Ask Mystic: How To Cultivate “The Magician”?

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Dear Mystic,

So this is part of my latest Tarot reading from the site.

The Magician in the 12th House
The Magician here basically means that you’ve got one hell of a powerful spirit guide happening now. A fresh source of inspiration and lucid, surreal insights are trying to manifest. Get out of the way. Get out of your own way. Cultivate your intuitive and creative powers as if your very life depended upon it (it doesn’t – this is just motivational) and be amazed at the speed with which you develop now.”

My life does depend on this shizz … or at least I feel ‘inspired’ and alive when its happening. Any tips on how to “Cultivate your intuitive and creative powers” and “get out of your own way”, as per The Magician in the 12th house? And the whole spirit guide inference, I think that’s on the money… how does one work that?

Curious Crab-Person

Dear Curious Crab-Person,

Well a lot of my official para-normality has occurred out of nowhere – when i have been not seeking guidance or enlightenment but it happened anyway. But i also think that sincere prayer can work, cardio can make it happen (“sweat your prayers”), journal writing helps everything and anything on the yoga-wilderness-dream-analysis-acupunture-Feng-Shui-proper-therapy-meditation-12 Step matrix can be miraculous if you stay focused.

Astrologically, work your 12th house energy (sign and stuff in there), set more time aside for magic during strong Jupiter-Uranus times AND look at the Scheduler for the monthly Moon-Uranus, Moon-Pluto and Moon-Neptune Lunar Portals as they are superb. Drugs and alcohol can definitely do it for some people in the transcendence stakes but they can also leave your energy porous and open to hell knows what. Neptune can break your heart and regularly does. Space Dust is means you are not properly grounded.  So personally, i steer clear BUT i have Neptune square my Ascendant.

What does everyone else think?


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28 thoughts on “Ask Mystic: How To Cultivate “The Magician”?

  1. After reading this post I got a strong feeling, so I did my monthly tarot reading. Ta-dah, Magician in the 12th house. And that’s also why I knew. I have my biggest Neptune transit in years and my instincts are super on point. I feel like I can manifest anything. One day I was randomly thinking about cocker spaniels and instantly I bump into an ad of cocker spaniel puppies, next day see someone walking one and also spot someone having one in social media etc.

    For some reason I have a strong urge to gamble or at least do the lottery and that’s very unusual to me. So far my instincts have led me into all things golden, maybe this is an omen that I’m feeling extra lucky?

  2. Ooh, I love this question!

    There are so many things you can do, but most importantly it’s what works for your magic. Mystic posted a quote by Grant Morrison (I’d link the blog post if I could remember more) that recommends sitting for five minutes and looking around you as if everything had an intention, a purpose, a message. It’s the magical thinking, the openness to messages that does the trick.

    Learn about a few plants in your area and make your own medicine. Spend time by a bonfire. Sleep with crystals. Commune with nature. Swim in natural waters. Make an altar. Start up a crafting group – paint, make stuff, drink tea, and talk. Listen to the insects instead of your monkey mind. Eat fresh & local to align yourself with earth energy. Read your cards. Challenge your current mindset over and over again. Read books, listen to podcasts. Take a bath year round with the windows open. Wear talismans. Ferment your foods, forage mushrooms from logs. Hot yoga. Walk until your legs hurt and your mind is clear. Sit by the ocean on a full moon.

    Anything and everything that opens your mind and lifts your spirits. The more nature and attunement to your temple, your body, the better.

    Moon conjunct Neptune in Sag
    Venus, Mars, Jupes Gemini 8th house

  3. Moonglow – aka ‘Curious Crab Person’ here. Thanks for your insights people – and Mystic – I love this site! Within a few hours of sending this query to Mystic, I got out a tarot deck and book and found The Magician card, then read the description. It totally made sense to me, in a practical, here’s-how-you-work-this kind of way. (which rarely/ never happens when I read a tarot card description). I feel like its given me a tool for practical application in most areas of my life WHOA. Its sitting up on my sacred space as my mentor for the time being to remind me I have the tools if I have the intention. Totally into twilight rambling and gazing…
    So i have sun moon and ascendant in Cancer (Sun in 1st, Moon in 12th)…

