I Always Knew When It Was Time To Go

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Coco Chanel – The Allure Of Chanel 

She is often cited for her Leo nature but this is pure Sagittarius Rising, perhaps reminiscent of also her Moon in Pisces.

Image: Steven Meisel – Go East 

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49 thoughts on “I Always Knew When It Was Time To Go

  1. Holy mackerel. As I was reading that I thought ‘This sounds EXACTLY the way it was for me when my marriage died a death…’ then I read the bit about Sag rising…. me too! Goddess I love astrology. Thanks Mystic, loving the daily insight!

    • There’s a huge amount in it that I could have written too !
      I’m a saggi MC Pisces rising and I too can depersonalise very quickly in relationship once they’re done.

  2. North Atlantic wars are siblings v siblings / cousins v cousins.
    IBM, GM, Ford, Coke, USA Banks all supported Germany in some way. Henry supplied the most non-German $ to AH. HF got German awards fr AH. Aft the war VW were offered to Henry in recognition of the money he had invested (?) in Germany. Hitler letter-boxed the 10 most Germanic states of the US to encourage the vote towards the ‘Isolationists’. More people in the USA can trace German ancestry than that of Germany. Now Alannis, that is ironic.

    Caucasian wars are 000s of years alt, sorry, old. Europe is inextricably linked to Jewry. I don’t see why shouldn’t all just sitback and enjoy the Schnapps

    • Cappuccino mooon always intrigued in a detached fashion by the tasty amoral profit motive of war-time demands and negotiations. Always fun to see where the piles of cash end up.
      (Fun in a mars in Aquarius sense)
      I wrote cappy moon but it typo’d to cappuccino
      Liked it

    • Isn’t that probably true of many European countries? There have to be more “Irish” people in the US than Ireland… or at least, more people who wore Claddagh rings in college

      • Yes. But German is bigger than any other European ethnicity and, from memory, more than England. Irish, Italian and Polish are appreciably smaller.
        I saw a map of the USA where it depicted the USA’s heritage by county and the colour used for German was the dominant colour. Highlighting the difference also is that the English, French, Polish, Dutch and others were on the allies side.

        It is also interesting to note that DNA testing in England indicate Germanic heritage (Anglos, Saxons, Jutes, Norse) is represented in England’s lower classes and that the DNA of the upper classes are manifest indicate Norman origins. That (French) invasion became the ruling classes thru the establishments of learning, government and religion.

        Also the great speeches in the English speaking West use Germanic words. When a public figure uses French/Latin words they don’t cut through. Beazley, in Australia, was a classic example.

        3 of my top 10 singers have Jewish heritage.

        • If you have a mixture, then i guess you are fluent in both those styles. I like to think my Germanic heritage shows in my love of the very Saxon f word 🙂

    • Read, not knew. Was always during the earlier (print only and early net) times when one wondered whether that was meant to detract from a powerful woman who defied convention openly, and moved about in secretive and conservative power circles, who resented and admired their influences.

      Still reading, but more voices recorded than used to in the times of having to go through publishing houses, and their conservative discriminations, or sensational page sellers. Less binary info access now.

    • Because of the current situation here in The States and the rampant resurgence of white supremacy, it is painful to me to see the veneration of any figure that aligns with this paradigm. I know it is not intentional, but I am just really sensitive to this in the current geopolitical climate. Figures like Coco Chanel, Donna Karan, and Tommy Hilfiger should not be handed a pass because of their contributions to the fashion world, and in this glamorous Neptunian industry I feel like a blind eye is turned toward them because of who they are far too often. I do not want to see people like this held up as icons; I want to see them torn down and nailed to the wall just like Weinstein. The content of one’s character means more to me than their transient worldly achievements, and I am not in the habit of worshipping at the feet of false idols.

      • I don’t think i was saying anything about icon or worship up there, i thought it was an interesting illustration of a mutable attitude to romance.

        • MM, my mention of not worshipping at the feet of false idols in no way = a derision aimed at you – I’m sorry what I said was taken personally! No, no, no – I thought it was clear from my post, but am speaking broadly to the entire phenomenon of celebrity worship as I do not idolize anyone famous. I may like them as an artist, but I am always very wary that their creative works do not equate to the content of their character, which as I said I value more highly. So many build public figures up to mythic proportions and then either ignore really heinous behavior or become severely disillusioned when faced with their human flaws – I’m not into that is all I was saying.

          BTW, I don’t do catty, sideways remarks – if I have an issue, I’ll @ someone directly. If I responded to someone else’s comment, my thoughts were sparked by something they said. I would not continue reading and subscribing here if I had any kind of issue with your POV, work, etc. – I hope that clears things up. xoxo

  3. Resonate with the feeling except for:

    “It can drag on […] but I know that i will go. I am still there but already absent.”

    I am fully present and devoting 110% of what i’ve got, until that very moment when it all rolls into a snowball and smashes apart, icy crystals shattering and flying. Suddenly, in that moment, i am absent and HAVE TO CLOSE UP SHOP, tie up the ends quickly and efficiently, make my statement and call in the helpers for the ex while i get on with independence.

    It’s stupid that the partner is shocked: i always made it clear what my limits would be, while showing them what the effort to move with the changes of life together look like. They chose not to come with, not to do that work, but then are shocked. They once listened, observed, but when they stop, they are deaf, blind and screaming.

  4. So relatable as a mutable, Pisces with Virgo Rising and most of my planets in the mutable signs.

    Was unaware of Channel’s Nazi ties but was never over-awed of her anyway.

    • No, neither. Appreciate much about her but not so inspired in my soul by her.

