Jupiter in Scorpio Relationship Side Effects

When you meet that person. a person. one of your soulmates. Let the connection. relationship be what it is. it may be five minutes, five hours. five days. five months. five years. a lifetime. let it manifest itself, the way it is meant to. it has an organic destiny. This way if it stays or if it leaves, you will be softer from having been loved this authentically. souls come into, return, open, and sweep through your life for a myriad of reasons, let them be who and what they are meant.

Nayyirah Waheed

Jupiter is now in Scorpio, an influence that is not going to be diluted by any major planetary vibes. In fact, is super-strength, courtesy of Neptune and Pluto in synergy.  In relationships, anticipate more of a desire for true intimacy and a high gut sensitivity to energetic dynamics.

If currently solo, nothing but the most deep of affinities is going to induce you to surrender your autonomy. Psychic powers – whether dormant or already realized – are becoming more potent and the inner journey – understanding your own subconscious and shadow selves increasingly desirable. Don’t accept cheap substitutes for transcendence or real soul connection.



Uwe Henneken

Remedios Varo


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128 thoughts on “Jupiter in Scorpio Relationship Side Effects

  1. I woke at 12 pm and lit an incense stick ( candle too risky) and tried to meditate but fell into a night of bizarre dreams. Synchronicity at play again, but usually I look at the blank comment box and smile. The first again XxXx Happy Jupiter in Scorpio peeps

      • not so much sexuality as actually becoming capable of leaving the house and socialising again, after literally 5 years of being a depressed anxious hermit

        • Yeah I feel that tho…recently had such a night with someone after a long hiatus of being alone. It was random but on the right odyssey track. Goodbye a bunch of squares and oppositions (you had them to your asc + sun right?)

          • Yeah! Get lost, squares. Saturn is still there but natally I’m pretty saturnian so that’s ok. That Aries full moon with multi Virgo definitely burnt some crud off. Like one of those new fangled self cleaning ovens that lock-and-seal and then basically turn into a kiln and burn off all the built up filth, then at the end you just open it and wipe out basically pure carbon powder! hahaha done . (Vesta-Uranus invention?)

          • Also, same haha
            I wonder if the aqua eclipse kicked things off?
            Capricorns, for me they’re like… Cap-nip
            boom tish

            • I would say it’s a term applied retrospectively, hahaha
              these days I’m wise to the idea that a relationship that starts with a hot night with a stranger is highly unlikely to turn into something (cough) meaningful, depending on one’s definition of meaningful. I certainly don’t hold out for anything. Mind you I haven’t had the cognitive or material capacity for a ‘proper’ ‘relationship’ for a long time (changing tho)… happily I’m at least aware of this now hahaha
              Whoa pi! Spiel alert

    • I’ve only ever done 2 and I’ve felt like shit after both.
      I need emotional connection. They really are less than mutual masturbation.

  2. This is resonating so hard for me right now, thank you. I’ve been bummed all day for a few reasons, but mostly because I didn’t light a candle this morning when Jupiter went exact. Just finished a meditation with moldavite, aquamarine, and amethyst.

  3. wow October so far has been mostly-increasingly-sh!t . what is this? the saturn square mars/venus conj? so much intense interpersonal aggression just ramping up and up until denoueing mostly this afternoon. my birthday was yesterday but I haven’t been able to do much yet (moving day after tomorrow). Pluto is also stationing in square to my sun. BUT! My mercury is at 11 Scorpio! I feel mentally better since Jupes crossed the line.

        • The wound that never heals, and always teaches.

          Maybe it’s … maybe she’s born with it!

          Happy birthday, Mutatis. You’ve got EVERYTHING in your chart 🙂

        • Ah! I keep forgetting about the Chiron/Saturn square and I think this is what’s messing me up right now, too! I’m also having my Chiron return! Natal Chiron at 26 Pisces…

          You’re right, Chiron never gets easier…..I need to remember this, too! Ugh!

