Moon in Leo Renegade Hair Tips

As the Moon crosses Asteroid Hecate and the Moon’s North Node in Leo, one’s thoughts turn to…Hair. Amid other matters of course. But hair can be an existential issue as well as a prime mammalian tribal signal. Your colored dreadlocks, five-hues-of-ash-blonde foiled banker lady bob, candy colored hair after Chiron Return, defiant gray, Imperator Furiousa Marines crop  or real housewife hair extensions are a statement, whether you want it/them to be or not. So too is the amount of time and money spent at the hairdresser.

This post is prompted by my reading that the Leo actor Helen Mirren usually cuts her own hair because she is too impatient to get to the hairdresser. I once read that Sharon Stone does also. Is this thrillingly renegade and a budget hack for the Pluto in Capricorn/G.F.C. sequel era?  As a Pluto in Virgo person, i came of age in the Eighties, when only old people spent heaps of times at salon. The standard M.O. for hair was to tip a bucket of bleach, henna or dark dye over it, snip of whatever looked hopelessly damaged and scorch the fuq out of it with hair dryers.  Nobody had expectations of regular blow-outs, whether they were rich or not. It’s easy to joke about the industrial starch strength toxic hair mousse of the era but is there an empowering move to be made in somehow reviving the D.I.Y. of the era or is hair sculpting an art/craft we ought to respect and not attempt on our own? Or, if you are past your first Saturn Return, does having “un-pro-done hair” just make you look like you’re losing it?

This, btw, is Cancerian tennis champion Svetalana Kuznetsova in a spontaneous mid-match hair cutting moment. Thoughts? Renegade Hair Tips? Era by Era Hair observations?



Tim Walker

Svetlana Kuznetsova

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This is a fascinating topic. Im a scorpio sag rising who has the most untamed hair. I don’t want to believe its coarse its just simply wild very energetic but took so much time. My honeymoon in Europe and I got a keratin treatment. Oh its amazing and my hair is so soft so manageable. It dramatically has improved my self image and has caused me to consider a dramatic career change to leadership/managerial roles. This is amazing considering I was a late bloomer I didn’t wear makeup and was never fashion forward. I’ve now returned from Europe and love… Read more »


Moon in Leo here. I love anything hair related!


Leo rising. Me too! Hair posts are my FAVOURITE!!!!!!


Getting my hair cut tomorrow!! Realised as I’m not happy with it atm I called to see if Stanley had any appointments this week. Receptionist said not until Monday. I asked if they could call if there were any cancellations and she called back later and said he can do tomorrow at 12!! So pleased


ahhh I love this site! Im on a self love DIY hair / moon in leo / pluto in cap buzz myself hair is now (post charlise style buzz cut) and now all grown out into the cutest shaggy school boy look. Not let a hair dresser touch it since several months of buzzing it bald myself twice a week. Those first few inches were HARD but the no more bleach – henna innitative paid off big time. I have the kind of soft fluffy feathery pudding bowl style that you see in Zara campaigns. Its totally radiant warm rich… Read more »

Mistress of Mirrors

I’m a Leo and *surprisingly* my trademark has always been massive hair. My hair is naturally a nice shade of brunette and it grows quick. So before I notice, it is down to my bum. My tips for good rebel hair are: 1. Let it be. No washing everyday, no hair dryer, no obsessive hair combing, no crazy tight pony tails everyday, no straightening/curling, no silicone conditioners, artificial hair styling products or dyes. If you want ‘volume’, go surfing (or use salt spray if sadly not possible) and let your hair dry in the sun. (I’m also a Sagg rising,… Read more »


:O that is like… absolutely rad & sick story… I am shocked and trying to make something out of it :O where did this passed at?? My mind wanders in some space in time dreaming of a short story about the development of this introduction… could you tell me more details or just spice it up by making stuff up that no mystic can actually tell whether it’s true or not? 😛 Also, you talking about your hair and being a saggo rising, I’m also curious about your wild free hair and wish you had a profile picture (how do we even… Read more »


I’ve been cutting my own for a while, 12 yrs. Pony tale right on the top of the head, then trim straight across for long layers, then repeat with just the hair close to my forehead because I like that a little shorter. It’s curly tho so unevenness doesn’t show.

