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Dear Mystic,

As a Sun conjunct Pluto person I’m familiar with change with a capital C. I’ve changed cities, careers, and let’s not even get started on how many times I’ve redone my home’s decor. But this feels different. I love fashion but suddenly I’m ruthlessly tossing pieces I love because they’re not right for the hourglass figure that’s arisen out of a year of four times a week barre classes and twice a week hiking; I’m reading voraciously; I’ve let go of albatross friendships; I’ve streamlined my beauty routine; I’ve learned how to tame my unruly mane of hair; I’ve automated my finances; should I go on? 

The thing is, I’m basically happy in my life and my career. Sure, I could always have better assignments or write a book, make more money, or pitch more but I like writing. It’s the first career I’ve had where my fantasy meets my reality. I’m good at it. And I like the city I live in. Certainly a house with a pool and a parking space would be nice but cheap rent offers me a freedom — to travel, to try new restaurants, to say yes to new experiences as often as possible — I’m reluctant to lose. I’ve got a good group of supportive, grownup friends with whom I can both joke and have the meaningful conversations. Things are good. I’m happy.

But my gut tells change is coming. I can feel the distant rumblings. And I’m worried there is nothing to be done. And, while I like change, scraping everything to start over once again from the beginning? Throwing out the baby with the bath water? Let’s just say I’d prefer evolution to a complete top to bottom overhaul.

But I’m afraid that I won’t have much say in the matter. Thus this letter. What do you think? Is it inevitable? Is Jupiter into Scorpio (and my upcoming second Saturn return) setting a path for a completely new me? Should I brace myself for a complete overhaul? A gut renovation? Should I start making my goodbyes? Or will this makeover be a selective one, refurbishing and refining the places (my love life, for example) that have grown dusty and polishing the other spaces to a brilliant shine I never imagined possible? 

– Bea, readying for a bumpy ride

Dear Bea,

Okay well i would totally trust Sun-Pluto instincts and as I have been saying in the Horoscopes, Jupiter in Scorpio makes Pluto power right the hell up. It sounds like you are in superb shape for Saturn Return already – vis a vis your first paragraph. I am Mars-Pluto not Sun-Pluto but my feeling about your query is that this is a relationship and thats giving you the heebie-jeebies. It’s one thing to hurl yourself into relationships pre the individuation process of Uranus Opposition, quite another to be a fully conscious, seasoned person with hard-won independence. This could be an evolution into radical intimacy?  Or a shamanic awakening?  Both?

What does everyone else think? And congrats on the progress thus far – super impressive!

Image: Nicholas Krushenick 

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96 thoughts on “Ask Mystic: Makeover On Steroids

  1. We are always much stronger than we think or realise. It’s good that you have been sorting things out so well because you are ready pretty much for anything. Your good habits will stand you in good stead when changes come along as they will help you sort out the wheat from the chaff. Imagine a life where nothing happens!

  2. I’m feeling a bit the same… I’ll turn 54 next June and I’m planning a big bacchanalian party because I didn’t do it for 50. My life’s in good shape and so am I. Just applied for a great job in a different field but something I’ve always been interested in… a long time freelancer on a low income but with lots of time to paint, travel, etc. I’m feeling more myself than I’ve ever been, and giving even less f**cks than ever about anyone else’s opinions or views on my achievements, my life choices etc. etc. etc. Have a sedate but adequate fitness routine, my spirituality and intuition are becoming stronger and clearer as the years pass, also my purpose.

    I’ve got natal Pluto conj. Uranus in 5th Virgo and squaring my Gem sun in 2nd. Living my Scottish ancestor’s motto: Dulcius ex asperis (Sweeter after difficulty). Expecting my 2nd Saturn return in 2-3 years

    • and the past 2 months have been super busy and I’m finally getting to make over my apartment/house (long awaited new bathroom with spa bath! new bed and mattress and bedroom decor!!). By 2018 my living environment will be very close to ideal. V. excited.

    • Hey Gemi,

      Your new abode sounds amazing!! You’d have Jupiter in Taurus like me? Mine’s in the 4th house.

      My Pluto /Uranus conj is in 8th house squaring my moon!! Omg!! Was always aware about Uranus squaring my moon but DUH Sun too. Makes a lot of sense now!

