Legacy Halloween

Yes I am aware that contemporary Halloween is about confectionary and costumes, fake cobwebs and pumpkins. I am reliably informed that this year’s big teen theme for Halloween is “90s video games like Mortal Kombat – the Stephen King clown being too “twelvie.”

But I am doing Halloween the old way this year – the Samhain way – and the door shut tight all night with a line of salt across the threshold to keep out undesired visitations. The house sealed and then sanctified with sage. A prayer plus a candle lit for those who have passed. A purple Moon etching or symbol to honour past pagans and witches who died for their beliefs.

This is still the Via Combusta by the way. It doesn’t matter that the Southern Hemisphere version of this festival is the start of Summer and not of Winter. It’s still Scorpio enough. A glass of mugwort (Artemesia) for shamanic dreaming and voila, a legacy Halloween.




Adam Hughes – Sabrina The Teenage Witch
Charles Schultz – Peanuts

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A super intense bath ?

dark star

Yeah! For some reason it’s really hard for me to enjoy them even being mega water. The ritual made it more the intense I think?


There’s a theory that links perinatal matrices to planets as well as their correlation to phobias, visions in general, like the body holds the memories from in utero. Stan grof and Richard tarnas have done extensive research on this.

Things like baths, bodies of water could correlate to Neptune/first matrix, the sense of oneness with everything. Also you could have very well experienced your umbilical cord around your neck while gestating/being born!

dark star

Oooo v interesting

dark star

Planning on a Samhain shamanic bath. Had a super intense one last Thursday on the new moon, I had this flash vision of an umbilical cord around my neck. I don’t feel comfortable in baths but trying to move through it. Some rad ideas http://www.refinery29.com/spiritual-cleansing-bath-salt-recipe
Lol also found a special mop to make cleaning floors easier, my housewitch Achilles heel


Oops that comment below was for you.

Mistress of Mirrors

My Halloween will truly be one of the Scorpy theme. Transformation. I’m putting down my dog to sleep and moving to a different country to start a completely new life. And I feel like I’ll have to ghost bust a lot so I don’t take my old ghosts to my new life. I’m done entertaining any sad shadows. I’m taking care of me and that shall be the mantra for any spiritual beings as well. I think my ancestors were the type to do their business on Earth so well, than when they get to rest, they can rest in… Read more »


It’s definitely exhausting, being a channel, because they don’t recognise you’re at low physical energy ebb, or they use the barriers being lowered to come through.

Hard to drink water in the cold, but you can warm it a little to sip. Water is the first thing, sleep is the second, physical nourishment…well, i know these things always get let go first when you’re busy. But you can always drink water while working, even if you can’t exercise. As for snacks, I recommend protein to ground. Carbs help energy, sure, but protein gives stability.

dark star

And healthy fats!


I have a big stellium (sun, pluto, lillith, moon) all within ~7 degrees in the Libra part of the Via Combusta. Halloween has always been the capstone of my birthday/renewal month. So very bummed to find out a few weeks back that this year, I have to go on a business trip over Samhain itself! Been trying to think of some traveling witchery to do on the night of. Also, while I am away, the landlady will be coming in with a professional to check on the heating. Not sure if this is auspicious or not – I just moved… Read more »


Arrgghh Halloween/Samhain celebrated in our Southern Hemisphere Spring. When the hell do we celebrate Beltane? All I get is cognitive dissonance and associated frustration, plus children wanting to dress up as zombies and go to spooky discos and trick or treat junk fests. Of course they go, and I put together treat bags and help them with their costumes, but it’s all with gritted teeth unfortunately – I just can’t muster any enthusiasm at all, Scorpio season or not.


Southern Hemisphere witches, please correct me on this if I’m mistaken because I am Northern Hemisphere and have never socially known any S. Hemi pagans to personally ask until this very moment, but the point of the Sabbats is they are supposed to be aligned with the seasons/wheel of the year; paganism being nature-based spirituality and all. My understanding has always been (and perhaps this is a perception the lovely community here can either confirm or correct) that it’s more common/popular for the Southern Hemisphere Sabbats to be the inverse of Northern; i.e. you would indeed be celebrating Beltane now… Read more »


Could you inspire them, FireCow, to identify the magic of nature in Spring, and remember what ‘went to sleep’ in nature during the winter? Tailoring it to their age, of course, gently get them to realise why they are so in love with the social and Spring-like aspects of excitement and visiting people in celebratory costume, and look at how the trees and insects also have their celebratory costume. What would the little ones like to bid their little raw witchy farewells to? (Obviously not a question for them, but one that could guide you in your endeavour to give… Read more »


This makes me want to put together an album of my four dead grandparents with photos and information about them, marriage certificates etc. so that when I want to remember those who have passed I can look them up and see their faces <3


Also, what/where is that House Witch A to Z?….


Who? Which? Witch? Who? ……..What?
(mea culpa)


yes please!


Do it!


I tried to rewatch Hocus Pocus recently and it just totally bored me! Practical Magic, on the other hand…that one always gets me. And I’m right now reading Alice Hoffman’s prequel to this book which just came out….”The Rules of Magic.” Love books about witch families! Probably my cue to reread The Witching Hour yet again….any other good witch book rec out there? Fictional or otherwise?


