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“In Egypt, as in Italy, a cosmic religion became intermingled with the older, official cult. The proud Leonora of Aragon refused to pray until the Ferraese court astrologer Pellegrino Prisciani explained to her that she should imitate the the Kings of Greece (whom he did not identify further).  They prayed, Prisciani told her, when the Moon reached conjunction with Jupiter…which explained why they always obtained their wishes.”

Cardano’s Cosmos 


Well, if it is good enough for Leonora of Aragon and these un-named Kings of Greece of the 15th Century than it is good enough for us perhaps. So the concept of the Lunar Portals was first introduced here and they have been a feature of the Scheduler ever since. From November onward, the Moon-Jupiter conjunction (and the exact times for it in the usual six different time zones) will be featured in the Scheduler also! Let’s test this out.

Prayer – to your fave deity, higher power, source, higher self, earth-Gaia, guides, spirit animal – can be an enormously powerful modality and deceptively simple. No middle-people. No church. No guru. Just you, your energy and something else. And i think the other lunar portals are super effective so why not this one? From November.


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53 thoughts on “The Moon Jupiter Prayer Portal

  1. I have Moon-Jupiter conjunct natally & I do pray to my angels when I really need them (especially when I have to travel) & they come through without fail. I also use crystals for more or less the same purpose: fortune, protection, concentration of a particular energy.

  2. Bizarre I’m currently away from home and on my travels I’ve been firstly given a prayer card by a Tibetan monk then found myself very nearly lighting a candle at a shrine just because it felt like the thing to do. For this past fortnight I’ve felt an urge to ‘pray’ or relinquish to a higher order. So I’m glad I’m in tune with you all

  3. Love that Keshia’s song (which is about abuse and controlling/coercive relationships) is gaining so much popularity at the same time as all these women (and men) airing their stories of abuse at the hands of Harvey, Weinstein, Toback and others. Jupiter in Scorpio will drain the swamp and expose all of these swamp creatures in the year ahead. Yay!

  4. I was reading this, earlier this morn, and thinking I’m not channeling this.
    Then some bloody stupid bird, straight away, started up a chant outside my window.


  5. Serendipity! I was just thinking yesterday how I need to re-incorporate prayer into my life. This is the perfect way to do it! ….and with Crab rising, I’m a lunar person. Just linked these from the Scheduler to my Gmail calendar. Gah!
    MM, you are……..THE BEST!!!! 🙂

    • Oh, also, in November transiting Jupiter in Scorp will be trining my natal Moon in Pisces, so extra Moon/Jup stuff for me! ….and my Moon is in the 9th house…..more echoes.

  6. I lived for some years amongst the krsnas and came to understand the concept of Bhakti yoga or devotional practice. Through this practice my relationship to ‘god’ ( place whatever term here you like) turned into the most beautiful love affair. I say love affair because I began to feel all those emotions, body changes and dopamine highs that one experiences when falling in love with another human. All the love songs ever written were now about my love for the beloved eternal spirit . Every minute of my day became like a prayer. My life found its meaning, I found myself, life was forever changed. Many people seek out the light from what they perceive is a place of darkness. There is no need to seek, that light is beaming down on you. Your only job is to stop blocking it. There is no need to even take a step or seek counsel, the beloved is right there next to you waiting for you to open your eyes, to open your heart, surrender.

  7. Anything that helps us to experience a state of communion, and pausing to re-centre ourselves and our hearts and align with greater forces, is alright by me.

  8. Oh, I love this so much!! I am twice over a Jupiter-flavored Moon gal (plus Neptune) and feel like a permanent Prayer Portal <3 I pray all the time, Moon conjunct Jupiter or no; I feel like there’s never a *bad* time for it, you know? It’s funny, as my sister who is a 9th H Moon inconjunct Jupiter in Sadge (thus a twice over Jupiter-flavored Moon as well) leans atheist/agnostic and yet I have always had faith since I was small – we didn’t grow up under the banner of organized religion at all, so this was totally organic.