I would go back to a salon if there was one nearby that used the devacurl method – they look at each lock and cut each one just so, at the bottom of a wave where it turns, not right in the middle.


Oooh a devacut. I’ve always wanted one of those. I’ve been doing it myself as well since the hairdressers always butcher it.


This summer I started cutting my own hair…and I love it! I have NO time for salons, and the cuts are always so ho-hum. My own hair cuts are much more exciting and exactly what I’m looking for. I also cut my Virgo daughter’s hair. Maybe my saturn in Leo (I’m a Cap) is taking charge of appearances?

dark star

So is there a story with Svetlana? Her Uranus squaring nn in Leo or something?


Leo rising here and hair is ridiculously important. I took the plunge to get the red hair my soul desired almost 2 yrs ago (my natural color is almost black) and won’t ever go back, even though it’s been a crazy process. I bleach and henna my roots every month, and have learned so much about henna (check out the Henna for Hair group on fb, it’s founded by a lady who did her phd in henna) and the industry’s complete misconceptions about it. It’s also been a study in intensive DIY, but I love the results too much. I’ve… Read more »

Sim oneness

My profession is hair messer, I rarely get my own locks cut and am contemplating dreadlocks as I want to keep this hair attached to my head.!
Hair is power, sexuality and wisedom.


I am loving this thread! As a triple Pisces I am always struggling w hair – wld love a Leo mane but alas, i have had same hairstyle forever and this year am really fed up w paying insane amounts for keratin (to manage the kinks and try to have a bit of a stable professional look) and colour and my lovely leo stylist seems to have lost her touch at the moment. Tres irritating when she works out of trendy salon charging trendy prices… was going to find someone new but after reading this I think i’ll cut my… Read more »

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

I really got into hair moisturiser this leo moon

I have a frizzyness that annoys…and suddenly, sleek curls! I don’t look like I’ve just gotten out of bed…but there are curls! Love it

I have cut my own, but I’m also really into the hairdresser-client relatioship thing.

And I always get it cut just before the full moon!


I’ve been chopping my hairs for years. I have a Leo mane (NN in Leo), chestnut in colour. I woke up the other morning in a dream about chopping my hair a bit shorter. I did it later that day. No need to call first for an appointment! 🙂

Della c C

I have long thick wringletty red hair, my mane. Once a year I get a local lady to come trim the ends, basically when it’s long enough to be at risk of being weed on 🙂 Using my hair in various magicks and such, a bit here for this, a bit here for that, particularly good for a binding or offering, like giving something of myself to the greater cause of my desired goal. I also give my snarly bits, the strays, to the local birds, imagining that their nests will be fiery red, strong and durable, with a little… Read more »


Synchronicity…in late June after going for years and years of cutting my own hair (I was a young adult in the 80’s and knew those products WELL), I asked my boss for the reference of a hair dresser. Well, 12 inches cut off and it looked GREAT. As it grows out – grey and all, it’s still an amazing look. I think I’ll keep it. Which reminds me that the last time I did this type of thing was in the very late 90’s into the new decade/mellinium. Talk about going backwards…oh but I’ve not read that blog yet…


First what a great post and also I am loving reading all the threads! My mother was a stylist, well she still is although she sold her salon years ago and is a teacher now. She has always cuts my hair. Except twice I had it done by two other ladies and I wasn’t a fan. Hair cutting almost feels traumatizing to me. Even when my mom does it. I feel hair is also connected to Saturn and Capricorn yes? Hair contains all of our past and memories. That’s why they do hair mineral testing which is incredibly revealing health… Read more »


Hah. Amen!

I need a stylist who is an artist and grounded enough to garden!