          And…….Happy Birthday, too! 🙂

      • Ohhhh interesting. I often forget to factor in Chiron. Saturn is opposing my natal sun at the moment (which conjunct natal Chiron) and so I just write everything off as being tied up in that. 😛

      • Yes. And to intensify it…is that also b/c of some weird possibility of mutual reception – energy between sat / Pluto capricorn and Jupiter in Scorpio?

        I think Saturn in Capricorn sq Chiron in Aries is looking quite epic, of a truly painful story…

        I have Chiron currently returning – and transiting over my mars, sq my Pluto/ uranus – oh and sq Saturn…which will be soon opposite my moon in early cancer.

        Pain, wounds, pain and more wounds…lessons.

        • Lol, at least yes if all very deep, thanks to a minor grand trine – natal Scorpio Juno/ Ceres – moon cancer – Pisces Mercury…so I can be spiritually astute & attuned to suffering, as I am learning.

    • Hey Sun buddy, My birthday yesterday too and my whole year has been shit but October really going for the ‘more shit’ prize.

      • yeah this year has been tough! I sure was looking forward to Jupiter on my sun, too bad it coincided with Pluto squaring both of them. I’m sincerely hoping things will clear a bit now because it’s really been non-stop shit since ~2010 thanks to the zap zone grinding over the same degrees. Happy Birthday Sun Buddy! May it get better for you too!

        • Yep I agree – feel like I’ve been thoroughly fired and quenched now. Bloodied but unbowed and all of that.

      • I do have to say as a Libra this Jupiter in Libra was a little of a let down. Maybe because it was so hyped? It certainly wasn’t as bad as circa 2005-2015. Because if someone could give me a mickey i could swallow to forget that time period i would take it. I am still suffering Some kind of PTSD from it. Like i still think the “rules” that were in effect at that time are still going on. That any good thing I have now will be upended any second if i let my guard down. It is just hard for me to enjoy any good thing for very long before becoming an emotional mess.
        I do think Libras are on an upward trend in general though!

        • Lets hope so.
          I’m so over the whole Uranus opp and Pluto square thing now, it’s been going on for years!

  4. Hmm. I needed that quote, above. Need to let the anger from “that person” go. Ended in betrayal by one I thought so special. We were magic and chemistry when at play but not in the real world. It was not meant to go forever but should not have ended as it did while I dealt with health issues. The fairly tale prince was really a frog.

    And, yes, not much will induce me to give up any autonomy right now. Not even another Mr. Fun. Unless he is a serious hard worker planning for the future – but fun on occasion 😉

    Speaking of letting go …my acupuncture is covered by insurance for a fair number of visits per year! Thank you for that news, today, Jupiter.That should help clear some junk along with the pain.

    • I’m right there with you darling! Been thinking about my situation today, which sounds very similar to yours. For me it’s a combination of boundaries, letting go & turning the focus back towards myself. It will take lot to break the habit of even thinking about it – but we will. Good luck with the acupuncture – I want some!

      • Yes, boundaries! I sometimes need permission to turn the focus on myself but that is where I am now. for sure. I guess we learn and move on. m

  5. SO BANG ON I can’t even.

    For me, it’s a deepening of connection.

    For a lot of my friends it’s solo and only accepting quality.

  6. That quote hit HARD, considering a recent breakup with someone who was definitely a soul mate. I don’t feel like our relationship has officially ended though, gut-instinct says there is more to come. Must relax and let be what is.

    Also as a Pisces with Cancer Moon and Rising, I am so looking forward to all this water and getting deeper. Intuition hits yes please and psychic flashes yes please!

    • I feel ya. I ended things with a Pisces / cancer moon / Sadge rising.
      Wish I felt confident enough to say it’s not officially over

      • Ohh that must have been some interesting synastry … his ascendant on your moon – his moon on your Dsc? – and don’t you have some Pisces heavy hitters in there too?? Am I remembering correctly? Mars in Virgo never forgets a chart lol

        • Yeah you have a great memory 🙂 I have Mars in Virgo also. But you knew that!