    What a lovely and thoughtful enhancement to The Scheduler <3

    • Btw, I heard that yesterday, the 26th is being touted as the year’s luckiest day by astrologers. No one here mentioned anything so not sure how much stock to put into it. Anything auspicious happpen for anybody?

      • Yesterday wasn’t, no.

        The 26th was touted as the year’s luckiest day because it had Sun conjunct Jupiter, which is seen as highly favourable/lucky.

      • There was not a post on it but the Sun-Jupiter conjunction and the Mercury-Jupiter conjunction before it was mentioned a LOT in the Horoscopes and Daily Mystic – i would not call it the luckiest of the year though – that would be the Jupiter-Neptune trine in December, it is turned into a Grand Water Trine by an asteroid…can’t recall which one off hand but it has been noted and will of course feature in the horoscopes for those people it is most relevant to….

        • Interesting, today is sun conjunct Neptune for me and next week Jupiter conjuncts my Neptune for a couple of weeks.
          I’ve come to a different view of Jupiter. I don’t necessarily see the luck or fortune etc, I see that everything though is bigger, brassier, for better or worse. I mean the term ‘full of hot air’ could be aimed at Jupiter right ?

          • I have some similar views David. Yes I’m a Saggi but in myth the Gods associated with Jupiter bring storms and thunder so the road to a truth or luck may not be so direct or smooth nor may it be lit up and clearly signed. Not forgetting that Zeus was a bit of a shape shifter as well. And sometimes I feel there are tests or tricks to the process. Yes, those two words are more Saturn/Mercury but luck requires seizing something without assessment at times (a test in faith) and being able to discern real luck over false (a trick of the eye).

            Though I will say that sometimes the absence of ‘luck’ as we know it has seemed to go on and on (perhaps placement/aspect related) there is an unfailing moment that cannot be predicted where luck just clicks into place or shows up and I’ve always attributed this to Jupiter in an intuitive sense not so much by grabbing a chart and confirming. Jupiter luck looks/feels obvious to me when it happens.

            I don’t know about hot air… to me that doesn’t really fit Jupiter generally but perhaps a specific placement.

            • I’m guilty as charged. My Merc Uran cj is Leo 95° to my Stationary Direct Jupiter. Boy, can l rabbit on about a subject. Just call me Warren.

              Jup and Sun over my SD Nep for these days. Like Skarab and DL. Except the Nep is not SD.

            • Well it’s a big ball of gas 🙂
              Astronomy still can’t tell us where the gas stops and the solid ground begins.
              They can tell us though that unlike most planets in our solar system Jupiter is more a competitor to the sun than a companion. The struggle for power between Jupiter and the sun continues to this day on a physical level and I believe a psychological one too.

              • 🙂 Gas yes.. air not so much. I do get what you’re saying though in reference to big it up Jupiter vibes. I was thinking more the element of air when replying.

                Fascinating about the ambiguity of where gas ends and matter begins. I’m sure there’s an abundance of metaphors here ripe for the picking. My brain is in Sunday mode however and will not supply them.

                Solar flares can be palpably felt as well. Maybe that’s when Jupiter lobs one and gets a direct hit… ? I am talking tongue in cheek not science facts 🙂

          • God yes. The different timbres of Jupiter Vibe are nuanced a bit in Astro School…it blows away limits. So if you’re an alcoholic trying to maintain sobriety, Jupiter could be problematic. But if you’re a venture capitalist trying to raise funds, Jupiter could be your dude. Athletes, warriors and leaders are more Mars, Athene and Saturn energy

            • My Jup in 4th. I hit drugs (dope, acid and mushies) hard to escape my idyllic childhood. I could outsmoke anyone and very few outdrunk me. Jup and Nep both SD and focals in 4th Scorp.

