The Cure For Dark Moon Blues – Free Gift Epic Pluto Meditation

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Flat? Mind dwelling in the past? Addicted to accentuating the negative? There is no point telling people to “buck up” when there is a Dark Moon like this – it has the usual low ebb, tidal drain of positivity but with a throbbing sense of new Zeitgeist urgency. But pondering relevancy and reinvention schemes when your lunar hormones (we all have them) are plotting nothing more than a bout of carb loading before some sort of extended sleep-coma scenario and screw the shamanic dream analysis.

BUT I have the cure.  A few, in fact.

  • throw some stuff out – always a genius move in the Dark Moon.
  • Do your Tarot ahead of the next lunar cycle.
  • With Uranus/Chiron moving into the last months of the era that began in 2011, try to crystallize that phase in your mind – what was it? What was the crux of those years? If you had to do it a as a montage in a movie, how would you do it?  If you really want to astro-fiend out on transits and eras, join Astro-School.
  • Sync significant dates of the next month/lunar cycle to your i-Cal. You just wave the mouse over them and that option comes up.
  • But my MAIN recommendation is that you do this AMAZING 20 minute PLUTO meditation from Jessica Snow – i am totally hit and miss with meditation and the guided ones in particular. I blame my Mars in Virgo – i am very easily put off by a strange tone of voice or something that seems naff. But this blew my mind. It is the most fantastic meditation for identifying and working with your own shadow energies. It’s relaxing but genuinely therapeutic and insight provoking.I think it is magic and Mega Mystic members can access/download it here.  As you know, the site has no promoted content, ads or affiliate whatevers and i don’t put things on here for money. Jessica has been a long time member and supporter of this site and i officially love her work but this is being shared because she (flatteringly) says i inspired it and we talk about Pluto a LOT.

A meditation like this is the perfect trip to do on a Dark Moon as you’re working WITH the sorts of shadow energy and psychic under-tows that tend to come up at this time, rather than                  trying to glide aside from them or muffle with junk substances. The page is Mega Mystic members only, so you need to be logged in.  Let me know what you think in the comments!

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66 thoughts on “The Cure For Dark Moon Blues – Free Gift Epic Pluto Meditation

  1. this is simply and absolutely amazing and mind blowing…. never had i felt so connected to my personal regent, Pluto, and as a scorpio myself – put face to face to the darkeness and finally feeling comfortable there.
    ** powerful ** incredible insights… i will do it again and again, before going to sleep, and be ready and honour the nightmares showing up in my life for revealing my true power. I am not afraid anymore of the darkness.

  2. Wowza! Thank you for this! Out of this world meditation – nothing like facing the under-belly of fear, to realize what has kept you chained, and then claim its power as your own. I am speechless. Curious to see how it unfolds in life and my being.

  3. I did this meditation yesterday and last night had a dream that featured 7 pythons poking their heads out of a gutter on a roof. The book DREAM ALCHEMY by Jane Teresa Anderson offers an interpretation that accords with the work that’s done in the meditation . In other words: that meditation made its way right into my dreams …

  4. I was trapped inside waiting for the rain to stop before I could leave so I decided to do this. I was so tired and lay across my work table with my feet up (the floor is a tad too… industrial to lie on).
    My imagination gave me The most amazing kickass pair of boots to wear. I’m not sure if I am meant to design them or find them. But seriously, if the Pluto gift is those boots I’d be happy.
    I noticed in the cave that my boots had no soles tho. I was just walking on the earth with the boots covering the tops of my feet. I saw two things / ppl. The first person answered my question, with the same question. They were small and hunched and I couldn’t see them properly. I approached and they/it turned into / or was / made from a kind of charcoal. (Probably helped that I’d just been using charcoal.) It crumbled into my hands as I grabbed them So I painted some in stripes across my cheeks – and also rubbed a huge smudge over my belly. I then wondered if that was wise and wiped it off and it seemed to act like Windex – clear energy afterwards ?
    So person 1 had become a chunk of charcoal, and I thought, wow is that it, is this my place now? then a big lumbering shape approached, I knew it was made from many many people. I needed to pause the meditation here as there was a lot happening for me and my psyche needed to catch up (I do better with slow deep processes), so I’m going to do this again and pace it out a bit.
    Thank you again.

  5. This meditation was ultra rad! The monster was shifting for me from actual person in my life to disembodied fear to other entity #mutable. The gift I got was a shiny gold Neptune cipher.