          My south node in Sadge also on his Asc and Neptune.
          His Libra mars on my venus – hot!! In a nice Libran way. Lol. So many lovers with mars in Libra

          His Sun and moon trine my Sun – 1° off.
          His Jupiter in Scorpio on my sun

          My Chiron Pisces 14° smack bang on his sun!

          My progressed Asc is Pisces and progressed Cap sun. So double whammy with Saturn in Cap coming up. In a good way I think.

          • Oh my God, your chart sounds like mine– SunScorp, VenusLibra, MarsVirgo, GemNorthnode, ChironPisces!

            Scorpy, are you Scorpbot/Scorpalicious? How are you doing? How is the foray into art going?

            • hey Sagitta,

              Yes it is me. I remember you. Seems like a lot of the old regulars have gone. Don’t have much time to comment these days and I disappeared for a few years when I was doing art school full time.

              The art is going better than my wildest dreams. I graduated last year and I was expecting to work away quietly for 5 years or so and maybe get noticed or something but it’s been non-stop small group shows since I graduated. A gallery in Melbs want to represent me, so I’m currently doing paintings for them. Launching in Jan 2018. And so many other offers to do shows but I don’t have enough time to produce the work.

              It’s all divinely timed. Especially with Jupes in Scorp on my Sun / Neptune conjunction in 10th house and Saturn in Cap soon to conjunct my Asc.

              So yeah, all good on the career front but I can’t help feel sad sometimes. I would really like to meet my partner in crime. It’s something that I have yet to “achieve”.

              It’s lonely at the top. Did a Cappy say that?

              • I’m so glad it’s coming up roses on the art front, Scorpy!
                As for the love stuff, I’m so lacking in qualifications to speak, since I have led such a sheltered life. I’ve had only one man in my life and been married to him for 30+ years.
                If I may speak from what little I know, I would say that you shouldn’t put a label on Love. You have no idea what its face will look like. For instance, the “love of my life,” the person who really understands me and with whom I have a soul-connection, is my daughter. I did not expect that (I expected a man and I had some very specific ideas on what kind of man,) but that is how Love entered my life.
                Things will work out for you but maybe differently from how you expect it to go.

            • Scorpbot?????

              Hugs forever! omg sorry i’m going to scroll back up to read!

              Sending excellence and all the brilliance i can muster. Ha! in fact, i saw a full rainbow today. It was unusual and amazing, as there was a pink sunset against a bruised sky on the other side. I send you that gorgeousness 🙂 xx

  7. So so true. I’m a Libra, thought I’d be more sad to see Jupiter go, but I’m excited for these depthing, enriching experiences to come. Full moon imperative – open to receive. Bang on cue, draw Ace of cups at Jupiter crossover today (- great pics above!). I feel the authenticity a-calling.. The synchronicity and connection

  8. I remember vividly the first time I saw that painting from Remedios Varo. I was a kid and with Mercury, my chart ruler, in Piscis, I love all things magical and surreal.

    I’m excited about the possibilities of Jupiter entering my 2nd house!

    Anyone else with a 2nd house cusp libra and majority of the house in scorpio?

  9. What IS the point of karmic soul connections relationships anyway? Why can’t they just stay in the past FFS?? I’m just so sick of it!!

    Even the most casual of encounters feel karmic. I know I have a packed 8th house, empty 7th and Sun in 10th but I refuse to accept that I’m meant to walk alone in this incarnation. Venus in Libra needs to pair bond.

    I had to end another karmic something the day Pluto went direct. Still recovering from that one. The mornings are the worst. It’s like being kicked in the guts repeatedly before your brain is fully awake in time to rationalise it all.

    I’m seeing a healer next week. Hopefully that helps clear any blocks i have around long term relationships. And maybe Uranus in Taurus will be kinder to Scorps.

