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The Moon is Exalted in Taurus and there IS something so grounding and reassuring about this Moon, always. Part of my current take on it  = new linen (LINEN!) sheets, baking scones (WTF?) Blade Runner 2049 AND talking to my Sagittarius developer about a multi-currency option* on the site.

Another beautiful aspect of this Moon is how it can inspire us to re-stabilize, under think where we have been over thinking and draw psychic peace or ease from just the basics. Taurus Vibe always works best when you’re minding your own turf.

Even in complex scenarios – and I KNOW from my in-box that some of you are trying to decipher the most strange romantic fuqery since this Full ‘Relationship’ Moon – the Taurus Moon counsels old-style creature comforts, self-adequacy and nobody allowed in your ‘pasture’ without mutual respect.

So how is YOUR Taurus Moon?

*This has always been desirable but tricky as in it can slow load time, which would be a pain for all of us. BUT now that i have invested (another Taurus concept) in literally the best server possible, it is hopefully going to be a thing.


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55 thoughts on “Luna In Taurus

  1. Synchronicity: had a chat with a dancer-friend this morning about boundaries and rest. This evening, in search of a nearby cafe after running an errand, I found myself along a road called Boundary Street – at a cafe called Take A Break! Had a coffee under a huge mural of Kwan Yin and drafted (downloaded?) a new conceptual blueprint for a book manuscript I’ve been struggling to finish all year. Oh and on my way to the train station from the cafe, I chanced upon a small shop that sold handmade soaps and lotions – bought a bottle of mugwort-infused coconut oil and two bars of avocado and myrtle soap. The Taurus Moon is caressing my natal Chiron (which is square my overworked Aquarian Mercury and Scorpio Ceres) rn.

        • I’d provide info on the brand but unfortunately, except for the names of the products on the little signs – it’s all in Chinese (which I don’t understand)! I don’t even know the name of the shop, lol. It truly felt like a random gift from the universe.

  2. This moon hits my natal 3rd/4th house so I often end up spending time (ie just hanging out and eating confort food) with my mom (taurus sun), grandmothers (pisces/aqua with mars/saturn in taurus) or childhood friends (taurus sun/rising or second house sun folks).

    Today in particular, I’m off to see the pisces grandma, hopefully she’ll feel better enough for tea a few days after her first chemo session.

  3. Mmmmm, good scones are AWESOME! Bad ones from those questionable fast-food “bakers” (and I use that term very loosely) just wind up being dry bricks – homemade is the only way to go in my book. People who hate them just haven’t been exposed to a properly made example – savory or sweet, it’s ALL good! Zucchini & manchego is pretty much life-altering on its own but if you make it a breakfast sandwich component you probably won’t need to eat anything else until dinner. Then there are the sweet ones; lemon-lavender, cranberry-orange, or (my personal fave) dark chocolate cacao & dried cherry. I’m not a Taurus but I do love good food and spending time in the kitchen <3

  4. I’m going for a long walk in nature tomorrow, well out of the city and somewhere I haven’t been before. I really need it.
    I have a young Taurus rising niece who is the best scone baker in the universe 🙂

  5. linen sheets are the fricken business, the fact that they almost need to be worn in is testament to their quality and value. there are different kinds of linens … Top buck (usually the Italians) gets you sheets that you could probably leave to someone in your will, the’re so nice hahahah

    • True, true! This year I bought linen sheets that have a 50 year guarantee. By the looks and feels they can easily last double the quarantee time. Must add them to my will!

      • I left good sheets in the washing machine 2 weems ago. I drove back to the coast (800kms) and when l got there l remembered them!!!

        They smelt a bit musty just now. So l washed them and they come up roses.
        (I gotta S8; new toy)

          • A weem is a unit of time whose specifics are irrelevant; it is the result of that time that is the important factor. Mouldering sheets needing a re-wash might have been languishing or two days or two weeks, but the thing – in this
            case – is the re-wash, not the measure of time.