      Love your ancestor’s motto!

      All the best for the exhibition. x

      • Thanks Scorpy! I’ve got Jupiter in Taurus 1st house conjunct part of fortune. My Pluto/Uranus is 5th house opposing Saturn in Pisces 11th… Saturn and Uranus both square my Moon/Mercury conjunct in 2nd house Taurus. As someone said, squares can be good because they force you to do stuff (I think).

  3. Bea, as a sun conjunct Pluto person myself, I related to every word. So much of what you wrote was inspirational to me. I would love it for both of us if Mystic is correct that the next change is relationships.

    If it helps at all, I have had 6 years of outward stability were the change god has been changing my psyche as opposed to my lifestyle. Although of course, few friendships have survived the evolution , but the new friends are so ressonant with the new me, that I would not change a thing.

    A serious question if you have a moment- how did you tame your unruly hair? I would really love to do the same.

    PS: your fitness routine was inspirational

    • haha! yes, well, my fitness routine is the only thing that gets this freelance writer out of the house some days! It’s courtesy of a good friend who prompts me on the days I definitely don’t want to go with a text as to which class she’ll be at. So, I highly recommend an exercise buddy. Also the commitment of buying a years worth of classes. As to the hair, no poo (I use New Wash by Hair Story but I’ve also heard good things about Deva Curl) and a water filter (Water Sticks) and

  4. Yup sun conjunct pluto here. and uranus conjunct sun. definitely sensing change coming and i will probably be the catalyst

  5. Another sun conj pluto checking in! I’ve also been hitting the weights/pilates hard for months now and have a new figure emerging, requiring a new wardrobe (going from apple-y to ruler-y, completely unexpected). Also totally comfortable with change, have compulsively changed careers/cities/hairs/etc many times, also feeling the deep rumblings of More Change. Also low key stressing if the future will bring a full reduction to ashes so I can rise again, because I would like to avoid the full burn down. I have a lot of things I am really happy with one of which is also my career.

    So I’m trying to strategically plan for the worst while channeling urges/senses of Incoming Big Change into something I may not have full control over but can somewhat initiate and control, but doesn’t necessarily result in a change in my career or the other things I’ve worked so hard for over the last few years. Like more specifically I’m thinking about emigrating and/or starting a business while also maintaining my career, which is feasible at this point in my life but may not be in a few more years. So while it would be nice to chill for a while I feel compelled to push a bit more and seize the momentum so to speak while I can, so I can raise myself up another step function in life long term.

  6. I’ve felt change is a coming too. Currently heading for a Pluto opposite sun but my problem has been utter stuck ness with a house that won’t sell! Just will not budge. I’ve even got to thinking that I should literally give it away in order to move but I’d be left destitute or simply when the time runs out just hand it back to the bank ! Then destitute again. Im NN in the 2nd Taurus and money ups and downs seem to be our forte ?! So if there’s change coming I’m hoping it’s a house sale for me or a big career shift so I could give the house away !

  7. I understand the change-on-horizon v much.

    If you’re sun /Pluto, you’ll know what it is when you see it anyway.
    Also as sun Pluto, it’s not like you’re change averse.

    I’m a bit disappointed about the now-tamed unruly hair, am a fan of the wild tresses,

    My thought after reading your note/email was “I wonder if she’s going to meet someone”
    And believe me I feel nauseous and /or violent if someone blarts that kind of line at me as though it’s the only thing I’m supposed to preoccupy myself with, Ralph Wiggum squeaking “I choo choo choooose youu”, no fairy tale ever insisted that the Prince had to kiss a lot of frogs eh? , anyway, you’ll be fine! You’re a sun Pluto person.

  8. I really like Bea’s letter – as a Scorpio rising with Pluto in Scorpio in the 12th (not conjunct AC though) I am also a hardcore “raze the Earth” type when it comes to change. Like quit my job, move to a new continent, follow my boyfriend to Bulgaria (??) type changes. These changes are almost always positive though (my AC is part of a grand water trine/kite with my natal moon in Virgo).

    I just finished my first Saturn return (at 5° Sag in my 1st house) and am just enjoying (LOL no) the separating aspect of my final Saturn opposite sun (Gemini 23°) activating my grand mutable cross.

