Dark Libra Moon Load Balancing

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The  Dark Moon in Libra is naturally a time to re-balance – to let go (the Dark Moon Protocol is to always relinquish our grip on some things, attitudes or people) and thus regain our (Moon in Libra this time) equilibrium. The word “equilibrium” gives birth to Libra which literally means ‘the scales’ or two pans, if you like. But when Uranus is in opposition to the Sun and Moon, the process is more likely to be sudden onset and weird.

But really, how many of us DO attain or maintain balance via some elegant process? Of course, it is the ideal that we graciously calibrate on a consistent basis, smoothly recognizing where we might be giving some problem far more than its fair due, over-eating or weighting one relationship inappropriately over another. Time, money and food are a permanent nexus of balance and re-balance.  Usually, however, it is a kind vehement sudden onset ‘what-the-fuq the scales are tilted so far they are practically perpendicular’ moment.

In our bodies, some tiny instance of the wrong muscle being recruited leads to a compensatory movement pattern can lead to a massive imbalance over time and then that causes some obvious issue, previously imperceptible. In our psyches and lives it is probably correct that the exact same dynamic can happen. And it’s New Moons like this (that feel more like a Full Moon because of the Uranus effect) where the load balancing and compensatory mechanisms become apparent. Re-balancing shifts can seem spontaneous or impulsive – possibly destabilizing to some people in our lives for whom the imbalance works – but they’re usually the end result of a long chain of reaction.

Jupiter in Libra for the last year has gone a long way toward making many of us more aware of this process and of course, there is a whole generation with Pluto In Libra (1971 to 1984) who have this energy hardwired into their astral DNA.



Image: Frederic Martin

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55 thoughts on “Dark Libra Moon Load Balancing

  1. Rebalancing- new tires- Still technically Dark Moon here. Hair cut/color tomorrow on my NM bday-

    Did the Jessica Snow Pluto meditation- and am focused on that Golden Light/Mean for The New Moon.

    Pluto dug up a glitch/neorosis around counting, math quantity and I nailed its root. Not sure it’s gone but at least I can see it. Miles to go-

    Happy New Moon !

  2. Been sleeping really deep this past Dark Moon cycle. I have noticed ramped up restlessness and a Full Moon vibe in others.

    • But Libra Moon is transiting my 12th House so naturally I go within rather project my energies outwards. Intrigued to see what happens today regarding Gainsville protests.

    • I’m going with option 2. Exhausted today and hoping for a better night’s sleep tonight. I was checking my transits yesterday and see I’m having an Isis return! can’t find any info on astro school… will do some googling today

  3. I consider myself a Hidden Libra. I have a bunch of outer planets and points in Libra, so I am constantly measuring and calibrating. The card of my sun is Temperance, and I find that it accentuates the theme here.

    I am going through a big cleanup phase in preparation for the new, and the people that are affected are taking it as quite destructive to their personal spheres. The truth is that too much imbalance has passed and now that I am recalibrating so things reflect more fairly, I must take back a lot of power and control over myself and my resources. Shocking for those used to the imbalance, but hey, you cant build castles in the sand without the tide taking it away, dontyouknow.

    One of the situations Ive decided to leave involves a health professional. His NN conjuncts and Venus opposes my Saturn-Pluto-IC action in Libra. The entire situation has left me feeling very uncomfortable and has triggered a bunch of my control issues as the outer planet person. I dont believe he is trying to pull one on me, but he does a great job of getting under my skin, and being very subtly manipulative/controlling/judgemental (in a superficial way)of it all. Centaurus really rounded it up well in their post above to Pi. Actually that whole situation going on with Pi sounds like what Im going through tbh. Anyway, back to the story, I dont think his actions are a reflection of how he truly deeply feels, but its how he is around me. This complicates our doctor-patient relationship in my eyes – I feel like I need to be able to trust him more but the way he is prevents me from doing so. Apparently there are lots of unresolved karmic past life stuff, but honestly I dont really buy into it too much as I like to work on the here and now. Like yeah we were lovers before and he died without telling me how he truly felt about me for several lifetimes, so somehow it becomes my responsibility to coax it out of him? Sorry, how did this become my responsibility? Sounds like his, tbh. Am I missing something here? I guess the Dark Moon in Libra’s timing is right. Despite it being my decision to leave, I feel like Im the one to need the downtime to process it all before being able to fully let go. The indecisiveness is killing me… #InnerLibranIssues

