Lilith In Capricorn Is Coming

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Ten more days until Lilith is in Capricorn…for nine months and to be joined by Saturn from Christmas. Last time the Rebel Queen was in the sign of the Sea Goat? Nine years ago. She runs in cycles of nine. Could Lilith, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn for a big chunk of 2018 favour feminism? You bet. Think also a la the primordial, Pagan, loner energy of Lilith merging with structured, stoic Emperor Saturn.  More in the November Horoscopes up in a few hours.


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79 thoughts on “Lilith In Capricorn Is Coming

  1. Nine years ago, I left my job like a Rebel Queen. I filed a complaint against my boss with the head of HR and directed my letter of resignation to my boss’s boss. I was completely over that job, and my Cap Moon and Lilith no longer wanting to play nice with those who didn’t deserve it. I’m sure I’m on some kind of secret blacklist in a hidden set of red files, never to be employed there again. A mutual colleague once told me my former boss referred to me as an ‘instigator’ and warned my colleague against associating me. My colleague assured me that I should keep up the good work.

    • I’m vibing some Eris in here too. Some sites refer to this goddess / deity / archetype as the whistleblower and is therefore in the habit of coming up against / showing up crummy power structures. Crummy power structures don’t like being called out one way or another, so you know how it goes.

  2. Oddly enough, my Partner’s Natal Lilith is Cap, on my Saturn in Cap–

    (yes, Saturn Return)

    While his Saturn in Libra is also on my Lilith in Libra

  3. It was always fear that drove my creativity away. The power to craft and create, that’s my centre. This will be interesting and I feel and see the healing that is happening.

    In my 9th year of life I was sexually abused by my father, I put that into the black hole of my memories. Never to return except trauma has a way of impacting your future.

    I had found solace in my creativity and being around animals. I was always quiet and shy afraid of making mistakes and copping the fall out.

    As always this community makes sense to my mind, heart and soul. Collectively encouraging and discussing our journey, the astrological implications and our lifestyles all brought together by MM.

    I appear invisible in the world which is strange considering I am a similar height to Sigourney Weaver, aka Susan Weaver. I feel the change within and encourage it at every turn. My lunar return is loving this vibe. Whatever is next I do not know, just let it be truthful.

    • ugh…like a physical injury…you tend to ‘favour’ that area. Defend it a bit more and it tends to take a toll on your physiological and psychological make up.

      • @Powderfinger your insightful words are very true. I know this sensitivity comes from an ancient wound from a previous life. A ghost from the womb.

        That hence is the dichotomy of my dilemma – to see the struggle and the strain and the continuing feelings associated with the past flickering in my future.
        I can say that I feel a strength in my future but that is so new for me to say. For the longest time, my dreams were filled with the pain of my past. I will never be free of them but that’s where I am realising – that’s a fight I can’t ever win.

        I created my way to survive, it’s not textbook but life is not meant to be that way.
        I am not going to waste my prayers or birthday wishes on folks that don’t respect the pages before they met me and vice versa.

  4. BML has just gone past opp to my natal Gem BML which is smack dab on my 12th cusp. A very mutable position. The only others in the top half are Moon n Chiron. Still trying to digest it all.

    Broadly related, l think, is that nurse, who was frog marched to the police car, got a big payout. He won’t do that again…now that he’s not a cop.

  5. This has made me excited about the Capricornian Plutonian vibes! BIG TIME

    It’s gonna happen all up in my 5th soooooo in ter est ing

  6. I have Lilith in Aries, first house, alongside my ascendant. Needless to say, wherever I go, the bitch comes with me. I love her, even though she is trouble, plus a handful, and cranky AF when her independence and outrageous space needs are not met. I also have a Capricorn midheaven and a bazillion planets in Taurus, so I see it as a powerful, but stroppy earth year for me .

  7. She’s a coming!
    Haha spent part of last night talking with a friend about Lilith (first time) and he and I shared our stories regarding her which felt so interesting.
    She came up organically. We both have a Capricorn stellium, his in the 5th, mine in the first, he’ll be having his Lilith return in Cap which is conjunct my Neptune and moon and my Lilith conjuncts his Leo Asc. Both of us aqua suns.

    In a nutshell it’s not much like staring into a mirror but an alternate timeline of my ego embodied when I’m with him. It’s a trip and I can say stuff like that to him and he’ll run with it which also makes it feel incredibly new and healing on some level with stuff I’ve been working through.
    Friends for a few years but only now having one on one hangouts real talking.