    So I would say that when you feel the conscious rumbling of change coming, it’s conscious for a reason. It’s conscious because you get a choice. If not in the circumstances, which may be visited upon you, then on your reaction to it. On your level of attachment to whatever is leaving, and in the warmth of the welcome you give what is coming in.

    Personally, I have experienced a very painful stripping away of pretence and many external things that I defined myself by. It’s almost like being asked “who are you without these things? Who are you at your core without the things you rely on to define you, or in very different circumstances?” The transformation could be a refinement – if this is your second Saturn return, maybe the first one was a hacking away of things, and this one is more like a refinement (in this metaphor I’m picturing someone making a beautiful sculpture out of stone – you’re the sculpture and you just need refining).

    I hope it goes well for you Bea. 🙂

    On another note – anyone have thoughts on how long a person might feel the separating aspect of a Saturn/Sun opposition? I’ve got great transiting Pluto aspects (sextile AC and trine natal moon) but am having some 2nd house issues. Saturn is in my 2nd, almost 1° past my sun now. Still feeling it but hoping for relief soon!

  9. Re: Jupiter in Scorpio, I think this might be good to take this as an opportunity to root out any possibly underlying PTSD or pernicious beliefs that might be sabotaging your ability to be happy and in the Now. This letter reads to me like “waiting for the other shoe to drop”, TBH. Sure as a Sun/Pluto you’ve probably seen your fair share of shit in life, but automatically assuming a crash position when by all accounts things are actually going…pretty darn good…seems to me like a potential indicator of a deeper disturbance that perhaps until the magnifying glass of Jupiter arrived on scene had remained lurking in your psyche’s hidden cobwebby corners. I make no assertion at all this is what’s actually going on, mind you – I have scant astro to work with, so this is purely my gutshot read FWIW. But too often that Plutonic sense of something great and ominous looming on the horizon is simply the result of having weathered a few too many tornadoes and those gathering clouds are merely the result of our own internal churnings. Plutonic Survival Instincts are indeed powerful early-warning radar, but sometimes they have a hair trigger that can trip into overdrive after one too many close calls. It sounds to me like this may be an opportunity to recalibrate your sensors.

    With love, from one Pluto-powered gal to another xx

    • Congrats on the shedding, BTW – I don’t mean for it sound as if I’m somehow downplaying all the internal and external work you’ve been doing recently. But I find as Plutonic person, this is a constant – samsara never ends. Contextually speaking, is this really all that different from your typical modus operandi or is it just that you’re *noticing* it more now?? Greater self-awareness primarily manifests as a shift in (Jupiterian) perspective.

      • I often feel like the other shoe will drop when I get comfortable and starting to relax.
        I have loads of planets in my Scorpio 1st house/Scorpio Rising. Is this a common theme or feeling for other fellow Scorpios?

        • Oh for sure – Scorpios or anyone with a good hit of Pluto. It’s like perennially living with the “Jaws” theme playing in the background:

        • Unhealed trauma can result in keyed-up survival instincts that psychologically speaking are akin to PTSD. Like the perception that good times or peacefulness must be the calm before the storm. “Oh fuq – it’s quiet; TOO quiet!” – cue duck & cover. While this is indeed a proven survival mechanism, it’s one rooted in fear and it takes a lot of energy to constantly maintain a defensive posture like this. At some point the name of the game is thriving, not just surviving and this entails opening oneself up (Jupiter) rather than closing oneself off (Saturn). I think it’s most definitely worth revisiting not only the time periods when Jupiter was last in this sign (2005-2006, 93-94, & ’81-82) but also at Saturn’s last passage through this sign 2012-2015 to look for clues as to things that may have potentially left a “lasting impression” on the psyche.

          • You are very erudite and perceptive.

            A lot of what you say I’ve experienced. PTSD was from the get-go. Born on probation (1H Sun (alleged father) opp 7H Moon (supposed mother) sqd by a SD Nep). Coupled with a Mars cj Pluto which has been identified with abusive upbringings as well. Throw in Scorp Chart Tone and para declination Sun 0°.5 Pluto.

            I feel this shit all the time.

            And that my Scorp placements (Pisces 2 rulers – in the Haus that Cancer rents out) are both SD and Focal Squarers in 2 separate T Squares.