  10. “If currently solo, nothing but the most deep of affinities is going to induce you to surrender your autonomy” has been my mantra for quite some time and I was thinking about Jung’s shadow theory not later than a few minutes ago.
    Yes I think about Jung at 6.00 am in the morning while sipping coffee; blame it on my Pluto in my 1st house.
    As for the transit: Jup in my bc 3rd house will be trine my Venus in Kataka next week, together with Marrcury, both at 1 degree Scorpio.
    Jup is not subtle and even less when in Scorpio, so I’ll stay open and curious and see what happens. I’d love one of those “there, this is love. Take see if u can handle it and don’t annoy the world with the details” kind of things, but I don’t know how it will play out. To the very least I can expect a bit more socially active period.

  11. On 09Oct I had one of the worst feeling days I can remember. I couldnt get out of bed, cried all day and if a friend of mine wouldnt have delievered tacos to me while I was sleeping, I wouldnt have eaten. Today though….a completely different day-it started out right after midnight when my Scorpio came over, we played cards, he drank and then we had the most connecting, intimate, truthful conversation and love making session we have ever had. It was almost surreal how open he was (thank you alcohol) but I just surrendered to the experience and didnt try to control or question it. If this is the way the next 13 months are going to be, its going to be a wild ride!

  12. Relationship w/ Sun/Venus/merc in Scorpio/Gemini risiing ended last month. The eclipses in August and pending Jupiter in Scorpio must have helped us blow things up. This is the third time we have tried to have a relationship since we were 19. I’m a toro sun and Scorpio rising. We are drawn to eachother and connect at a deep level but then either things get to intense and it just blows up. He’s a recovering on and off again alcoholic … plays a big part but to come to the conclusion that this just doesn’t work is sad but time to finally let go for good.

    • Toro sun, Scorp rising, ha, surely every connection feels deep ? When I come across that energy it always feels like a whirlpool, drawing me in to its deep water.
      As far as letting go I’m not sure Scorp can ? A deep whirlpool does what it does. I would think more in terms of drawing someone else in than letting go.

      • Thank you David!! You get us!! And people who know their astro understand.

        I was chatting to my Virgo / moon in Cap friend the other day and I know she was just trying to make me feel better about my inability to move on from the Pisces by saying “it’s hard when you can’t shake it off” …

        “shake it off”?????

        Are you kidding me!! It’s til death do us part or you don’t exist.

        • I have a super hard time letting go … tend to overstay my welcome in bad relationships … but when I am done, i really am. when you lie about being sober but you arent and secretly smoke meth in the bathroom … cant really go back to that. It’s similar to the toro temper. at least for me, I have boundaries but dont really have an outrageous temper until the bear has been poked one to many times. then watch out 🙂

          • Oh you can’t go back to that!!
            I’ve never really had enough long term relationships to experience a “bad” one. Never even experienced the companionship stage. How tragic is that at 52!

            I’ve only ever said “I love you” 3 times in my whole life but truly meant it twice.

            The last time was back in 98! God, feels like I’m talking about another lifetime. Lol. That one lasted 2 years. My longest.

            2nd and 3rd soul mates (most recent – last year and this year) never really turned into long term relationships for various reasons. Hope springs eternal.

            Probs too much sharing but I have Saggo moon. Gem NN and venus Libra. Lol

            Ha. I’m the same with temper

      • It’s a public execution 2017 style. He’s definitely creepy but everyone putting the boot in does worry me. I mean sure, destroying a powerful person for certain crimes can give a sense of satisfaction but we know that there is good in the man along with the evil.
        Perspective is needed here.

        • It’s the beginnings of redress for the private executions of women’s dignity. I don’t think women should put up and shut up, or be dismissed as merely driven by some sort of mob mentality. Nor should the men who express solidarity with HW’s victims. It’s public because of the abuse of power, and his industry sells entertainment for mass consumption. That’s corollary to the core issue of assault and abuse.