Natal NN in Leo here! I have some of the world’s straightest hair, coarse/ovoid/thick like east asian and I have been a hair chameleon and salon disciple since I was young (following in grand tradition of my Leo gran and Jupiter Leo mum). 2 years ago it was short and rose gold. Now it is shoulder length dark brunette with red streaks and long bangs. Since NN got back to Leo all I have wanted is big curls! Unfortunately two perms have now fallen out! We try again next weekend but if it doesn’t work I am going to seek… Read more »


I’m supremely practical and prefer my hair short because long hair takes too long to dry and I hate hair dryers…
Also can’t help feeling having long hair is playing into the misogynist sexist interp of a proper ‘woman’ i.e. men’s ideas of how a women should look…

When younger it was amazing how many guys would accuse me of being a lesbian based purely on my hair and take no shit attitude.

Women, free yourselves from your hair (lol)

Year of the Phoenix

I have had everything from number 2 buzz cut to long beachy hippy to black pixie and round again, tho never had any men say I was lesbian but definitely attract different kinds of people depending on the hair, longer attracts more alpha male types, cropped girls and more fluid type men


lol my hair is for my greatness and pleasure. I don’t care a fig what anyone (male or otherwise) thinks of it. Tending to my hair is like exercising or cooking tasty food, a daily task made spiritual. I have had short hair, long, henna’d, left undyed (mousy and mostly grey) – the wider social implications of my hair choices mean nothing to me. If someone thinks lesser or greater of me because of the protein on top of my head that is their issue not mine!

(aqua rising + lillith & pluto conj sun in libra)


Recently left my long term hairdresser after one too many requests for a hug (shades of Harvey), stopped shampooing (using New Wash by Hair Story, a sort of no poo regimen), no longer color my hair but “restore” it using something called Hair Print, and now have started to let it go for days before washing and often let it air dry (after years of a strict blow dry every morning regimen). I’m convinced I look like a crazy lady but seem to be having more and more people tell me they love my hair so perhaps not? Hoping, as… Read more »


I think the whole blow dry thing is a rort and unnecessary. If I’m going somewhere in in a rush in winter I’ll half dry it, otherwise it’s always air dry for me. I think my hair loses its body and also gets oily quicker if I use a hair dryer. Hate getting hot air blown on my head in a salon too!


Mind you, my hair’s short or above my shoulders always. Once grew it out to a long bob and hated it! It’s thick and gets wavy and looks much better shorter and shaped to my face


Rarely have my locks prof done, as it is cost prohibitive & scandalously bad for the enviro.

However, for my BD 09/26, went to my “old” hair artiste & decided to embrace my age & grey. Removed 4 inches & went with dark low lights & silver around my face. I’m diggin it.


Wow. I haven’t had the guts to go completely without colour yet. I’m pepper and salt, about 20% grey/silver, the rest mid brunette but I have the temple ‘distinguished’ bits on either side so I’ve started doing a few streaks of blonde and red at the front. I dyed red for ages since my 20s, now I’m 53 and too young to go grey yet IMO. When its natural I felt a bit ‘faded’ though and as I do my own colour I don’t like the regrowth so decided if I bleach a few strands at the front and put… Read more »


My hair is basically controlled by Saturn and Uruanus I think. Electrified curls that even on the WORST bedhead day and having forgone washing it for a couple days, still sets itself into a discernable structure. Given, that can range from graceful shag to ‘yea man you look crazy’…BUT what I find hilarious is that over the years when I think I’m having a bad hair day is often when someone will say how much they love it. Likewise if I gave too much attention to it (tried to style it) it just wouldn’t feel right. I had shorter hair… Read more »


Ha ha I LOVE your description of your hair – controlled by Saturn and Uranus. It sounds awesome.