            Nothing and l mean nothing has come easy. Mars Pluto in 2H opp Ciron in the 8th sqd by Jup.

            Ive had to fight at every turn. Dying was…is the only option.

            I would love 3 months off.

            My Merc cj Uran and Aqua Moon is my comic detachment. Its why l write the shit on here that l do.

            Signed: “Living and Dying at 3/4 Time”.

              • ….but the storm has been going ever since Pluto went into Cap and exacerbated by Uran in Aries. The 9th year of my personal ZZ. Aided by Saturn in Libra. And I don’t remember anything good coming of Jupiter in Cancer (13/14) where it is allegedly exalted.

                I like teaching but the reprobates (heirarachy arseholes) don’t like me.

            • Hellp PF!

              just wanted to acknowledge your comments here. i’m seeing a kind of precis along the lines of “supermegafuktfukoffworldleavemetfalone”


            • I sympathize – my childhood was, um, rather challenging, to put it mildly. As I’ve grown, life has gotten both easier and harder in certain respects – certainly more complicated, anyway. Good therapy helped loads and catalyzed within an undying desire for self-awareness and personal transformation – I highly recommend it.

              • Like you said below about Jup in Scorp. Being my natal it’s been life. I appreciate your words.

                I looked at Jup Returns just then and got stuck on the first. I’ve said about this before but had never identified exactly when it happened; it was around my 12th bday. I was sexually abused (it was the missing abuse in my collection completing the set) by a woman who was about 18-20. She was a work (?) colleague of my mum; oldest profession type. We lived in many houses. (Us first 4/6 kids are Kat Asc / differing Suns…all 4 Scorp 4th…l think.)

                Any ways …we lived at this address for only 3 months where the deeds took place. I remembered back to events that happened at that time and I’ve compared the charts for dates.

                Just after my 12th birthhday was when she led me on the way. You know l bang on about how my 2 Scorp planets (Nep n Jup) are SD. Well at that time Jup was SD cj my natal SD. Nep was Rx at the end of Scorp. BML (Rx) and Uran were cj my NN with Pluto, Odin and Freja cj applying my NN. I also had Ceres exact my Asc and Venus 3° applying my Sun.

                This astro coincides with the house l lived in and where the sexual assaults took place over that time. This came about because she had the granny flat out the back and she slept naked. This l noticed …understatement. One day she caught me and it went from there.

                Now l mentioned Odin and Freja. I studied German after school because our high school only taught Latin languages. I was taken with their story..well really how Freja was depicted and l wished l was Odin. It was an improvement on my dreams about Sally Field and Jacqueline Bisset being mermaids. I craved what my mum couldn’t give. Odin and Freja are natally opposite on my chart. This is all too freakish.

                The abuse hurt like you couldn’t believe. I never had sex (consensual) again till l was 21 and l was in my late 20s before l could enjoy it. I fathered my kids under duress.

                “That’s about all l got to say about that”

                • I am so sorry for your experiences. I understand completely – as a youth I experienced many different kinds of abuse myself and they all left their “marks”. But the good news is all of this can be healed – think of it as emotional & psychological “kintsugi” where you gild the “cracks” with pure gold. Jupiter in Scorpio is an optimal time for psychological growth – especially via the therapeutic process – and its tendency to magnify fuqed-up things (like sexual abuse) provides us with an opportunity to come to greater understanding and put things back into context rather than let their shadows overwhelm the psyche. I was a bit older than you when my own experience occurred, but was fortunate in that I never personalized it. So many victims blame themselves and think something was “wrong” with them for this to happen, but the Truth is people are just fuqed up sometimes. I suppose it is a psychological defense mechanism to think it’s somehow about us, because then it gives us the false impression that something was somehow within our control when it wasn’t. But this is a lie – we can’t make it about us. It’s about *them* and *their* dysfunction – it always is. Bad things happen to good people all the time & it is no reflection upon us.

                  In the case of your abuser, seduction is always a power play, pure and simple. She must have felt very weak inside to try and exert this kind of control over a pubescent boy – her predatory hunger to devour your innocence likely stemmed from the loss of power regarding her own virtue. Low Plutonic energy seeks to corrupt in order to bring people down to their level – it’s much easier to just kneecap someone else than do all the gritty internal work of raising yourself up to Phoenix.