          • Thank you.
            Yes, these are unprecedented times and when there is no platform in – work with me here – the patriarchy* to handle bad men behaving in entitled ways, then the dirt comes out in any way available.

            * I’m not referring to the legal system as such, although that has a track record for such crimes (“were you wearing a short skirt tho”), and is contingent on the everything
            ok enuf you all know this soz bye x

        • David I hear you. He stands now as that scapegoat or the captured soul of the moment. This moment is huge, beyond many that humankind has seen for a long while. A massive dynamic change in the way the sexes face one another and it’s going to take a very long time and careful handling. The male energy for so long has been ingrained with its behaviour and the female has too been brainwashed. It’s only just started that female eyes and hearts are really opening, really seeing the depth of this and the male is going to need some time to learn the new, to be able to release the old and find a place where sexual relating can happen for the good of both parties in all aspects. But a loss of power is always hard, remember that gaining power is possibly even more so. As women female I’d urge us to be strong, wise, just and kind because that really is the female at her best. Draw absolute lines but never forget the much greater picture going on through time here.

          • Couldn’t have said it better, thank you for expressing what I had failed to put into words.

            “I’d urge us to be strong, wise, just and kind because that really is the female at her best. Draw absolute lines but never forget the much greater picture going on through time here.”


            “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.”

  13. Everything you wrote, MM, is the way I’m wired naturally, so this time period (I hope) will be good for me since the astro is in alignment with my true self. Not sure why I’m wired this way naturally, maybe my 8th house Sun, and my Pisces Moon?
    Desire for true intimacy, deep affinity, wanting real soul connection….all of it. I’ve crossed paths with many soulmates in my life, and I know what it feels like when someone is one.

    In terms of romantic/sexual connection, I feel like the absolute antithesis of the energy coming in now would be ‘online dating’. I never really felt comfortable with it, but did it anyway over the years. I just can’t do it anymore. I hope I can meet someone in real life… Jupiter is transiting my 5th house now, so maybe..? I have Neptune in the 5th, but at 26 degrees, so Jupiter won’t get to it until next year.

    • I gave up that online schizz aeons ago , 2009. Some people just can’t. I didn’t feel represented well online when all of my best attributes are reduced to a number or phrase. It is becoming trendy to meet in person anyways at certain parties or venues designed for that now in some larger cities. If they have those in your city, you should go! Good luck!

      • Thanks, I’m sure there are events like that here because I live in a major city, but I think I’m going to leave things up to serendipity for now….. 🙂

        Right at the transition of Jupe into Scorp I got a text from a guy I’d met beginning of this year, hadn’t heard from him in a long time. It was a weird connection, though maybe because we had my Sun/his Moon conjunction in Aqua, that I kept talking to him at all? *Something* kept pulling me in.. Anyway, the interchange got weird and then he got verbally abusive and I finally blocked and deleted him. …..p.s. I hate texting! Seems to be a recipe for things to go right off the rails….
        Time to start the new era of no bullshit, no disrespect, and only true and healthy connections! I don’t need to learn through negativity, hardship, dysfunction, and abuse anymore! DONE.

    • Yah I feel resistance to online dating too even with my merc in aqua. I do believe that if you do the work to reprogram your insdes(sounds like you have) the meeting will happen naturally. Maybe my neptunium bias

      • Thanks, yeah, I have Merc in Aqua, too, but am also Neptunian, with Pisces Moon and Mars, and natal Neptune in the 5th..

        • Aqua on the DC & majorly Neptunian here; have never met anyone through online dating or dating apps. They just don’t appeal to me. You can’t feel the person’s energy! Self-presentation is not the same thing as energy (which can’t be faked), it’s too artificial.

          • Can’t feel their energy, can’t smell their pheromones, can’t work any magic…it’s a total **meh** I thought I was afraid of it then I tried and got so bored

            • Agreed…because of that, all the men/profiles seem and even look the same after awhile and it’s a total buzz kill, turn off… :/

              …..not to mention the kind of idiotic or lazy, making no effort messages they send you. It’s just not interesting..

