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The core competency of Libra is linked to the trait that they are most derided for, their indecision. But behind the the tendency of this sign to not make up their mind at Warp Speed, is an ability to truly detach and properly consider all aspects of a scenario, sans bias.

It is not so much that everything needs to be balanced with them, as that their own internal cognitive measure won’t be still until all angles have been considered. This makes them massively effective executives and negotiators. But their refusal to ‘take sides’ can infuriate more obdurate types or people with little Air in their astral make-up.

Sure, maybe the Libra or Libra Rising persona won’t automatically align with your cause or mirror your outrage at whatever-it-was back at you. But you can sure as hell trust their counsel.

Image; Salvador Dali – Libra

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43 thoughts on “The Major Strength Of Libra…

  1. Pluto Direct has brought me piles of crap. On Friday as soon as Pluto turned direct I heard I have rheumatism. I’m 24 years old so that’s kinda bummer. Then I got fired from my job by my asshole boss who has been looking for reasons to fire me for weeks. And then I got to see this skateboarding movie I was in. And I look like shit. Plus all my friends are acting up. And I finally broke all contact with my ex. It’s like a kick in your stomach. Pluto. Sigh.

    But the only way to get around Pluto is to change and grow so that’s what I’m going to do. Feelings detached, setting my sight in time 6 months from this when I’ll be thanking myself for pulling trough.

    Back to the topic – I love Librans. My best friend is a Libra and I think they are the official ‘cool kids’. Sure all Air signs are super cool but Librans… They just do it better!

  2. This is the first time I’ve seen our ‘consider all angles’ attribute cast as a strength, not a weakness. Thanks for that Mystic. Its thought provoking. I think others often see our desire to see all sides as a sign of weakness and of a mind easily swayed when in fact its the opposite really. Our mind, once set on a path, is set indeed. I mirror TripleL sentiment that our whim of steel is anything but whimsical.

  3. I think you’re right in that they DO make up their minds—but not in a hurry and not until they’ve carefully considered all angles.

    The iron fist in the velvet glove…it’s quite enviable actually.

    • I’ve learned a lot about negotiation watching my Libra/Scorp cusp boss and my boyfriend. They consider everyone’s point of view but when they make a decision they’re fully committed. Their strong sense of fairness keeps them from getting taken advantage of I think.

      Also they’re so charming they don’t offend people when they enforce rules/ask for what they want but they do enforce them using that sense of justice and make sure their needs are met.

  4. Mmm yes it is a major strength. My Irish twin is Libra rising so I’ve had a life time of debating between various choices re: clothing, actitivities, people. It makes me super impatient bc my Scorpness is like charge on and my Pisces says just go by intuition or magic. She always does make the winning choice though in retrospect. That and eats everyone else’s food bc she can’t decide (Taurus sun).
    I have libra in 11th so surrounded by them friendwise. They do give good advice and can navigate a convo past just emotions helpfully to see the whole scene.

  5. Ha, maybe my SN in Libra (4th house) carries more weight than I think sometimes? Don’t know… I’ve been mulling over whether to rent a new clinic space. It’s really too expensive, but I’m looking at all possibilities on how to make it work. The person who would be renting to me seems quite impatient, although that’s not so much to do with me, as she got back in touch with me about it just a couple days after showing it to me, which felt too soon for me, but anyway…..I realize I don’t like to be rushed into making decisions and have a hard time making quick decisions. I’ve also been in a holding pattern of indecision about a career change for at least a year now…..can’t decide, can’t commit….
    I’ve got nothing else in Libra and I’m Aqua Sun/Merc. Most of my chart is earth and water, by element, though.

  6. LOL, a (triple Sun/Mars mega Aries/Leo) ex of mine used to impatiently urge me to (and I quote) “Make a decision, even if it’s a wrong one!” 😀

    Contrast and compare with Libra-on-Libra: “What do you want do?” “I dunno, what do YOU wanna do?” Where do you want to go for dinner? I don’t know, what do YOU want to eat?” 😛

    Welcome to Planet Libra, everyone – we’ll always take your wants and needs into account, but sometimes we’re a bit slow to pull the trigger because of this.

    I regularly cede small, trivial things because it really doesn’t matter to me where I am or what I’m doing as long as I’m with someone I love. Most of the time when it comes to mundane stuff, I just don’t feel strongly enough one way or the other to make it a big deal and I genuinely enjoy seeing others happy so letting the other party be the deciding factor/have their way works out just fine. The bigger things get negotiated. One of the perks of having a Libra in your life is you’ll not catch us making unilateral decisions and we’ll always consult our Significant Other – if we love you, your opinions, wants, and needs genuinely matter to us and we’ll take them into fair account before doing something that affects the both of us. We’re a very considerate species.

