the way!

* Make a note of your recurring symbols. The definition of “bull” or “beach” in a dream dictionary is probably not super-relevant to you. But if you keep a separate section in your dream journal for them, their deeper meaning will become more apparent.

* The more you pay attention, the more potent your dreams become. You will notice that you return to specific landscapes. Give these unique names. A particularly common dream terrain is a compilation of various places important in our childhood. If you name it, preferably a made-up name that has resonance to you, you will be able to consciously ‘ask’ to visit it as you to sleep. Or for it to give up its secrets. The dreamlands are we connect with our psyche, past lives, astral realms, and guides.

Water Is The Elemental Spirit Of Dreams

* If you are consistently having dreams that feel like they are not your usual turf, someone else is too much in your psyche. Or, you may be eating something that is inflaming your gut and messing with serotonin/bacterial balance.

* Past Life dreams are characterized by awakening with a melancholy, nostalgic feeling. The Moon crossing your South Node stimulates these dreams, as does Neptune. But the former is every month and the latter quite rare. If you really want up up your dream game, experiment with mint tea before bed or – if you’re game – Mugwort tea. The Moon Neptune Lunar Portal is also a fabulous dream enhancer.

cat* Dreams that alert you to danger or an incoming situation are usually short and to the point. They may be cloaked in symbolism but you will understand them.

* Some dreams are just neural dumps. Your brain is doing a hard refresh and dropping a whole lot of trivia and impressions to de-frag the psyche. They are those dreams that feel crowded and irrational.

* When you dream of ex-lovers all the time, it is usually alerting you to an unresolved emotion around them. Somewhere in your psyche, a shadow self is still trying to win the argument or wishing you had not broken up.

* People who have passed on can and do visit you in the dreaming. I don’t know how or why but they do, animals too. Familiars are very active on the astral. Some of my most profound dreams have involved ravens and cats.

* Water and numbers are extremely significant in dreams. Turgid water suggests sluggish and toxic emotions. High waves portend feelings in turmoil or overwhelming passion. Water is the elemental spirit of dreams.

Finally, genius dream analyzer types don’t take their mobile phone to bed and blast the pineal gland with the light right before going to bed.

What does everyone else think?

Image: Victor Brauner – The Poet and the Moon

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After over 20 years of dream diaries I still don’t have a definitive answer to anything but that doesn’t mean I’m devoid of answers or insights for that matter for this life or lives before (or could that be to come?). I think the most important aspect of working with dreams is the demonstration of willingness to work with that part of the self. Showing up which can + waking up and writing down something when you’re not in the mood or it feels too loose etc . It means taking time to sit with thread in hand, with patience… Read more »

Catherine Cox

Some of my dreams are what I call numinous dreams. They are quite beautiful often with a slightly scary edge (power). For example I dreamed I was climbing an enormous pile of rocks, a cairn. Was told the name of where to find it, fell into a crack into a dream world. I looked up the name and found it is where Boudiccea took her last stand, (legend or fact) and a place of ancestor worship since dawn of time. Another name for it was- yes you guessed “the crack in the world” At first I thought I should go… Read more »


Abraham Hicks says our dreams are a manifestation of our thoughts, almost the rehearsal dinner so to speak, before those things come into your waking life. Everything in your dream is you- so if you’re being tormented by something in your dreams- how are you tormenting yourself while awake? Are you going down every fearful thought-path and insisting you have to accept “truths” that feel uncomfortable to you? Are you bullying yourself? Watching how your thoughts become dreams, and then the dream-thoughts & feelings carry over into the following days & weeks of your life is interesting; another reason to… Read more »


started having vivid dreams about the previous owner of this house. He was lost looking for his wife.

Saggy moon

I began journaling my dreams in earnest this year and it has been amazing! I have attempted interpretation using the steps outlined by Robert Johnson in Inner Life and believe in bringing significant symbols into my conscious life by some sort of small ritual (eg buy lipstick in the colour prominent in my dream). Also have connected with an old Jungian analyst (after emailing a dream to her in which she “daughter of Jung” appeared) and she has been helpful in offering that perspective to my dream analysis. No doubt it is a direct line to the unconscious that is… Read more »


In the morning, without much time, even though i adjust alarms i set against the dreaming or the sleeping. i will make a record of my dreaming sometimes by hand but usually by conscious wakening as i go outside winter or summer, under stars or dawn. Scents are first though they are last if ever to be remembered later by hand; weather notes come in from scents; scapes and general topography or architecture are tied in to that; if i’m hand recording waether and topography come first, if i’m not writing, these notes ensure the scene is real, no “co-creating”.… Read more »


Oh did they take it to the gen before (still alive and commercing) but it all evolved into something else?

