Jupiter Into Scorpio And The Return Of Magical Thinking

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Jupiter in Scorpio is imminent. The times and more nuanced takes are in the Horoscopes already but know this: Just because the Galaxy King was in Scorpio 12 years ago (2005-2006) don’t imagine that this astral passage is a run of the mill thing.

For a start, every 12 years is still a relatively slow cycle and the last time around, Jupiter in Scorpio was not supported by Neptune in Pisces. Jupiter and Neptune are the co-rulers of Pisces; this set-up strengthens both of them.

Jupiter in Scorpio is also going to aspect Pluto – ruler of Scorpio. It’s going to be rad and we will be talking a lot about this in the upcoming Horoscopes, Daily Mystic and all.

Jupiter, Neptune, Pisceans, Scorpios, Pluto people, the partsof your birth chart where you have Pisces and Scorpio, art, sex, power and magic – all trending UP.  Quadruple your precautions against Lower Neptune zombie, druggie or delusional lures, obviously. This is not the time to get caught in Neptune’s strong undertow.

Pluto is STILL in Capricorn, Saturn is nearly there and Uranus is whizzing into Taurus – the Earth Vibe intensifies and so do the challenges of the economy, incompetent leaders and old-era biz-government structures that need a rebuild – we can’t go running off into the woods to make potions, seek our truth, commune with animal guides and opt out of the Zeitgeist. But we CAN deploy Magical Thinking to remain rad through weird times.


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126 thoughts on “Jupiter Into Scorpio And The Return Of Magical Thinking

  1. Hi everyone,
    I have scorpio in the cusp of my 12th, along with Lilith. I just read somewhere about the back magician of the past and I totally relate. Being a pisces Sun and with many planets there I felt yesterday with the moon in Cancer this thing of “I Beleave in Magic”. It is magical and strange, becouse it feels like I must learn to apply all my metaphisical knowledge to achieve material thing that I need. So I feel the scorpio (hidden) I feel the pisces (magic) and I feel the earth (manifesting). I come from a time of seclusion and learning to deal with kundalini awakening and many other not-seen realities. Eventhough Jupiter enteres my 12th I feel this about “openning” much like “Blooming”.. feels like the Lotus from the deep dark mud emerging.. and that’s me Now!!! I sense with Jupiter here I will feel somehow guided, integrating and forgiving all the strange karmic stuff that comes up..

  2. Thank you for the Dahling quote Mystic, I have screenshot it for daily reference

    So Pluto conj Sun natally in Virgo and trine my Scorp Moon Neptune it’s sounds refreshing! Actual Universal support!

    Had my palm read in a temple in Bangkok as well as an almanac and bascically 40s hard after that rest of life GOOD! Lucky me 40s coincided with ZZ / GFC / peri menopausal mind f*ck

    Ready for the changing of the guard with Urianian nightmare leaving my 7H

  3. Maybe this explains all the strange dreams! Lucid dreams and the binding spell I had to break this morning. I love this type of energy but expressing it is so freaking hard. Can someone better at astrology offer suggestion on expressing this energy?

    I have a moon in pisces conj jupiter at 0 degrees, both trine my Scorpio Venus/ Pluto (conj at 2 degrees) BUT are opposite my Sun/AC in Virgo.

    Its like a huge magical, emotional upheaval behind a wall of Virgo.

    • i kind of understand, I have natal mars pluto uranus in virgo in tight opposition to natal saturn and neptune in pisces. currently augmented by transiting neptune…

      Am feeling the Shakti.
      Currently gardening, cleaning listening to all my favourite music. doing a detailed mars in virgo overhaul of shed to make into permanent studio. All at once.
      i am moving from one project to another and back again.
      There is going to be a Jupiterian cornucopia of creativity ahead!

      • Hey V x is this your first post in ages ? Is it you ? The original ? 🙂
        I was reading some old posts the other day that you were on and wondered how you were x

        • Hi D 🙂

          you’re right, i haven’t been posting much at all, has been so much going on, most of the change is really good but a lot of to-do- lists revolving in my brainspace!
          After 5 yrs, lots of movement on the home front, and the Leo is on a positive vibe.