      • I hope its okay to quote this?!
        From The Tarot Revealed by Paul Fenton (pp. 201-203), here’s some excepts from the section on The Magician that really made sense to me: –
        “…The tools on his table were packed inside the Fool’s satchel. They represent the combination of the right motive (cup), a clear plan (sword), sufficient enthusiasm (wand) and practical application (pentacle) – a very powerful combination for achieving your purpose. The red roses …suggest ardour or endurance and the white lilies depict purity of motive…
        The Magician represents making something real out of possibilities…. Potential is worthless unless it is actualised…The Magician reaches up for energy from the heavens (inspiration) and directs this energy to something tangible and real – the earth. He uses his willpower to produce tangible results. Instead of reacting to life’s currents, he acts for himself within those currents, and real results are produced…
        General meaning
        The Magician indicates that this is an appropriate time to begin new projects. The timing, the opportunity and the motives are right to make your efforts worthwhile. It is a positive time to initiate action and execute plans a time when you are grounded enough to succeed with your plans, so new ventures are more likely to reach fulfilment. A clear sense of purpose and an application of willpower can result in success.”

      • Ooh… such perfectly blissful ideas.. I guess I do a lot of that stuff already, (sans the shroom foraging), just need to prioritise it more… as Mystic said (“just get out of your own way!”). Thanks for veto-ing such practices as important, its good to remember. My Neptune is in Sag too in the 5th and Venus and Saturn in Gemini in 11th (ruled by Taurus).

        • oops, the was meant to go elsewhere sorry…I thought moon in 12th was not great… so glad to hear some positives, I guess being so much Kataka freaks me out a bit, but I think I’m more comfortable in the 12th house than the 1st (more spiritual than corporeal) So I’m thinking, the Moon-Neptune ‘Lunar portals’ would be interesting for a moon in Kataka in the 12th.. especially for exploring The Magician and spirit guides.

          • Ooo yes today’s a portal! 12th h moon is basically a Pisces moon, people just fear (aka write negative astro descriptions) of what they don’t understand

        • I’m very Saturnine and I used to connect to energy that was too restrictive and soul squashing. The list was things I have done instead of oh, micromanaging my career or cleaning my house continually. Opening heart and lifting spirit is the real connection.

          Edible mushrooms btw, I only like morels and chicken if the woods. The rest of the normal foraged give me indigestion.

          • Yep feel that though…after a long time (childhood) of Saturn squashing my Neptune exact conjunct it feels good to nep out within reason.

  4. Lay on the grass and daydream while gazing at the clouds, look at the shapes- listen and just be still. Send love to those who need it and I agree with Mystic advice for prayer to a higher power.

  5. Take long solo rambling walks at dusk and night in nature. That’s the mercurial guide to meditation. Also, talk to plants they have things to say

  6. Boost anything mercurial!

    Also remember the magician as depicted in common decks has all 4 elements in harmony: cups, pents, swords, and wands!

  7. If something invites you or engages and you’ve got a rising enthusiasm, run with it. Even if logic brain screams at you. Let that rising energy be your guide.

  8. Meditate, meditate, meditate and just be open to what comes through, though that is sometimes easier said than done. I get spooked out when I have visions come to me, completely unbidden. I do enjoy a good bit of Dream journaling, and you can ask your spirit guides (spiritual support team, whatever else you like to call them by) to send you messages in your dreams before you go to sleep and see what the answer is.

  9. Pray, meditate, practice just Being (rather than doing), spend time alone and/or in nature. Be Receptive w/ a capital “R” – Spirit can’t reach you if you’re constantly jamming the incoming signal with lots of output. Try picking up a book and opening to a random page/paragraph – The Magician (being Mercurial) loves bibliomancy!

    • I totally know when I was meditating regularly, I was getting so much sprit stuff happening it blew me away, need to get back into that… And contemplating is good too, out in nature… So, this has lead me to realise my 12th house is ruled by Gemini (Magician in da house?)…with the Moon in Kataka and my part of fortune (a crosshairs in a circle?). and Nessus in it.
      Moonglow – aka Curious Crab-Person.

  10. I find working with magic cards , not just tarot but other ones that awaken your intuition…i love the tantric dakini cards where one of them for example is the cosmic carrot! So no logical brain trying to work it out. Have a daily journey or meditation and be prepared to suspend disbelief- answers come in riddles or images that only click later. Brilliant astrology like this site, making altars and a beautiful place in your boudoir to reflect your spirit allies/ meaningful things. Some peoples are dark and have bones etc..mine is rather voodoo lots of sequins and has my kachina dolls on it. Observe everything all the time, you never know where the omens will be! From Taurus Uranus conjunct Jupiter exact in cancer in the 9 th..mercury conjunct mars in Gemini in the 8th and pisces in twelth house conjunct ascendant. O and stay grounded!

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