      I might have enough ruthlessness latent (!) to seek inspiration from different types.

  5. Is this in regard to Boy Capel? I think he was already betrothed when he met her?

    Material success could not ever soothe heartbreak

    • Andrea Tatou as Chanel in the film suggests the ruthlessness and desperation of the times…

      Saturn and lillith in Capricorn should see a few hard choices in love.

      • Have a look at “Coco et Igor” and you can see a disdain for marriage that is quite personal. And with the added emotional viciousness of having the family in her home and under her material care.

        A real Dark Sun Leo event.

        • Well I suppose a Patron exercises discretion in their choices?…agree that unscrupulous actions can be confused with superfluous gestures of benovolence.

          Yes, seems rather dark sun leo…

  6. Funny that she never had a problem trying to steal the Wertheimer family’s business while attempting to send them all to the gas chambers through her Nazi boyfriend. They escaped luckily and unbeknownst to her while she was trying to claim the business ( as gassed Jews assets were up for grabs) they had signed over the business to a non Jewish friend which sort of squashed her attempt . A truly DESPICABLE person. The whole story is incredible because after the war the family reclaimed the business and allowed her back in ! So most likely the paintings she describes above were stolen by nazis from Jews that had been sent to death camps. Oh how alluring and honorable she wasn’t !
    You can find the details of my rave above with a simple google search.

    • Wow. This is never mentioned when Coco Chanel comes up. Just her amazing style, grace, etc … Narrative changes everything, eh?

    • Oh dear, this just took my fancy because it seemed SO evocative of mutable people & i did not think through the broader implications of her story David. But i have heard some say that a lot of the stuff said about her was the usual slander applied to a successful, self-made woman from a non-society background?

        • Brief interview but quite a few quotes are deeply interesting. Anyway, the parts relevant to this discussion are:

          “Initially, I became interested in the life of a […] Wertheimer family agent sent to Paris before the war broke out to try and stop Chanel from getting hold of the rights to Chanel No. 5 under the Aryan laws.”

          “Remarkably enough, the Wertheimers—despite Chanel’s wartime behavior—ultimately decided to finance her reëstablishment in France and eventually agreed to pay her bills for the rest of her life.”

          “From the point of view of the Wertheimers, the decision was extremely logical. What they were doing is not buying a business but rather an empire for a lifetime”

          And his thoughts: “Chanel was, very simply put, an enormous opportunist who did what she had to do to get along.”

          Thank you for the link! It adds interesting perspectives on this idea of the people themselves, not the idolatry of the public.

      • Don’t worry about me Myst, I’m just grinding my little axe to increase the chip on my shoulder. 😉
        I wasn’t criticizing your post, I think it’s good to understand how some brilliant people would pretty much do anything to get what they wanted. I don’t see her as a vicious brute, more a sociopath with a low level care factor of what the journey entails to achieve ones goals. The end of the story where the Wertheims take her back in, after she tried to have them done away with is an amazing story of forgiveness and success ! They ended up making $20b yes , $20 billion together while showing the world her better side.
        Myst x I don’t find this post offensive at all, let’s talk about all of these people, the full spectrum and try to understand. The only way we can learn.

        • All the aspects of the famed life is fascinating. The successes and the hard work is the shine, the thing that can inspire.

          The Shadow side is profound to contemplate in someone with the power to devastate.

          It makes me wonder whether my own Shadow could wreak such destruction and havoc if i had that power over others. I do have some impact on others: so to see this within the scale of my own “smaller” life is edifying.

          We all have the Grace and the Shadow, and i wonder if those people who are revered for their goodness are always all that. Mother Teresa and her strict aggression with the nuns in her order; Nelson Mandela and his infidelities and marriage to a violent, or violence commanding woman; Picasso and Miles Davis with their deplorable abuse of women.

          My own ‘chip on my shoulder’ or unhealed wound might make me more scandalised by certain types of transgressions.

          Perspectives, contexts, excuses and attitudes against actions. The tail end of Saturn in Sagittarius – what am i still to learn about Saturnine efforts and Saturnine grace? What is still affecting the collective?

        • Separating the artist from the abuser…
          I have difficulty with individuals of great artistic merit who are horrible human beings. A major one for me is Eric Gill, whose work I adored until I found out about his abuse of his daughters. If anyone is interested, there is an interesting article in The Guardian re the Ditchling Museum of Art and Craft, and how they are (now) starting to address this issue.(https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2017/apr/09/eric-gill-the-body-ditchling-exhibition-rachel-cooke).

          But I agree with David re the need to talk.
          Sunshine is the best disinfectant.

      • I know one thing about our Mystic, she has no issue with open discussion. I feel this place is about sharing, sharing ourselves and our unique perspective on truth. The mood can only be brought down in my view by not sharing. By not sharing or trusting this place would become sterile and useless. Thank god it’s not either of those things.

        • Thank you – i appreciate your grace. It’s really interesting as a LOT of the old school people who end up in quote collections and anecdotes because they are, well, witty and quotable or colourful have tricky private lives. I am not talking about Chanel but for example the oft-quoted Winston Churchill who fought the Nazis obviously and was by all accounts a potent war-time leader, was apparently vile to women…drugging his maids and so on…Virginia Woolf, staunchly in favour of female emancipation but a solid product of her class and upbringing in her attitude toward races not English…

  7. Warms my Sagittarius heart. It’s hard to describe the sense of just knowing it’s time, but once you feel it, you can’t un-feel it.

    Also, “the men I have been brutal with have immediately become very sweet” may be my favorite part of this whole thing.

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