Well, TRY AGAIN because if I can’t in the living then WHAT IS THE POINT of supernatural or earthly power?

I can’t send anything back to “the light” if it never came from anything like it in the first place, if it came out of earth, and you can only say Fq Off for so long. In the end it’s just PURPOSE and REASON. And what more can i motherfqn DO or BE for you? *engage spiritual paddles*



Miss M.. I’m reluctant to dive right in here.. but…I’ll start with a knowing nod and a reassuring hug. I kinda know how this space rolls…. The ‘work’ in this place really doesn’t have a rule book eh but it does demand time and energy. It also often times feels imposed upon us. I can’t really comment on the bigger picture there…who knows how it really works? In my experience those pervasive types of energies take a certain type of resilience and often make zero sense in our world. They can erode our centre and leech off energy. There are… Read more »


Hahah.. wtf.. some additions after the xox that I’d started free-form typing and are now immortalised on the blog. My inner Virgo grimaces and I realise I need to follow my own words and thread. All is well and forget the note to self to pay attention to what you’ve typed or not. The <3 essence is where it's at x


I went to a 2 day dream workshop once with a Oxford trained psychologist. It was brilliant. The main technique was to draw your dream, with coloured pencils/paints, whatever, and to look at the key objects in the dream and start a conversation with them. Why is x visiting me? What is it I need to know? etc. Strangely, it worked brilliantly. I gleaned an awful lot form it, and my dreams were incredibly rich, almost like they knew they were being recorded, so they made sure they performed well.


I’m a big dreamer. I played with melatonin years ago and had longer more lucid flying dreams but prefer to stick with good sleep hygiene now. Lucid dreaming for me is I fly around and visit old haunts, fun but not meaningful necessarily. If I’m worried about my family I have dreams with rats or family members dying, since I was a kid. I have dreams where I wake up and can feel the gears in my brain assimilating new learnings. If I’m giving a talk I practice before bed and sleep on it, if I’m stuck on part of… Read more »


I am very Neptunian but dreams are the missing part. Even taking mugwort or reishi in moderate amounts don’t elicit much.
Except one night l took a real strong dose of of both combined. I near acid tripped that one. I was even more Uranian than ever the next day. A colleague said, “You’re like the teacher that swallowed Eraring”. (a power station). We were at a birthday party and l rattled off about 10 differing impersonations (Chris Walken, JFK, Katherine Hepburn, Gough Whitlam, etc…) and assorted theories like why Western Australians are the favoured menu for White Pointers.


Also, Neptunian (+ medicinal mushroom eater). I went thru a period paying exquisite detail to every facet of a dream, writing things down, then came to general alignment with the adage that dreams mean something if you think they do, otherwise mean next to nothing. Presently, most dreams are perceived as almost entirely (much-needed) mental de-cluttering, with poring over their contents much like going again through the bag you’re sending to the charity bin.


“Even taking mugwort or reishi in moderate amounts don’t elicit much”

Just take extreme amounts of reishi
You can take a lot without trouble
it’s good, man


Not doing well emotionally.
Opened myself up again to someone. Its ended from what i can see but theres no official ending. It was a crush, we had amazing chemistry, our thoughts aligned on so much. He has said things I never inagined finding someone who would believe in too/want in life. I thought it would go somewhere. But as it came with the Saturn-Uranus stuff from Nov 2016, it has died with this cycle.
I cannot quite believe something so beautiful could die without noise….just wisp away. Its painful and I have never experienced this.


It’s Chiron square Saturn also. Same thing happened to me. I ended it “officially” but no confirmation from hid end. I guess as a Pisces / moon in Cancer / Aqua venus / Mars Libra ghosting is the confirmation.

The whole time I kept thinking, this is all going well, it’s not a Neptune saturn square, I’m not being a love zombie. But I forgot that Saturn is on my south node in Sagg in 12th.

Karmic lessons.
Going to take a while to get over this one.


*his end


Yes, thanks for commenting. Things make more sense now.