                  When properly utilized, sex is a wonderful expression of trust and intimacy. When it’s not, it can become a terrible weapon of oppression & subjugation. Never let others control your narrative as to what it can be for *you*, though. I’m fortunate that I had strong views on this topic even before these events, and despite what happened I chose love, intimacy, & trust as a giant “Fuq you!” to all the damaging crap that could have easily tainted this experience for me otherwise. Fellow survivors of sexual abuse, I urge you to take your power back – please do not allow others to control your narrative like this for a nanosecond more, because sex in the *right* context with the *right* person can indeed be a wonderfully enriching and empowering form of intimacy that you have every right to enjoy <3 And Jupiter in Scorpio to my mind provides a great opportunity for us all to (re)connect with “The Joy of Sex”.

                • My 2nd Jup Return started in Dec 81.

                  This is crazy.

                  My Daughter was conceived in Dec 81 as the NN had just passed my Sun, transiting Freya applying Odin which is opposite Juno/Pallas/Freya conjunction, with transiting Pallas, Saturn and Pluto conjuncting them, Eros and Chiron opposing my natal Nep, Ceres and Jup.

                  And, and, and Ceres, Jup and Odin mid-pointing Jup, Ceres and Neptune.

                  When she was born Freya and the NN were on my Asc, Pallas exact my Nep, Jup exact my Ceres, with Mars, Eros, Ceres and Odin all leaving or just leaving Scorp.

                  I love my daughter.

                  I have a suspicion that Freya and Odin loom large in my make-up.

                  This also has lifted my spirit/soul.

                  If DavidL is a BlackHawk HeliParent, I’m a “Behind Enemy Lines” fighter.

                  Thank you LV

                  • it is the 2 and 3 transiting planets, in conjunction or opposition, with oppositions and conjunctions of natal placements that gives this such a good picture.

                    I am amazed.

                  • hilarious fun fact;
                    Freja is exact my Dsc right now.

                    Where am I going to meet her with no job, no money and no car?

                    I told you my Moon in the 7th died

                  • Makeover on Asteroids more like it.

                    I have Juno Pallas Freja conjunct Libra Virgo ruled 3rd with a tight opposition to Gary n Odin conjunction in Aries 9th ruled Pisces. That’s hilarity.

          • Yes, good point re reconnaissance.

            Been doing exactly that…the 80’s and 00’s have somewhat of a theme.. the other era’s not so much or not so obvious as can be the case with Pluto if you haven’t dug deep enough.

            • Every Jupiter in Scorpio passage has heralded a major transition in my life. A move, leaving home, and a fallow career period that gave the first real indicators my vocational path was not going to be truly viable for me. Jupiter in Scorpio aligning w/ the North Node in ’94 was a huge one – it was also the year my natal Pluto went Stationary Direct by secondary progression. Saturn in Scorpio coincided with hardcore Zap Zone blitzing my chart and a major professional reinvention – I let one professional incarnation die to do something I never in a million years thought I would do….turns out I’m still able to surprise myself every now & again, thank Uranus.

              Jupiter in Scorpio says “Growth is risk” – psychologically speaking, you won’t know how much you’ve grown until you consciously put yourself in a position where it’s all on the line and you’re spinning the wheel. Some may insist this is just Russian Roulette, but if you’re highly risk-avoidant you wind up living a smaller, more sheltered existence that never pays huge dividends because you’ve haven’t ever learned how to truly Trust; neither the Universe, yourself, nor in your own ability to bounce back after a loss if that’s what winds up happening. I’m not afraid to take a good-faith shot and lose; what I fear is stagnation, being less than I am capable of, and/or settling for “safe” when I want so much more out of life – I won’t cripple myself like that anymore.

    • Thank you for this – I’m a pluto person and I’ve been through a lot, and I always fear for the worst (cap rising, scorpio moon, not a great combo for avoiding difficult/fearful emotions). I’ve had pluto moving through my first house since 2009 and my saturn return in the midst of this, and things have turned out quite well (think whole life/career upgrade), but I’ve been scared the whole time.