              Maybe men are feeling the same way, and that’s why their behavior, but maybe they keep at it hoping that here and there they’ll at least get some sex out of it. A lot of them seem to use dating apps in a manner that they think it’s a free sex vending machine.
              I’m into sex, but not with that kind of vibe. I am SO not into hookups, casual sex, whatever you want to call it….I’ve done it, but it’s not what I want now, if I ever really did….bleh.
              Going back to MM’s post:
              “Don’t accept cheap substitutes for transcendence or real soul connection.”

                • That sucks, sorry it’s been a crap experience for you, too, PF.

                  I have been sensing, and have had some conversations with men, too, that make me realize that just as many men are fed up of online dating as women. We need to go back to meeting people in our real lives..

                  All the actual, real relationships I’ve had have been with men I met in person first in my real every day life.

                  Online dating has only ever gotten me casual sex or one off’s, or just a few dates hanging out platonically, but would have also been casual sex if I had given the green light. None of it was truly satisfying..

  14. Jupiter has just crossed from my 12 th house to my ascendant Scorpio. It currently conjunct my natal Neptune too. Wrote two poems yesterday..
    Had my final op yesterday now have pacemaker magic heart..feel that its time to express and actualise some deep dreams…dive deep for jewels in the occult

  15. Transiting Jupiter Conjunct my natal Jupiter, 5th house. Jupiter return? So far feeling frisky love toward most. I’ve reached a state of calm and connectedness I haven’t felt in a long time.

  16. Looking fwd to jupes in scorpio. I realized as a Libra that even though the last time was not good in many ways, i did get blessed with 2 things: instant weight loss (the healthiest skinniest i had ever been including counting teen years) and an extra job when i needed it most. It was a likeable job at the time until it morphed circa 2009 or 2010. It was downright unbearable 2011.

    So yeah i could use another thinning and another viable income stream. Hopefully family, friends, and soul mate will stay put this time around.

  17. Sheesh, soul mates. I’ve had maybe three human and one animal (my gorgeous Piscean angel-dog who was with me through Uranus in Pisces almost to the day). I yearn for that kind of deep connection again.
    Don’t tell anyone but I’m cruising the rescue websites looking for a new companion animal. (No jokes about online dating please 🙂 )

    Jupe is still in my third house, won’t get to my 4th until half way through Scorp, will then conjunct my IC/Neptune opp Jupiter and will eventually square my Asc and Venus/Ceres/Dsc. Travelling over the same ground laid waste by Pluto then tilled and tended by Saturn. So I hope for good things.

    Is the Jupiter opposition a thing?

    • I think Jupiter opposition is a thing.
      (Astrologers set me straight if you need to)
      Jupes conjunct my sun was super huge, amplified by Uranus there at same time, I “retired” from my (what I thought was a) career hahaha
      Jupes opposition I’m guessing about a year ago for me, no! Say 18 months, ok so that was tangled up with those Saturn squares and the mars retrograde
      It felt like the ultra slog associated with what had begun with the conjunction .

  18. Me and my boyfriend are Plutonians with lots of Neptune and Scorpio links and every day that passes I’m more sure we’re supposed to be together and that things are happening on deep levels, although I had that sense from day one. I feel completely safe being myself with him, I know he feels the same way. He needs to be allowed to be weird (Aqua moon), I need to be allowed to be intense (Scorp moon). We’re both crazy loyal but detest manipulation and power plays, there’s no bullshit between us, ijust such a strong ride or die vibe between us and I love it.

    Little synchronicities keep happening, like I pick out a random album to play that his sister is playing the next day when we visit, a couple of weeks ago we woke up together having the same weird dream, this weekend we had a talk with my dad (their first meeting) and then the thing we discussed happened to my boyfriend at work the next day (I was talking about the importance of having overdose kits downtown and my boyfriend was offered one the next day).