    Today a brilliant idea appeared to me from left field. Thank you JS / MM!!!

  6. My husband and I have been trying to become parents for years, only to discover I was diagnosed with endometriosis last year. I had surgery to remove a lot of it, but it is a disease that hurts me every month. Well, lo and behold, sometime around that magical Solar Eclipse in August, I did conceive – my Sept period was late and the test was positive and we were so happy …

    But I guess my body’s too sick, since I lost the baby at 4 or 5 weeks and have been having a miscarriage throughout this dark moon and Jupiter into Scorpio. I actually have this placement natally, at 6 degrees, and it’s also in my sixth house of health. So, I’m hoping some luck will help. It’s all hurt very much. Uranus/Chiron has turned this Aqua into a water sign, it feels. I’ve lost so much in the past few years, and with no good lessons learned. Except maybe that I married a fantastic man. Pisces.

    I’ve also had a bad relationship with my mother that has just disintegrated into almost nothingness by this point. She has narcissistic personality disorder, and it’s been hard realizing I’ve been the scapegoat for all her problems. Especially with this miscarriage, I would have loved to have her to help me.

    Sorry for this. I am just hoping the planet of luck can bring me some of that in my health sector.

    • A miscarriage sounds like unbelievable pain and anguish. Sorry to hear of that loss.

      I got to a point with my Mum and l realised it was futile. So l let her go. And I’m a dbl Kat.

  7. That was the most near miss “sucking you into the void” dark moons ever.

    In the shift I had that flash of beauty, the one, and I’m taking a hiatus from oracular anything for a long time. It’s like my heart took back over which it’s been trying to do for a thousand years.

    Thank you thank you thank you and when I come back the one card tarot will be perfected and all will be magnificent.

    Thank you all you beautiful astroloves

  8. Love that image of Bugs! Exactly how I feel! Drained, tired….

    Also, Mars is transiting exact conjunct my natal Uranus right now and I think I’m feeling it. I’ve got kind of sketchy energy right now, not feeling relaxed.

    New moon was close to my South node, slightly past…..weird day:

    Altercation with neighbor who has vicious dog who tried to rush my front door.

    Got new housemate, he’s cool, but it was a slightly uneven (Libra issues?) discussion, like a rocky plane landing, sorting out the rental agreement. I think he’ll be fine, it’s temporary and he has a good heart.

    Revelation of the day: Feeling really convinced, finally, that my city, itself, is a Qi Vampire. Evidence for this could be a multi-page diatribe but, yep, this is Qi Vamp City, no doubt. Not sure what to do about it for the long run………..suggestions??
    I will be staying on sage-ing, and palo santo detail for my body and my home, as one barrier of protection, though.

    • Did u ever look at astrodienst to check if you are compatible with your city? Like my current city is on my Saturn line, which sucks but is good in some ways.

      • I did once, but should check again. Can’t remember, I don’t think it strongly crosses with any line, but I think it’s nearest to a Neptune line, which of course would explain why I feel this way about my city.
        Also, this is just a known Neptunian city anyway, regardless of my personal chart. And I’d say expresses as mostly lower-Neptune. Not easy to deal with…… :/

  9. My period is so bad. I had to pull over while driving and wait out cramps. First time that ever happened. Every female in my life is on her flow. Ouch.

    I had a dream last night about two turtles swimming. They were translucent,. Looked like crystals in sand and rainbows in clear blue water. Moved in a pair.

    • Same. This cycle was terrible. Like i almost fainted twice. Reminded me of high school. None of the chinese herbs, magnesium, heating pad, or vitamin e was working on these cramps! Ugh!

  10. No blues – too relieved to see Venus finally out of her Fall and away from that whole Mars/Saturn clusterfuq. Lots of psychic flotsam & jetsam bobbing on top of the waves, though; things bubbling up from strange places. More of a curiosity than anything.

    I did have a dream the other night that was completely unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. I was in a dark room illuminated by a few sparse spotlights here and there. There was a man in the room and though I could hear his voice clearly I couldn’t see his face; it was mostly shadowed from view and I would only catch glimpses of certain features now and again. I wasn’t the least bit concerned; I was comfortable and he seemed somehow familiar. He beckoned me to lay down in front of him, so I did so and closed my eyes. I felt him lay hands on me and suddenly realized that he was performing reiki on me. I could physically feel the energy coursing throughout my body – he was a very powerful healer. I awoke with the distinct impression it was either a Visitation (perhaps a Spirit Guide or Guardian Angel) or some kind of astral-meetup with an undisclosed individual. Whatever the case, I am grateful – it’s not every day one receives dream reiki.