I used to cut my own hair, but I lost my touch and it really didn’t look great the last time I did it a few years ago. Then I didn’t do anything to it for a long time. Then I got tired of it being long and got it cut coming up on two years, too short, it was a dumb idea. It’s grown out quite a bit and I went blonde, I liked my brown hair and natural highlights I would get but it turned kind of this dark ashy brown color with my last pregnancy and I… Read more »


I am a Sagittarius AC and I have the high forehead to go with it. Some years back, I stopped coloring my gray hair (partly laziness, partly worries about getting cancer). Then I realized that my fine hair was getting white at the hairline and beginning to look almost like a large bald spot where you could see through to the scalp. So I started coloring my hair black again. This year, I realized that even with the black hair, my hair was thinning so much I looked like I had a receding hairline. So I had it styled with… Read more »


Have you gone no-poo? (I know, I know, this is a horrible title). I went through a divorce diet a few years ago and lost so much weight so fast that I lost hair. One of the things (besides time) that helped was weaning off commercial shampoos and washing with coconut oil, ACV or baking soda. The whole daily shampooing thing is so bad for your hair that they actually SAY it’s bad for you in product-sponsored beauty schools. No joke. My mom was in her early 60s when I convinced her to stop with the shampoo and she claims… Read more »


I will try it! I know I have been doing another bad thing: taking hot showers. Hot water is bad for hair. So I will try washing with baking powder or apple cider vinegar. I have heard shikakai powder is also better than shampoo.


I wonder if I’ll ever make peace with my hair… maybe after I make peace with the 7 year old who decided to declair war against her soft wavy hair :'( how to saturn return way backwards???? #reset


So funny–I’m a licensed but unpracticing cosmo and was JUST thinking I should just go ahead and cut my own hair as it is irritating me. But after a recent trip to London during which I felt like people really underestimated/disrespected me on the Tube due to my all black/leather biker outfit, I was ALSO wondering if I should try to “adult” my look. Cutting my own hair would obviously not aid the adulting. I also considered buying a cheap wig. LOL. Last year, I read an article about women GETTING BOTOX IN THEIR SCALPS TO HELP THEIR BLOWOUTS LAST… Read more »


interesting point. beauty / hairdressing as something that AI and robotics can definitely not address. stable (growing?) industry


Cap sun, sag asc, moon in Leo. I used to get quarterly trims from the time I graduated college thru the first three years of earning money, but I stopped bc it was too darn expensive and time consuming. I watched a YouTube video on how to cut easy long layers and haven’t looked back since. I trim every few months during the moon in Leo. Also, I began going gray at age 15 and am now 28 and the gray is very noticeable but I hate spending money and time on dye so I go natural. I get mostly… Read more »

Leo on the Rise

O God I love this!!!
Leo rising and Mars in Leo
How can anyone cut their own hair and it look amazing????
Can you let me know cos I spend £200 a month at the salon colour cut etc – however it always looks awesome…..

Lotus A

I have mostly cut my own hair for several years but have had 2 proper trims in the last 12 months. It has a mind of its own anyway. I wear it tied up for work but lately it has been trying to escape (hmmm) so by the end of the day I have the electric shock look.


Have to admit though, I was dressed as a film extra once in matte gold halterneck dress, chignon, oversize gold-edged pearl costume earrings. Looked in the mirror and got a huge shock, somehow I had morphed into Society Lady at extravagant charity dinner. I think the Capricorn bits must have come thru with all the Trad Gear. Whoa lol never again


The up-do being the clincher of course.

Calli G

I had a bad bang-trim experience years ago, and I haven’t cut my own hair since. My hand-eye coordination isn’t great at the best of times, much less when I’m trying to use scissors around the back of my head. I started going to my current hairdresser when she was still an apprentice. Even then she did a great job. She also lived in my apartment complex, and we use to joke that she had to get it right or she’d be seeing her mistakes in the parking lot every day for the next month. Now she owns her own… Read more »


I’ve been considering the diy chop (did it for a while when I was 20s) and bleach (likewise) again. But I do really like the cut my hairdresser gives me (I was angsting before, all better now). I feel too constrained with “done” hair though. It’s like matching bra and undies. Wtf is this, some kind of dictatorship?! Am I going on display? Stop trying to control me!
it’s true
Uranus in the 5th house is that it?

Year of the Phoenix

Ha! Same! Mix and match get creative! Uranus in the first!

Re done hair – run home and wash hair straight from the salon every time


yes – I just want the lovely salon wash shampooey smell and great blow dry. that’s it.