      • You are very welcome. I am normally Pluto-geared with this planet flavoring my ASC, Sun, + chart ruler but have just been through about 12+ years of Plutonic Finishing School. At this point, feel like I’ve practically gotten my PhD – Pluto has been by far my greatest planetary teacher to date and if I can use its insights to offer people something illuminating when in those dark periods of life, it was all worth it. xo

        • I am also appreciating the pluto referencing and insights LV – there’s a certain groundedness in the way you articulate it which I find very helpful / useful, because for me it’s only until the water i’m drawing from the well starts to stink and look greasy / be undrinkable that i realise whatever i’m looking at or (not) dealing with might be a pluto related thing. To bring a certain level of comprehension into the ‘light’ then …how do i put this? delivers a sense of actual strength where pluto stuff normally – lately, at least – makes me feel very unstable and weak, and therefore reactive, avoidant etc in ways that are ultimately counter-productive. So, yes. Thanks.

          • Humbled by your kind comment, Pi <3 Mercury/Saturn is one of the tightest aspects in my chart – I aim to provide information that is “grounded” or “useful” and tend to base much of it off personal experience (read: hardship). It’s gratifying to know others connect with it. xx

  10. Hmm. I am Sun conj Pluto but not really grokking the be afraid of change thing, but my situation is different from yours. I’ve got some time before my second saturn return. I already have a house, bought in 2012 when saturn was making goo-goo to my sun. But really my life has been non-stop crap between 2006-2015. The last 2 years have been ok. Just normal levels of crap. If things are gonna change and there is potential for better things, then bring it on! After you have surived nearly dying other perspectives are reframed.

    And having a house? Not really gonna tie you down as much as you might hope (or not hope). I rented out space in my house to help pay property tax.
    That left me free to go explore without figuring out how am i going to pay for this? Also much safer to go travel if you have someone there occupying space too. Even tho i am an introvert, a good roomate who understands your people-needs makes up by giving added security.

    So Bea, the few things you do not reveal in your letter is about family or relationships? Something unnerving you about those that make you think negative change will come from that?

    • Your time line sounds like mine I even rented out my house but that turned into a S***storm too Plus I can’t sell it or it won’t sell. PTSD abounds in me and I want to run away for a few months years in an ashram or monestary. I do hope things will keep improving now.

          • Fell off my mountain bike on tarmac at about 30mph over a sleeping policeman so it somersaulted and I landed head neck shoulder first Fractured my skull had a bleed on my brain fractured my clavicle into bits plus four ribs and my nose
            Was unconscious for about three days in and out though, drifting but four weeks later was pressing 35 kg above my head and ignoring it all ! Because you just keep going !!

            • I’m going to be bankrupted on the 9th of November. I’m couch surfing, have no income, no career, been banned from teaching, my trusty VDub has shit itself, I’ve been banned from teaching. I have to hitchhike, 800kms, to Sydney for a court case for them to get no money. Bankrupting me is just another way the NSW Education is fuqing me over. They truly are p**** and c****..

              and if you goons are reading this hit me with another charge. I dare you!!!

              • 🙁 oh no. I didn’t think things were so dire. I really do have hope for you. Teaching is such a thankless job. For years I wanted to be a teacher…college prof. But then i realized all the tenure b.s. in the U.S. and was like nope.nope.nope to the nope.

                but do hang on. Did you say you were an Aqua moon? i forget your moon sign. but it you are(or like Cap moon), start prepping for “sade sati”. I just got through with mine last year….

                • My sade sati starts with Saturn into Cap; as my Moon is Aqua. Natal Cap @ 2°. So it’ll end with Saturn leaving Pisces. Aqua Moon is the least affected…apparently.

                  Dunno much about it…yet.
                  I appreciate your presence on here; esp as my NN is Libra. Ta.

                • I just got hit with more shit today. I can’t get legal aid. So who can l wonder? The legal aid woman tried to speak off the record with dept lawyer and she said back to me, “what a deplorable man”. I said “no kiddin!”.

                  I was good for a few days but ive been fed hard shit and runny shit by these fuqtards for 9 years one way or another. But Uran will gover over my MC 29° Aries. When it Stationed Rx at almost this degree l felt the hair raising disrupt as portentuous foreboding. Little did l realise it was going to be this bad.