    • Honey, you’re in this much turmoil over a health care professional?? Oh my goddess, walk away NOW – healthcare is a SERVICE and the second somebody forgets their role and/or does something that interferes with actually helping the patient, they need to go!

      Vesta in Virgo + Sun/Hygiea over & out!

  4. Oh sweet balance…Last night found myself in the final overwhelming depths of an anxiety houseclean. So many triggers this week. For three hours I lay staring at the ceiling recounting interactions where I could have done better, been better or confrontations which had been long overdue.
    This seems to work on a 7-10 year cycle. I am naturally highly self critical and a control freak over trivial things. But the houseclean cycle happens whether I want it or not. My subconscious declares its running over with negative matter and starts spilling forth long forgotten conversations and events. Pluto in libra to blame perhaps. The balance for this aqua seems to always be needed in the grey matter region more than elsewhere. It’s almost like allowing myself forgiveness for being flawed. And permission to be me. And once the purge is done, the weight is lifted. And all those events let go of.

    I just want to say thank you. This weeks posts helped me feel less disconnected. Otherwise this aqua robot would have been trapped in a repetitive zapped malfunction mode.

    • I’ve been feeling very antsy and having trouble sleeping. Today I’m procrastinating… I’ve got a big editing job to do and I need the work and money but don’t feel like starting it in the slightest.

      Meanwhile I’m resting after a big night out drinking with one of my besties and making myself vegetable and miso noodle soup for lunch. Have such a huge to do list of positive art related and personal goal stuff too — very exciting but a bit exhausting.

      Anyway Keelkeel I wanted to say — it’s great to have a clean house though!! I’ve been meaning to tidy up for ages, I’ve got too much stuff lying around, stacked up on desk/table etc. and I know I’ll feel less scattered when I tidy, chuck and put away… Sorry you’ve been feeling anxious, you are definitely not alone.

  5. Last night I was leaving work and there was a dark green lizard in my path…um no lizards live here, it’s too cold. Uranity weirding?

  6. What a great post Mystic, how do you do it?
    I was amazed that I could decide something big so easily today, when I have been thrashing around about it for weeks….:)

  7. Cross fingers about rebalancing! My work place was prev screwed over by land lord stealing our electrical power at the old location We tried various times to prove our case and kept hitting walls, like they ‘disappeared’ the electrician they sent over to look at our breaker box.
    Zoom to present at new location. We have cold busted our neighbouring biz stealing electricity with 5 illegal hook ups.. Pictures taken this time. Gonna be hard for them to wiggle out if this… But shit can still go wrong even with this evidence. Let justice prevail for once. That is all i want.

    • I had to deal with neighbors at an artist’s coop stealing our cable. Found out all the cable connections in our building were leeching off ours. We were supporting 28 other apt units! Our internet/cable kept stalling, glitching etc…cable company refused to do anything about it, blamed the apartment/coop for NOT locking up the boxes, passed the buck so we moved and dumped cable.
      It sucks. If cable was cheap I wouldn’t care but cost us $200 + a month.

  8. “Usually, however, it is a kind vehement sudden onset ‘what-the-fuq the scales are tilted so far they are practically perpendicular’ moment”

    I pride myself on my ability to keep things fair and balanced in relationships; making carefully considered micro-adjustments as I go when I see the tilt going lopsided so it doesn’t get to this point. When I adjust my own behavior and it’s not enough, if I value the relationship in question I abide by the old “3 strikes” rule. I’ll calmly and clearly explain the issue and give ample opportunity for the other party to course-correct if they want to maintain the association. But with Uranus opposing, when it has become clear to me I’m dealing with someone who is in fact “one-way”, my “give-a-fuq” has definitely short-circuited in the manner described. I can and have turned on a dime lightning-fast and lack of reciprocity or consideration for others is a deal-breaker for me. Though I try my best to weed these types out early, some hide how selfish they truly are inside and I’ll not abide that; my sense of self-worth is too intact, TYVM. I’ve never regretted a single tie I’ve cut.

