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This is from Friday…

Good Morning & Happy Friday to you, Mystic Medusa!

i just wanted to send you a quick email after reading your most recent post this morning about the implementation, and soon coming, Venusian pendant. i will be purchasing it, even though i am a guy and do not wear bras! Lol! I may just end up sliding it into my cute little wealth wallet from you 🙂

Speaking of which, i was already feeling very Venusian today in my hot red & peach fuschia shirt, ready to finish my work for the day, and enjoy a Nice after-work Happy Hour with my friends & coworkers ☀️ when i stepped out of my door, on the second step down, was a tiny white feather. i picked it up and smiled big. i have read that feathers are signs from Heaven.🕊 i took the tiny, white feather and put it in my Mystic Medusa wealth wallet right next to a picture of my Mother (whom i say a prayer to everyday because i know she is always there, and watching over me). ❤️

Today is Friday, the 13th, here in Big Texas of the USA. Lady Venus’ Day! So, the white feather is extra special. i have included a picture of it for you to see, as well as a forwarded correspondence showing my enthusiasm for being a Venus-Ruled Earthling 🌏

Looking forward to all your future charms, Mystic Medusa!

Warmest Wishes,

I love this & yes the Venusian Bra Charm will work for men too, in pockets, clipped onto the back of ties, watches and Venusian hot red and peace fuschia shirts!  As for the feather, i believe that the galaxy/multi-verse/dark matter/deities are constantly messaging and all around. And i am going to reveal another – totally unisex- and deeply amazing product concept in the next Daily Mystic email. This will blow everyone’s mind and it is going to be literally only available to Mega Mystic members.

FYI Venus is now near asteroid Sphinx and Mercury moving into Scorpio. A cosmic cue for enigmatic chill if i ever did see one.


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35 thoughts on “Venusian Feather

  1. Before i stopped a brief period of feeding the young crow gang (because i didn’t want them to become reliant on a human; because it was a brief period of time where i saw they could not scavenge much and they were hungry; because they were young and needed to work out food sources; and because i did not want to be seen as the local crow lady) i would find beautiful young black feathers, and bigger ones sleek and glossy, always in a certain spot. Not the place i cast the food, but close in one spot at my garage door. When i drove out and returned home, the crows zoomed in and around. That started before the famine weeks, when i fed them, but not too much They did not stay around the space otherwise.

    So i keep those feathers, as if they were offered, but who would know the mind of a crow.

  2. I see hearts

    I now document them with photos and have a Pinterest board called LOVE is Everywhere because people didn’t believe me and it’s nice to reference the magic.

    I have a friend who when I told said she sees them too and thought of them as messages from her mother, sadly gone way too soon.

    I see them in light on the footpath or on walls, tiny holes in crab shell flotsam on the beach, leaves, prawn chips you name it.

    I don’t really attribute it to anything or super power beyond the mundane magic of just being here now.

  3. I love this. I thought I was strange, having a fixation on feathers and their meaning. Am so happy to hear that others think they are ‘sent’ to us, if we can just notice them. I have many feather moments but one of the strongest was when my mum died. I went to favourite beach and walked far out into the calm water. I dived in and as I did I said “this is for you mum, because you can’t do this anymore”. As I came up there a was a pristine white feather floating just in front of my face. It helped me feel less alone in my grief. Generally when I see a feather I use it to remind me how supported I am and to be present to this moment. A happy day to all feather gatherers! x

  4. Just thought I’d add this to the thread. Today it was confirmed that gravitational waves have been for the first time traced back to their source. In this case the collision of 2 neutron stars. These stars are the end products of super nova explosions and when they collide ! Well, here’s the snippet …..
    ” Professor Scott explained, most of the precious metals in the universe such as gold, platinum and uranium are thought to be produced by the explosion that happens when these stars rip each other apart — and analysis of light from this explosion indicates this elemental production is at work.”

    Just a reminder of how stars collided to produce that gold or platinum on your finger, wrist or around your neck.
    Like Christopher’s feather we only need to look around us to see the wonders of the universe in every moment x

  5. That’s beautiful, Christopher. Whenever I have a troublesome question and think I might have a solution, a feather finds its way to me giving me the confirmation I need. I have an Aquarian guardian angel, who passed well before her time, watching over me. I know it’s her sending a message that I’m on the right path. And when times get REALLY rough and I start to doubt myself … a feather magically floats into my sphere. It’s incredibly comforting.

    My mother died recently and she was an avid gardener. I was standing looking out into my own garden thinking of her when I noticed a butterfly had flown into the house. It landed on the window, where I was standing and watching, so we admired the view together for several minutes, before I set her free. It’s the small things that give us those moments of clarity, peace, and connectedness.

