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Hands up who hasn’t zoomed in and done major analytics fiend depth focus in the last nearly seven weeks of Mars in Virgo. It’s been fab, we have more data now and more than likely some exquisite clarity. It’s not true clarity if it is not just a little bit irking or confronting. Now Mars is in Libra and the strategy shifts – Every movement of Mars requires fresh tactics.

This is one of the key factors behind suggestions in the Daily Mystic email and/or the Horoscopes. In traditional astrology, Mars in Libra can inspire people to be more oblique in and round-about in even their most assertive moves. Thwart passive-aggression and decipher cryptic relationships by being either brazenly candid or utterly impassive.

Mars in Libra infuses the atmosphere with more AIR which feels fresh and less stressful on a day-to-day basis. It’s more elegant. Even psychopaths will probably develop better manners. But the Sun into Scorpio takes us well and truly into the Republic of Pluto – deep emotions, the Craft, sex-money-power dynamics that are usually macro or academic played out on an everyday basis.

The Sun in Scorpio in just a few hours puts it straight on trajectory to align with Jupiter; see the Horoscopes for more but this is one of the ultimate astro passages for consciousness deepening, self actualisation and transmogrifying your own crap. Fast.




Dean Ellis 
Camille Chew

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120 thoughts on “Fresh Vibe Up

  1. OMG mars into Virgo has been amaaaazingggg and as for Jupiter into scorp…and last week with the mercury thing…so much evolution and stuck situations shifted I can’t even……..

    yeah, wow!

  2. top image is me terra-forming new lover.
    mercury and then the rest are on Uranus’s doorstep and therefore 5th house
    thank fuq, the astroclaustrophobia was getting to me. a girl’s gotta hustle.

  3. Mars in Virgo (1st house) really expressed itself more as a constant rage/push, need for physical outlet through sports and for a few weeks also ambition but not constantly.

    • Yes me too, this year has been a toughie with Saturn rolling over and back over my natal fiery Mars in Sag square my Sun Pluto conj in Virgoan 1st H! Crikey!

      The energy has shifted and conversations had and yes all out war nearly broke out and has been painful but evolving

      Bring on the next chapter

  4. Strange! maybe without realising until now I sorted like a demon possessed….jewellery (I have bit of a collection…I am a Taurus) Clothes, plastic container drawer, pantry, garden beds, work desk, classroom, hard drive folders, all at an obsessive level. It felt great. But I also went on a crystal shopping bender, wands, spheres, earrings. and really environmental things like diva cup ( don’t ask boys), shopping bags, drinking cups. Lots out and lots in! Ready for the Healthy vibe now, Mediterranean, bright line, anything will be better.

  5. Natally I have Sagg Sun squared by Virgo Pluto and Uranus opp Jupiter/Chiron in Pisces 4th. Around about the end of every Mars in Virgo transit I feel that my light and life force and spiritual connection has all but gone out in service to the capitalist overlords of productivity and perfection, but this one is a whole new deal given transiting Neptune in Pisces square natal Sun and opp natal Pluto.
    Neptune square Sun seems to weaken the will; Neptune opposite natal Pluto square Sun makes it impossible to really care about the 10th house, even though you are a single woman who can’t afford not to and is too old to reinvent yet again into yet another career.
    At my age, I’m damned lucky to have finally got a permanent job – scarce as hen’s teeth – given how precarious the workforce is for those in their mid-50s. .
    But damn, I feel tired.
    Over on planet waves, another favourite site, someone was saying how we shouldnt underestimate the toll that the trumps, the jong-il’s, the adani’s, the weinstein’s, the mass murdering snipers, the brutality to refugees, the endless suicide-trucker-bombers, the under-reporting of atrocities not in the west but just as bad, the abbott-endless-lies-re-climate change being good, the lies about what same sex marriage does to children, god, where do I stop…there’s more…about how we shouldn’t underestimate what a toll all that takes on the psyche.
    Am having a Sun just moved into my 12th and I feel like all the good work I did on my psyche during Mars retro last year is unravelling.
    You are so right in your daily for sagg, Mystic. Major repair on psyche needed at end of Saturn in Sagg.
    I wonder how one can regain any lightness of being with saturn and pluto about to be in pragmatic as fuq capricorn.
    I feel 100 years old tonight.

      • Good idea!
        Actually, I spewed out all that negativity, then felt guilty for being a downer on a post about vibing up, and then meditated – but completely forgot about the Jessica Snow one.
        Will do tonight….

