A Woman Is Strong When…

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“A woman is powerful when her first word isn’t ‘sorry’. A woman is powerful when you forget who the man in her life is. A woman is powerful when she follows her gut. Any woman who belongs to herself has power, and that power is perceived as dangerous.”
—  Joan Juliet Buck
Lilith in Capricorn is coming.  More soon.

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28 thoughts on “A Woman Is Strong When…

  1. OH LORDESS, that webby hairy despairing man-kite faltering down to the ground…..the imagery!
    You know, Mystic, that half my drooling admiration for you is fueled by your insightful and rigorously archeological eye. So much spoken in these visual annotations.

    • thank you!

      And holy harlots, the psychotherapeutic testaments continue – Ellen Page now. It is all SO evocative of my late teens. Situations i had forgotten about return, being in advertising (before journalism) and just the most consistent humiliation + unwanted advances IN the office, walking the sexist gauntlet….someone described it somewhere as being a “dream killer” and i totally get that.

  2. Many years ago I read ‘She came to stay’, by Simone deBeauvoir. The publisher’s blurb introducing the book explained, in the first few lines, that deBeauvoir came second to Sartre at the Sorbonne.

    By this time she had won prestigious awards and was undoubtedly famous in her own right…..

  3. A woman is powerful when she stands in her truth.

    A friend recently gifted me some words of inspiration. They appealed to my earth.

    If you’re a rock stand like a mountain.

    I look forward to Uma…..

  4. Today I was happy because I used a sander for the first time and it was really fun. I want to teach my nieces how to use power tools, it’s a confidence inspiring thing for a girl I think.

    Sanded back a small writing table till it was smooth as silk, then painted it with black charcoal paint. Will wax it tomorrow!

    The table was something I remember since before I could walk. And then my bro had it and it was in his room where he died. So I sanded out the deep scars in the wood and remembered painful brother memories and toddler memories.. I asked Spirit to take away any negative energies and psychic impressions imbued into it so I could use it without feeling sad. I will sage it tomorrow too.
    It looks amazing now! Even though it has one odd leg someone replaced at some point, it has a bit of shabby charm that I am sentimental about, even though I am quite good at throwing things away.

    • Oh i miss woodworking! Yes, teach them. It was one of the most valuable things my dad taught me growing up. I wish he had taught me more things like that.
      I cant do woodworking now because of crazy ocd mother in the house, but once she is gone i am picking up the hobby again.

    • Very nice Sphinx, i like the sound of charcoal paint

      Have just bought myself a personal cordless drill, I do have a small hand sander and planning to have a painting, sanding and drilling day!

      • Hey V! Sounds like a fun and productive day, lol. My partner has all the tools, but i like having my own sets and I would love my own cordless drill.. 😉 The charcoal paint was pretty and super matte but I had to put a polish on it which ruined the effect a little.

        My fantasy too: I wish I could buy a light sabre for the garden – when are they going to invent those things?

  5. BBC headline: “This is not a witch hunt..” Harriet Harman MP has to defend that the mass accusations of sexual harassment against MPs is not a witch hunt and that “it’s long overdue” . YES!

    (unless “witch hunt” is taken to mean that witches are hunting down slime bags :P)

    Lilith in Capricorn cometh but Lilith in the critical degree of Sagg is really kicking ass.

    • Trouble is though, that we will be left with empty cabinet, empty parliament, empty board rooms, empty offices, to unemptied bins because every one of us in every walk of life has suffered from this behaviour in the past. We now have the task of rebuilding relationship between us which is going to require some potent Witchcraft ! As I said before losing power is tough but gaining it is tougher.

    • Very true, emg. Re the spurious, dangerous, gaslighting claims by some parts of the UK media, I was left open-jawed last night when an old friend I have not seen for a while, who twenty years ago had to escape in the middle of the night from Turkey with her two small children from an abusive marriage, called the outing of sexual harrassment in power “sensationalism”, “divisive news media” and that what was “real” to her was her homelife, the mountains etc. Mind you, Taurus moon – touch it, feel it and it’s real, I guess. I just… was lost for words, and I feel scared I suppose that the counter-attack will succeed in creating a new layer of false narratives – the you-crazy, you trouble-making.. gaslighting, for sure. Yes we are going to need some strong, clear positive intent to heal and reunify.

      And I looooove the above Carrington image and the quote – so resonant! Thank you MM <3

    • Ha ha, I can so see all the modern working girls on their broomsticks gleefully hunting down sleazy producers, pollies and biz execs!

  6. “A woman is powerful when you forget who the man in her life is. ” I was just reading a Guardian piece about how Nicole Kidman – not my fave but I recognise she does ground breaking work with dangerous tones – will always be known as Tom Cruise’s ex even tho it was decades ago and she is the better actor (she has an Academy award too, right?).
    No fair.

    • Wow, the Guardian writer really chose a wrong example to illustrate her proposition. Nicole Kidman’s been recognised well beyond her ex-marriage to Tom Cruise. It’s a shame that it’s the writer herself that hasn’t moved on. Plus my god, she can’t name a good US actress since Meryl Streep? It could have been an interesting article had she done some research.

      I found this article really disappointing and annoying If you’re going to put a serious proposition forward then you have to back it up properly with good research. And this shows more the lack of research and more the writer’s sloppy subjective viewpoint.

      • There is no good US actress since Meryl Streep. She has left em in her wake. A sexism exists, especially in Hollywood, in the last few years, that it is OK for actresses to be mediocre.

        • Hollywood is a pig of a place for women and it should definitely be exposed for what it is – this is why this article really annoyed me – her arguments and examples are really weak and don’t do the cause any good. There’s only one paragraph (3rd from last) that says anything important about the sorry state of Hollywood for women – but with no back up, no figures just her own prejudiced viewpoints.

        • Whaaa? A sexism exists that allows actresses to be mediocre? That is a really disappointing statement to read. Perhaps it isn’t the actresses’ talent but the roles available to them. I can name a bunch of great actresses in Hollywood besides Meryl Streep off the top of my head. Kate Winslet, Frances McDormand, Edie Falco, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Naomi Watts, and of course Cate Blanchett. And Nicole Kidman. And there are many more.

          • A few come to mind…

            Jennifer Lawrence in American Hustle…Mila Kunis, Kristen Stewart in Welcome to the Rileys

            Anjelica Huston, Susan Sarandon,

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