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MOON IN AQUARIUS – for 58 hours
L.A. – Friday 22.42
NEW YORK – Saturday 01.42
LONDON – Saturday 05.42
DUBAI – Saturday 08.42
HONG KONG – Saturday 12.42
SYDNEY – Saturday 14.42
AUCKLAND – Saturday 16.42

MERCURY IN LIBRA – Until October 17
L.A. – Friday 17.42
NEW YORK – Friday 20.42
LONDON – Saturday 01.42
DUBAI – Saturday 04.42
HONG KONG – Saturday 08.42
SYDNEY – Saturday 10.42
AUCKLAND – Saturday 12.42

L.A. – Friday 17.18
NEW YORK – Friday 20.18
LONDON – Saturday 01.18
DUBAI – Saturday 04.18
HONG KONG – Saturday 08.14
SYDNEY – Saturday 10.14
AUCKLAND – Saturday 12.14


AriesAries/Aries Rising


Time to Mars up and turn ultra Yang – the action planet, your ruler – is in brilliant aspect to a newly direct Pluto. You can now move to regenerate an aspect of your life that you know needs it. Weekend Planning: It is basically an Aquarius Moon and for you, this means heightened everyday zing and the opportunity for enlightening social encounters or depth study.

TaurusTaurus/Taurus Rising


You are only 12 days off Jupiter into your House of Love – your reward for the years of Saturn Hell growth experiences from late 2012 until September 2015. This is going to begin a phase of expansion and tangible luck in all relationships so don’t be seduced by today’s Venus-Neptune nonsense into a long-shot romantic investment or anything delusional/had it.

GeminiGemini/Gemini Rising


Pluto Direct delivers a measure of your power back to you – even if you did not know it had been lost or stolen in the first place. How this occurs may not be the most smooth of experiences but that’s beside the point. Take it, give thanks and reset yourself to be absolutely in the now. Love Vibe signaled today is stronger next week; Venus + Mars + Pluto.

CancerCancer/Cancer Rising


See April until now as a continuum of growth or learning – yes, this most recent Pluto Retrograde was your own personal little underworld journey,, complete with transformation and awareness gained in the shadow realm. Now as Mars + Venus move toward a conjunction next week, you are refining your message. Potential: speed-bonding flash-crush meet-ups.

LeoLeo/Leo Rising


Saturn is your strongest supporter and muse at the moment, by dint of the Time God in synergy with the North Node in Leo. You may blow your own mind with the degree of mature, responsible and disciplined thought process you are now bringing to your everyday but this is going to lend your goal-stalking a whole extra dimension of efficacy.

VirgoVirgo/Virgo Rising


Next week (before the Full Moon on Thurs/Fri) would be a brilliant time to reboot your dating life, generate a higher order of rapport within a relationship or embark on an aesthetic overhaul of your look. It’s Venus-Mars in Virgo, abetted by your ruler Mercury in Libra. Today you enjoy some drastically deep perceptions and possibly genius breakthroughs in work process.

LibraLibra/Libra Rising


If there is any shadow energy lurking in your family of origin – a tricky relative or ancestral secret – you could expect it to trigger today, either in actuality or within your psyche. Thank Uncle Pluto and recall that Pluto-driven days are best met with a stance of authenticity and strength, not a default into old patterns or reactions from a time when you had less power.

ScorpioScorpio/Scorpio Rising


Your ruler Pluto Direct is clarity city – the lucidity is not the kind that dissipates – it is becoming stronger and by next week, you are across a situation, your feelings and every associated dynamic. You can rely on the Aquarius Moon-Mercury in Libra Air energy of the weekend to bring in the desired extra info, dialogue and/or detachment. Don’t bicker with trolls.

SagittariusSaggo/Saggo Rising


Pay attention to money and career signals today. Something new is in the atmosphere and it’s a growing energy. Rather than shunning the input, look to get in on it early. One of the benefits of Saturn in your sign for so long (since late 2014 and until Xmas) is that you’re now a lot more impervious to what other people think. This has freed you to profit and grow.

CapricornCapricorn/Capricorn Rising


Pluto Direct evokes a surge of emotion, like a king tide of your psyche, that leaves you in little doubt where your heart lies. It can also be a psychic release, even as Mercury into Libra helps you make discerning judgements in your handling of difficult situations or complex people. In fact, all October is like a change-over month; new era energy is coming in already.

TaurusAquarius/Aquarius Rising


Take the Moon in Aquarius OFF to process and integrate nothing less than the last seven years. Some scenarios have exhausted their potential and in other cases it is you who has to aerate some stale expectations or accept that particular people are the way they are. Jupiter into Scorpio in a few days time is going to be rad for career, money & reputation

PiscesPisces/Pisces Rising


Venus opposes your ruler Neptune – usually – once a year and it’s normally your cue to get out of Love Zombie habits, e-stalking type “research” or anything with a compulsive, addict energy to it around your love/money life. But this one is accompanied by Pluto Direct: it’s profound and productive for your psyche, albeit melancholy as you let go with a sigh.


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