      • lol, natal Uranus SR on MC. Have reinvented many times. But reckon by next year, when transiting Uranus hits my sixth, I will find a way to do it again.

        • That’s a heck of a birthmark Sally (as Gary Larson might say). Uranus Rx ya MC.

          I keep thinking Uranus said, under his breath, “Pluto, you call that a demolition job?”
          “This is a lightening strike and how its done!”.

    • Hi Pandora, yes all of this stuff can do strange things and gather like dust in the corners of our psyche, muffling much needed light without us realising. You see that tho and articulated it really well I think. It’s a really wierd, fuzzy time for a lot of us and I don’t think the wavelengths we experienced vis a vis #metoo, collectively, can be discounted at all just here… Personally I’m on a bit of a rollercoaster – that Pluto meditation did do something to stabilise I think – just wanted to wish you well.

      • Hey, thanks sweetness and to all above too.

        Had colonoscopy today under anaesthetic (bowel cancer risk runs through the women of my extended maternal line)- but thank christ, all clear, see you in 5 years for the next one.
        Suspect some repressed fear around that was part of my big Monday darkness.
        The “inner cleanse” (to put it mildly) that you have to go through the day before is so very Scorpio rising, Thus purged, the phoenix rises.

  6. I am so tired.
    I have to appear in court on Friday
    being sued by the council for not paying council tax
    I am not required to pay council tax this year because I filled for bankruptcy in May but despite spending all day, every day trying to get hold of various gov departments chasing benefits and correcting admin snafus I’m still not receiving even a third of what I’m legally entitled to. This is after dutifully paying everything up front all my life and one year I need to get back on my feet but all I have is quicksand. I can’t do this anymore.
    I just feel so tired

  7. I miss being self employed and frankly, I miss my previous occupation even. Anything is preferable to the pit of despair I’ve been living in. Everyday I wake up and fight through tears and handle the choking Chiron grief in my throat and I fight and breathe and cope. I am so so so tired of it now.
    I genuinely don’t think I can hack another f&cking day of this shit

    • Gee Invicta thats a real hole to be in. I’m in much the same space. (Prev topic/posr says it all.).

      Please hang in there. The care expressed on this site helped me with the total shithole I’m still facing. I love reading your posts.. you are genuine and honest.

      “Strange how people who suffer together have stronger connections than people who are most content” (Dylan)

    • Jacqui mentioned this above to Pandora, but I wanted to put it here for you too Invicta(and PF if you’re reading): Do the Jessica Snow Pluto meditation 🙂

    • Oh hon I am so sorry to hear you are feeling like this. It sounds pretty shit, actually, no wonder you are feeling tired. It’s a lot to fight.
      Do you have access to legal aid or similar assistance where you are? (Would that even help – sorry I don’t know the system there) I know some lawyers in London, I could ask for recommendations, and surely with the reach/networks of this community we could put you in touch with some practical support. Sending love seems trite but please know you’re cared about and valued so much by us here. xxx

      • Hey Chris xx
        I don’t have access to legal aid, or rather I have applied and tried every avenue available to no avail. Called every number on posters, attended sessions with career advisors and so on but the help is just not there. I’ve been consistently horrified at the lack of any meaningful help available.

        I got to the benefits party too late. England’s famous social welfare system is broken. I’ve been struggling for six months to get just my rent covered but still not even half of it is, and it’s nothing. I’m in a V poor area living like a rat in a hole above a dumpster, literally! I have a small window and dumpsters are the view.
        Sorry to moan, I’m just so sad. I feel I’ve slipped so far down now, I can’t see a way back up or up at all and, yeah. It’s dark.
        Other things make it harder too, like still not having access to internet without an insane amount of labour.
        Theres a server called null which redirects all my traffic whenever I use a machine to see into cyberspace and the browser flashes with millions of redirects Usually I can’t get online at all. I am trying to fight and I don’t understand why all this is happening to me. I don’t get why anyone would want me to suffer these things but, they win.
        It’s amazing I have gotten online to say read MM’s posts and say hi two days in a row. It’s taken a huge amount of work.
        I can’t even explain it to people without sounding totally insane and god its exhausting.