          This last bit of uranus transiting over my sun and venus is intense. I did notice that we are having a similar transit, from one of your recent posts?
          I think it has been a reeeaally significant transit for us Aries, and will be sad to see it move on, actually.

          • So glad things are good with you and Leo 🙂
            Now Uranus yes ! It’s over and now heading to my Venus. How hard is it to explain its effects ? For me it was liberation but not in the way I had expected. I decided early on in the transit to basically end my biz. I couldn’t do it anymore ? I couldn’t face it. So I literally wandered the streets like a homeless person for months in what I would describe as a spirit dream. And I met so many wonderful people and had so many wonderful dreams. I was able and had the time to spend really listening to people and I think really helping people and they me.
            I’m back working now but being very choosy about the clients I take on. My current contract I took because the guy said he knew I could help him sort out his biz and that would mean more time for him with his young family. I couldn’t refuse that.
            I’m nearing 60 and my second sat return. Uranus has taught me to trick Saturn by telling him and myself that I’m actually 29. I’m walking 15k a day and feel better than when I was 29 so maybe it’s working 🙂
            Sending you and yours much love Veronica. May all your dreams come true x

      • OMG! Love “Cornucopia of creativity”!! That is amazing. I have a feng shui consultation on Monday and I’ve been juggling a ton of projects at work. Broke up with a soul mate at the eclipse.

        It’s been so hard for me to lay down roots for the last 5-6 years. Every time I try life pushes back. Even now I was to run of to a different city but I know in my heart I cannot create what I need without a foundation.

        It’s interesting you’re an Aries. I have a North Node in Aries and a busy first house.

  4. Ok So I am extremely excited about Jupiter sashaying its way into Scorp and to mark the arrival, last night I had the most EPIC erotic dream ever! Complete with an unidentified tall, dark and handsome. Seriously! I am taking this as a Major omen as I have not had any dreams of this nature since hmmm I don’t when??? and seeing as I have just finished what I like to call the desert period (Saturn square venus) all year, then if that dream is anything to go by, you better bring your best 8th house sexi time ever!!!!!

  5. California seems to be marking the passage of Jupiter into Scorpio by going up in flames. We are on fire, people.
    We could have done without the literal example of the Scorpionic death/destruction/regeneration cycle, phoenix from the flame, rising from the ashes thing. Well, so far we’re still in the destruction phase, because these fires are not yet contained and entire communities have been destroyed, so we’ve got a long way to go…..Takes a very long time……for example, speaking of natural disasters, there are still parts of my hometown not rebuilt after the 1989 earthquake…
    I know you all get fires in Oz, too, so we have that in common. It’s awful and of course getting worse over these recent years..

  6. 2005-06 was that enormous fixed grand cross. I really do remember that, LOL.
    2018 is nodes in aqua and leo, uranus in toro (later) and jupiter in scorpio.
    Is this a thing? does the fluidity and non-planetary expression of the nodes paint a different picture?

  7. OMGGG I am SOOOOO ready for this!!

    …Thinks back to 05-06–HMM I was in a relationship with a lower scorp type (manipulative, lazy) and had the guts to break away….

  8. Recommendations for talismans, rituals, prayers, etc. to ward off and/or deal constructively with Lower Neptunian zombies??

  9. well, for the last seven years i have half-assed wanted to start getting up in the mornings between 6-630 and haven’t done it. setting my alarm for 620 tomorrow as jupiter makes contact with my zero scorp midheaven.

    • I have this same issue tw. One thing that is helping me is I initiated a Saturday morning hang-out with two of my witchy morning bird friends. I think part of the battle is letting yourself fall in love with mornings enough to make some changes to enjoy them regularly.

  10. Jupiter will conjunct my natal Neptune in Scorpio 5th house in early November.
    I’m calling it the Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas transit. 🙂

    • Haha! Keep us posted on how it goes… 🙂
      I’m curious because I will have the same thing, though next year, because I also have natal Neptune in Scorp in the 5th, but at 26 degrees.

