Lilith And The Magical Talismans

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Lilith – the Libra Cat – with Magical Talismans.

I got this epic email to affirm delivery of the Wealth Wallet + Mercurial Key Ring after a tracking mishap and it came with a bonus goo-goo cat picture!

Dear Mystic,

I’m pleased to announce that my stunning new wallet and key chain were at my door in New Orleans waiting for me when I got home! I haven’t had them in my possession for more than 10 minutes and I already FEEL rich and revered! The whole feel of both the key chain and wallet is very very Venusian.. sensual and orgasmic actually!! I am blown away by the quality of packaging and presentation. The key chain is the perfect weight.. not too light and not too heavy. I

It just feels soOo good (I’ve never felt this way about a key chain before!). 😍 And the wallet is sooo soft and supple and cozy. Just having it in my hands makes me feel warm, wealthy and blessed! They both have a healthy, powerful resonant vibration. I’ve felt very attracted to these two items since their very first appearance on your site and I’m elated to finally have them join me in my personal experience. I can already sense some mercurial + money miracles and I’m uber excited right now!!!! Thanks so much and here’s another confirmation of your awesome.

-Validity from Venus


AND FYI: someone asked me on Facebook whether or not the Mercurial Key Ring could turn up at “a third of the price” in some Chinese market. I am actually quite miffed at that. It is not like i bought these off whatever that Chinese E-bay is called. I worked with my Taurus designer – who has extensive experience in major luxury name brands and was able to connect me to the places that make those brands (that i cannot name) and get them to make these for me, via his connections.

I input the magic obviously, as i have no expertise in design or luxury quality things, and i control freaked the symbols, magical references and proportions – even of the alloy used in key ring and wallet – exhaustively. I lost money sending back a batch of the wallets as the prosperity Qi coins were facing the wrong way up. The initiation of various stages was done at precisely auspicious planetary moments and even the thread was obsessed over with my Feng Shui master.  So obviously pirates and thieves exist – my content gets ripped off constantly – but no these were not just picked off some naff website.

And, i am developing the Venusian Bra Charm with an Aquarius jeweler. This is also taking ages because when you are trying to blend elements of astrology, Feng Shui, alchemy and numerology AND make something that is comfortable + vibes right – not naff – it is not simple. And the Venusian Bra Charm needs to be artisan as nothing exists like it AND of course, this drives the cost up…which needs to be thought about.

Meanwhile, happy Moon in Leo and how stunning is Lilith the Libra Cat?!

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35 thoughts on “Lilith And The Magical Talismans

  1. I am beyond excited to have finally ordered the wealth wallet and mercury key chain with my quarterly bonus funds! I could not think to make this purchase on credit. Happy belated birthday to me.

  2. I have a question for all you lovelies that have the keychain already: I have four major planets in Gemini, including Mercury. I have noticed that when there’s a ton of Gem happenin’, I have trouble holding it together. I super love the keychain (cos it’s gorgeous) but am concerned that it will just amplify all my Gemini and send me spiraling out of whack.
    How does the keychain work with your Mercury placement? And how do you feel, now that you’ve purchased and it is working in your daily life?

  3. The naysayer chinese ebay dude OBVI didn’t buy one…


    and intrigued by the bra charm!

  4. Disagree Kimiann. Mystic is growing her business in a very cool way. The funds from sales and subscriptions go back into her business – and you know, feed and educate her family. Personally I love where she’s heading.

    • Also disagree. I have not been in a position to support as much as i would like, but i find the wording about the products shows excited healthy pride in the making of them, and i never feel less welcome when i cannot contribute more. In fact, i feel really supported in a cool way here, uplifted at times. Mystic shares enough of herself that i know full well anything i can spend will benefit real people, and a real family.

      Mystic does really good modelling of money as an energy: you thank good services with your hard-earned shekels. And it’s personal, not a giant faceless entity.

  5. I would love to purchase the wallet and keychain!! I don’t have the funds to do that right now– you kinda turn the site into an ad campaign when you say you want to stay ad free

  6. Hey mystic, I hope these come out soon? Like before the end of year party season kicks off. I need all the good luck charms I can get! Haha

  7. I received my keychain this week (thank you, Mystic!), and I think it’s beautiful! Fitting that I am a Mercury in Gemini, and my way with words garnered me this lovely little object. I guess it’s my cue to keep going.