        • Not subscribed so no wonder I missed the info. Also very interested in your astro school. I will have to sign up as soon as I get a chance. Thanks Mystic.

      • I had a terrible thing happen to me actually. I got kicked out of my musical group i participated in all of a sudden The Tower style. The wife of the person who donates his studio time just went crazy on me in the parking lot. She banned me from ever stepping foot onto their property. The reason: she accused me of trying to steal her husband. I wear the shittiest sweat pants outfits and no makeup to music practice, yet she accused me of trying to flaunt my sexuality. :(. I feel sorry for her. My friends think she may have mental illness. Other friends have said i was musically outpacing that group anyways so i would have to eventually leave. I knew not to get attached so i am not distraught about them. I am distraught about how to find the next group to connect with to level up. Groups are hard to come by and you pretty much have to have a group to succeed at what i do.

        • If only she knew you like we do here. If it is a mental illness she needs help. As you intimate it wasn’t personal.

          • yeah ikr? I think her best line to me was : “How dare you make me feel comfortable in my own house!”
            When people say stuff like that to you…just watch out.
            My sister said i should’ve recorded the convo on my phone.

        • See, this is a prime example of Jupiter blessings from what I gather. Usually comes as some unfortunate event that works to your benefit later. Sorry to hear about the Tower style event – sheesh – but I do think it worked to your benefit that you aren’t part of a group with a woman that is falsely accusing it’s members of things.

          In the end it’s just a matter of perspective, non? Sometimes we get dirt and it ends up being a blessing… sometimes we get exactly what we want and it ends up being a total nightmare.

          • I guess in my mind, a Jupiter-style event would’ve been I would’ve already met the other people I would be in a group with by now instead of having to spend…idk…how long practicing by myself….before finding another group. It took me an entire year to find the first one.

            This felt more like ecliipse, or Uranus, pluto, or Mars style kick in the pants.
            Apparently she had been stewing about this since July.

            But its ok. I’m an infp. We can transmute trash to treasure; venom to life saving elixir.

            You are totes right about perspective.

    • I asked if the 27th was perhaps a Moon-Jup day because this prayer theme appeared for me.

      On my way through some errands in a large shopping area, I was stopped by an elderly lady with the kindest face and demeanor along with a young adult male who offered a prayer on my behalf. They were doing it to offer some positive goodwill for random strangers as “a lot of people are having a rough time lately”. They asked if there was anything specific I needed help on and then both proceeded to bow their heads and speak a prayer for me. I was so deeply touched and it made me emotional for the rest of the evening. Random acts of kindness are so rare these days. It makes me cherish this event even more.

      • Forgot to add, after the prayer I went to grab dinner and then saw the most concentrated sequence of triple numbers ever in my life. 5 sightings within a 30 min time span. Seemed like every time I turned my head something popped up!

        • What a lovely experience, Starbaies!

          I know not everyone believes in this, but seeing number sequences is supposedly indication of presence of angels. … least according to Doreen Virtue. I go through times when I see concentrations of them, too, along with the whole 11:11 thing. Even after all these years, I’m not sure where to ‘place’ this experience. We have to find our own meaning…. I like the idea of angels, though. 🙂

          • Yeah Im with you on the triple numbers and having to find your own meaning. Whenever I look up the meanings of them I find them deeper than what I was feeling/thinking in the moment. Sometimes it leads to a-ha moments…. sometimes just a wtflol moment. Ehehe.

            If anything, it makes me feel closer to the divine in some way, like Im being heard and seen and that in itself is the greatest gift of these triple numbers for me, I think.

      • I love random acts of kindness. I sometimes pay for the person behind me’s coffee or leave an extra quarter in the snack machine for some lucky person to find.but yeah!!!!!

  9. Just checked the Scheduler. They are not there yet are they? The Moon Jupiter conjunctions? So looking forward to get them.

    • Not yet but they will be…I have just been researching renaissance astrology as of this weekend so have not had the opportunity to add them in yet.

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