    • That is so cool. I had a dream like that before, except it wasnt reiki. Someone appeared and told me that I had some sort of bad mojo placed on me and told me what location of my body it was in before removing it for me. I didnt feel weirded out by her presence at all, which says a lot considering the circumstances.

      • I wonder if experiences like this are actually a sort of Divine Intervention. I have natal Jupiter in 12, so though I can’t *see* my benefactors, I know they’re always there. And with transiting Chiron in Pisces tripping off about 3/4’s of my chart right now, some shamanic dream healing wouldn’t surprise me though I am still humbled that whoever/whatever would take enough of an interest to directly intervene.

        I’d be curious to know what transits were occurring during the time of your dream – it, too, sounds very shamanic. The shaman heals at a soul-level and works within the world of Spirit to root out causes of illness, using techniques like extraction or depossession to clear out energy that does not belong. It sounds like the woman in your dream might have been doing something similar – tell me, did you wake feeling any different?

        • Hmm, re transit info, Im not really sure what to look out for. The most noteworthy thing I see is that the transiting moon was on my Chiron that day(if the day is correct – so healing of a wound?). Also, the tNN is on my Mercury(fated message?), tSaturn on my Pluto(grounding in a turbulent time?). Not sure re shamanic astro aspects. Help me out here?

          Re how I felt when I woke, yes there was a difference, it felt like an enlightening revelation. This is an old entry back in 2012, and I remember 2012 being the year I felt the first blade of grass springing up from years of barren wasteland inside of me. I felt like I came back from the dead that year. Its funny this happening coincides with that magical time for me. Perhaps the results of this dream had more far-reaching effects in my ascent back to the world than I realized.

          • Oh I wouldn’t pretend to tell you what to look for; just gathering data is all. I think your last paragraph says it all – it sounds very much to me like some kind of soul retrieval definitely took place via that dream. xoxo

  11. Love Jessica Snow! She is so clever at directing the meditation, in the words she chooses and the scene set. I feel really in tune with her in the way she explores the planet through the earth, the crystals and the light fields around us. I listen to her a few nights a week at bedtime and Kataka Boy who has Mercury in Gemini and Moon in Libra, asks, ‘can we have a Jessica Snow?’.

    I used to listen to Denise Linn a bit, whose work I adore. She is very energising and talks about angels a lot though. My little Capricorn (whose language is limited but seems to have good receptive language) after one particularly enthused, angel-filled meditation said irritatedly, “Go away angels”. So we do more Jessica after that, lol.

    This Pluto one is very resonant for me as I recently had an obsession for Sequoia, pines and pine nuts which seem so dinosaur-era, so Pandora and otherworldly huge! I loved the falling part and the echo of the myth of Persephone.

    • That is so funny re: your boy! I imagine angels might be a bit too airy-fairy for your grounded little Capricorn. Does he connect with the Spirits of the Mineral Kingdom at all?

      • Yes, he loves crystals and I was guided to get him a special one of good size. I asked the deeply intuitive manager of a big crystal supplier to find one that fit my description and he didn’t fail. It was awfully expensive (well, to me) but when my partner saw him take one look at the coconut sized crystal – in this massive warehouse of crystals – grab it and say, “let’s go home” and take off with it, we knew we had to get it. 😉

        • Awww, that’s awesome!!! I had a feeling he liked stones and crystals – Cappies often do! 😉

          Unrelated, but I love how in modern times Capricorn has become the acronym for Greatest Of All Time (GOAT).

  12. Thank you for the gift Mystic. I have not done a meditation of this kind for some years. Very interesting and powerful. At new moon this morning I drew the Ace of Swords from my pack. Something reassuring about that….

  13. thanks heaps MM – missed the opp to do it before the new moon but will try it on the weekend during some down time 🙂

  14. One million types of brilliant, Ms Snow, and thanks for facilitating this, Mystic. Not at all what I expected and with a very deep and fierce resonance for just at a time when I’m struggling with my courage. Grateful to you both.

  15. I did it at the time straddling the NM. Being a Mars 0° Virgo l had to have some tangible functionitis along for the ride. I thought about what CT said on previous blog about the nexus of having Mars cj Pluto IN the 2nd. I was thinking they’d not be happy being in the 2nd. Esp as JS said power is not what you physically possess but rather what you emanate. The 2nd / 8th & 4th / 10th issues have been big for me lately.

