The Symbolism Of Finding Feathers

The symbolism of finding feathers gets a great rap in certain types of new age media, but I’m not so sure. Are they a sign of angels? Or that birds naturally shed feathers?

I am cynical about this. The three times I have spotted a feather on the footpath and thought goo-goo esoteric thoughts, I’ve discovered the torn off wing further up the path.

And, I am not necessarily a believer in angels, as such. While I think that the universe is messaging us all the time, and there are many omens, feathers don’t cut it with me.

Firstly, they’re a frequent by-product of birds whizzing around and presumably shedding feathers as part of their process. Secondly, the fixation on feathers has led to them being sold as esoteric accessories. I am too squeamish to research the methods by which the feathers for new age knick-knacks are obtained. But I can guarantee it won’t be natural and that it involves cruelty. So there is that.

Stargazing and Being Near The Ocean Help To Evoke This Other Way Of Seeing

Aside from finding feathers, there is a multitude of omens and little signs. The more you tune your awareness to the limbic frequency, the more you pick up on them. Binaural Beats help, as does keeping a dream journal. Notice what your attention is drawn to. Star-gazing and being near the ocean is another way to slide into this other way of seeing. I see playing cards in the street and get an “aha” moment.

Or, the other day, my attention was drawn to a metal bull sculpture in someone’s yard, making me think of Uranus in Taurus. As I was musing on that, a random gust of wind swirled leaves around in a weird little vortex, and I heard a snatch of music. Somehow, it all coalesced in a pertinent realization, and that swiftly elicited a hunch that turned out to be bang on.

Symbolism varies, but the more you take note, the stronger the signal. Likewise, the more you listen with your inner-ear or respect your second sight, the more accurate your data.



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Before i stopped a brief period of feeding the young crow gang (because i didn’t want them to become reliant on a human; because it was a brief period of time where i saw they could not scavenge much and they were hungry; because they were young and needed to work out food sources; and because i did not want to be seen as the local crow lady) i would find beautiful young black feathers, and bigger ones sleek and glossy, always in a certain spot. Not the place i cast the food, but close in one spot at my… Read more »

Year of the Phoenix

I see hearts I now document them with photos and have a Pinterest board called LOVE is Everywhere because people didn’t believe me and it’s nice to reference the magic. I have a friend who when I told said she sees them too and thought of them as messages from her mother, sadly gone way too soon. I see them in light on the footpath or on walls, tiny holes in crab shell flotsam on the beach, leaves, prawn chips you name it. I don’t really attribute it to anything or super power beyond the mundane magic of just being… Read more »


No apologies but…..
“Life is like a box of chocolates…..”


I love this. I thought I was strange, having a fixation on feathers and their meaning. Am so happy to hear that others think they are ‘sent’ to us, if we can just notice them. I have many feather moments but one of the strongest was when my mum died. I went to favourite beach and walked far out into the calm water. I dived in and as I did I said “this is for you mum, because you can’t do this anymore”. As I came up there a was a pristine white feather floating just in front of my… Read more »


Just thought I’d add this to the thread. Today it was confirmed that gravitational waves have been for the first time traced back to their source. In this case the collision of 2 neutron stars. These stars are the end products of super nova explosions and when they collide ! Well, here’s the snippet ….. ” Professor Scott explained, most of the precious metals in the universe such as gold, platinum and uranium are thought to be produced by the explosion that happens when these stars rip each other apart — and analysis of light from this explosion indicates this… Read more »

Year of the Phoenix

How amazing is that! Straight up super nova magic!


That’s beautiful, Christopher. Whenever I have a troublesome question and think I might have a solution, a feather finds its way to me giving me the confirmation I need. I have an Aquarian guardian angel, who passed well before her time, watching over me. I know it’s her sending a message that I’m on the right path. And when times get REALLY rough and I start to doubt myself … a feather magically floats into my sphere. It’s incredibly comforting. My mother died recently and she was an avid gardener. I was standing looking out into my own garden thinking… Read more »


Yasssss Christopher!! I like to think that feathers are divine gifts from our messengers.