    The wonderful thing about weeding these types out of your life, though, is it creates time and space for new people to enter who are of much higher-caliber. To get what you want in life, you have to be willing to say “no” to all the things you *don’t* want. And with the trine between Saturn & Uranus tightening once again, filtering associations for quality and generally raising the bar brings rewards. On that note, I just had lovely crone-phase woman I’m friendly with invite me out for a beverage – I accepted the invitation, natch. Our senior population needs friends, too, and I would value the companionship of such a wise, cultured, and graceful woman.

  9. Work related: some higher-ups, probably through external pressures of their own, have made quite a few work tasks due (urgently, haha) on the same day or within the same week.

    I want to sit them all down, like a full Board Meeting and explain some basic planetary astro including Dark Moons to them, and let them know that these events are readily available before they even plot out the year ahead. Otherwise, if I bother giving feedback it would just have to the pissweak “all due within a few days of each other” rubbish.

    What a fqn shame i cannot offer to organise astro 101 for biz coaches! The heirarchy’s decisions affect our clients and all the contingent entities, as well as their entire workforce. Plus, you could almost look out for external factors affecting people’s energy and focus, if you couldn’t even predict external events.

    Because on a personal note, i find that even knowing in advance any difficult astro periods does not mitigate the effect that those transits have. I try to be prepared, but let’s face it, it’s me against a planet sometimes! And that’s just personally. So in my parallel universe i dream that my workplace could take the ebbs, flows and knock-on effects into consideration for best productivity, from literally everyone, the admin, the sales, the PR, the clients, the middle, the on-the-ground, the upper client interface etc.

    Haha yeah, and in that world i ride one horse to work, and another one comes to pick me up, and we ride like the wind to make it to good-work-well-done land or race evreyone home (we’d still get uber to go out at night).

    • No, knowing doesn’t always afford us a gracious sidestep but it gives others more tolerance and acceptance… if we’re feeling charitable. That’s an entirely different way of working it and I’m well aware easier to type some days.

      Sometimes our version of prep is based on defence or resistance because we imagine how things will roll before they star to roll…and sometimes people are just plain unreasonable.

      On another note you now have Jupiter galloping through the 12th darling. Get on that ride and you’ll be a force to be reckoned with. They’ll be gingerly knocking at your door asking you what phase the moon is in being careful not to encroch on your personal space lest you smite them with a mere look of disatisfaction xx

      • They were extremely gracious! Gave up their after hours time on no notice, literally at all. A big first for the whole crew.

        omg Jupiter in 12th.

        No, it’ll be interesting in Scorpio 0 degree ruled 12th. True, though, it is easier to get space, in a space-free zone 🙂 I just thought it was because ALL are suffering haha. Then i remembered the lovely time-eater Leo i don’t work with but alongside, who enjoys stretching the morning ritual with her freshly straightened hair, where i am blasting about. And who demands conversational attention, often with a whinge about the exec decisions 🙂

        But as a Jupiter in 12th amplified by Rising and Moon Neptune conjunction, plus the trine to Pisces Sun, 5th House Mercury…urgh, i worry about the double Jupiter delusional bingle.

        hands up for help! (or just dramatic gesturing) We have a lot of Zeus over here!

        • Ah ok, so Jupiter will meet Jupiter later 2018 or 2019. You’ve got some time babe 🙂

          But Jupiter 12th is at home being the ancient Pisces ruler so this is ideal for cultivating inner faith in God/dess/elf, imagination and creative approaches to, well everything really and resourcefulness.