            “Never in a thousand weems”
            He shouted over his shoulder, as he took off in a cloud of dust

            doesn’t really sound sexy or poetic though. hmm

            • maybe in that case, a weem can only exist in the singular/ the general. rather than the specific.

              i need a life


  6. idk, the moon is transiting my natally empty 8th, and i am feeling the opposite of grounded and reassured. i almost walked out on my job impulsively yesterday, my eyes hurt from crying and i am starting to wonder if this is what a major depressive episode feels like. i’m looking for cheap RVs to buy so i can stuff my cat and i in one and leave all the bullshite behind. this does not feel like scones and linen sheets.

    tho i have been doing a lot of comfort eating and am currently hiding out in bed. it’s 10:18 am. i may not leave all day. i have zero phuqs to five today.

    i just don’t see how this aligns at all. 🙁

    • Hugs CleverUserID xxxx
      it’s not just the toro moon out there. still some drag from the full moon and plenty of other happenings to flip a switch. maybe you’re dealing with some psychic fallout as part of this?
      staying in bed all day is just fine!

      • thanks Pi. definitely been a luna-tic week all the way around. I’m pretty sure the “blood” moon in aries against my Libra sun sets up an energetic of opposition on many levels. i’m usually pretty chill with the full moons, it’s the dark moons that make me nutty. but this one? i could practically feel my cells vibrate.

        i’m no expert, but i feel like mars and venus currently transiting my 12th is making me extra … yeah …. i was literally fine a week ago, so maybe it’s something else. whatever it is, i hope it’s a fast moving planet and it passes out of wherever it is soon.

          • Oh gosh, hadn’t noticed this is coming up. I’m dealing with my Chiron return right now (bad enough) and now with Saturn squaring into it…..maybe this is also why I’ve been feeling so crappy lately….. sorry to barge in on your thread, CleverUserID, but I can relate….

            • no intrusion at all, i learn from everyone who posts here. sorry to hear you’re going through challenging times. i hadn’t been aware at the time, but my chiron return … oy it all makes so much sense now. idk how many degrees +/- equals an official return, but chiron is still transiting my natal 6th in pisces so that’s gotta add some wallop … just send up a flare when it’s safe to come out. honestly i have been kinda sideways but fine since the eclipse, but this last week… jeeez

          • oh goodness. time to dig that bunker … but seriously like i said to someone today. people have been nuts, muggle people. and i am SO grateful for this community and you MM, … knowing what the heavens are doing truly helps deal with the energies … for all those people out there who have no idea why they are reenacting mad max on the freeway … ?? sheesh, i just want to give them all free memberships here, it’s like a balm, we may still feel the burn, but the understanding goes so far in managing how we move through it all xoxoxox

          • Everything about this description sounded like me on a weekly basis for the last…god, 6 months? Chiron transit squared my Sagittarian 12th rising stuff, which Saturn transitting has (ground to dust) polished to a lustre. I have needed help getting through. Take your chill time when you can, and try super hard not to self guilt over it, or feel anything is irreversible. Avoid people where possible, and do even loved peeps in small doses, like medicine (if you get hypersensitive, like i do.) Great if part of what you do is manage muggles (fuqers be fqin!)…over the worst here i think but waiting for my faith to come back strong, possibly next year. Pisces/Sag: missing my faith. It happens, lovely, and it is about you but it isn’t your fault, if that makes sense.

            • makes perfect sense!!! and yes, the whole work deal was about dealing with muggles and their phuquery, if i could just sit in the corner and do my job id be fine. it’s the PEOPLE, so self care and blanket fort. i’m still in bed. my cat thinks this is divine. i told my BF to stay home. no weekend visit. he was not amused, but … sometimes hiding out is the best possible thing, i really needed to heal my aura or something and hypersensitive is an understatement. now if only my neighbors would stfu. this has been a weird year for sure … especially the last 6 months, here’s to next year and the restoration of faith!

              • I hibernated most of the weekend too… needed it to restore my centre. Spent a lot of time without my BF also – needed to sleep alone. The Saturn-Chiron square has been punishing me all year.

        • Practically feel cells vibrate – omg yes! Like accidentally touching a live light globe socket… For 3 days continuously 0_0
          Multi Libra multi Virgo boss was practically emitting smoke, was so strung out. Poor creature. Pisces me realised I needed to at least consciously try to defuse from the vibe so as not to sponge it up. One night my heart was doing the very irregular hoppy-butterflies anxiety beat – engage parasympathetic nervous system w very conscious, slow, deep breathing… Took some work but calmed down and fell asleep eventually. In conclusion: WHOA.!!