        But thank you I appreciate the care and all the support xx

        • Hi Invicta. If you have a Paypal or anything where people can help support you, maybe let us know? Even though I am a stranger I would be willing to help. Geez I am really sorry to hear all of this. xx

        • I identify with this so hard, as usual with you. When you get back on, if you see this ( I don’t know how people keep up with that stuff still) I know you’ve got what you need coming to you ms

    • Invicta, Im so sorry to hear about everything. Thanks for sharing the gravity of events, I had no idea previously and hope I didnt come off insensitively. I hope you get a chance to get back online and see this post, because I really want to ask you something. I won a prize from Mystic – the Wealth Wallet – in a previous post. I havent claimed it yet. If it means anything to you, I would like to have her send it to you. If you accept, please email her your mailing address. I will also email her and let her know that I am gifting it to you. I hope the wallet brings you new magick wealth xx

  8. virgo starts in my 8th house and ends in (but rules) my 9th.
    Mars virgo was my persistent, stubborn, but obliging clean up crew in my own personal psychic realms. *psychic energy coming in* = Mar’s mantra ‘is it useful, does it need to be kept or does it need to be tossed?’ Hiiiiyaaaaah!

    But it didn’t feel as fun or uplifting as Hiiiiiyaaah. Sometimes I’d feel this energy turned onto myself rather than thoughts or realigning perspectives and it hurt – so tempering and relating to this energy. As pushy as mars felt I also had to keep in mind not letting it run me into the ground. sometimes I had to just sit and tell myself ‘this nothing is something productive’
    That and lately I’ve not been using an alarm to get up because I don’t have much I HAVE to attend to right away. It’s been nice just allowing myself to arise naturally.

      • YES same here. Mars in Virgo natally and I always go on a self critical bender during Mars returns. Even lunar Virgo sends me into overthinking nitpicking hyperdrive.

    • Virgo starts in my 1st house and ends in my 2nd. My natal mars is Pisces 8th house.

      I can thoroughly relate to your comment regarding clean up crew in personal psychic realms. For me, also relationship and inner emotional terrain. Last week I was practically a hermit, spending as much time in meditation, reflection, journaling as I could.

      I was actually beginning to wonder whether devolution is a thing.

      I felt mars in libra last night. Cool, calm and centred. Thank fuq!

  9. Um seriously I’m not even quite sure I know what’s happening to me these days

    Massive creativity boost, blowing off qi vamps, a healthy sense of what I need but honestly it feels really disruptive. Nothing that worked before does now and it’s very very strange (new terrain indeed!)

  10. Mercury is on natal Uranus today and up to Xmas will be followed by Jupiter, mars, Venus. The mercury conjunction (and maybe the Pluto meditation and necking half a bottle of walnut essence (exaggerating) and also staring at a page of handwritten assault crisis counselling contact phone numbers with a dawning sense of what’s going on, helped me understand why that csncerian with personal planet contacts to my Pluto and Saturn is bothering me so much. His tone, manner and choice of words/topics is almost an exact parallel for the emotionally / psychologically abusive (angry piscean) ex, who himself is an energetic echo of the power dynamics in my earlier home life. They both have a strong Gemini / Libra signature too as well as the water sun (the csncerian has the Leo thing which when it acts dysfunctionally is ugh) . Some of tjis therefore a bit similar to me, so its a really confusing puzzle, and thanks to Saturn on my dsc now I’m seeing where my own interpersonal cobwebs might exist, thank you Saturn, good to get this all on the table up front and early!! but to finally land on the grid-square in the map of wtf – I still need to actually confront this interpersonally however – has been small relief, and really hard because I thought I was done with all this shit, but hey. So, I’m a certain scorpionic insight way, this is uplifting
    The words popped into my mind as i was smashing all these thoughts outset night into my notebook, “peace-seeking missile” (I do have Eris on my Aries mc opposite all this crap after all) and ..”strong enough”

  11. the image–season premiere of walking dead was on last night and it featured some scenes of rick with a little rainbow shining over his eyes.

  12. Can relate so many of the comments here. It must be a combo of the end of Chiron in Pisces, Saturn on my SN and last degree of my fourth house, Mars finishing up through my 2nd including Mars return and opp Chiron etc etc.
    Been feeling absolutely soul-tired, like I could just take to my bed and not get up. Actual insomnia doesn’t help.
    Work situ is extremely difficult with new psychopath in residence. Senior and junior people weeping in my office daily. Nobody higher up gives a fuq so it’s time to move on – but to what, at post-Chiron return?
    Transiting SN in my 6th house. The last time I dealt with an office psycho I made very good decisions to change my path. I’m hoping I can do the same this time around.

    • Ohh. Thank you. I forgot I had Chiron one degree away from my sun. Yes. This is tiring.

      Psychopathic behaviour at every turn. Is it that my radar is more finely tuned to discernment, or that people everywhere are growing horns?