Wow, the witch in that pic has zero in common with my personal style aesthetic but I would copy her look head to toe for Halloween or if I have a total personality meltdown/rebirth during my Uranus Opposition. Not being exactly pagan I’ve never celebrated a legacy Halloween but then again I actually love all the sugar-rush, costume, bacchanalia of Halloween. We were just discussing this in a witch Facebook group, traditional Samhain vs. commercialized Halloween and we decided that both were valid. Never mind the Muggles and their silliness, more like that image Mystic shared a few weeks ago… Read more »


A summarry of the book “Halloween: A Festival of Lost Meanings” by Alvin Boyd Kuhn Halloween is par excellence the ritualization of Incarnation. The Autumn equinox is when the soul incarnates into the foetus, Septemberer 21. 40 days after is Halloween and All Saints day. The soul hatches on All saints day (or all soul’s day) and the soul becomes divinely sanctified, that is, perfected as a divine being or god. It connotes the final apotheosization of the human when it is divinized, when from man it becomes god. Halloween is the eve of All saints day where man is… Read more »


Thanks for this Ken. In my own adventures in consciousness I have become aware of the nature and inhabiting energies of what is sometimes referred to as the astral plain. This plain sits between our world of time and 3D and that of the 5th dimension outside of time. This space in my experience is a testing ground of ones fears. Our fears are in many ways the judgements we hold on others and no one can pass through this astral plain to the 5th dimension of consciousness holding onto these fears and judgements. I see the image of the… Read more »

Suddenly Leo

I love your use of “legacy” here. Yeah, I am a contemplative woman and I need to pause and sage and surya namaskar and saltline and look at a candle and pet my cats and read a book and not see anyone else and know that once upon a time, none of that would have been allowed.

Thank you.


Love you Mystic! Thanks for the education. As a reincarnated and reborn witch this is will be my ritual this year. I’ve passed out candy maybe twice so far in my day, and did always keep the door shut and the celebration inside the house…with reverence. Now I know why… I may have a few of my closest and most magical friends in for a special gathering. I have already found plates with beautiful owls on them I just needed to have for this time of year.

Dear babysinclair, I’d love to know what book you are reading. 🙂


It’s called Personal Mythology by David Feinstein & Stanley Krippner. So far, so good!


I’ve totally been busting out the mugwort for the Via Combusta, door salted. Since Jupiter’s been in Scorpio – and I’m a quadruple Sun-Pluto in Scorpio – its truly been non-stop powerful witchcraft, even making my morning coffee is a spell, my day planner is my book of shadows. I’ve also healed – no, burned – an unprecedented avalanche of personal shit super fast, which I’m “double tapping” to make sure its dead at my fire ceremony after the Taurus full moon (which is also my 8th house full moon). I just recently started reading a book on personal mythology… Read more »


What’s the name of the book? Sounds amazing…

Are you virgo rising? With all that everyday ritual and witching (and a taurus 8th house) I knew I recognised a fellow priestess-in-disguise 🙂


It’s called Personal Mythology from David Feinstein & Stanley Krippner. 🙂 I’m actually Libra rising – I do have Jupiter in Pisces/6th… Thank you I am honored to be named that! Are you Virgo rising?


Thank you Mystic!!! Its Cambridge Edition by Mead. I’m not finding it being sold anywhere online currently which is really odd but I will email you a pic


personal mythology – i’m intereted in the I ching / psychologicla concept that our ‘ancestors’ and ‘the palace’ are in fact thought processes and archetypes rathr than genealogical / biological entities, althugh of course ppl carry archetypes. The palace as the gathering place is where these inner histories are also archived. So, this makes ‘communion with our ancestors’ a more achievable realm, because we’re just … going within the domain of charactrs who already exist within us.

not sure if i am being clear here, also typos sorry
pi x


how’s that for 4th house work Pi. lol


I admit I don’t know much about the I ching but that sounds like a fascinating concept and one I will have to look into!


Yes, the faux cutesy commercialized “Halloween” stuff doesn’t do it for me at all. :-/ It feels rather…disrespectful; like some kind of cheap knockoff. I plan to set up Sacred Space, prepare a beautiful Samhain meal with a seasonally appropriate menu harvested from the garden, bake either a pumpkin or rainbow carrot cake complete with decadent cream cheese frosting, and make a despacho for my Ancestors. When you’re Pluto Rising w/ Pluto also aspecting your Sun and chart ruler, it’s always Halloween so keep the crappy costumes and cheesy horror flicks cause I don’t need ‘em – I’ll be busy… Read more »


This sounds beautiful. I’ll definitely be taking elements to include in my own celebrations!

Catherine Cox

I shall be setting a table with food for my ancestors, pouring a libation on the ground and having a mega altar to honour the dead with all their fav drinks and as many photos as I can find of them, known to me and also honour the unknown ones too. My grandson and I will party with pumping carving and treats and a fire, if its not pouring down! Certainly salt and sage too, and herbs for the fire. Alas no mugwort to drink, dodgy heart. But a pillow is very effective. All hail samhain !

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Doooo itttt.

Bring on the mugwort tea!


Sounds beautiful. I must say I do loathe the current form of festivities. I love a party, but crappy cheap eats, crappier outfits …all so undignified ….to celebrate what exactly?
having said that Mystic your ideas sound lovely. It IS after all, a time to turn within, a time to be conscious of the thinness of the veil.


aww snoopy!
my son wanted to dress as pennywise and carry a knife. err no, george lol

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