  8. i do loooove love love the wallet! i am so pleased i got one immediately–i can’t imagine now having said no to it! it feels incredible, is SO stunning and quality, and opens/closes with ease. my stuff feels safe inside. i carry your words with me throughout the day, mystic, and it’s such a treat to possess a tangible creation of yours! can’t wait to see how the bra charm turns out xx

  9. Just bought my key ring SO excited

    Next up is the wealth wallet, hoping my talisman will help me manifest the funds I need for it –

    Bra charm? YES

  10. Ordered the mercury key ring for my birthday this week. Virgo rising so mercury chart ruler and my car keeps breaking down. Can’t wait for it to arrive,
    What will the bra charm do? This Libra dying to know.

  11. Would this be a wired bra or more a bralette thing?

    I have a weird size that most companies don’t make so I will prob sit this one out.

  12. My cat was obsessed with the Wealth Wallet when it 1st arrived. I think she loved the leather smell. She just wouldn’t leave it alone.

    Very interested in bra charm; can’t wait for a post with more details!

  13. I would be very interested in what the bra charm is meant to do. I love the idea, but it would depend on the kind of energy it is meant for.

    Also, EW to the person who thinks that little of you, that they’d say something like that. There are people who have no concept of integrity, and that says more about them than you.

  14. Omg so excited for bra charms! I have only ever truly felt sisterhood with women who carry crystals, talismans and other powerful/meaningful objects in their bra. There are so few I come across where I live. I remember in a new workplace I once reached up for something on a shelf and my crystal fell out of my bra. I very sheepishly picked it up and mumbled some excuse, only to have all of the other women start reaching into their bras and pulling out all of their various crystals and medicine bags. Lol.

    • That is sweet! I totally cannot imagine this happening in my workplace. Although one colleague does share wise sayings from her culture at just the right times, and i always thank her and remember to put the impact of her words to me in writing to her (it seems a little less cheesy than verbally, and we’re both fairly blunt cheery and too-busy-to-engage as work personae, and she’s Katakan, I’m Piscean.)

      Mind you, i now have a (different) Katakan and a Scorpion friend at work, and together it feels like a coven. Though we rarely spend time together in the workplace, we look forward to the Coven Events we plan.

  15. You had me at Venusian Bra Charm!

    Been waiting to get though my most expensive time me of the year due to vacation, school and various other periodic due dates. (And I did have unexpected expenses this year with Saturn in my 2nd. I did my work for the year prior and could cover , but, looking back, the predictions were correct)

    I’ll be ordering both of these items as my Christmas present to myself. Love Jupiter in Scorp so far and want to maximize. As a multi Leo I am very private due to my Scorp side . . . that nearly purrs at the secret bra talisman idea. 🙂

    • And, when people buy the knock off (assuming you get copied) it supports that cheat behavior and waters down the prosperity of the original creator. I don’t do that knowingly. It’s not fair and you don’t know what you are getting. What does created by cheater do to the Feng Shui?

    • …wards my natal 7th, so I am stoked to hear about the new designmagic venture and since aqua makes up the bulk of my first, I know I’m goind to love the result.

  16. I just ordered the mercury key chain – I do a lot of short trips and a lot of talking for work, excited to see what it brings! 🙂

  17. There was an express post parcel in my cream can letter box this afternoon. I wanted to have the Mercurial Key ring right from the first announcement. I held off as I hadn’t yet been refunded for a new total-privacy smart phone I had backed but which was prevented from release due to the inventors refusal to put in an access ‘back door’. I couldn’t wait any longer by Monday the 9th and went ahead and ordered two Mercurial Key rings,(one for a friend’s B-day 30/10). Today, Friday the 13th, it came and I too was strangely moved and humbled by the beautiful precision and feel of the satiny metal key ring and just the whole package and process. Therefore, I say never mind the rip-offs; those who would sneak to a copied version, who would stoop to the forger, only cheapen themselves and will not be rewarded. A 92 year old woman said to me recently “it’s either real or it’s not”…

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