  11. Peeps who know more about astrology than me! I have natal Jupiter in Scorpio in my 2nd house. I’m also a Plutonian – Pluto on my ascendant. And Jupiter in Scorpio will transit through my 2nd house. Any ideas about what this might mean/might look like?

    • This is the time to make money and foundation security and sense of self esteem and accomplishment. Don’t do debt…and cultivate financial wisdom. I hope its a great transit for you.

      • Yep! Stash and prep as much money as you can right now. You still have time. Jupiter will help.
        When pluto is in your 2nd you will feel money crunch. I have been going through that, the struggle is real. But you also get more resouceful and more allies if u look around.

        • I second that
          Natal Pluto in 2nd
          The struggle is oh so real
          Except no-one told me to stash cash
          The struggle is from womb to tomb.

  12. Natal Jupiter at 0 degrees Scorpio, 10th house. I am not a morning person but I will get up and do ritual for this. Yes to magical thinking, recognizing this has been the single most important life lesson. I am so ready for my career to shine, even though there are still many unknowns. I just have to keep my intuitive eyes and ears open and be willing to go deep and be bold. I have been working so hard for so many years, with very little acknowledgment outside of a couple of my closest associates. My work has been very niche and I am ready to mainstream it. I’m nervous and shy but need to go big-time now. I have been making close to nil cash so that is changing. In 2005-2006 I was in a job that directly led me to the career choices of the past 8 years. Jupiter in Scorp says, be passionate and intense and give it everything you got.

  13. Jupiter in Scorpio is going to be so lit. Transiting my 5th house – where I’ll have my Sun, Mercury, Vertex, Pluto and my progressed moon is in Scorpio as well.

    I took a break from this site/astrology in general but after this full moon I had to hop back. A friend of mine had some drama, we had a huge fight and he confessed he caught feelings for me when we hadn’t talked in a while.

    Jupiter = travel. I just came back from a lake retreat, heading out to LA and DC back to back in the next two weeks. Then Dubai. So yes this is coming to life for me. Feeling pretty blessed aside from the drama and wishing blessings to everyone else as well.

  14. Jupiter in Scorp will be transiting my 5th house, in fact it’s already in my 5th, which is 22 Libra cusp. I’ve got Ceres, Juno, Psyche, and Neptune in my 5th house.
    Last time Jupiter was in Scorp, I moved away from the town I’d been living in for 20 years, and eventually ended up somewhere where I was making quite a bit of money, as well as doing a lot of traveling, often related to going to see a band I was really into at the time, and made a lot of international friends due to that. I guess my life expanded a lot during that time.
    I’m not ready to move now, not really wanting that again, but I’m changing careers, into something that will be a bit more ‘expansive’ and might open up work opportunities overseas, eventually. My Pisces stuff — Moon, Mars/MC, Chiron — is in the 9th/10th houses, so transiting Jupiter will ping off that, too.

    Also thinking about the Jupiter and Uranus shifts for the ex. He’s 1 degree Taurus Sun, so should feel Uranus into Taurus right away, and will have his Jupiter return soon, too, with his natal Jupiter at 6 Scorp. Don’t know the houses, never got his rising sign.
    I wonder if these transits would give him the impetus to move away? He kept mentioning wanting to move somewhere else even when I knew him, but he’s still here. He’s from Europe and expressed wanting to go back there or somewhere else entirely. He was never that into being in America but I think he’s into how much money he’s making here, though he’s also here on visa, so it can’t last forever. Anyway…..somehow it would give me peace of mind if he finally moved away, because right now we live in the same neighborhood and not wanting to run into him has kept him on my mind and made it take longer to move on from it all…..ugh.

  15. Interesting!! 2005-2006 was pretty great for me. I started a job that I still have, 12 years later. I started a relationship that lasted 8 years – and the post break up cycle is finishing up, as my post breakup lover has just moved states. The boards are clear for something new. Would love new love and to shake up the career situation toward Scorpio type things – writing a deep Plutonic book or something – 3rd house!