Can’t say I was ever much of a dreamer apart from the occasional prophetic one ! And past 10 years nothing really until I started taking dhea as a supplement (best thing ever). Bang. Dreams almost every night. In fact every night. And very sexual past lovers ex husbands, unknown ones possible new ones. But wow yes dreaming is now on my menu. And I like it ! Haven’t written any down yet.


my dreams become my songs…


For the last 6 years I’ve been having regular consults with an Integrative Dreamworker. Worth every penny! It is the best form of ‘therapy’ have ever done. With the help of her very intuitive & Jungian Dreamwork I have worked through my trauma of alcoholic father who died a tragic death, faced into much of my own shit and worked tirelessly on improving myself, followed my creative aspirations without limitation and left a very damaging and toxic marriage. Prior to embarking on this powerful healing modality my own dream interpretation was generally totally off the mark. Now I can recognize… Read more »


I often see water in my dreams. I loved the article on sleep hygiene you did awhile back, Mystic! Helped me break the habit of surfing my phone before bed. Hadn’t thought about gifts, that is really intriguing and i’ll Definitely keep that in mind!


There is an app that yellows out the light so you can use ipad or phone at night without melatonin problems.

Catherine Cox



I have some dreams that I see loved ones who have passed. I also have dreams of what I think are my spirit guides (I wondered about these…not sure) they ask me questions, sometimes they are just doing normal type things and ask me a question. I’ve also had dreams where I invent the most amazing thing…then can’t remember once I’m awake LOL I have scorpio moon conjunct Neptune in 4th house sq my 12th house Leo sun/asc


I have an awesome app on my iPhone called Progressive Alarm Clock that not only plays gentle Tibetan bowl chimes for the actual alarm (several tones to choose from) that progress from soft and slow to gradually louder and gong-y, but also has a built in Dream Journal so you can capture your dreams as soon as you turn off your alarm. I think I paid $2-3 for it, worth every penny. I love sleep and dreaming. I find my best dreams occur in the last segment of sleep (7th to 8th hour+), and sadly I have had that sleep… Read more »


Omg I need that app! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂


I was just about to leave a mopey comment about how I rarely remember my dreams and when I do they’re usually dull/anxiety dreams based in real life…then I read your paragraph about the iPhone media bender. Which is of course exactly what I do most nights before I go to bed. Whoops.


I don’t do any journaling as such but my dream recall is mostly amazing. I have periods where I can’t wait to go back to sleep and into my dreams. I often dream of these places that don’t exist in my day to day life but are really familiar in my dreamscape.
Water dreams and dark rolling clouds or being caught up in an impending tsunami, always leave me with dread as their ominous nature always foretells of a very difficult and hard time around the corner. For me.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

My dreams are SO DETAILED it is amazing. I love it. Some of them are incredibly magical.

But yeah, I agree with the water symbolism.


Same! I’ve written pages on some. Other times it can just be a sentence. I have had so many insights since I started writing them down.


i do write down my dreams (i once dreamt in a dream i was writing down my dreams lol, the msg got thru mystic!) but i never read them back.
the pnly water dreams i can recall is when im swimming, but there isnt quite enough water in the pool, and im trying to duck under the water so i can swim better…


I’m not a meticulous dream-recorder-er but in the scopes yest you suggested that we pay attention if sleeping thru the cancerian void moon… whoa last night was a short series of 3 dreams – all extremely violent, not as in direct personal attack to me but i was in danger in the last one I never / v rarely have violent dreams so this one left its mark, also the imagery was very foreign, i think that a symbolic – almost literary – level was happening, i was not experiencing a lot of sentiment / fear in the dream, I… Read more »


I have beautiful, vivid dreams most nights and have always been able to remember them, I even remember dreams from early childhood. They tend to fade and reappear in my mind like my waking life memories. In many ways, I feel like I am living two lives, waking and dreaming. I have tried journalling but I have found the process ruins my enjoyment of them, like it separates me from the dream, making me the observer rather than the participant and dreams I’ve written down now seem like they happened to someone else. That said, I do receive messages, connect… Read more »


A friend of mine has prophetic dreams every so often. These she said occur on one side of her brain/memory/thinking and ordinary dreams on the other. She told me of being in a car accident rolling off a dirt road but knew she would be alright because she hadn’t dreamt it. She had accurately dreamt her Grandfather was passing and people changing jobs or being sick. I said wow tell me if you dream of me winning lotto . And she said too late I dreamt my aunty won lots and she won $10,000,000. I find that some memories of… Read more »


New moon on the 18th is conjunct my natal neptune and sun on south node. Early night coming up

Len Metcalf

I also make a note of how the dream made me feel. Stressed, anxious, happy, loved etc. This helps me latter in my interpretation. The biggest thing has been time, I seem to understand many of the really puzzling ones a year latter. Someone told me your subconscious is a year or two ahead of your conscious self. I have found that if I reread them a year latter they all make blinding sense. Sorting out the premonitions from the clearing or messages also the hardest. Hence recording my feelings. If it’s a new person or visiting someone I have… Read more »

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