    Esp as my 8th & 10th are empty (8-12 are empty)

    NB: I didn’t know I’d get the answer as l wrote this.

    • 8-12 houses empty. Is that the bucket handle you keep talking about?

      I’ve got 8 up top and only 2 below. Not counting chiron or nodes.

      • Yes. If you have only one major above the Asc / Dsc it is a bucket handle and that planet assumes a greater influence. If it is below it might be an umbrella handle. Being the Moon, also my chart ruler, in the 7th it’s no wonder l bellyache for a partner.

  16. Had a very draining dream about seeing my best friend in high school’s dad. She and i dont talk anymore. We had a huge friend break up in 2004 because she was so judgey and mean about my life.

    I Had a weird feeling….looked up his obituary. Yup he passed away recently. I feel a little sad.

    • oh wow. What a dream. I often have psychic dreams. Packed 8th house (Pluto/uranus, mars) and my Neptune conj sun.

      I’m feeling sad about a lot of things too.

  17. This has been a day of reflection, calm, cleaning, letting go and accepting.
    An old friend dropped in…she always seems to show up when I need her particular kind of wisdom. She pointed me in the direction of some exercises in clarifying my personal values. I thought the guru she is following is nuts but the exercise worked really well for me. Talk about light bulb moments.
    I feel calmer and more centred than I have done in aeons.

  18. I HAD to go look at my chart. Dark moon lack of productivity. Everyone in the office is tired. Then BAM- yesterday. Not the best at work. I’m trying to work thru issues at work. Uranus back retro on my Saturn in 6th house Aries. Quincunxes natal Jupiter and Uranus.

    So over it. I like my job bit need to get more “Boss”
    Last week was great – loved the entry of Jupiter to Scorp. but this week- sucks.

    I took my eyes off of Uranus. Forgot he was making the last pass over apex of my Yod in 6th house. Please finish my lesson and LEAVE for Taurus.

    As a scorp rising and Cap moon – I DO care. I just don’t get all messy emotional on the outside. The stress drama King in the office is favored. He’s nice professionally and good to work with but I need to consciously breathe so I don’t get my energy in that place. I’m too old for that crap. Can’t waste energy.

    Chiron return exact is very near and I’m trying to balance health and Dr. visits. Can’t do more then one per week. More is needed so I can add physical therapy. Argh!

    Sorry this is so long. Astro analysis in steam of consciousness. I never knew about my personal and life-long 6th house marathon until learning astro here on this site. I get it but- damn- the last 5- 7 years have been rough. Add Chiron – yay me 🙁 I’m still fighting the good fight, though.

    • Ah – read the Daily. Uranus opposing moon as well. So far today started better. And I am working my worth and power issues. My mantra: “Aries up!” and “What would by Aries friends do?”

  19. This Dk Moon has been even more dark. Lots of historical shit coming up. I’m not a multi mooded Cancer (Moon in Aqua). But l can hit funk real quick 1- 2 times a year. I reckon Lib ones, probably, are a major.

  20. Yesss, I love Jessica Snow! Ever since you featured the Lodestone meditation on here ages ago. The only guided meditation voice I can stand.

  21. Haven’t tried her meditation before and wasn’t sure I could go w9ot as am claustrophobic but it worked really well. Thanks Mystic for that. Really needed it as this week plenty of surprise but am rolling with it.

  22. Pluto dug up treasure- resolved two big snarls with counting and taxes- After agony and mega due diligence- justice prevailed. MM thanks for pushing macro and micro admin all year for Libra/Scorps!!

  23. Really appreciate this post. Tonight has been really challenging for me… mood is totally off. Saw a picture of a kid at Disneyland and it just made me cry my eyes out. I’ve seen Jessica in person after seeing her featured here and she is even more amazing live. Thanks again for the tips.

  24. I have been an avid user of Jessica’s meditations since you recommended her here a while back, Mystic. She is just fabulous. Like you, I’m hit and miss with them, but there is just something about Jessica’s style.

    So thank you to both you and especially Jessica for sharing this. I have the pluto dark moon blues, though now it’s downloading, not for very much longer i hope…

    • Kundalini yoga meditations are always a hit for me – you’ll never miss 😉 I’m gonna try this one out tonight for this new moon

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