          • i hate that you understand how this feels, but i feel better knowing it’s not just me and this too shall pass. i’m feeling a little more myself today. hopefully i’ll be fit for human consumption come monday. it would be really inconvenient for me to lose this job right now. yes, breathing, very important. maybe i should lay off the heavy metal in my ear buds at word for a bit just to be safe …

    • You are a Libra and our gal Venus was/is HARD UP – she’s currently Fallen, coarsened by a continuous grating against Mars, and besieged by Saturn. If Venus is ordinarily the Belle of the Ball, THIS Venus particular Venus be like:

      That is enough to put any Libra out of sorts (totally just dated myself with that In Living Color reference, but IDC). And FYI, that last Full Moon did just reactivate the December 2014 Zap Zone hit – ZZ vibe will definitely short circuit your ability to GAF and your adrenals might be severely fatigued, so rest is good. Watch the aspects your ruler makes to other transiting planets – it’s often a more reliable energetic barometer overall for what’s going on in your world vs. just the Moon. I’m sensitive to Venus too, and while I’m not in “kill me now” mode, it is a drab and tedious feeling overall that is decidedly Not Fun. I do hope the clip above manages to elicit at least small chuckle from you and the depressive, pressure-laden, pessimistic vibe lifts once that square between Venus & Saturn passes and the Moon moves off to your 9th House – up, up & away! <3 xoxo

      • that clip was awesome!!! thank you! great tips for watching the ruler aspects … there’s SO much to look out for. helps to prioritize, makes my virgo ascendant happy. 🙂

        here’s top the 9th house!! huzzah!!

  7. Resting, a lot. And going to do some cooking, listen to music, and be with my plants and out in Nature. I’m like this all the time, though. Love Taurus energy. I’m wondering if I have Taurus rising, not Crab. Like, maybe they wrote the time down wrong on my birth certificate. Entirely possible… The only object I have in Taurus is Lilith, in the 11th house.

    • So, I’m really resting tonight, feeling tired. I gave in to the feeling lonely/but not social feeling, tried to make plans all day as there are a lot of super social things going on in the city this weekend, but it’s 8pm on a Saturday night and I’m in my undies wrapped in a soft blanket on my couch alone and listening to podcasts, reading…. I did my food shopping today so tomorrow I will cook, some comfort food at that, been eating a lot of cheese the last day or so, not usual……… I guess I’m doing the toro moon more than I even thought I would.

      • thanks for this perspective, i guess i am doing it too, in bed, resting, napping, self care, comfort food. i guess scones and linen sheets are the fancy toro moon and i am doing the budget deal.

        sounds like you are having a lovely weekend. mmmm cheese! 🙂

      • I’ve also been doing cheese since yesterday… not usual for me either. But it’s been nice as a small treat. Dealing with a difficult family member who projects all of their failures onto me when I’m the reason they’ve been living better than what was waiting for them after foreclosure. And I got a neptunian path littered with deception, manipulation, broken promises… every sort of abuse that exists. Now I’m standing up for myself and taking a lot of ridiculously unnecessary heat for it, but it needs to be done… Goddess I would love some stability, peace and *gasp* kindness re family unit, but had a harsh realization that they will never be able to meet me at that place. Finally realized that they aren’t my real family, there’s no way we are remotely related. I’ve been pouring my love and patience into opportunistic strangers. Harsh truths, but hey I can’t expect anything different when Saturn is involved, right? At this point I see Saturn as more of a relation than the beings that call themselves my family members. Like, I straight up love, respect and appreciate everything difficult he’s taught me in the last couple years; that’s way more love than what “family” has burdened me with my entire life… Realizing this really made me feel homesick. I really don’t feel like I belong here.

        Anyways, sorry for the random rant… the cheese helps. It’s my only pleasure at the moment. Ty for listening and thx to Toro moon.

        • Apparently cheese has tryptophan in it which converts to serotonin, so I think it is the ultimate comfort food because it can help lift the mood.

          Sorry you’re having so much ongoing trouble with family members, Starbaies. I am completely estranged from my family because I couldn’t take it anymore. It’s been 12 years since I really talked to my father. I think do whatever it takes to get you some peace and sanity.