    On the subject of a “wealth wallet”… 28 years ago when I was in Chinatown in San Francisco, a delightful woman gave me a Chinese coin (one with a hole in the centre) with a red silk string string tied through it. She told me it was a wealth coin and I should always keep it in my wallet and it will never be empty. It’s been working for 28 years now! Several years ago, I had to lodge bankruptcy due to a horrific lawsuit, and during the entire course of my bankruptcy I lived in a multi-million dollar penthouse, and drove a porsche as I was asked to “house sit” for a person who was living temporarily overseas – it was all free. That was the “wealthiest” lifestyle I have ever had! LOL! I love my wealth coin.

  6. Yasssss Christopher!! I like to think that feathers are divine gifts from our messengers.

    For such a long time I prayed to find a hawk feather (hawks are my guides) and this year I found literally so many that I lost count – even found falcon and an owl feather too. These feathers are protective talismans + I put them on my altar, a reminder that the universe is always listening.


    • Also, did anyone else’s parents stop them from picking up bird feathers as kids? (As they thought I’d get some illness from them) the other day the oracle said Ibis is my current totem need to research

  7. Love the story <3 Feathers are so magickal and definitely a connection to Air element! They do indeed say that finding feathers is supposed to be a sign of Angelic presence. For whatever crazy reason, I seem to get obscene amounts of feathers on the regular; like I have probably at least a dozen 1 and 2-gallon ziploc bags all full of various feathers I’ve found and labeled by the type of bird they came from (except for the one bag with all the small feathers in it). Even my atheist-leaning sister noted this was “really weird” upon seeing my collection recently.

    FWIW, I also tend to look at feather symbolism not just in relation to their magickal elemental connection, but also from a totemic perspective if I can ID the species of bird they came from – fortunately, most of the time I can. Summer of 2015 during the Venus Rx in Leo I had a particularly interesting run on Dove feathers (hello, Venus!) – 9 found in real life and 1 given to me in a dream within a period of just a few weeks. Lately it has been Wild Turkey. Some people also like to look at the color symbolism, which I think is particularly helpful if you’re not sure what bird they came from. I can’t ID your feather without seeing it in the flesh (cameras can do funny things to color and you also need a size comparison), but it’s definitely a small downy body feather rather than a larger tail or wing feather. Beyond this, I couldn’t venture an educated guess without reference to size or color. Treasure it, though – perhaps you have the beginnings of a collection!

    • Are you me?!? lol I have a gazillion of those ziploc bags with feathers (some in the freezer right now). I was graced with three ibis feathers alone this week in my backyard (I’ve had three visiting and it seems each wanted to leave me a gift). Depending on what magic I need at the time those are the feathers I get. I have a lot of crow/raven and yes I always look at the symbolism too.

      • LOL, “birds of a feather”! 😀

        IBIS?! Oooh, I’m JEALOUS; some serious Thoth vibes there!! Sadly, Ibis are too exotic for my locale 🙁 Your handle says “Aqua” so I assume you are a fellow Air sign, yes? I think we Airy folk are inherently more predisposed to receiving gifts from our Feathered Friends. Other than the lorikeet who is the love of my life, one of the great joys and delights of my life has been the handsome little Buff Brahma rooster “boyfriend” I had in the neighborhood who would gift me with all sorts of beautiful glossy feathers – I would bring him goodies in appreciation and he would eat right out of my hand; he was SUCH a charmer! <3 The feathers do present somewhat of a storage challenge, though – I’ve only been collecting them over the last 3 years and can’t imagine what my collection will look like in another 3 or 6! I have projects in mind for them, though…

        Enjoy your gorgeous Ibis feathers – cheers, fellow bird-brain! XD

  8. OMG!!! I thought I was the only one that noticed feathers. I once plucked one from the sky as I opened the front door and now I keep it in a special place. Every feather I find is special. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Found a feather today on a path I had to walk back and forth on and felt it was magically making my work lighter. So this post just made me smile. 🙂

  10. While we are on the subject, my MM wealth wallet is awesome. Taking MM’s cue, I keep it uncluttered and chic with only gold coins, select cards and of course dollar notes. Nothing has changed in my earning capacity and yet the wallet is always full and feeling generous with a great in and out flow ambience. Right on, Mystic!

  11. When is the Venus BRA charm coming out?
    I hope soon because I am really going to purchase it as soon as it hits the shop!

    • the sample is nearly ready and i am going to wear it around for a bit and then get some people with – ahem – different types of boobs to wear it. It looks BEAUTIFUL and is rose gold with rose quartz in the flower of Venus pattern, the jeweler is making it with super high quality materials and each one is done by her so it is not going to be for price sensitive people but it IS going to be amazing. I am going to wear mine around for a bit and check out the vibe. So in answer to when, i think i will be able to put it on the shop in November but they will be made to order.

  12. I love this post! I often find feathers when I am having a tough time I always see them as a message from the universe to trust that I am being taken care of. Can’t wait for more magical items – can you make a stay away Qi Vamp person deflector.

  13. Christopher, it’s not the feather that’s magical – it’s YOU for noticing and then acting.

    Thank you for reminding me to pay better attention.

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