For such a long time I prayed to find a hawk feather (hawks are my guides) and this year I found literally so many that I lost count – even found falcon and an owl feather too. These feathers are protective talismans + I put them on my altar, a reminder that the universe is always listening.


dark star

Into this pendant…I don’t wear much jewelry but magical secret Venusian jewelry? Hell yeah

dark star

Also, did anyone else’s parents stop them from picking up bird feathers as kids? (As they thought I’d get some illness from them) the other day the oracle said Ibis is my current totem need to research


YES to the hecate blanket, cant wait!
i knew there was a reason why i hadnt bought a throw yet


Love the story <3 Feathers are so magickal and definitely a connection to Air element! They do indeed say that finding feathers is supposed to be a sign of Angelic presence. For whatever crazy reason, I seem to get obscene amounts of feathers on the regular; like I have probably at least a dozen 1 and 2-gallon ziploc bags all full of various feathers I’ve found and labeled by the type of bird they came from (except for the one bag with all the small feathers in it). Even my atheist-leaning sister noted this was “really weird” upon seeing my… Read more »


Are you me?!? lol I have a gazillion of those ziploc bags with feathers (some in the freezer right now). I was graced with three ibis feathers alone this week in my backyard (I’ve had three visiting and it seems each wanted to leave me a gift). Depending on what magic I need at the time those are the feathers I get. I have a lot of crow/raven and yes I always look at the symbolism too.


LOL, “birds of a feather”! 😀 IBIS?! Oooh, I’m JEALOUS; some serious Thoth vibes there!! Sadly, Ibis are too exotic for my locale 🙁 Your handle says “Aqua” so I assume you are a fellow Air sign, yes? I think we Airy folk are inherently more predisposed to receiving gifts from our Feathered Friends. Other than the lorikeet who is the love of my life, one of the great joys and delights of my life has been the handsome little Buff Brahma rooster “boyfriend” I had in the neighborhood who would gift me with all sorts of beautiful glossy feathers… Read more »


OMG!!! I thought I was the only one that noticed feathers. I once plucked one from the sky as I opened the front door and now I keep it in a special place. Every feather I find is special. Thanks for sharing!

Caroline B

Love you Christopher!

Unicorn Sparkles

Found a feather today on a path I had to walk back and forth on and felt it was magically making my work lighter. So this post just made me smile. 🙂


Venusian Bro Charm.


While we are on the subject, my MM wealth wallet is awesome. Taking MM’s cue, I keep it uncluttered and chic with only gold coins, select cards and of course dollar notes. Nothing has changed in my earning capacity and yet the wallet is always full and feeling generous with a great in and out flow ambience. Right on, Mystic!


yes good reminder – the divine ratio


When is the Venus BRA charm coming out?
I hope soon because I am really going to purchase it as soon as it hits the shop!


Sounds great! Can you post a picture in the Daily Mystic when the sample will be ready? I am really curious :))

Redlipstick Virgo

yay it sounds amazing


Mars-Venus conjunction upcoming in November in rose quartz land Libra… hmhmhm!

Redlipstick Virgo

I love this post! I often find feathers when I am having a tough time I always see them as a message from the universe to trust that I am being taken care of. Can’t wait for more magical items – can you make a stay away Qi Vamp person deflector.

Redlipstick Virgo

LOL I must be psychic or something … p.s you are THE best xxx


I have become very good at deflecting QI Vamp, but, as we all know, there never enough protection against them.
So bring it on!
I hope it works also to help avoiding become one 🙂


I’ll take a jumbo economy pack for my office 🙂


Interested… Was considering making a bra out of obsidian and salt but maybe this’ll do the trick as well as keeping a better line under my tops hahahaha

Suddenly Leo

Christopher, it’s not the feather that’s magical – it’s YOU for noticing and then acting.

Thank you for reminding me to pay better attention.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

omg I love this.

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