          A zero degree house. Huh, in the theme of Zeus and in defiance to Saturn, (I am a bloody frustrated Saggi these days) I am shooting from the hip and will say that for whatever reason you wanted to capture the seed essence of that sign in that house and ensure that you had the full 30 degrees. If you think alchemy + Scorpio + 12th house you’d be looking at a transmutation formula that kicks in when specific ingredients are added eg transits, motivations, learnings and desires. Jupiter is all about the dose size as it’s almost like Zeus knocks your arm as you attempt to tip but one drop into the mix and bam you’ve flooded psyche and then proceeded to share that with all and sundry indiscriminately and without compassion… hehehe, suck it up style. Ah to be a Centaur native. It’s fun until it’s not but we quickly forget and it’s soon fun again.

          I imagine one caution would be to encourage Jupiter to keep the flame burning and the quest for learning and truth engaged so he doesn’t sit down in some dark room on the 12th floor and say well, looks like I’ve found my truth and kind of stops… looses time, falls asleep etc.

          Neptune Moon… expressed brilliantly in your writing, evocative, imaginative and full of depth and feeling. I wonder how else they partner… or collude… I imagine that’s a possibility.

          I was so pleased to have avoided typos last night and so careful but here I observe ‘encroch’. I have deemed this to be an ancient but reliable form of bringing about submission. You may use your fist, foot, knee, handbag or other readily available object of choice.

          I trust you knew it was encroach… 🙂

    • My solution to that kind of project logjam created by overlords is to call a meeting, make sure it’s in a glass office. Then make them each put on a vest with a number on it. Like a greyhound or a marathon runner, for example. Then run out and lock them in the office. Slide a note under the door listing all the tasks they have assigned to you. Then the note explains that they will stay locked in until they can agree on the relative priorities of these jobs. How they choose to resolve their disagreements is up to them. Then add that the entire office will be watching and that Louise from accounts is running a book on them. (P.S. The communications manager is an odds-on favourite to win #justsayin)

      I think this is a perfectly reasonable expression of Libra (taking responsibility for resolving our disagreements), Aries (initiative, possible fisticuffs), Jupiter and sadge (gambling), and Leo node (Show time!) 🙂

    • Yes to knowing in advance but finding that when transits sq or oppose your natals you can’t help being your signature.
      Some have felt my Mars cj Pluto trine Saturn (Earth houses / Earth signs)
      Call me San Andreas.

  10. Natal Uranus in Libra opposite Mercury in rush-about Aries, both squared impetuous Mars, plus heavy 🙂 Sag/Jupiter Rising.

    “But really, how many of us DO attain or maintain balance via some elegant process?”

    DEFINITELY, Mystic. Regain my balance generally after tripping head over heels, stumbling about, narrowly avoiding some kind of horrific injury then ripping out some accidental pun and salty language. Absolute elegance, perfect for these late Libran times.

  11. As of yesterday afternoon I booked an osteopathy session on November 2nd.
    I have been in pain long time and thought I needed something to make me feel “fluid but centered” and balanced again.
    Must have been the Dark Moon which is disturbing my sleep pattern a lot.
    I’m gonna do sport (thought this is not very DM Protocol) and then on Friday afternoon I’ll take half day off (woo-hoo) because I have been too fatigued and mentally tired at work and started experiencing some anxiety, which is always the sign for me that I have pushed too much.
    So yes this DM in Libra is all about searching for harmony and balance.

  12. Yes Uranus…I’ve been obsessed with my self worth recalibration (natal Uranus in 2nd/ 12 h Libra) and sleep has been a big fight which is unusual. Need to also recalibrate friendships I think based on last wkend. New moon list!

    • Yah , sleep for no good reason is shattered and broken despite my falling into it quick enough, just in the last two nights or so.

      Dark Moon should usually be sleep of the soul through the body and mind, for me.