  8. That’s so fascinating – nine years ago, I had just gotten married a few months before and was making some big career moves right around now (I hijacked an organization – appointed a Board of Directors whose first move was to boot the Prez and install me, then I demoted them to the Board of Advisors).

    My husband-at-the-time said he didn’t like my focus on my career and I was like, “I didn’t ask.”


  9. If Mystic is right about 2018 favoring feminism, we should all start preparing ourselves for a huge backlash. Because it will come, always has when women assert themselves/raise our voices. It’s the physics of interplay of energy field. A dominant energy never yields readily. There’s always some sort of explosion. Don’t say you were not warned.

  10. As a Cap rising with lilith in the first house, I’m excited by all of these shifts and I’m curious to see what the return will bring next year.

    I’ve always been feminist but the kind that supports sex workers, slut walks, and intersectionality, to me it’s not a step up to succeed in a man’s world if that world isn’t serving the greater good. Always had zero tolerance for being treated like a piece of meat and would tear/elbow men’s hands off of me in clubs and so on. Lilith in the Cap can indicate problems with the father and we have had our issues but he’s always been supportive of us, taught us how to protect ourselves from an early age and not take any shit from our boyfriends.

  11. Funny, I get the opposite impression – I actually see this as a constraining influence upon her. I think of all the signs, BML would be least comfortable in Capricorn and as a reflection of the Moon’s apogee, I feel there is merit to contemplating the Moon being in its Detriment in Capricorn. While they certainly are different bodies, my sense of BML is that she has never particularly liked the rule of buttoned-up Capricorn Patriarchy, which she’ll be donning the robes of for the foreseeable future. Contextually speaking, I’m also looking toward her square with Eris and thinking this may manifest as a divide in the Feminist ranks. I will be interested to observe what happens when BML trines Orcus in Virgo again – the last time this happened BML was also conjunct Pluto and the USA’s first African-American president took the Oath of Office. He was most definitely a reflection of BML energy, IMO, but rather than truly overthrow the status quo or Patriarchy he worked within it – albeit as an “outsider.” As a man of color he was not a part of the typical Old Boy’s Club (which is why the Alt-Right reviles him so), but if you want to break a system you have to tear it down; not just work within its confines. Whatever one thinks about Barack Obama and his policies, the legacy he inadvertently left behind is what led to Trump (Orcus) vs. Clinton (Pluto).

    • There ain’t nothing like a strong capricorn with a helluva lilith thing going on …. especially if you’re a patriarchal, male dominant corporate kind of entity/person. You’ve got no chance … especially if she has mars in scorpio too and saturn and pluto are the henchmen. The world will be interesting ….

    • Hey Lib Venus
      Wasn’t going to comment, but your first sentence sums up my gut feeling about how BML in Cap is gonna play to a tee.

    • Any thoughts on Lilith conj Pluto with a sort of square to Eris later next yr? Maybe activated by inner planets? Eris does seem to feature in some major take-no-prisoners moments
      Such slow moving outer planets not sure of a thing but maybe Hmm not sure
      I realise that I mentioned her below as well, I don’t think I’m starting a campaign but then again maybe I am , hmm

      • I was taking BML’s proximity to Pluto into account when mentioning Eris & how I think it will manifest as a divide in the Feminist ranks. Juno’s going to be in the vicinity of Eris as well, and I have a feeling all the ladies involved are not likely to play nice together.

        As to triggers, Mars is usually a reliable place to look in most cases but he’ll be all wrung out of juice due the prolonged Rx in early Aquarius/late Capricorn, so will be too far away to make aspect. Since we’re talking women, I think the more likely trigger could be that July New Moon in Cancer – the orbs to Mean BML are wider than I’d like, but if you look at True BML she’s much closer. And it will carry a wicked undertow c/o its opposition to Pluto being less than a minute of arc from exact. Hades Moons do have the capacity to bring out vitriolic hatred for women, even if the misogyny is internalized. As a reflection of the Moon’s apogee sometimes called the Anti-Moon, with BML in patriarchal Capricorn opposing this lunation I have a feeling this could be exactly the kind of setup we may be looking at.