    So Jupiter is in my 2nd house, moving toward the 3rd house cusp at 06Sco. It’s beginning it’s inconjunct with my Sun/Moon conjunction near the midheaven. I don’t quite understand inconjunct aspects, but from past history it doesn’t seem like too bad of a thing? We shall see!!

  16. I was just looking at the first couple of months of Jupiter in Scorpio and those with placements in the 1st decan (0-10 degrees) of Scorpio (or any Water or Earth sign, for that matter!) are really going to like this transit, I think. There’s that super lucky Jupiter/Sun conjunction @ 03Sco31 on October 18th plus the big kiss from the Venus/Jupiter conjunction @ 07Sco21 on Nov 13th. That’s without even factoring in the bigger deal, super spiritual Jupiter/Neptune Trine in December MM mentioned above happening in early 2nd decan Scorp (11 degrees).

    Far as I’m concerned, even though I’m pragmatic c/o my Mercury/Saturn action, “magical thinking” has never left the building – don’t call it a comeback; believe, always! <3

    • I needed to hear that. My Yin 1st Decans are Kat Asc, Virgo Mars Pluto Vesta Venus, Scorp Nep and Cap Saturn. Ta.

      • YW – Jupiter in Libra was (and I’m just going to say it) kind of a shitshow between the repeated squares to Pluto and oppositions to Uranus. Very similar to how Virgo got hosed the year before with all the Mutable Madness in the sky that just was *not* cooperating with Jupiter’s passage through that sign *at all*. Dovetails perfectly with what I just mentioned below re: managing expectation when it comes to Jupiter transits. I have precious little Fixed in my chart and enough Water that I’m welcoming the change of scenery, too – cheers.

    • LA, could you tell me more about the Jupiter-Nep trine that I hear/read so much about? Apparently its super fortunate, but I have no idea how or why. Im awaiting my Jupiter return in 1st decan Scorpio. The one on the 18th hits mighty close to my natal Jupiter.

      Also, Ive gotten the feel that Jupiter returns arent about obvious good things happening(getting that job for example, though it *could* sometimes be), but more along the tune of “bad” things that are disguised as good things along the road (losing jobs, money, people, etc.) Do you agree with that? Would love your opinion xx

      • I thought Jupiter transit gifts were straight up “blessings” and that it is the Saturn transit that gives you “blessings in disguise”–things that you are grateful for in retrospect, instead of at the time they happen.

        • Yes Sagitta, thats what I thought as well, but looking back on my own experience in 2005-2006, as well as synthesizing some experiences Ive read here on this site, it seems Jupiter transits arent necessarily those straight up blessings we were expecting. It can be, but it doesnt necessarily mean its that way all the time. Again, just from what Ive gathered – someone feel free to correct me if Im wrong.

          Imo, the difference between Saturn and Jupiter blessings are that Saturn expects some sort of work to be put in during his reign before he releases the blessing. Jupiter just gives it to you, but he is also capable of making it somewhat disguised – just no work expected. He takes you as you are when he arrives.

      • Honored & humbled that you would take an interest in my thoughts <3 You have a multi-part Q so will try to answer as concisely as I can. The Jupiter /Neptune Trine IMO is a super spiritual pairing that amps up the flow of guidance from otherworldly, more esoteric/occult sources. It’s pious but not dogmatic; ritualistic but not Orthodox.

        Jupiter Returns simply represent a new cycle of growth, expansion, and opportunity. I don’t agree with the idea of them inherently manifesting as a “blessing in disguise”, THOUGH I will stress that in the case of Jupiter in Scorpio *specifically*, this can indeed be the case since Scorpio energy tends to cloak things. The phrase I get with this is “Out of something evil, something powerfully good emerges” – especially if tied up with lesser benefic Venus this can represent something like a sizable inheritance or bittersweet divorce settlement that facilitates both parties moving onward and upward. Both are obviously tied to the Scorpio themes of loss/endings but leave you in a better spot than they found you. Mind you, these are just some broad examples so don’t panic and think they’ll necessarily apply to you.