This is nice, I feel inspired to learn to cut my own hair as I hate going to salons. The time, the money, the blarney, the reflection – it all gives me feelings akin to road rage! Hair rage, salon rage, mane rage? Natal Sun exact conduct Hekate too.


And the top pickcha is fab.
Reminds me of Wayne Hope, on the Micallef Program(me), where he was interviewed with his pet budgie.


I’m a Cap who self-cuts and colours – initially because I was a uni student for 11yrs and couldn’t afford a hairdresser, now bc I don’t have the time to sit there for 3+ hours. I love doing it myself but I would pay a professional just to have one of those scalp massages!!




How exactly does one cut their own hair? Obviously with scissors….but all that eye-crossing and hand-twisting. I never go to a male hairdresser, females listen better, most times anyway.

My hair once reached to my coccyx bone! (My Supertramp / Led Zepoelin period)


Dreamer – well can you put your hands in your head? Oh no! Bet you looked marvellous with all that hair adorning your coccyx! Maybe Aries should rule the hair as they are quite good with sharp objects as well as having optimal domes.


But I’m not a tell-tail.


I haven’t cut my hair for 14 months now because I’m really funny about who touches it and the only stylist I trusted was on maternity leave. I’ve been trimming the fringe myself but the rest of it has been untouched. I actually kind of like it and I don’t want to get it cut again…but the ends feel absolutely disgusting so I’m gonna get it trimmed next month. Either way, I’m gunning for Venus hair (e.g. knee-length, red – it’s waist length currently, near enough) so it’ll be a case of taking the crispy bits off and nothing else.

Year of the Phoenix

I break all the diy rules and my colour has never looked better! I had spent big $$$ and explains the effect I was after and no one ever got it pfffft now I spend a few bucks and I love it! Venus in Leo my mane is the accessory I wear everyday…. Would love a wise Italian to work some magic on the cut tho – used to cut my own fringe with a disposable razor but there is just SO MUCH HAIR I remember wanting an undercut but not knowing the word for it and coming home from… Read more »


Oddly at peace with now is what was a body wave gone a bit wrong in attempt to control what is naturally curly/wavey hair…. I am Leo sun…when I was young had natural long wavey/curly light Ash blonde hair…the nuns at my high school acused me of dying my hair…..and I used to have adult men stop me and compliment me on my hair….so bizare!!!! Well for me it was at the time….it was creepy! I am with Miss Miren on the cutting hair yourself routine (I think I usually do better job)….I recall one night too much red wine…..cue… Read more »


I have been getting my hair lightened since the dawn of time and my hairdresser is possibly the most important professional in my life apart from my GP. (I hope this doesn’t sound shallow lol) As a Leo rising I have always been obsessed with my hair, people remember me being this way from quite young. I’m original mousy brown highlighted to California blonde. Blonde big hair was such a part of my identity for so long I’m not sure how I would go without it. I’ve always said my hair is my superpower, and no matter what else is… Read more »


Now I see this this comment the hair of your avatar makes all the more sense, so windswept and golden she is! I would get migraines every time I bleached my hair so had to give it up…it does look better I think and I miss it but I don’t think I ever had a hairdresser I adore – let alone an affordable one. What sign is she?


My lovely hair technologist is a Taurus, don’t know her rising but she is Sun-Jupe conj in Toro. Total earth mother, very smart. Her hair always looks fantastic. She says she goes to any old place, even the no-book places, asks for what she wants and never tells them her profession. She does the colour herself tho’. I’ve been with her for around 8 years now. I’ve actually been thinking of growing out the colour and going natural, whatever that is. I hate having so many chemicals plastered on my head every eight weeks. I have quite a bit of… Read more »


only need get my haircut once a yr…cud do with a few more highlights tho…mite do it for my venus return nex wk…i really dont see the point of spending sh!tloads on hair…


someone i work with is a hair doer as a second job, and she does the hair of many of our peers and it’s all fantastic. i recently, after having not been to a salon since late 2015, booked an appointment with her. she had to raincheck however, and i proceeded to have a really amazing hair week. i still haven’t rebooked as i am hesitant again. it DOES really need some maintenance though, at least a trim. probably also a colour change. it’s not like i don’t have an idea of what i want. i used to get my… Read more »


When times are tough you DO take care of yourself the best you can with minimal energy reserves.