                  I have no life atm. All seems pointless. My chart ruler died. I went to it’s funeral. My Nep wants to checkout. I drown in all my Water.

                  But thanks for asking.

            • oh holy sh*t. I’m so sorry. That is the first I’ve read of your story emg. I am really crappy about keeping up on here these days.
              🙁 I am glad you are still here, recovered, and still thriving!! Because hells yeah…. nothing reframes depression like surviving. wow!

  11. Natal sun square Pluto/Moon here, just completing my second Saturn return. Which, despite all the work I’ve done, has been a bit rougher than the first. I’ve experienced both a potentially transformational love affair (which ended in a big No Thank You from my soul) and a completely unexpected shamanic awakening (moving into working with plant medicine) in the past few years–prescient of Mystic to mention both possibilities.

    I am not sure you can say in advance at what level this change will hit you, though of course progressions & transits will give you some clues. I would offer up a prayer/ritual that this coming transformation be congruent with your deepest self, building rather than destroying what you’ve created. That change can come as deepening, rather than disruption. So, setting your intention—and, of course, being willing to let it all go, should higher forces (Pluto?) be at work.

  12. I liked reading Bea’s letter. I have Saturn in Capricorn and my second return is not too far off. I too have made huge changes in my life. Physically , Spiritually and Socially. I know she is pointing to Pluto and no doubt we all should but what caught me was her mention of her upcoming Saturn return. Lately, I have had this kind of deadline awareness. I look around and I feel like I still have more to learn. The decisions I have made over the past years have taught me to seek integrity and authenticity like my life depends on it. I spend more time alone now. I have learned so much about courage. I have gained insight in to the people I associate with and I don’t have a lot in common with the woman I was 4 years ago. I am better focused which is interesting for me as a Pisces. Neptune is in my sign now. I don’t drink or smoke. Much of the predictions made about the Neptune Effect have not played out for me. Sort of the opposite.
    Bea, your letter has inspired and empowered me. I am not alone. Pluto, Saturn Returns, Neptune . Don’t know. Here is an example of the changes in me though. I can relate to Bea more than most of my friends.

    • I have saturn in 6th house Cap …and my 2nd return coming up also. During my first Saturn return my husband was fired from family business but started another with his remaining brothers. It was building for awhile but quick once it happened. We’ve been so much happier since then..I wonder how the next Saturn return will play out for us, as they are usually of the same theme, right?

  13. Sounds like the beginning of a grand adventure!
    Do you seek change? Are you content or bored?
    Either options good luck and enjoy the ride!

  14. This all sounds quite good actually and not scary.

    The nice thing about relationships is that when you find real love there is some scariness of the new but nothing real to fear (except sharing life with another human and the compromise that entails, fearing for their safety/well-being, fear of getting bored, sorry that’s my Venus in Aries talking haha).

  15. Yeah me too Saturn in Cap, 7th house with my 2nd return closing in. There is that slight foreboding. I am though an Aries gem riser so I’m pretty much the same person I was at 18 🙂 other than my hair is greying, I don’t run miles every day I walk really fast 😉 and while before I didn’t give a fuq about any type of authority I now don’t give 2 fuqs.
    For me the big shift has been my babies are now adults and as they have been my focus, my joy, my pain, my life ! for over 20 years it’s so hard to let go. My kataka wifey is handling this transition really well, slowly but surely ramping up her art career, while I seem to be stuck in this weird transit lounge. I need a new project that excites me but can’t seem to find it. Maybe it’s just not there ? Maybe the world thinks I’m too old now and should just fade out ? Maybe I should remarry a younger woman and have another family 🙂 That’s it ! I’ll buy a Porsche, grow a ponytail, get some ‘work’ done on my crows feet and start cruising around the beach suburbs lookin for babes. Can you change your birth date by deed poll ? I’m thinking libra with Leo rising and gem moon ? I think Saturn will love this idea ? at this stage it’s seemingly flawless 😉

        • Hahahaha. Im a cancer sun stellium four planets including moon and mars but I am a total off hand off line off somewhere else parent and my daughter and I have been apart since she was around 7. She is now looking at the yachting industry so she could be anywhere on the planet but that suits me! I honestly think we would kill each other if we had to be in close quarters. She’s an utter fire crackers and I am just logical reality based head down get on. She’s a Cappi of course and 29 degree cancer rising so we are at opposite all the while. And have another child??? Eeekkkkkk noooooooo run away.