        • Sorry,..but what are these “feninist ranks”? And how will they be divided any more than they already are under patriarchal concepts of power? A female-centred Lilith rebellion can embrace difference and (let’s see if it works) then apply Capricorn energy to redefine what it means to be powerful…ie not power over others but the power to do things together. There are too many critical issues that need to be addressed and the patriarchs are just too busy organising armies and hiring lawyers rather than than organising the working-bees we sctually need…

      • No answers or help only thoughts, as you mentioned: i’m feeling the same thing. Here’s my Lilith 10th conjunct Pluto 11th in Virgo

        Today at work i accidentally (though planned a couple of weeks ago, then my own prep swamped in administrivia) might have shown my team that they are more cohesive than they realised, and that there have been bigger pictures operating. I proposed a completely new bunch of mini-team ops to counter an as yet unnamed threat. I have been keeping it under wraps while worrying my head off whether i can lead the team to victory over…(jesus christ, will upper management stop talking in parables already!) In other words, i have not been able to identify it exactly and work with it because it has been only vaguely referred to, but emphatically mentioned by the Big Boss, in every one-on-one meeting about everything else, like a summary of where i need to be thinking, with no fqng direction.

        So, without upper direction, i let my team know. I asked for a flanked background effort, emphasising the better cohesion of the team for taking the background research on board. (I am also hoping an organic resonance between great thinkers who have viewed themselves as offering not much chop as a whole and only holding up their end.) I also let them know of my own failures to find the info needed over the last 12 months, the blocks in my way. I flagged at the very end that we could fail but they already understood that we are going to present significant changes to our team, before they are presented to us.Got some directions within 15 minutes, and some mini-teams already showing themselves.

        I know that i have appeared to be (and definitely have been) grappling with the admin of my management role, and have struggled with the people side of things.

        So by god i hope that we get ourselves off the ground and, whatever the outcome, make the changes before changes are made for us by the man.

        Pisces leadership, y’all. Humble (stressed and feeling inadequate), vague on the surface while we work it all out, stressy looking to the point of maybe can’t manage it all, working with the mentally unwell and all the chaos of the clients and the colleagues. But here i do sound Jupiterian which is bingled by Saturn (will remember i’m Neptune Jupiter Moon 12th Ascendant Sage trine Merc Chiron in Aries opposed the lovely Libran 11th house bearing Uranus).

        Eris Aries conjunct Mercury and Chiron, trine Moon Sag 12th/Rising, opposed Uranus 11th, sextile Juno in Gemini, my poor descendant.

        Just allow me a moment of glee long coming because i thought the team hated me and would do nothing i suggested. We have no idea whether we will prevail (against what for god’s sake? But then who can lead you to victory against the inchoate but a Piscean…that’s an all too Jupiterian statement, so note the Tower.)

        Eris-Mercury-Chiron has been feeling it big time. But couldn’t apparently help herself today, despite my Mars Capricorn plans. Or to finally bring them on.

        • Want to add, the vague boss is Capricorn. Hope he responds to my team-fllanked strategic Mars in Capricorn.

          And if he doesn’t he will have to stop being so vague and butterfingered, and deliver a statement.

          Still not sure whether 2IC is Virgo,Cap or Scorp but despite my details fqery (vague or overly focussed) i know 2IC is onside, even if it appears to be questions and reminders. 2IC will do the work that convinces.

          Can you tell i just love the 2IC?? Always have, and will never blame for any ultimate decision. Because 2IC might be diplomatic but is clear and direct with me all the way!

          • omg i have had my art courses cancelld and am looking for hands-on Mars outlet! YES! Teach me evrything! I might not be good at it all, but i can do the hard yards crappy work, no trouble, and love the whole process, if u got the patience to deal with my obtuseness and quickness.

            Sag Rising will also adore the Kombi, and work with love and respect on it.

            U got your work cut out for you, PF 🙂

  12. I feel her more this time than last time. 2009 was a year to be my own woman and make a play in the business world, make money, strive, all those Capricorn things. Can’t say it was supported by many other planers as the following years have been dire. But if it means I can give things another go to get it right this time, then bring it on. This time I really want to do it on my own, no business partners, no other people’s ideas. Just authentic me. I wonder if I’ll face plant again??!?!?!

    • I agree Lilith this time around seems more intense.
      Good luck on your new adventure!
      I started my business in 2009, not looking back at working for other’s again.

      • I started my business at 21 years old. Never worked as employed since and I believe I’d now be unemployable ! Was even told by an agent I’d not get hired as I’m way too strong and would upset regional managers as they’d fear me ?!?! So I gave that industry idea up too ! I think it’s mt Saturn on my asc that gives me this very straight almost Dom personality. But I’m a squishy gooey creature really.

