Currency Shift

In prep for the new, in-development multi-currency option, the site is now back to Aussie Dollars. This benefits everyone, i believe.  If you are in Australia,  you now get zero conversation fees and if you are in – say –  America, the exchange rate is super favorable.  As always, if you prefer a Paypal invoice in any other currency, please just email.

Also, there will soon be TWO choices of Tarot for Mega Mystic members. The existing 12 Card Tarot and a new Single Card Tarot.  The latter is based off alchemy and some other funky occult modalities – i am calling it Vanadium Lightyear’s Tarot and early contributors to the development of it (it is on a pay what you want basis) get to access it nine weeks before everyone else.


Image: Helmut Newton


Access Horoscopes, Insta-Tarot, Oracle and More

All Access Membership – This is not a recurring payment – you are not locked in.

Email Mystic if you would like to trial for a few weeks first.

10 thoughts on “Currency Shift

  1. I got excited that you were moving the site to a cryptocurrency future! But no, just the boring old Aussie dollar . . .

          • Oh goddess above…please don’t give me another legit currency option to play around with! Mars in Cap 2nd house, Pluto and Lilith in Virgo opposed Sun, Saturn in Taurus 6th will play with calculations endlessly, and then Sag Rising will get compulsively all wrong.

  2. This was the push I needed to order a wealth wallet – I’m in the U.S. so the currency exchange made it a $35 off sale. Thank you MM!

  3. Thanks so much, Mystic. I’ve been herculean wrestling with bills all year (to prevent them from being debt – you know two steps forward, one step back) and your tip reminded me i had some foreign currency in an account for previous work purposes. So i watched the rates rise in my favour over the week or so. They could probably rise higher but i’m in front, and Saturn is holding back my racehorses, so i wouldn’t gamble.

    I have a feel about a certain event having an influence on that currency, and the bluster around that event is suddenly quiet, but there’s time zones to consider. And in any case, if Saturn makes an equine type quit while they’re in front, well…it’s rare enough i’ll be proud of a small win via Saturnian restraint. (Even though my Jupiterian sense is urging me to recognise bluster when i see it and try for the higher win, my new Saturn non-exciting view is that high stakes bluster can cause chaos, and a longer way to fall, that might just have a weird impact somewhere else.) I have tried to study stockmarket, global econs but always feel the studies are geared to soothing folks with a structure and keep hiding the real drivers of huge globally relevant shifts.

    Still, the horse’s nose is keen to smell at coming political events, even though they kind of disgust the Piscean part of me. Just to check the payoff in the long range. Can’t help myself!

    • I did the stockmarket and had a keen nose, but couldn’t act quickly enough because of work hours, and got so frustrated! Plus i know that i KNOW nothing, it’s all a feeling that guides my research, and then i got filled with Piscean doubt (after an earlier period of Jupiterian win-win-wins, which i lost to being married to a using fqer). It’s weird to understand pragmatic data by feel and see headlines and reports after you thought it would be like that. And fqn awful to not have heeded your voice because you know you know nothing. Ah! natal Saturn square Venus! Oh dear, Mars in the second house! And fq natal Saturn in the 6th making me work two times for every cent. It’ll be coming by transit to my Mars in Capricorn 2nd house of riches and i feel like, God Really? Goddess Save Me! (Or Save for me??)

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