        When it comes to Jupiter Returns in general, the best thing we can do is manage our expectations. We tend to get too caught up in thinking that Jupiter’s sole function is that of a Cosmic Santa Claus while ignoring the fact that like every other astro-energy it is multifaceted. Jupiter transits (which a Jupiter Return is; Jupiter conjunct Jupiter) can be big letdowns because we puff them full of unsubstantiated hot air and get our hopes up for the biggest and best presents. But if Christmases Past have taught us anything at all, it’s that sometimes Santa doesn’t always deliver that big-ticket item we were hoping for. The best advice I can give re: Jupiter is to always be grateful for what you have, believe that it will all work out & you’ll be better off for its energy no matter what, and to focus on devoting positive energy toward finding your opportunities; that way this transit cannot be spoiled for you no matter what winds up being under the “tree”. xx

        • I am taking this on. I’m looking to work Jup cj my 4° Nep and Jup on 22° Jup with your thoughts in mind. Esp considering my recent employment travails. Which l might add l would’ve let, maybe, my Mars Pluto Dog out for a mauling. This is MM-like. TVM.
          (I answered here bcos of sim-same theme)

        • Your Jup in Scorp transit descriptor was particularly pertinent. My Jup is Stationary D and a ‘T Sq Focaliser’. The oppositon is Merc in Leo / Chiron in Aqua. (Scorp / Pluto heavily substrates my Kat Sun and Asc.)

        • Of course Im interested in your opinion! 🙂 Im interested in everybodys perspective and opinion tbh – its all relevant and important – but I appreciate the information you have to share. Seriously, thank *you* 🙂

          Ok so yeah, what you are saying is what i was thinking… you just explained it better than I could. It just happens that it ends up feeling this way for me because my Jupiter happens to be in Scorpio; so no wonder the feeling I have from my experiences are ones of blessings in disguise. 2005-2006 were a continuation of some of the most painful years for me, but ultimately did help my growth. If my past experience taught me anything, is to not expect anything.

          Oh, and another question, do you think Jupiter return in Scorpio would be a good time for the karmic scales to be brought to balance? Some of it I might need to go to court over. Any thoughts?

  17. I’m Scorpio rising (17°) & Gemini sun and I’m so excited!! My ascendant is part of a grand water trine/kite in my natal with Mercury in Cancer, Jupiter in Pisces, and my moon in Virgo in the 10th house (Virgo MC).

    I’m going to boldly pitch all the projects that I’ve been developing, and aim for BIG MONEY. Sag rules my 2nd house, and I have a grand mutable cross in the 2nd, 4th, 8th, and 10th houses being activated by Saturn opposing my natal sun. I. AM. OVER. IT. I’ve learned my lessons and one of them is not to underprice myself, so here I go!!

    • YES!!! I’ve taken the same medicine and ready to get out of saturn in Sag a sleek new being who works my value and my values.

      • Woo hoo, let’s do it! I’m also leaning into my Virgo moon tendencies – be hyper-organized and thorough. But my Gemini sun resists it SO HARD!!

  18. Mystic, you asked in the daily ‘scopes for us Scorpios to think back to what happened in our lives 12 years ago, when Jupiter last traveled through our sign.

    And the answer was an a-ha moment for me, because in 2005-06, I decided to leave a job in which I was very unhappy. That decision set in a motion a whole series of decisions/events/choices that have led me to the present day, and I can see the arc of it so clearly right now.

    It’s made me realize the power of Jupiter had then, and that I need to heed its power tomorrow when it enters Scorpio again, and really set some honest and real intent around it.

  19. Jup has just gone over my IC 29° Libra. Really Scorp rules my 4th. Libra was evicted. I am getting a new abode.

    Looming, .or looking, forward to it going over my 4° Neptune and a Return to my Jup @ 22° Scorp. I could do with some respite.

    I was sacked today. A kid made up a lie about me and l lose my income. GFF!!! “My little darling would never do that”.
    That is evidence of fucked shit thinking by ppl with bullshit and bat’s wee for brains.