  13. I’m around a guy who I have learnt has Libra moon conjunct my Pluto IC
    and Leo Venus conjunct my Saturn. It is triggering all my control issues, and given that I am the outer planet person I probably come across as a right **** haha. He is not a love interest – there are factors outside the astro that make this definitely not desirable for me. Unfortunately most of the astro synastry stuff discusses things in the context of romantic relationships, which makes me extremely uncomfortable and its harder to analyse the dynamics. I know this is definitely a ‘growth’ vibe so I am just trying to keep a lid on my more totalitarian (? can someone offer a more nuanced choice of words here) tendencies while I look at what’s going on..

    • I was looking at synastry charts and composites the other day, it’s very telling. I did ones for my family and friends.
      When someone is triggering me I like to journal it out, and pinpoint the root – is the dynamic you’re sharing a repeat of something from your past? (Especially childhood/adolescence).

      • Often that’s the case, and especially for the difficult romantic connections. I don’t think i know (the astro, at least) of anyone else with this double-up saturn pluto natal hit though and especially not via inner planets. There is currently a lot of energy and friction, and I feel pretty zapped.

      • A composite chart might be interesting actually. With this guy’s placements come to think of it, these are hugely connected to my family vibe. (not as in “awww feels like family” but more “oh god this reminds me of my father”) interesting. I”m wondering if it’s a kind of astro-template to learn another way to handle these crappy heavy placements that I keep bitching about.

        • I had a feeling! Yeah I like composites for a cue in to what your interactions vibe like..lol for my me + mom sister brother it was Aries charts, my dad and I Pisces – I feel like I have to be more aggressive about my boundaries etc with the Aries crew, and chill with my dad

    • Hey Pi, on my phone so will likely go cross eyed or write in code (read typo central) but with this little glimpse my initial thoughts are that outer planets in IC indicate circumstances forces that can’t be contained or patterns that repeat. It is the first house of endings and Pluto here suggests that as well but the 4th is emotional security and belonging. Being the lowest point of the sky it’s darkest here so things take on an unconscious nature but Pluto is comfortable in the dark. Its where we retreat and our private self. Does his moon feel into that space somehow and express what has been unconscious…put it into feelings in ways you haven’t been able to articulate? Does his moon also square up to yours? Anyway, I understand a Cap moon….
      Some astrologers say 4th relates to mother and 10th father but really it could be either. The conditioning parent fits well in the 10th I think. So to that end you could also think moon mother and Saturn father or flip. Saturn is all the things restriction etc but the other thing I think Saturn is less known for but no less worth considering is perfection. Getting it right and will the anxiety that induces which can flip to a melancholic state. Often Virgo is tagged perfectionist but perhaps all earth has this idea of achieving a state of perfection in their own way. Venus is amongst other things self reliance (so is Saturn and that might be a rub), and men can project their natal Venus into a woman. Women do the same with Mars. If you had those two conjunct in your own chart you might seek approval, have a wall to giving and receiving love or act like a parent as some things to thinknabouy how they communicate. Saturn wants approval for Being good enough and Venus for what she’s worth. Both have a self reliance vibe.
      Anyway…now I hit post and hopefully it makes sense.

        • Venus as self reliance…

          you DO give some food for thought, Centaurus!

          it feels right, but i have never read it words before, usually about partners and lerve.

          But my Aqua Venus IC totally gets the idea 😀

          • Thank you Millie x

            She’s always partners and love right but she’s more than that.

            You bet she’s self reliance because she’s a Taurus planet right who isn’t all about what she can acquire at the shops and how she can deck out her pad but is also about values, skills and personal attributes we cultivate and acquire here and then how they create a life worth living which can be sans lovers and even the talk of beauty is really about creating something of beauty not especially being it in the one dimensional physical Venusian sense we’re often fed. Tho we at fixated with this in human realms. Libra is the partner version of Venus and perhaps more of the aesthetic version as well. Taurus is a bit of a builder so has to create something of value coming from Aries who is spark of life in new form. Something that can be used to take the next step into life …

            I’m summarising and watching my propensity to go on… and on… but there is more I could write, always!

            Eyes on the clock tell me I need to get ready to scurry.