    The last time Jupiter was in Scorpio (hitting my MC), I chose a different educational path that was less safe but felt more right and now I’m closer to getting why that happened. I was also living with a beautiful Scorpio man who was a soulmate (we had the same deep connection and real love vibe) but not meant to be my forever mate. I keep having flashbacks to my time with him and feeling the difference between that relationship and this one, and how I’ve grown since then.

  19. I was talking to a 10 years younger friend last night about online dating… giving it another go ‘for fun’?! only check every few days and take everything with a huge bag of salt…
    and she’s talking about some guy she knows and wants to introduce me to ‘but he’s an ordinary guy’
    my answer was I don’t want someone ordinary or ok, it would have to be someone amazing for me to go there. otherwise what’s the point?
    better start collecting cats…

    • Ha! I was thinking something similar in the car this morning. I want amazing – or -nothing. I’d rather be secure on my own than chasing something mediocre, (And I i threaten to just get another fuzzy lap dog puppy)

      • It’s funny how some men think that the longer you’ve been on your own the more ‘desperate’ for a man you must be, and willing to lower your standards… it’s been the opposite for me.

        Why would I enter a relationship, with the work and compromise it involves, when my single life is pretty damn good? and I have no one to answer to. I do what I want. ‘You’re not the boss of me’ is a theme since childhood for me

        • Personally, I’d be concerned about your match-making friend. Why would a decent friend want to introduce you to someone so ‘meh’ even in their own words? 🙁 Are they worried about you? or do they just not get you?
          The one thing I have learned about matching up older peeps (from my own shitty exp) is to put the 2 people together (who could be a match) in a room like at a sizeable event and see if any natural chemistry comes about. That way no one has to be awkward.

  20. This is bang-on.

    I had the realisation last night that my partner is treating me exactly the way I used to treat my father. Difference being, my partner has way more power in this situation than I did. But then I thought – this is my karma, this is my lesson. I told him a story that illustrated the similarities and something seemed to shift, maybe not much, but something. I have so many stories inside me that I’ve kept hidden (secrets?) and I want him to hear more of them regardless of the outcome. I’m tired of skating around on the surface. Helloooo Jupiter in Scorp!

  21. This news is exactly what I needed to hear. I’m in my first erotic love relationship—a long-distance one—with the sort of person I never expected to fall in love with, and it’s causing me to rethink all my priorities.

  22. My guru/guide for Jupiter in Scorpio (my 12H, containing my Sun conjunct Neptune) is going to be Marion Milner. This is a quote from her book, A Life of One’s Own:

    “I had been continually exhorted to define my purpose in life, but I was now beginning to doubt whether life might not be too complex a thing to be kept within the bounds of a single formulated purpose– whether it would not burst its way out– or if the purpose were too strong, perhaps grow distorted like an oak whose trunk has been encircled with an iron band. . .

    So I began to have an idea of my life, not as the slow shaping of achievement to fit my preconceived purposes, but as the gradual discovery and growth of a purpose which I did not know. . .

  23. The night of Jupiter into Scorpio I woke up and saw my lover’s dream body sitting upright in bed looking around the room. Rubbed my eyes several times to make sure I was awake. First time seeing someone’s dream body! What a trip 🙂

  24. Ohhhh my gooooodddd!!!
    Needed to read this. Im always conpelled backt o astrology when life turns a little shit!
    Lost my job, lost my appetite for dairy products so m now vegan, lost the spark in my relationship of 4 years it feels? So very anxious and have halted things to a ”break”

    Saturn is transiting chiron which is currently conjunct, yes conjunct!! (How did i miss that one) on my Natal venus..

    Oh how the puzzles fall into place

    This all makes so much sense. Chiron hurts. Like alot.

  25. It wasn’t until days after 10/10 that I realized I had coincidentally an intense channel where my guides spoke through a healer. So much was clarified for me and I doubt it was coincidence that we met that day. Feeling so much clarity about how i love and relate with others and myself….

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