    Can l request that Uran, Nep, (esp) Pluto, Mars and Saturn just clear out for 24hrs?

      • Contract terminated. In Orwellian NSW you don’t get the chance to put your side of the story; the ‘investigator’ will contact me ‘soon’. In the meantime I’m not allowed to do teaching work anywhere; not even day 2 day. They don’t presume ‘innocent till proven guilty’ anymore.

        So the lesson this kid will learn is that he is special. He is learning that he can take and that giving is for losers. My lesson? That Australian government departments are fucken automaton reprobates.

        Uran is Rx about 2° before my MC.
        It should be good, its afterall my Jup Return.

    • oh bummer – very sorry to hear that. Here here – let’s ask Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Saturn to GO AWAY – so over my 10 months of saturn squaring everything…but lots of fab optimism and suggestions here re embracing Jupiter.

    • PF that is awful! Gut wrenching when it’s coming at you from all sides and lies are the centre of it the unfairness is the killer.

      Saturn square, the forced changes, the upturned life is so disorientating but hopefully it is the compass shifting and setting you in another direction, a new state literally and figuratively?

      All the best!

  20. Ngl. I dont miss 2005-2006 at all except maybe my physical health then. That was the beginning of the end…or so i thought. Near homelessness, lack of love opportunities, insane peopIe in my life, not enough $, loss of family, friendship deterioration….seems to be over it thank goodness. Here’s to another Jupiter in Scorpio cycle that will be fruitful! Scorpio rules my 12th!

    • Good luck Marsbar….i dig what you are saying….it feels to me like that cycle of ick is leaving and a new stronger vibe will open up. I’m clocking the lessons learned since then….and making adjustments. Much happier vibes sent your way.

  21. Scorpio in my 11 and 12 houses – sag rising and moon, stellium in pisces, and mars in scorpio and a few others including diana. Gonna be an interesting ride!

  22. Jupiter in Scorpio is in my 10. The last two or three Jupiter in Scorpio transits were harsh at first but once i got through the other side, amazing. My pluto and Uranus are conjunct in Virgo in my 8th opposite natal Saturn in Pisces (exactly where Neptune is right now) and I took a peek at my progressed chart as a precaution. Progressed moon in Taurus now, with progressed MC ond progressed Mars conjunct on transiting Pluto.

    Since i am very Uranian (Aqua rising, etc) how Uranus and Saturn behave this year will have more of an effect on how Jupiter behaves in the 10th. In 1982/1983 lots of sorrow and redefining who i thought i was…1994….emotionally beat up but carried on, 2005-2006…2006 sucked in many ways…now 2017 my life is looking stronger and more financially stable in years….but shoes can drop at any time…been there, done that heads down chop wood, carry water, and camp in high places facing the sun lol.

    I have natal Mercury 3 in scorpio, and later my MC and Neptune 18 in scorpio….things tend to get better in my later scorpio degrees, so i watch and wait. I finally learned scorpio energy…trust but verify and a little healthy paranoia might be useful.

    • Thanks for the dates I have several of those placements, Gem Sun, Aqua rising and a 1964 model. MC at 11 Scorpio. 1982-83 was at uni and gave up medicine for Arts degree. 1994 was corporate headhunting and affair and relationship with wodower with children. Mixed is probably the best way to describe it
      2005-06 was start of PhD in a new city, doing some casual lecturing, some work in a Big 4 consultancy and living in a new city. It was an exciting time in the sen see of new and largle enjoyable things.
      Theme for this transit is likle to be around expanding own biz that I have recently re focused, some teaching to pat the bills. I am meeting a new crowd of people at a workshop event within 9 hours of J into Scorpoi, so will be looking out for those first 48 hour omens Mystic mentioned

      • Actually had a moment today that resonated with Capricorn scope for Tuesday: an old boyfriend – like 37 years ago boyfriend – got back in touch with me. I’ve not heard from him for around 12 years or so. I saw the message on Linked In and I didn’t reply straight away, hesitating as to whether I should, but then I thought, you know, I’ll just ring. I’m glad I did. He’s going through a very rough patch and getting the story of where he’s been the last few years helped to give me some perspective and insight. Realised I got something out of the encounter. Mind you I did then walk briskly for about 90 minutes reflecting on it all.
        But not sure why Cap scope resonated…I then read some other Cap scopes and thought these also resonate. Checked the progressed chart; only Cap MC at 1 Cap.