    As to not taking sides, yeah no – I’m waaaay too Venus/Pluto for that! If I love you I am fiercely, passionately loyal. If you need someone to show up at 3:00am with a bodybag and a shovel, I’m your Huckleberry. That’s the kind of love I offer – when the shit hits the fan/things get ugly, you will never have to question whether or not I’ll be there for you in a crisis. If someone treats you wrong, they’re basically dead to me – I am a staunch ally and do not play both sides, nor do I avoid sticking up for my nearest & dearest. On the few occasions where two people I loved were feuding, I’ve used my diplomatic skills as a mediator to restore unity.

      • Haha, I had no idea that read like some kind of sales pitch! 😛 But darling, before you make your decision you should know that you haven’t stuck around long enough to hear the less-than-sterling sides of this combo. I promise all the above is true, but in the interest of fair disclosure (and we Leebs are nothing if not fair) there definitely *are* ugly sides to this energy. If you want to all your demons to come out to play in a relationship, simply date a Venus/Pluto. Plus side: It’s easier to exorcise them once they’re flushed out of hiding. Downside: If you don’t want to buckle in for an intense, cathartic, and possibly draining transformative partnering experience, this is not the ride for you – don’t say you weren’t warned. 😉 If looking at your own and others’ shadow/crap/dysfunction flips you out, you’ll definitely want to avoid this scenic little tour of Relationship Hades altogether.

        What you get out of a Venus/Pluto partnershipship will be directly proportional to the investment you make in consecrating your heart. Run from your relationship shadows and they will consume you. Embrace them and they will pay dividends in the form of illumination and healthy renewal – Plutonic energy can allow us to work safely with toxic substances without destroying ourselves or others. We transmute; that’s what we do. It’s relationship alchemy; turning the all the psychological lead in our heart into pure gold.

        • Honey, you are preaching to the choir: Im Venus/Pluto as well 🙂

          Maybe I need another V/P native that understands my own intensity and is thus able to truly *see* me? Of course it will require both of us to be evolved and willing to evolve further together. But isnt that the point of enlightened relationship anyway? 🙂

          • There is a post on here somewhere called Outer Planet People – i will link to it later – but quickly (as i am busy working on the Tarot) i think that if you are Venus-Pluto, you need someone with Pluto also hard-wired into an inner planet – so a Pluto-Sun, Pluto-Moon, Pluto-Mercury, Pluto-Venus or Pluto-Mars person…

            • Makes sense. I went to go visit a reader awhile back and he told me(when asking about my love realm), that I scare men away. Funny to say because lately Ive been attracting lots of legit type guys like men in health, law, finance, etc. and my thought was you cant really be a wilting flower if you are in those professions. So attraction happens yes quite a bit, but not anything substantial beyond that. A man that can stand up to me (not in a defensive way, but I mean, standing his own ground comfortabley) is a keeper, he says. Its flattering to hear, but also make me feel like a monster at the same time haha.

              For what its worth, my dog isnt scared of me even though hes a boy 😛

          • Enlightened relationship is key. Being evolved and evolving *together* is the crux of it; stagnation = death.

    • You’ve described my boyfriend so well. I pick most meals and activities, he consults me if he’s making plans, super-amazingly thoughtful, he loves saying “whatever you want, dear” and manages to make it sound sincere versus cheesy or sarcastic.

      He is super open-minded and philosophical on some things but if he thinks people are treating others/loved ones/any animal badly it’s war (8th house mars in Leo and Pluto conjunct Sun and Jupiter).

    • That last paragraph is me too. My Venus Mars Pluto conjunct is trine Saturn in Earth houses. Turboed by my Cancer Scorp trines. I’d die for my beloved. I beat the shit out of kid who kicked a soccer ball that was being headed by my daughter. She hit the ground….and so did he.
      Was it right to do that? Prob not.
      Was it my daughter? Too right it was.

  7. When l found out what the NN meant and that mine is Libra l was like …what??? I find it really hard to ‘think’ Libra. I feel extra torn with a Sun & Uran 1H / Moon 7H. Plus the Nodes are Sq my Asc/Dsc.