            Your Venus Aqua IC would TOTALLY get it!

      • Thanks Centaurus – appreciate your time writing this. Saturn with the anxiety/melancholy as one possible consequence of ‘perfection-seeking ‘ is worth some thought in the context of my Leo placement.
        I can’t describe the level of rage (its not quite the right word) that can well up towards this guy. Like, you know: Crush Him. It’s out of proportion to the person although he’s not exactly Mr Say No Wrong Libra. It’s that part which fries me. It seems to be when there is an interpersonal boundary being crossed in thoughtless ways that I draw the sword. I’m not quite articulating this properly, is also kind of fascinating hahahaha *puts on lab coat, gets clipboard*

        • If I wasn’t so Saturn afflicted I’d be writing a bit more around here than what I do Pi and you’re welcome, happy if it resonates. I’m experiencing some of the fatigue that comes with Saturn as well… and remind myself it’s only a couple of months now but as this part of my chart is quite active Cap will get a work out. Can’t wait (haha) to see Saturn on Mars in Cap. Ummm…

          Anyway, rage and suppressed rage or rage that doesn’t feel safe to express might link to Saturn in this case, certainly links to the 4th house where there is unconscious imprinting from the family structure that when presented with it IRL triggers illogical feeling that can’t be pinpointed and explained away easily. Mars can also be responsible for rage that makes no sense but feels primal and that leads us back to early years often.

          I think there’s some myth around Libra energy and social graces in as much as I find they are adept at using their scales either discriminately or indiscriminately. Generous or competitive. The definite maybe. Appearing passive or compliant but intending to get what they want. This is not always conscious due to the fundamental urge to relate and to have harmony. This energy can prefer the surface better than darker emotions so can avoid that.

          Venus (Aphrodite) was born from the foam of the sea after Cronus (Saturn) castrated his father Ouranus.when his blood fell into the sea.

          He might not be being thoughtless, it might be natural or from a desire to connect. It might feel like he should have better instincts and be more aware of boundaries.. and if that was even remotely a thing then I’d be glancing across to that Cap moon 🙂

          You would rock a lab coat/clip board I reckon!

          • thanks Centaurus, some important points in this and I think you describe the libran energy very well. I think MM has called it the ‘whim of steel’ – when used for good they can create new worlds, but when used in a self serving fashion, hmm, run away.
            He’s starting to develop a sleaze vibe at some kind of sub-frequency – am highly attuned to pick up attempts and this has my alarm bells going. UGH can i make a dress out of salt. times like this i thank fuq for all my aries stuff and bitchass cap moon. confronting slippery behaviour with a bright spotlight is so much easier.

      • Hey CT. Can you elaborate on Venus cj Mars? My Mars is 0° Virgo, then Pluto and Vesta, next Venus; all 1st Decan. Ta.
        (Its a very intense obsessive natal birthmark)

        • Hey PF, happy to give you some of my thoughts fwiw..

          (Suspected) Long post warning!

          The 2nd house is our first experiences of personal values and our own value and worth starts here. It’s also our physical and material security and resources, yes but also it’s our attitudes toward these of course Venus ruled. Security can also be projected onto objects or skills we’ve acquired. 2nd house planets are tools and/or skills we have at our disposal.

          Pluto, the higher octave of Mars is between Mars and Venus. Mars is personal desire and Pluto is desire of the higher self. Venus is a range of things as mentioned but also self love and I mention that relative to the 2nd house themes because we don’t really encounter the an ‘other’ until the 3rd house.

          One idea may be that the gateway to relationship with an ‘other’ is via your higher self not your personal desires. You could also apply that you your own anima self and how you come to relate to your yin energy I suppose. Balancing and blending not one over the other as that would be a battle that could look external but would be played out internally and spare yourself the carnage.

          Another idea, Mars is personal self that kind of acts without thinking and is essentially self centred and self driven. Pluto can be where we can encounter the darker side of our self or the family shadow/secrets and certainly forces beyond our control, early environments and things inherited. Mars 2nd can also be about survival. Worth considering with 2nd house themes.