    • We can’t change our birth deets by deed poll. Maybe Mystic can organise a swap mart.

      Haha my natal chart, DL, you want it? Here’s my astro craigs list e bay “summary”:

      Two Mars t-squares with four square in it, all nice punchy heavy hitters on the ego, with a good old Pluto opposite Sun within that rah-rah. You get a great Neptune Jupiter Moon trining your Mercury which is opposed Uranus and feeds into the t-squares with Pluto Uranus Mercury Chiron and Sun for growth, for whatever reason or no reason at all, whenever you (don’t) feel like it. You get Lilith, which i know you need so badly, opposed your Sun and in the public eye (10th). Great! To combat any Piscean Sun in 5th (there’s your ayuahuasca shamanic times in nice trine to the 12th Sag NepMoonJup thing, along with Chiron Merc to bring it right ON, but probably never let go) insecurities you may have, that are not immediately and consistently embarrassed by your Sagittarian Rising proclivities from your supposedly secretive 12th house rued by Scorpio at 0 degrees, so you’d rather but you can’t keep it all quiet like your Pisces Sun prefers, all in trine with Aries Mercury (apparently intercepted, so regardless of its issues with Mars and Uranus you can blithely not realise how abrasive you actually are, oh and Chiron is popped in there for a…um good time, questioning of the ego/fun house). But you’ll have Pluto trine Saturn to prevail, along with Mars square that Pluto etc, so GREAT FOR A SUPERB MARRIAGE AND EASY PARENTING, non?)

      My Saturn in 6th, Lilith Pluto In Virgo and Mars in Capricorn says, “Flawless…NEVER.”

      But yeh, come get it. Knowing these are probably GREAT marriage and parenting signatures. Aren’t they? They shoot horses, don’t they?

      Yes, for sure, DL, let’s SWAP.

      Or love it to the death. (Bit of grey hair, pfft, Sag Rising says had it since 16 years old and bigtime from 24 yrs.)

    • maybe you could steal someone’s identity? just get the birth details right and make sure there are no crime syndicates who might may particular attention, you know, a little history check never hurt anyone

  16. I love Phoenix inspo and this is a good one…sounds like you have daily life on lock and now it’s time for some Pluto Charged love and career destiny moves.

  17. Thanks for for this, Bea! (And Mystic for posting, of course!) I’m also sun conj. Pluto, and this:

    “I’m reading voraciously; I’ve let go of albatross friendships; I’ve streamlined my beauty routine; I’ve learned how to tame my unruly mane of hair; I’ve automated my finances; should I go on?”

    Plus the workout stuff (though I mean…okay not as much but I go to the gym now) and loving, suddenly, where I am in nearly all manner of life is everything that’s magically (i.e. without strain or effort or even any conscious decision) surfaced in these last few months. It’s awesome!

    I’m in a different position, approaching the end of my first Saturn return, but there’s something to this being “in the flow” and the triumph that comes with it that makes me feel different than my old “I’m ready to knee-jerk change just try me rar!” way of looking at things. Like, no matter what comes as long as I stick to what I truly feel I want (and not everything else I’ve been fed or byproducts of social expectation, etc.) things will be okay. I almost want change; I’m not used to this kind of satisfaction, haha!

    I don’t know if that’s helpful or anything, really, but I totally feel like my life is exactly what you describe and it’s very “woo!” to have read your account so…thanks again 😀

  18. You say yourself that nothing is wrong with your situation, so maybe all those doubts and rumblings are just in your mind. It certainly sounds so. I think this isn’t something that another outside change will solve. Perhaps you need to fix whatever it is in your mind/gut that won’t let you accept any permanent situation, whether it’s good or bad.

  19. Wow, you are inspirational, Bea!

    Since I have Pluto, Lilith & a few other asteroids in Scorpio in my 12th House – Jupiter my ruling planet in the 8th House – my main focus since Jupiter into Scorpio has been my spiritual practice. Suddenly, how it affects every aspect of my life & vice versa is incredibly clear.

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