    I’ve got two bros that are Librans and my Toro and Sagg bros and me used to punch em out because they were soft. The one who has a Toro Moon has developed “whims of steel” as MM so succinctly put it. But Sagg Moon one is still as non-committal & evasive as ever.

    I have a really good Libran friend who has an Aqua Moon. He got me to do my first Astro roast 10 months ago. He eMCeed it with aplomb.

    The Musicians are fab. J Lennon, B Springsteen, S Blasko, J Mellencamp, J Browne. And my all-time fave sportsman is Ian Chappell who was a real worker of ppl getting the best out of his teams thru dedication to the team ethos.

    • libra plays nice with others. in spending time with each person, and building a relationship, they come to know who brings what to the table, in winning people’s trust then they win cooperation, then can be knitted into something much greater than could be wrought alone. that 1 + 1 => infinity seems like a libra life-goal to me. or libra magic. whether it’s dinner with friends, schmoozing the next lover or brokering world peace, how or where that’s used, probably depends on a lot of things.

      • Me to a T!

        Quadruple Virgo with Mars in Libra and yup, this is both my Achilles’ heel and my greatest strength. I’ve gotten more zen with this trait as I get older but I always admire those people who can make a lightening fast decision, no ifs ands or buts about it and move ahead with no regrets. “More will be revealed” has become my motto. I’ve learned to focus on other things. Sometimes letting the universe decide is the best decision.

  8. I completely agree, Mystic. A decision made **in consultation with** a Libran-infused person is very likely to be a decision that can be – at the very least – justified, backed up, and said to be thought through, even if only from the perspective that the other-options were at the very least, brought into mind before being dismissed by the decision maker. Multilateralism rulz. The United Nations is a Libra. Even the harshest-at-interpersonal-relationships (boy, do they exist) Libra will have a built in ‘argument’ rebalancing mechanism in their chosen profession ( = law, in my experience, lol).

    • Also, decisiveness is over-rated. Libra wants what will make everyone happy. To ignore or dismiss a view or person (or group) out of hand is very un-libran. maybe?

      • no wait sorry not quite right. whenever I think of libra I don’t think of playboy bunnies or men in pink shirts. I actually have in mind tough-minded negotiators who will absolutely not budge until everyone has had their say and it has been listened to. For example, Padraig O’Malley, was for a long time a sought-after independent operator who specialised in resolving intractable violent international (or national) conflict. There’s a documentary about him called The Peacemaker. He’s amazing and dedicated. Birth date I can’t find unfortunately (1942),I would put money on a Libra stellium or at the v least a massive 7th house.
        Anywhere I see ‘conflict resolution’ I think ‘Libra’.

    • god i am going on !! sorry :\
      the thing with haute Libra action is, you have to set aside your ego (Aries soul-challenge!) to merge with the greater good.
      [crowd drones in unison … “the greater good!” ]
      This is the calling into the interpersonal houses! I think.
      ok i’ll stop now.

  9. man, as a Libra … i have infuriated more people in my lifetime by offering “devil’s advocate” scenarios to whatever they are discussing than i can even begin to count. it’s just how my brain works, and it’s like a compulsion to share it. but people do not usually wish to hear it. they want yes wo/men to pat them on the back and say rah rah bravo great idea … i just can’t not say, “yeah, but …”

    i still have to work on turning this into a benefit, rather than just always being the last person at dinner to order because the menu makes me paralytic.

    • It is lovely to talk out a dilemma with a Libran! Librans don’t tell you what to do, but discuss ideas, and let you get on with it.

      Of course, that is a Libran audience benefit 🙂

    • Lol… Libran partner’s fave thing to say to me in an argument is “I know, but….” it does drive me bonkers but he’s also the best person to talk to when trying g to under someone else’s side of a situation I’m struggling with.

    • Lol… Libran partner’s fave thing to say to me in an argument is “I know, but….” it does drive me bonkers but he’s also the best person to talk to when trying to understand someone else’s side of a situation I’m struggling with. I’m a fan.

      • Agreed here as well. Had a Libran ex. Overall the best partner Ive been with. The only thorn with that one was that he didnt really have a backbone, in situations that were important to put on a united front as a couple. He was so tuned into the opinions of others that it sometimes felt like I was in a relationship with everybody he knew… it was ok until a certain point and then grew toxic, inevitably.

        But yes I love a partner to bounce perspectives off of – and no one does it as elegantly as Librans in my experience – but I prefer one who knows where his priorities truly are in the relationship.

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