    • Naaah, this time instead of face plant you will *plant face* -which is a Spanish expression (plantar cara) that means to face up to/defy/challenge what you need to overcome 🙂

  13. Will she upset the structures or rebuild them a la Capricorne?

    A shake up of accepted power paradigms has been evident, so I expect a re-build.

    A propos of work pressures, as i wondered aloud whether they were any worse than this time any year or whether there was a bigger or deeper issue, a man from my workplace lamented that the new upper management starting soon were mostly males, and that it was just such a bad look. They’re lovely people so I hadn’t thought that much about it, and was surprised by the real concern on his face.

    I feel i care less about their gender than i do whether they can be open to managing issues that do arise from that. My Sag Soul side thinks yes, has faith that they can show the old boys club right at the top how to do things a different way. (Haha if not then, well let me see about a quick little spanner in the works. Thrown with a smile and whatever diplomacy Cap cusping mostly Aqua 3rd can manage against the Fire and squares. Like i said, lovely people, so i do think there’s good stuff to be had.)

    Mystic is probably referring to bigger paradigms, but i feel a bigger paradigm is a bunch of smaller ones that have a lot in common, and that i must think global, act local. Clients have been triggered to verbally raise these issues like i’ve never experienced before.

    • I agree about small paradigms shifting. I can’t say I’ve noticed any trends switching in my office though.

  14. This is awesome news!
    9 years ago it was when I decided to divorce my now ex-husband and fell in love, though not reciprocated, but I’ll have Saturn (from early 2018 and on) and Pluto already in my 5th now, so at least no “time-wasting” relationships for me anymore, only the real thing or else.

    And to the whole feminism vibe and flow: yes to that. I have already joined a feminism group: we lanched the hashtag #quellavoltache (tha time when, but it’s a mirror of #metoo) right after our actress Asia Argento spoke about Weistein and we are NOT stopping at that.
    One of the main members of the group is at the italian parliament today, speaking. This will get bigger and bigger, we promise 😉

    • Yay! Me too – Lilith return and part of my grand earth trine (with Moon and Mars). What does a Lilith return bode for you, sister-from-another-mister?
      I’m dreaming of a job that brings me a whole bunch of money and autonomy. Ha! We’ll see.

      • Wow Lilith will power up that Mars and moon!
        My Lilith is exact conj my 5th house Cap moon, trined by Pluto-Uranus in Virgo and Jupe in Toro. I hope for massive creative success leading to financial autonomy, via hard uncompromising work. I am Sun-Saturn conjunct so very Capricornian in my outlook (sometimes too much). With Saturn heading for my moon-Lilith I suppose I am expecting solitude in some guise or other. Perhaps because Lilith is involved I will choose the solitude myself rather than having it forced upon me by Constable Saturn 🙂
        How about you, Alouetta? What do you hope she brings for you?

        • Sounds like you are ready for the grind! I wish you every success.

          Tbh I just hope I become more myself, and more comfortable in my own skin. I have a feeling my future has solitude in it as well, but at the same time, some real opportunities to step up into my own (earthly) power. The only thing holding me back is me. I saw a Miles Davis quote somewhere the other day that sums it up:
          ‘Man, sometimes it takes you a long time to sound like yourself’.

  15. In the last Lilith post Mille and I had a look at the original Lilith myth. Thanks cherry moon, or skarab 😉 anywho apparently this whole Lilith issue with god and adam started because she refused to have sex in the missionary position.
    Things got totally out of hand at that point and she was expelled from Eden or left whatever. She apparently then started birthing 80 or so children a day and ran amok. That’s a lot of mouths to feed and let’s just say social security were no help ! Well, Lilith, look at mooee, I have one thing to say to you. Things have changed and a man called Prince has taught us in his ode, Gett Off, that we can have 23 positions in a one night stand. And I quote ;
    Gett off, twenty three positions in a one night stand
    Gett off, I’ll only call you after if you say I can
    Gett off, let a woman be a woman and a man be a man
    Gett off, if you want to baby here I am (here I am)…

      • So what your saying is, that it wasn’t the missionary position as such but being told to use it that really got her goat ?
        Now there’s the crux of many a breakdown in relationships, non.
        I will though disagree with you on the order of your argument. To me most issues usually do boil down to sex. I reckon if people have a healthy satisfying sex life everything else seems to fall into place and subjective concerns like levels of free will play a secondary role. Show me someone without the means to express love passion pleasure, sexually, equally and I’ll show you someone who channels that frustration and longing at work or in society generally as aggression, criticism and other negative sociopathic behaviors.