          Pluto is transformation but really…. Pluto is about letting go. Sometimes he’s beyond normal brain function and that could be frustrating in analytical Virgo for Mars at least as he puts the pressure on Pluto for action but Pluto won’t be hurried to give over his plan. Venus might find letting go of things hard because she’s worked diligently for them. Mars might just toss them out in a ‘next’ kind of way….and all this could look like transformation but is it? I find the best way to understand planets/aspects is to have a chat to them and let them speak to you but they don’t always speak on command and Pluto speaks in a dialect from a galaxy far away. If Mars keeps accelerating then one thing I know of Venus… or at least Taurus so the energy is themed.. push her before she’s ready and she s-l-o-w-s right down. Have a bit of fun with it. 🙂

          Mars is in Virgo yes but the 2nd cusp is Leo (yes, I know you didn’t say that – had quick look at hacks gallery as felt something important was missing) so that house takes on a Leo flavour all the way through though the planets are in Virgo. Given that Mars has only just tipped in and is a fire native I’d consider how that feels. In Virgo he might be modestly assertive or do so via detail and analytics and in Leo perhaps more expressively and dramatically. Venus has a natural urge to connect but in the 2nd how is she seeking to connect and to what/who?

          I would be looking at the cusp ruler first. I say this based on recent exploration where I was defining some planetary aspects in the sign they were in over the house cusp ruler and during this process realised that they are more in tune with the cusp ruler than I’d previously imagined so worth thinking about.

          In my customary (is it lazy?) style I hit post with a grin and a prayer that it all makes sense, there are no glaring typos and is of service. Thanks for asking 🙂

          • Thank you. A technical point, if l may, Mars is 13° into my 2nd. Being a Sun native same as Asc my Solar house are my natal houses. But 2 seem ruled by following sign…..not the signs on the cusp.

            They’re my 2nd & 4th. Nominally Leo and Libra. My lived experience is that they’re Virgo and Scorp ruled. Virgo because of Grandma Pluto taking Venus and Mars for a walk (+ some rocks). Scorp bcos of the Nep n Jup both being SDs and T Sq Focals the 4th….yadda yadda..

            My Mars style is ardently Earth. I’m not a pizzazzy Fire expression. I washed the car of this teacher l was madly in love with when l was 14/15.

            My Merc cj Uran is v def Leo/Aqua as my Moon opp Uran and the 2nd house stage is unobtrusive.

            Main paragraphs 3, 4 & 5 really ring true. You speak Earth!!!
            I must get my Pluto books out and re-read.

            I’ve been concentrating on other people’s charts I’ve neglecting where I’ve been going myself till forced to with my alleged bullshit workplace allegations.

            Thank you so much CT.

          • Hey PF, welcome and glad that there’s a ring!

            Yeah unless you’re using whole houses then mostly you’ve got a cross over of energy which is where the sign on the cusp is useful as that is the house energy though I don’t suggest the absolute expression of the planet but it’s field of experience with the flavour of its sign.

            I know we could split some hairs to pass time by considering birth time variations and play around with it but if you have a time consider that you have a plan and that you’re own soul influenced the blueprint you have in front of you. If you can’t settle with that look at where you are avoiding shadow material. I find that my own resistance and desire to change things is my shadow acting up somewhere and the fun starts.. another mission into the underworld. I’m very 8th nature so I saddle up and ride on out for that adventure pretty easily but like all mortals am still jarred by what I discover at times.

            So thinking Mars again and considering the field of experience (your example) I could just as easily see that as Leo stage whereby you are doing some thing to achieve attention and feedback. If you said you were detailing her upholstery I might say Virgo. You see where I’m going with this? Madly in love (hello Leo – 5th and the right age for that house) and washing the car is fire to me (something to prove) but your commitment to it might be Virgo(obsession). I’m just using some examples but try to blend if you can… it’s a mind fk some days!