      I hope you find something wonderful Chrysalis. xx

      • Thank you xx
        I have been sticking my head in the sand hoping it would all go away and magically resolve itself, but that doesn’t seem to be happening 🙂

        Chiron near your sun…not to be underestimated, in my experience. Are you a late Pisces? Perhaps with the Chiron vibe (and approaching Neptune), the last few years you’ve become more attuned to how people treat others.

        • Yes, my sun is at 29 degrees Pisces – last time I looked, Chiron was sitting at 28 degrees but I’ve just checked, and now it’s 25 degrees. Oops! Not one degree away, but still close enough to be keenly felt. I also have my moon at 4 degrees Aries, and mercury at 3 degrees Aries, so I’ve been feeling Chiron hitting on them, too. All the Chiron action, including sun, moon and mercury, is in my 8th house.

          Yes, certainly the last few years i’ve “become more attuned to how people treat others”. I’ve also done a 7-year real life crash course on cultivating discernment and detachment, rather than my old style of idiot compassion. Watching behaviour dispassionately, without disengaging from my heart. Looking for a correlation between words and actions, rather than projecting my values into others and trying to understand and heal (a form of arrogance, really) them.

          Regarding sticking your head in the sand – psychopaths don’t go away! I’m so glad to hear you’re removing yourself. It’s usually the only thing that works with that kind of energy. xx

    • Me too.

      “Been feeling absolutely soul-tired, like I could just take to my bed and not get up”

      I have been taking daily naps to get through the Saturn sq Chiron. I’m not usually the napping kind!!
      I just can’t handle being awake or with my thoughts at the moment. The pain eases at night when I can distract myself and know that sleep is nigh. Lucky i sleep well. That’s one saving grace. I feel for the insomniacs.

      Natal Pisces Chiron 14º in 2nd house. Saturn on south node too. Smack dab!! 23º in Saggo 12 th house – so lots of karmic / soul searching

      Wish i could go to sleep and wake up in mid Dec when Saturn moves into Cap. Start a new chapter.


        • I think I am depressed. I’ve had severe bouts of it all my life

          I can’t even do my art at the moment. I just don’t care about anything. I’m eating well (cos Mars in Virgo) but can’t say I enjoy it. I’ve always been an eat to live not live to eat person anyway. And I go for long walks in the evenings but it’s not lifting my mood.

          Still enjoying my 2 coffees every day at my local cafe though. That’s one reason to get out of bed in the morning.

  13. Feeling the Chiron / Saturn square.

    I haven’t cried this much since 1998 when Pluto was on my moon and a relationship ended.

    And so this time another relationship ends. Even though I ended it this time because i couldn’t handle the long silences in between catch ups.

    It may have been casual but it has affected me deeply.
    One gets over rejection in time but being ghosted is 1000 x worse. And by a Pisces / moon in Cancer, no less. I guess he’s going through is own crap with tail end of Saturn on his Sagg Asc and Pluto opposite his moon.

    I went to an energy healer last week and she pulled out disappointment and rejection from the area between my heart and throat chakra. I don’t feel healed at all or any better.

    • My last rejection was a Pisces Sun (+3 others) and Neptune cj Scorp Asc. Me a dbl Kat. Sheesh did that hurt.

    • Hey Scorpy sorry to hear you’re feeling so low. That Saturn- Chiron square is a bitch isn’t it. Sorry you had to end it with your Piscean guy. Just because you weren’t doing the domestic routine thing doesn’t make it ‘casual’. Sounds like you have deep feelings.
      Also, hormones. Post-Chiron return women everywhere I know are feeling like this due to menopause. It can be punishing. I’m astounded that nobody seems to talk about it, ever. (Or perhaps it’s just in my circles.) I even feel weird mentioning it here. It’s like we have to relearn how our bodies work and what they need nutrition-wise. xx

      • Yes. Menopause is no joke. Neither is getting older, esp for women, as youth and beauty are prized above all other female qualities…
        Men become silver foxes and distinguished, we become bitter old bags, crones, grannies etc. I’m aiming to buck this trend along with a few of my riot girrl friends

        • Exactly Gemyogi!!! Sucks that women of a certain age have an expiry date but if you’re male, you can be ugly, have no redeeming qualities whatsoever, but as long as you’re filthy rich you can still pull someone young enough to be your granddaughter. Ugh!

          I’m with you sista! Let’s buck the trend!

      • Hey Chrys,

        I nearly mentioned above to PF that my depression is most likely menopausal but decided it was too much information.

