Virgos…Returned From Outer Dimension X

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Virgo/Virgo Rising

Sorceress Circe in Virgo makes a challenging alignment to Saturn that you can turn to your advantage. Situations around family of origin, home base or real estate have complexity that you are able to decode via your Virgo powers of hyper-analysis. Yes to wiles in the service of securing privacy or stability. Romantically, this week’s activation of Jupiter-Neptune vibe makes all of it radical for rapport restoration and welcome messages/dialogue of love/lust.


And yes, i am sure you will all join me in a rousing round of applause for our Virgo, newly returned from…wait, where the heck were you anyway?


From the Weekly Horoscopes for October 21.

Image: Wally Wood 

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29 thoughts on “Virgos…Returned From Outer Dimension X

  1. This virgo rising with merc and sun conjunct the ascendant has been floating in the deep of a neptune transiting opposite all my shit. Decided to go with the flow a few years ago when it started. Now, one sag sex addict ex boyfriend (neptune right on the dc), one shaman led sleepover with 16 new bfs, a jealous house plant, an accidental escape to Canada on election day, during which trip my cat developed a fever of 107, being the only doctor on board the airplane during on flight medical emergency on the flight back, a surreal house fire, which led to the slipperiest pisces who fixed my house to perfection, and who I am managing to keep on the line by thinking like a fish, I’m back , but it’s definitely not the same me. More fluid, chill, confident and stronger than ever. I’ll be happy to get Neptune out of my hair, it’s been fuqing forever, but I needed that dive.

  2. I am so freaking exhausted by this Chiron square Saturn square Pluto square Uranus square mars goddamn everything with the earthquake of Pluto entering my second house. I’m just… I don’t know.

    I haven’t recognised the person in the mirror, physically, psychologically or on any level for so long now I just, I don’t know.

    I could check out.
    I do not know how much more energy I have left for transformation and I am tired of putting a positive spin on shit. I have tried to see the philosophical side of things to the point that even I don’t believe me anymore.
    I just want out.

    • Sorry guys
      I don’t like whining
      I am all for transformation and reinvention and surrendering the ego for the sake of personal growth.
      At what point do I stop the self flagellation and admit that those friends who didn’t get it aka everyone was right?
      I’ve been accused of being an emotional masochist by pretty m much everyone and I’ve denied it.
      I may be tired and you know, that whole dark moon/ darkest hour etc type vibe but I don’t feel like this process is in the service of anything constructive anymore. I am just slipping further and further down and there’s no upside and no payoff.
      I don’t know..
      its exhausting and I have another huge square, Saturn square Pluto starting in Dec.
      Like really ?
      how much more?
      I’m sick of being Chiron’s bitch

    • You aren’t whining! Don’t check out. I am feeling similar. I have not been able to prioritise any of my interests, my skills, my better side or even be a channel for anything of value. Quite dead inside, cut off from the Source and in a sense by choice, I just felt burned out and disconnected myself. No energy for transformation, not a positive spin to be found, or a shit to give…well beyond the mundane and my little family.
      But it’s ok you know? Just ride it out a bit. Look around the Underworld and see it for what it is. There is a myth, a context I guess for it all and I think you are so gifted.

      Have you seen any Jordan B Peterson? I found his work so inspiring in the midst of this place I am in, I think you will like this starter:

  3. Ugh. I would like some love/lust messages. I mean, it would be welcome in theory and probably also terrifying and also I don’t have time and Saturn’s still in my 7th house. But I would like some hope, st least, that lust, even combined with love, can lead anywhere good.

    I’m currently trying to figure out optimal distance from my ex. I’m like: “WE’RE DIVORCED’! STOP HUGGING ME IN PUBLIC!” He’s invited himself to my graduation ceremony (also his birthday – says his dearest wish is to spend it at my graduation), tells people how hard “we’ve” worked to get me through school. And yes, he has been very helpful with custody schedules and childcare and I’m super grateful. He has *not* been studying, crying, being yelled at, cleaning poop, studying more, and juggling parenting with 12 hour night shifts. This isn’t his victory.

    AND if I would stop calling him for emotional support when I’m upset, it would make my request for separate social personae a more congruent one.

    All to say wherever I am *now*, I’m jailbreaking. Even while I’m still managing crazy clinical schedule and papers I have to write and studying for my licensure exam. I can’t stay in this internal space. Huge freedom craving at the moment.

    • I also may or may not be literally moving four hours away (though my ex and I’m-laws say they’ll come too.) I stopped trusting big moves and guidance a long time ago when it all blew up in my face more than I knew it was possible to blow up. But I can’t live the rest of my life in fear just because my last lesson was a hard one. I keep hearing a whisper that the next phase of my life is waiting for me in the next town. So we’ll see. I’ve sent out resumes.

  4. When I did the Pluto meditation, I saw my brother as the beast. He is one of three brothers. The one I loved the most. Haven’t spoken to him in years. Last time I saw him, about 7 years ago, he threatened me. He wants to kill me. Still not really sure why. In the meditation, he just wanted me to stay in the dark, with the roots, and gems, not touching anything, just supporting his story. And with the light – my light suit, which was like a body outline – I’m not from there. Never was. Never will be. A lot of grief under that. Otherwise, happy as ever. Content.

      • Omg I am barely hanging in! Saturn rolled over and over my Sagi Mars till war nearly broke out! My Virgo Sun is conj Pluto already Natalie squ Saturn so it’s times it by 1000

  5. I consider myself an honorary Virgo with Mars/Jupiter/Saturn all crowded in Virgo –

    Feels like I’m coming up for air + the scenery all around me has shifted

  6. I have Asc Sun Merc Venus Mars all progressed into Virgo with Moon opposing Sun Asc Merc. Plus my 1st Decan natal stellium. I feel like a rail station with two tracks and five arrivals all happening at once.

  7. I have been spring cleaning hard drives, desks, unwanted old grotty thinking… all fresh, organised and ready for more loveliness. Virgo next desk over has started to appear lighter as well and all of a sudden a clean desk too.

  8. Yes, have been observing the Virgoans, and noticed a fresh resolve even though they are tired out from…whatever it was.

    Didn’t want to first post to be non-Virgoan, but us Pisceans have been wondering how you are!

    • I was on a dating dry spell for years, busy trying to find a way to “survive” adversities and growing inside, getting centered and feeling lonely.

      I always say I am living my third life, hoping is a more loving, warm and fulfilling one.

      • Now i think about it, i know more about your inner and deeper transformation thoughts than i might of the Virgos i know.

        And maybe that’s why, even though they share some parts with absolute clarity, the parts they still keep to themselves are a little more clear to me. Or i can read deeper between the lines.

        I mean, one Virgo does not equal another, but even the close ones are such a private thing. Anyway, they should not have to say it all to me or anyone, but reading you helps me to understand. It just seems like it has been so intense for Virgos i know.

        • Virgos love their privacy, and we have been sitting back letting the extroverts hog the limelight/mic for a long

        • Oh @milleunanotte thank you for your positive vibe.
          This is my main aim for the new era that is forming in the sky.

    • I am feeling very practical. I think Uranus in Taurus will be all about gardening for me. I have the poison ivy to prove it. 🙂

      My current favorite band is “Chastity Belt.” I love cleaning my kitchen. I love every problem I have. Instead of seeking validation, I seek to identify and remove blockers. Very practical.

      • This is a bit late but just read ur post and it’s inspiring that you are meeting ur challenges head on. Also that you aren’t seeking validation. It seems the world wants individuals to seek validation as a way of controlling. Thanks for the insight.

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