        • You would have thought being able to make films in a hugely profitable niche industry, being married to amazing partners, having the creative power to bring different craft workers together would not equal frustration of pleasure, sex or longing.

          That is not the reason or motivation behind the denigration of women seeking work. And i do not care to reason around the sociopathy of anyone who victimises people in such a calculated and repetitive and supported way. Why that is more important to understand than the impact on the victims is distastefully ham-handed and deaf, not to mention criminally self-serving (see Spacey’s latest, as well.)

        • I almost thought you were going somewhere interesting with your argument until it gets to sex being so important that it determines the happiness of men and women. Maybe for you..maybe for heteronormative folk…. that could be true. Don’t speak for asexuals and demis though. Plenty if them are not aggressive or negative. Their sexual chakra is channeled through art, music, and other callings…

        • Show me a girl or woman who will not get to achieve her own means of loving passionate pleasure, equally, because she has grown up without choice over who touches her body and when…

          …do i show you a sexual abuser? A woman or girl who channels that thwarted sexual energy as aggression rather than defeat, criticism of others rather than self-criticism? Are one in four women (only by the data, which varies depending on which authorities deal with it or report it publicly) prone to sociopathic behaviours due to sexual frustration, in direct comparison to the numbers of women who have never orgasmed, or rarely?

          Do child brides who only have sexual pain become abusers of children?

          Do single people of any gender who have not had sex in a long time become predators, blocking the path of those who wish to succeed, or promising them only some success if they shut up and submit to the powerful person’s pleasures and desires?

          Do those with a “healthy satisfying sex life” never abuse power in sexual ways, against society’s voiceless, those expected to put up and shut up?

          Do women have no libido? Or at least nothing that equals or surpasses the libidinous desires of men, just because they are women and the others are men?

          Is the libido static, ruling over all, completely untameable and something that brokers a narcissistic pleasure deal that overpowers all reason, respect and dignity? But only for men? You know, real men, the kind that everyone else must bow down to, and feel grateful for, and understand, yes, poor real men with their feeeeeeelings and desiiiiiiires that must be accommodated and understood because noone else in the world has them.

          • I think you’ve taken my light hearted approach to the Lilith deal and turned it around in a really distasteful way. Either that or as I said above I don’t understand where the comment took you ?

          • This is a brilliant response. You’ve articulated so much I have read your comment over and over. Thank you Milleunanotte. It is indeed time for Lilith xx

        • I think it’s to do with power and owning it. Being ordered to always have sex in the missionary position is self evident of what is expected (symbolically) of the woman’s role to be. Sex In the patriarchy is used as a weapon of division and subjugation. The original power tool.

          This is the opposite of it’s potential to bring healing & creative energy – which can only be achieved between individuals standing in their own full power. Power is what is at play – or the potential of that power.

        • Well David, I’ve been celibate for over a decade now, and somehow i still manage to not channel my frustration into aggression, criticism and negative sociopathic behaviours.

          In fact my friends, family and co-workers say I’m a really good human being with a kind heart.

          I think you’ve got the wrong end of the stick here

          • 16 months feels like a decade..really 8 ‘active’ weeks in 4 years. An ache that never goes away. Intimacy? I crave that more.

        • Plus I’ve met a lot of partnered people who supposedly have healthy satisfying sex lives (according to themselves) who are sociopaths, narcissistic bastards, and generally immoral and nasty people.

      • Yeah, me too. I think his whole take on sex, relationships, his attitude and adoration of women was so enlightening for a lot of men. It was raunchy but respectful. He was my love guru back then.

    • Being all blissed out on hot sex is one thing, I’m sure if every man woman and child could just experience the universal consciousness through the appropriate match up of penises and vaginas in a consensual way then we’d all be sweet as

      1. Find yourself in a position of power
      2. Deny power exists

  16. Could Lilith, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn for a big chunk of 2018 favour feminism?
    I frickin hope so!

    I love Lilith — primordial, Pagan, loner energy pretty much describes my soul

    My Lilith is in Saggo 8th house, opposite my Gem sun, and squaring Pluto and Chiron

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