See it more as a symbol of your getting through darkness with whatever you had left. That is wild, like an animal living off its reserves with only instinct to keep it going. Thank your good Animal self 🙂

Your new look and style will come as a celebration of having more You to go forward with xx


heart eyes! yes! what a lovely thing to say, thank you xx


We all have times when we’ve given up or are apathetic. I’m starting to realize that the things that seem little or superficial, like hairstyles are actually huge. It can be hard to put a name on bigger issues and reasons why life doesn’t feel great and a lot of the time, you just get used to things and don’t even realize how far they’ve gone. I mean I know I’ve been feeling bad about money and my job and the city I live, those have been obvious issues that I struggle with every day. But realizing I couldn’t remember… Read more »


“i do have compassion for myself as these have been trying times” Yessiree. As someone who believes that happiness is self-acceptance, thanks, I needed to hear this.

Leo-Scorp Grrrl

Why is finding a good hair cut so damned difficult? I work in a profession where I provide advice, then proceed as THE CLIENT DIRECTS. Yes, I get a cut (now I’m back up to a few times per year) then trim myself inbetween with confidence and real hair scissors I purchased after having to fix so many bad, uneven haircuts!

“My hair is not your canvas” lol – good one. so true.
And I agree with Helen Mirren. I’m a bit impatient when It decided it’s time for a trim.

Unicorn Sparkles

My Chiron Return must have spun in early cause last hair visit resulted in neon peach coloured hair. On purpose. Life was boring. Saddest part was barely anyone noticed.


same with my vivid blue streak


Haircuts – don’t get me started!

Suddenly Leo

I cut my own hair. It feels like basic hygiene that I should be able to do myself – like flossing. Of course I schedule it for when the moon is in Leo. I’ve had too many bad hair cuts to risk salons. I go once or maybe twice a year to a place where they will follow my exact specifications and not get “creative.” My hair is not your canvas, so please millimeter it exactly as I’ve asked because I’m the one who lives with it. Didn’t all our mothers cut our hair when we were little girls? They… Read more »

Suddenly Leo

I DO – thanks for asking! There is a shop in Old Town, Shanghai, that only sells scissors and I got them there.

Floor to ceiling scissors. Imagine.

I have, however, cut it with a knife before when I wanted a choppy, edgy look. It looked amazing and was very Saturn transit.


“My hair is not your canvas” will be my mantra from now on any time I step foot in a hair salon.


Oh wow! I was always the opposite! I would gravitate towards artists, and they loved that i would always tell them, You are the artist, do what you want. And they would be very happy, and talk me through the whole process, so proud of their work. It was always amazing to experience their joy.

Leo MC

Just lost a Virgo hairdresser who is starting something creative, so am with a new one. Good work. She cuts well and gave it good care.


My Mars is in Leo…. I feel like all my power is in my hair. Every bad haircut is like a knife to the heart.

The last one I got…. my regular hairdresser cut it the the length “she wants her hair”….. rather than the ten centimetres I wanted off I lost 30 centimetres…. and a hairdresser.

She had one job.


But back to the original theme – I used to cut my own hair all the time. Will consider going back to it after I grow this hot mess out

Eclipse Tripper

Mars and Mercury in Leo in the 1st – I feel your pain! I will never forget the bogan butcher-job haircut that left me psychologically damaged at the fragile pubescent age of 12…. All my honey blonde beach-bleached long beach locks massacred into to a bogan (we used to call it ‘westie’) looking mop with a fringe in a daggy shade of mouse.