  8. My Full Moon was chill. I scored a new job and everything was easy-breezy thanks to my new phone number so no text frenzy from idiotic ex lovers. I did have an impulse to sleep with this one guy but of course I didn’t because Saturn is my friend these days. The Taurus moon has been like it too. A horse show, an art exhibition, a big nap, good thoughts. Did lottery for the first time in my life. Tomorrow I’m planning on to do NOTHING. It’s a bliss!

  9. Full moon saw me completely wired for Thursday and Friday. Had to take several walks in an effort to diffuse the energy. Woke up Saturday in a different space and smiled when I realised it was Toro moon.
    I have taken to baking again. Found a reicipe for banana bread which I’ve modified to have spelt flower, blueberries and no added sugar. Similarly a recipe for orange cake although some honey is needed here.
    Next on my list is beetroot bread.
    I was a demon scone maker as a child. Agree that home made is the best.

  10. Art opening last night. Cleaned the space and put wisteria in a vase to decorate. Today yoga, laundry, cleaning and tidying my house. And lots of reading and rest. Perfect Taurus moon 🙂

  11. Washed linen sheets yesterday with a hot water n detergent concoction. Every time I half woke I could smell them and thought mmm clean sheets. Today I am mowing the lawn/turf. And nothing else is planned. A taurus!

  12. Natally I have Taurus Moon and Rising: This weekend I’m cleaning my apartment, sticking to my low-carb resolutions, and reading. Got a manicure and replenished vitamins that I was low on. The energy feels deeply restorative after a hectic week.

  13. Currently lying on my couch after a longggg river walk and stop to get tacos. Feeling relaxed. I want some fancy sheets!!! Yes to astro romance weirding I have briefly encountered at least 5 males of the past this week. But it feels like I’m saying goodbye to all that hello Jupiter in Scorpville. Liking this Tauro moon but it is hard to feel motivated…

  14. I love the random synchronicity. I also went out and bought beautiful new red cotton linens earlier this week (drawn to them while looking for a replacement white set), and am going to see Blade Runner tonight! No scones though. Last weekend I decided on doing a run of the Whole 30 eating plan, with the intention being to make it an official clean start. Loving it! Having fewer choices feels so light and refreshing. I am also on a spending diet as I am saving up for a trip to Thailand in January. Again, having fewer options is feeling like a treat. Instead, I am enjoying studying for my anatomy class this semester, indulging in Pilates at least 5 days a week, and culling my closet of items that belonged to the former me. Feeling goooooood!!

  15. Brunched on Eggs Bennie with old friends and talked and talked

    Now amnlazy and ready for the Virgo opp Neptune in Pisces Version of comfort eating – comfort old movie while on the couch with yoga pants on

  16. Tauras moon yay just conjunct my north node feeling like resting first time in one month stayed still as housing issues.
    Tauras moon is my favourite i usually score a nice dress at a garage sale .best time ever to get a body scrub and massage. Wish i coukd go bali but cause of volcano uncdrtainy ( it has to go of in nov right?) Perps are going to tauras ruled thailand. Lucky them i jyst want somewhere to live but it isnt hapoenng so compromising myself.

    I am in short term accom & it started of as an air bnb. I didnt check the two flatmates charts out till i was too exhausted with chronic fatigue to escape. Basically im not compatible with either of them so had to cross reference hard to find something in common.
    It was the virgo effect
    Me a few virgo
    Landowner moon in virgo
    & tenant who been away a leo with moon in gemini mars virgo. Mars is in virgo now & i noticed as she has mars there she literally on computer morning till night as she works from home so cant relax here burnt out. But mars in virgo now had me busy cleanong & doing washing. In the end chinese astrology makes it simple.
    I am horse she ox it just too tense

  17. It was rad…frustrating at firs but then rad

    I also think the taurus moon is good for buying attractive (yet comfortable) underwear at a good price

  18. ZEN was the word – felt it to the core – as a Kataka Stellium (sun-moon-asc). I needed this moon SO BAD after a couple of weeks of triggering – pluto-ish vibe ignited with a huge dash of agro/big fire energy in my realm, was feeling mega-rattled and had been trying to reclaim my calm for two weeks. I guess I need to take this on board – go to a taurean/venusion (earthy,grounding,sensual, artistic?) touchstone, when I have gone to watery jelly and am stuck in the psychic realms. music, massage, food… This is very TCM five-element stuff (earth controls water!)

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