        • I like that too! Pat the bills, give them a kiss, a merd, a kick in the pants and send them off just like in dance theater! Lol! That waa my vision!

          • In the 19th C Aussies had some trouble with Bourke and Wills.
            In the 21st C Aussies have trouble with Work and Bills.

        • Yes it seemed a nice way to treat them 🙂

          After all, they should represent the goods and services upon which we survive and thrive

  23. Bring it on. 12 years ago I was very happy. Loved my job and was in a relationship where I could totally be me and life was moving closer to the right track. For weeks I have been in angry frustrated obsessive hyper zombie escape mode and I have exhausted myself. Silly fish.

    • My Neptune is opposite Mars and Jupiter in Taurus.
      I also have Pallas and Juno conjunct in Scorp… 8th house. Will have to do some research

      • Athene + Juno sounds like some interesting femme 8th house scorpio secret superpowers lucrative sexy and hidden…I’ve read Pallas described as urbane cool city chick vibes and juno as maybe empress

        • Woo hoo! maybe this means I’ll finally get lucky!!
          long term celibate, despairing of ever finding another lover —

          • Well she is kind of but there’s an article on this blog about her being the “other woman” too…seems kind of ambiguous from mythology. I prefer to think of her as a empress matriarch kind of thing over the jealous vindictive wife portrayed in some myths

            • I consider those ‘jealous woman’ myths very reductive as they implies that the only way that women can feel or act is when it is in the context of a relationship with a man. pfffffffffffffffffft even if Jove was a playaaaa doesn’t mean she gave a damn, or of she did, that it became literally the only thing she ever did (be the jealous spouse, p.s. how many male greek gods were known only for their jealously or subjectivity or whatever.) What’s to say she didn’t do the same anyway 🙂

              yours feminist-ly, Pi x

  24. gonna go to my farmers market tomo and hopefully the beeswax candle/local honey stall will be there.
    i can get me a candle to celebrate jupes.
    will just have to sprinkle it with my own essential oils

  25. its gonna b in my seventh! whoop whoop!
    but first it conjuncts my uranus at 3 scorp in my sixth….err looking forward to that!
    it will also join my merc at 17 scorp, and my n node as that is conjunct my sun.
    could really do with it, its been saturnine lately-no drinking, been trying to do a microsoft office course so i can get a better job but im soooo impatient with it……ok lets try an b optimistic lol
    come on jupes!

  26. I set an alarm on my phone…I will be sleeping but this is worth waking up for a little ritual
    Pluto/nep power up >>>

      • I read above that you are a Plutonian too. 😉 As a Scorpio rising I’ll tell you what I’m doing tonight/tomorrow night:
        Listing everything I want to let go of (people, situations, dynamics, BAD HABITS) – giving myself space to understand why I’ve held onto it, sending it loving kindness and thanking it for whatever lessons it taught me or ways in which it supported me. Imagine cutting the cord and letting it gently fall away. Burning away if you’re more into that – ash is a very pure form of matter and VERY Scorpio. P.S. I have done TONS of this the past 13 months. Lots of shadow work. Lots of healing.

        Then imagining myself opening up to receive everything I want to see in the next 13 months. Affirming that my reality reflects my invincible intent, and focusing on aspects of my reality that I want to shift. More loving kindness (“may I be happy, may I be well, may I be safe, may I be at ease”). Literally saying the words to invite things I want in, like I would an old friend or welcome guest. Come on in abundance, make yourself comfortable. Come on in money, I’m happy to have you here and I’m going to give you the warmest of receptions.

