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I don’t know if it’s all the Pluto energy (I am Scorpio sun, Mercury, Uranus + Aries rising) or if it’s this keyring, but I am literally the GRAND SUMMONER right now.

In the last couple of weeks since I received the Mercury keyring – If I say someones name out loud, or even think about them they pretty much appear where I am within a day or two (often within the hour) whether in a random cafe, I walk past them, or like yesterday they just were randomly AT THE TOP OF A MOUNTAIN.

I saw an old lovers new girlfriend in the supermarket, and even if I look at a celebrity on instagram I end up seeing them down the road (I do live in LA so this celeb sitch isn’t insanely abnormal). And in fact the guy who recently ghosted me on a dating app, I have seen 8 times and now joke that I see him more than my best friends.

I probably figure I should start focussing my energy on what I really want to summon, but in the meantime it is giving my great hysterical laughter during this crazy time.

Any other Scorps or keyring owners having mad summoning skills?

Loulou The Scorpio

I am not a Scorpio but i DO have a Mercurial Key Ring and obviously i am biassed to loving it as i created it and i sell it…but it definitely does something weird. Mercury is pretty potent symbol to have on you and in my experience – i think i have said this – the quality of my everyday interactions has gone up considerably. It’s like they’ve turned from analogue to digital or they’re curated or something.

Example: With the dog the other day at a little park place, i get talking to this woman with a dog and it turned out she had just lost her husband and was in another city, trying to avoid (for obvious reasons) having to go back and sort out the house with all their stuff in it. And somehow, we connected and had this incredible dialogue.

And, solutions seem to be just there, in the ether, waiting to be summoned…whether of dilemmas or mysteries.  What does everyone else think?

Hermes (Mercury) is the god of the unexpected, of luck, of coincidence, of ‘synchronicity.’ The ancient Greeks would say: ‘Hermes has entered our midst,’ whenever a sudden silence had entered the room, descended on conversation and introduced into the meeting another dimension. Whenever things seem fixed, rigid, ‘stuck,’ Hermes introduces fluidity, motion, new beginnings – as well as the confusion which inevitably precedes new beginnings.



Psyche and Eros: Mind and Gender in the Life Course Cambridge University Press

Salvador Dali – Mercury.

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27 thoughts on “Mercury Key Ring Feedback

  1. Leo Sun, Sagg asc+moon, Cancer Mercury in 7th house. I received my key ring last week and yes, I agree to all of this! Just today I wrote in my journal that ‘I’m the queen of summoning right now’. I have to actually be careful of where I focus my thought energy because I don’t want my blocked-everywhere ex to show up in my yard lol.

    But yes, doors opening, job offers rolling in, new friends, acquintances, opportunities, music, fashion… Especially all kinds of events, gigs and gatherings seem to be big. And important people are noticing me. That must be the 7th house magic. And yeah, if a song plays in my head and I open the radio, the same song is quaranteed to be playing. It’s like whatever I think of or wish for is coming my way. Crazy.

    • And yeah, I forgot to add all the Mercurial enerfy I have. Gemini Venus, Virgo Mars and Mercury has the most aspects to Everything in my natal chart. That must boost the energy as well!

    • Def aware of my own power, and also am about as far away from a person who uses magic/spiritual tricks. But DO support mystic and also love the ideas of talismans as a way to be in your own body more, as opposed to a way to grab anything from outside!

  2. Alright, dang it, ORDERED! Mercury is my main man, after all! Sun, Mercury, South Node, Midheaven in Gemini, Virgo rising, and Trickster Makes the World sitting next to my bed. Let the synchronicity begin!

  3. You look after us so well Mystic. Thanks – oceans of happiness. The Mercury key ring, for me, is just a comfort to have. (Sun in Cancer, Moon in Gemini) It is a key ring to live in/with and hope for the magic may pass by from time to time. And for travel, we all need the grace of the Gods, so the key ring might just give us a beautiful safe path.

  4. This is completely unrelated but as a Scorp I have to mention only one more sleep until Jupes in Scorp.
    I feel sad (Chiron square Saturn not helping) that I had to end a friends with benefits fling because I developed feelings and wanted more.
    Reading the comments on the “At What Age Or During What Transit Should Great Sex Get Factored Out?” made me think that maybe I should stop being so intense (ha! like asking a Gemini to stop thinking), detach and appreciate things for what they are. Then I realised Jupes in Scorp – yeah good luck with that!!!! Haha.

  5. Ever since I bought one I’ve been at the whims of the jester…ups and downs, running forward, flitting from idea to idea like a hummingbird. It’s rather spooky.

  6. I’m feeling it too loulou! Mystic sent me the merc keychain as a lovely contest prize.
    I think I even mentioned in the last blog post that the last two weeks have feat. men of the past strongly…I decided it was astro weirding indicating a goodbye to all that- the tides (Jupiter on Scorpio Asc) pulling me elsewhere. A final Jupiter 12 h cleanse of the past. Manifest away!!!!

  7. Hi Loulou: I, too, am Sun, Mercury Scorpio with Aries rising (also have Venus and Neptune in Scorpio). I completely agree with your plan of harnessing the key ring for intentional magic and not random stuff. I have the key ring too, and attached a pineapple fob to it to remind me of a recent trip I took to Hawaii with my family of 4. After we arrived in Hawaii I realized we had several thousand dollars less than had planned (I’ll spare you the boring deets) yet the universe came through and we found $$ in mysterious places. The key ring and pineapple fob are connected – I hope the key ring comes through for you with $$ and blessings!!!

    • That is cute to match it with your pineapple! So glad you had a great trip – can’t imagine how expensive things get with a big family ❤️

  8. Update:
    I went away for the weekend to the desert to a bachelorette, whilst there received a text from a very old friend (who lives in nyc) saying she had travelled over to the desert to recover from surgery and is there any chance I could make the trip over from LA to see her. I was like wellll as it happens I am HERE – she sent me her address and she was staying on the next block! Very sweet synchronicity ❤️

  9. Virgo Sun/Virgo Moon here and I’ve always been good at manifesting. However, since this magic landed on my doorstep, it all manifests practically instantly but definitely by the end of the day. Things like really hard-to-get work-related things will happen and just in general my life has been good and blessed since this ring became part of my life. Like everything MM touches, it’s marinated in magic and amazingness. THANK YOU, MM!

  10. Your testimony just ‘forced’ me to order 1 after taking a sip of my 1st cup of coffee for the day which says a lot!! I’m a Scorp Sun (Sag rising & mostly Scorp everywhere else in my chart) & didn’t think this could do a thing for me. However, how can I not try & see what may manifest for me, too? Can’t wait to get it!

    • Let me know! I definitely just finding it to be a nice charm for communication confidence – and these sweet synchronicities too

  11. I think even Hermes themself (hirself?) would appreciate this kind of rap! Mystic you must be working some good magic into this.
    One of my fave deities… I’m sorted for key-rings at the moment (Mine are all vehicles in various formats, hahaha) but I’m keeping an eye on my options.

    Also this book looks fascinating and (ahem) very timely for some thing i am doing! thank you for linking MM

  12. Mercury in Leo in 10th here (with Gemini Moon and Saturn sitting on my 3rd). Loving this! I am curious how this would manifest for me, but a bit wary of the unintended effects. I wouldn’t want to exacerbate my tendency to get high strung easily.

  13. I haven’t even received mine yet, and it seems like it’s already working! I’ve a great stroke of luck with doors opening for me exactly when I needed them to.

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