Eclipse Tripper

Oh yeah, and the bowl-cut (oops, I mean “Page-boy” haircut) my Nana gave me (yes the long blonde locks went once before) when she became my surrogate mother and I was under extreme emotional turmoil, when I was 8… Just because she liked short hair. That was way to much change for me, parents, homes, cities, hair…hair is part of your identity for sure – hair is personal man.


I’ve been letting my hair do it’s own thing since my Saturn Return a decade ago. Trims a few times a year, no product other than some argan oil. I told myself I was honouring my (quadruple Pisces) mermaid hair and being eco friendly as well. But after a decade of the exact same hair, I went to see an older, Italian gentleman for my usual trim as he was closer to home than my usual place. He (very kindly) began chiding me that my mermaid hair is in fact glorious but I was wasting it, keeping it too long,… Read more »


Trades ppl, sometimes, make the best psychologists / counsellors.


I totally agree, they usually tend to have Virgo Vibes which lend to their keen and yet ultra practical advice, have incredibly nuanced perception and ability to put it all in order and present it to you like a highly nutrition meal.

dark star

I love this story!!! Pisces hair needs some rx glam sometimes from the hair shamans


Yes, this gentleman is a hair shaman! I love the kindness within the directness, and that kriblack was open right at that moment.

Piscean hair even reacts to the intentions of the cutter and stylist, have you felt that? we’re so bloody oversensitive, it’s nuts


Oooooh I love this thought about even the hair being receptive to the intention of the cutter….


I never realised it but it is so true!


I love this story, thanks for sharing!


And the story ends when you go back to see him and the salon isn’t there ? You ask the neighboring shop where he went and they say ? Oh Guido ? My god he died years ago ? Your head is spinning ( don’t worry your hair looks great) and on the sidewalk you notice a piece of old mirror. You pick it up ( and after noticing how good your hair looks) you notice that your lips are coated in a deep red lipstick, kohl darkens your eyelids… behind you in the mirror you see the darkset eyes… Read more »


Yes, i wonder if this same hairdresser will come into her life again or just be one of those Reset people.


oh wow davidl that is such a good outline for a short story!!!


Shades of “Midnight in Paris”.
The only way for the story to work, would be for Kriblack to roll up in a ’20s Peugeot. Zelda would be pleased to see her.

And Pizza would become a safe bet again.


Wow – I can relate to this … i have been wondering lately where my motivation and discipline are? I seem to have skipped the gene/transit/astro that makes one want to be the best they can be. I feel like I am awakening from a long period of burying my head in the sand. I am trying to get clear on the answer also – did I give up or did I never really try? Why not? What am I afraid of? The question Mystic posed somewhere about food/addiction – ask yourself, “what are you really feeding?” … i am… Read more »


Hair indeed! I have just been converted via Biome to shampoo that does not come in a bottle but as a cake of soap, well shampoo actually (in case your wondering water olive oil, coconut oil, soy wax, castor oil, leatherwood beeswax, seaweed extract, neem oil, lemon and chamomile infusions) You simply lather into your hands or directly onto your hair, massage through, rinse out and then the ye olde part- rinse with Apple Cider Vinegar 3T to 1 Litre (liter USA) warm water which rinses residue and conditions at the same time. And its okay. I have “fairy” hair… Read more »


I have a streak of blue in ATM. I’ve dyed and cut my hair on and off for years and find when I want a hair cut I need a hair cut then and there not ” we can fit you in a fortnight from Thursday at 9:30″


Yes I also do not like planning a hair cut. I tend to get it cut randomly when I have a spare hour and am wandering about. If someone is unavailable I put it off for months until the next spontaneous stitch in time opens up. My hair is also fine and slow to grow, the succulent of the hair world,can be ignored quite frequently..


Ps the Biome sounds like it smells beautiful.


I’ve been seeing so many ravens and crows lately.

My last two haircuts from my long term wonderful hairdresser haven’t been as good as usual. Last time I addressed what I didn’t like and showed pictures and I thought he got it but he still hasn’t cut it how I like it… about to go back for lucky number 3.

I found him when I came to Melbourne at around 19 years old and have been going to him all that time because he’s such a good cutter for short hair.

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