        Imagining the best case scenario of a few things irons I have in the fire right now. Seeing them play out while remaining unattached to outcomes and open to bigger and better things.

        EFT (tapping) – forgiveness. Circle back to inviting new things in. Gratitude – thank you for these things. More like that please.

        Close with some tai chi. Sound track is 528 Hz Golden Om from Source Vibrations (I bought it on iTunes).

      • Well as mystic mentioned last week “cast yourself you are the spell” but my Pluto rising self enjoys a little ritual. Decided it’s going to involve sitting in a circle of red Hawaiian volcanic salt in silence, letting go of a few things, some abundance chakra spray. Then a cacao elixir + deep reworking subconscious online workshop.

        • P.S. I would love tips on how to use Jupiter conjunct ascendant and transiting the first constructively in business. As a Gemini sun, Scorpio rules my 6th house so that should help too.

          I’m self-employed so if anyone has a good “Jupiter helped my money/career” story I would love to hear it. 🙂

  27. I am a Pluto in the first house person, not a Plutonian unfortunately but still I get its vibes.
    I can’t wait for Jup to move to Scorpio.
    It’ll be in my 3rd house while Nept is in my 7th.
    Even though I am a Gemini and I appreciated the help of Jup in Libra in my 2nd – money management – house and that the vibe was quite light, I am a Neptunian and with Venus and Mars in Kataka, so I was really waiting for a more watery vibe in the air.

    I have some online classes to complete that would really help me give a good turn to my job so I guess Jup sitting in my 3rd house for a year will really help that.
    And I do need a more active social life. That will improve too.

    I have recently started loving black nail polish, I might get a tattoo in November and I suddenly feel the urge to wear lace-y underwear.
    It has been going on for a while so I guess the Jup vibe is been in play since September or something like that, and since the first aspect will be a trine to my natal Venus in Kataka that totes make sense.

  28. On it except for the part where we *can’t* go running off into the woods.

    I think we all need to stare into the wilderness and witness it staring back.

      • THIS IS ME! and the weird thing is i felt similar 12 years ago … was stuffed into an apartment, only i wanted a big house and yard on which to be free. so i bought one. that sucked and i hated it and now i am shopping for RVs. (though the house thing is tantalizing me again too, which is like NO, i JUST sold mine this summer from 12 years ago. what am i nuts?)

      • Well, I do have Jupiter in Sagg, in stellium with Neptune, Mercury and Venus. So there’s that. Could it also be that I have NO Earth in my Natal Chart – unless Cap IC counts (don’t feel it does)

        • I went bush at 28 and rentered city life at around 37. It was a gradual process of release that peaked when I lived off the grid in a remote location with basically the clothes I wore. I had one pair of sandals that I used rarely. When I came back I got married had kids started a biz. Thank god I took that time out. The person it made me is still the foundation of who I am today. The kids are nearly cooked now and I’m nearing my second Saturn return, I will go back to. In a different way, my heart is there waiting for my body to return.

  29. I always think Magical thinking gets a bad rap in psychology traditions. Levi-Strauss said over 80 years ago that all cultures use magical, religious and scientific thinking to repudiate ridiculous notions of the superiority of cultures that worship scientific thinking/logos above all others.

    I have my sun on my midheaven at 2 degrees Scorp. Yay yay yay! Come on in Jupe! I’ve done the groundwork with dirt under my nails. Time for a bit of a magic carpet ride if there is one available.

    • My Juno is at roughly same degree in trine to my moon cancer, Pisces mercury…and Neptune is in Pisces in my 7th square to IC and MC. Pluto is conjunct my Venus 5th…

      Last Jupiter in Scorpio cycle was questionable, mysterious.

      • Questionable does not sound good. Or does it? I hope all our mutual pluto energy puts us in the line for happy Jupiter expansion.

    • Magical thinking gets a bad rap in the way prayer does because people only follow half the instructions. Yes you are supposed to voice your wants/needs, but they forget the part where you have to follow-up/try/do actual things to make the wishes come about. Then people are like…see it doesnt work! Ugh people so dumb sometimes…

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