            I don’t think Moon aspects are ever unobtrusive but they may be very unconscious or beyond common language at times.

            If you were to consider your 4th cusp ruler as only a front door, one that on the surface looks like harmonious relating, balance, fairness and consideration of the other so entices you to open it and step inside where you promptly find yourself in free-fall a hundred feet into darkness where shadows hold secrets, power is prized and merging of boundaries replaces the idea of you and me you’d be feeling more Scorpio in the 4th but you might find that it always starts like Libra and then Neptune steps in and does a few magic tricks and ooops, how did I get here? You might find that you want Libra but get Scorpio and have told yourself you want Scorpio because that’s easier as an adult. Again just throwing ideas….

            Yes, put some time into your own chart mate. So worth it. And thank you for inviting me to share my insights.

            PS – Forced growth makes me think Saturn Saturn Saturn.. your 6th and applying to you know who and aspecting 2nd house planets. Do you bite or do you ruffle though your tool bag and get a new or lesser used tool for the job. Mars is what you want. Venus is how you get it.


            • My wording on the Moon part was atrocious. My Moon is my most dominant inner planet. It occasionally bests the Outre 3; not at the sametime tho.

              My birthtime is good as true. (I was born in a German part of SA). The IC/MC Aneretic rings true too. (I’ll give it a play around tho) As I’ve said before the 2 rulers of Pisces, both SD and separate Focals, in Scorp in the 4th makes my chart ‘Water Cubed’. (Fuq, the shit l got at home.) I think those unusual confluences can sway, stretch, tension or yaw a chart to produce a different take on a person’s makeup. Esp as Nep makes 10 Ptolemaic aspects.

              Atm l feel so fuqd up. I haven’t seen land for 10 days. Nep opp my 2nd, Pluto in my 7th and Uran on my MC/opp IC.

              Thanks, I’m off to Grumblebums Anonymous

  14. So glad you mentioned the Uranus effect — I’d been wondering why I’ve been so wired during this winding-down phase. My natal Uranus is in Sag & squares my sun; I’m basically never in balance and stupendously clumsy! Moons like this one bring a nice level of consciousness into play about it.

    On a broader level, maybe conscious of discord, of the difference between pleasing status quo and true peace? It’s been good to see some level of justice coming due for certain powerful men in the film biz lately.

  15. Bring on the re-balancing! I fell my productivity levels are being re-balanced. Am tacking work head-on with a double-side of magical thinking.

  16. Spot on. Just made a snap decision on something I’ve been agonising over for the past week that has a near two-year history. I was well aware of the energetic imbalance thinking about this issue has caused me over time, but reaching a decision seemed impossible these past few days and then suddenly bang, decisive message sent, seemingly on a whim (Uranus I guess). I am Libran and so that whole apparently indecisive thing utterly applies to me, but really, I’m just doing that whole ‘weighting it from every possible angle’ thing – once I make up my mind I hardly ever look back or regret my decision. This was slightly more impulsive than usual though, so perhaps this time will be different.

  17. Very thought provoking post, Mystic. I often wonder about this, too. I used to have a magical friend who would stand back, shake her head, and say “it’s okay; you just haven’t suffered enough yet”. She was always right. I needed to arrive at my own tipping point.

    I am usually very much in the “wtf scales perpendicular” camp, but today I’ve felt such grace and clarity resonating through me. And I’ve been a bit crackly in my psychic attunement lately, but today I feel refined and connected to my vast, vast spirit.

    • This made me think of: Without pain, how will you understand joy?
      Not quite the same, but I like the idea that suffering is for a purpose. A temporary unwanted pit stop but always with the hope of an exit.

  18. i’m reading this shortly after returning home from an evening visit at my parents’. leo sun aqua moon mama went to bed with a cold, and before i headed to the car multi virgo libra moon dad excitedly had me test out a massive slosh tube he’d just made at the suggestion of his chiro. i couldn’t balance it; i could with practise. so much fun to play with! we had a good lol

    definitely resonate w your words and feel like going and doing some pilates now.

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