Moon in Aries

MOON IN ARIES – for 51 hours
L.A. – Wednesday 13.40
NEW YORK – Wednesday 16.40
LONDON – Wednesday 21.40
DUBAI – Thursday 00.40
HONG KONG – Thursday 04.40
SYDNEY – Thursday 07.40
AUCKLAND – Thursday 09.40

L.A. – Wednesday 00.19
NEW YORK – Wednesday 03.19
LONDON – Wednesday 08.19
DUBAI – Wednesday 11.19
HONG KONG – Wednesday 15.19
SYDNEY – Wednesday 18.19
AUCKLAND – Wednesday 20.19


AriesAries/Aries Rising


Venus and Mars together in Virgo has the whiff of an everyday attraction or chemistry catalyzing into something more potent. It reeks of bonding during work, witty repartee with a lusty edge and the sort of rapport that is strengthened by having something to do together. Stay on Muggle Troll Alert as the Full Moon energy gathers momentum.

TaurusTaurus/Taurus Rising


Existential crisis aside, your sex appeal, aesthetics, taste and relationship wisdom is extra intense now and through until the weekend. Do not misuse this Earth magic on people incapable of even recognizing – let alone appreciating – your essence. Anticipate the discovery of information that puts an entirely new skew on a situation you thought you understood.

GeminiGemini/Gemini Rising


Rebel Lilith in synergy with Uranus (from now until mid-October) + the Full Moon can alter your social dynamic. You may have renewed love/admiration for a person you previously dismissed or kept at a distance. You’re more drawn toward to the strong, autonomous characters and far less interested in playing the role of ‘entertainer’ or even ‘information broker.’

CancerCancer/Cancer Rising


Obviously you are going to steer away from the official potential pitfall of this Full Moon Vibe now upon you: unless there is a pressing reason for it, don’t initiate hostilities in work-biz realms. Even if there IS good cause, obey protocol. Serenity is a bankable asset this week. But you should be plenty distracted from drama: your romance stars are sensational now.

LeoLeo/Leo Rising


The Void Moon is a vortex Moon that you can sink into for enlightenment. If you refrain from actively pushing forward in that 13 hour window and just Yin out a bit, you will be able to access psyche-wisdom. That’s beyond cognition and deeper than even gut instinct. Mars-Venus-Pluto is also a green-light to incoming offers and opportunities; it is lucrative astral vibe.

VirgoVirgo/Virgo Rising


There is more at stake in relationships than may be officially obvious on the surface. With Pluto strongly influencing Venus in your sign during the lead-up to a Full Moon, nothing is casual. Intent could be being signaled or information probed for. It is sexy with gravitas. Every decision or move – in mating, fashion and other Venusian zones – has a deeper energy driving it.

LibraLibra/Libra Rising


Your ruler Venus links up with her lover of legend – Mars – and in your Soul Sector. Both are amplified by Uncle Pluto. As you are such a Venusian character, this could go any way. Secret crush developing into actual thing? Better relationship with God/Goddess? Spiritually healing relationship energy? By the Full Moon, something of interest has surfaced.

ScorpioScorpio/Scorpio Rising


Before you enjoy the reboot of romance and inspiration as promised by Pluto operating as your hype person this week, think about your Full Moon policies. This is not the sort of Full Moon where you take short cuts with your personal energy management (all nighter work jags, quick fix faux remedies) or layer on complexity/intrigue with colleagues/employees/admin.

SagittariusSaggo/Saggo Rising


Until the 18th: Lilith in Sagittarius is in free-flowing beneficial aspect to Uranus, planet of the future and (currently for you) constant great ideas generator. Going to an automatic default escape option or explanation for something that feels oppressive will only block the really fantastic break-out position/genius concept/opportunity that is trying to happen.

CapricornCapricorn/Capricorn Rising


Pluto is not just upping your romance/sex/image improvement opportunities – though that is real and amazing. It is also eliciting some highly pertinent insights into your own relationship operating procedures. That’s all relationships. Even unrelated dialogue or snips of stray info can evoke these productive perceptions; do not dismiss. Utilize.

TaurusAquarius/Aquarius Rising


Intense Cardinal Sign action is driving forward relationships and money momentum, you’re generating genius ideas and sifting through a radical psychological realization every hour…or so it feels. The challenge is to fuel yourself at a higher level so that your physical self can stay grounded enough to channel all the super-charged vibe coursing through you.

PiscesPisces/Pisces Rising


How to deal with a growing attraction or intimacy and be ruthlessly honest re your finances or a shared $$ situation? Go Yang with the money – clear goals, proper planning – and Yin with love/affinity: non-controlling, receptive and letting things occur at a stately pace. Detach from difficult people (Full Moon precaution) Don’t let their choices drain your peace of mind.

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