        I agree, it sucks that we can’t discuss it openly. Most of my close friends are a decade younger than me so they can’t relate to what I’m going through.

        My periods are still regular but I’m getting them more frequently – 24 days or so. Which means on average I only get a week of feeling “normal”. The rest is pre-menstrual tension followed by several days of bleeding and emotional torture. The worst part is not knowing exactly when they’ll end. You’re always wondering if it will be your last.

        I know I should be looking into natural therapies to ease the hormonal changes but I’m not earning enough at the moment to afford it.


        • I’ve had terrible hot flushes for years and my last period was three years ago 🙁 My GP, who is wonderful, said to me “I wish there was something natural that worked.” I’ve tried everything except HRT – won’t go there – and decided to tough it out. The night sweats are the worst for me. My multi-Cap sis is doing it very tough with the emotional stuff. Anxiety, PMS off the scale. I expect it is related to how our mother went through it although there was of course nothing ever spoken of at the time.

          • So is it all over now? The hot flushes happened after your period ended?

            Last year I skipped a period and 54 days passed before the next one. Started getting mini hot flushes for a month. They were mild and cute. Lol. And I thought yeah I can handle that. Nothing like it since and back to regular flow. But the PMS is insane!!!! Feel like I’m losing my mind sometimes.

            My mum reckons she had no symptoms but I think she’s forgotten or doesn’t want to talk about it

            • Been having the flushes for years – I thought they’d stop when the periods stopped but no, they have settled in 🙂
              Having an actual sex life probably has something to do with it. Am ‘alive’ in that department for the first time in a while. No wonder my bod’s all over the place. xx

          • My Great Aunt (85) says she still gets the occasional hot flush – and she’s eaten organic food, breathed unpolluted air (mountain dweller) all her unstressed life. Some women don’t even get them. We’re all so different.

            But I would highly recommend going to a good TCM practitioner/acupuncturist. The huge hormonal changes that occur during menopause do muck with our Kidney Chi which regulates the body temp. (v. simplistic explanation here, obviously). Acupuncture (maybe with herbal combo as well) can help rebalance system.

            And if you haven’t done so already, Leslie Kenton’s “Passage To Power: Natural Menopause Revolution” is a book that helped me understand the whole process more and how to take action in a non chemical way… glad you’ve ruled that out.
            Good luck, Chrysalis & hope you chill out babe 😉

            • Thanks Scarab I will look into Leslie’s book. She was a pioneer in all kinds of health and nutrition.
              I’ve never had success with TCM – perhaps I haven’t found the right practitioner. I do tend to be by nature a ‘tough it out and put up with it’ person – this has only just occurred to me as I write this response – hmm maybe it’s time to let go of that pattern 🙂 Thanks for your wise words xx

      • Oh yes the change/s

        Mine coincided with the GST ZZ and Saturn rolling over then squaring my everything

        I am living in hope that it will end soon – 5 YEARS of it and counting….

    • Hm don’t discount the casual with Pisces folk…meaning doesn’t have to be from an “official” relationship. Wishing peace to you. I’ve had a similar post rejectiony healing last October (prob a venus sat sq mo) and the lady said it keeps progressing for 2 wks. I think she was right

      • aww, thanks dark star. I’ve workshopped it with my friends and nobody has offered this little gem of insight. I will hold that thought. Maybe no news is good news. I’ll endeavour to move forward regardless.

        I’m waiting for my healer to do her post healing follow up call. I’ll discuss what’s come up and see what she has to say.

  14. Astrobarry (astrobarry .com ) wrote a fantastic piece on Jupiter in Scorpio today and how we tend to overlook the fact that Jupiter is not always the bringer of “luck” but can also manifest as irreversible loss “due to actions born from our inability to contain the uncomfortable and/or unprocessed feelings likely to come up”

    I also loved this part:
    “… along with that comes Scorpio’s brave willingness to look loss dead in the eyes, a necessary aspect of its all-in orientation… and to wisely understand that tender blossoms of new life always spring up in its aftermath.

    He nails the Scorp energy. I’m going to read it again and again… and gaffa tape my stinger until i feel better

  15. I feel Chiron-tired…but also like the Vandadium post where she is irritated 5 mins into her Saturn return…is Jupiter/Sun in Scorpio more irritating as an actual Scorpio? Ready to quit my job, cull all the naff stuff out of my wardrobe/life, and go pro already

  16. Something happened.


    Mars conjunct Pluto in libra is not letting me out.

    Round and around and around she goes.

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