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When You Remember…

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When you remember that Saturn in Capricorn is just over twelve weeks away and will be here in time for Christmas. Saturnalia indeed. In olden days this was not a commemoration of Christ’s birthday, it was a time to suck up to the Time God, to assess one’s harvest or indeed, to reap the damn whirlwind. Both the good and the bad news: Saturn is stronger in Capricorn, his home constellation. Time to go long on Capricorn and invest heavily into that zone of one’s natal astral energies. Fuq fads – this is going to be a sharp swing-back to fundamentals.

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75 thoughts on “When You Remember…

  1. omg omg…crazee right?

    I have Neptune in Cap–10th house–time to Go Pro or Go Home.

    I am also looking forward to Jupiter in Scorp…

  2. As a Capricorn, I’m kinda looking forward to it.

    I tried the spooky journal writing technique yesterday, and my left hand told me to, “Capricorn up.”

  3. How can I forget. It’s my second Saturn return !!! 7th house. The first was life changing, ultimately in a good way. I mean Saturn didn’t collapse the world stock markets just to teach me a lesson but sheesh, lost everything in my life I held dear after many years of hard work in my business and personal life. By the end of the return I was living in a new city in a new career with a new partner.
    12 weeks .. yikes !

    • Sim same DL. Mine is 2* in 6th but rules my 7th @ 8*53′. My 3rd change of state for my 3rd Saturn Cycle. Sat opp your Asc is a lot of fun.

      • Yes it’s been opposing my asc since December but moves off by early October. I’m figuring it may reverse back at some stage but not sure. Will have to check into that.

        • Doesn’t look like it ๐Ÿ™‚
          My natal is 7deg cap and the influence is February 2018 to December 2018. Maybe it reverses back in 2019 ?

          • I’m seeing retro from April 17 at 9 reg to sept 6 at 2. Yeah almost same as this year. And in the zone from Jan to December.
            Same re 3rd return. Parks in 7th house for a year or so then hits the 8th and the return at 23 degrees. Conjunct Jupiter, square mars. I’m very afraid re the latter. Keep picturing a ghost rising up at me proclaiming “you haven’t learned a damn thing” and then sucking out all my chi ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • So in the 3mths between your Sat and mine it moved fr 7* to 2*. Mine is Rx to boot; it is my only Rx. What a planet to have Rx!!!

    • Wow yes thinking about it, I qualified and left home moved to a city for the first time and created this life, sort of, or the one I’ve been keeping now for the past thirty years. It’s Saturn into my 10th. And I’m hoping to goodness I can move house change tack in both career in mind set but I’m ten years off my second return but Pluto is just about stepping up to oppose my sun so I’m sure it’s about to get choppy.

      • I’m nearly at end of Nep opposing my 1st Decan Virgo Stellium, Pluto at the Mid-point opposition to my Kat Asc and Sun. Obv going to apply opp my Sun. And now Saturn on my Saturn and then on my Dsc and then opposing my Sun along with Mars there early next year. Prob conjunct Saturn and Pluto at sametime.

        Pass me another Venetian Cookie….

        • And a blindfold! Good heavens that is a pile up!
          But by this time you should be well versed in the nature of these things and sort of what to expect. I am now zen like in acceptance of all that cometh. Along with a pint or two of triple distilled moon spirit.

  4. Pre astro knowledge (thx MM) I heard about Saturn return spoken about in a terrifying way and dreaded it. Now I think it will be the Everything, late 2018 = Saturn return in cap, losing squares to Pisces planets plus Jupiter in Scorpio late this yr. Meditating and scheming until then xx

  5. Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, all in Cap in the 10th house……yay???
    lol make it stop ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜

  6. Good. Saturn 7th house transit. If that’s not turning pro (other than 10th house) I don’t know what is! Nice to have the planet back above my chart horizon where I can keep an eye on it hahahahahaha also a bit of a renewed vibe around cap-influenced men generally. Said a prayer to the multiverse to just let me say the right things to the right person at the right time and place for happiness to kick off in a +1 format

  7. I am so ready for my first Saturn return to end. Almost. Still need to finalize the divorce (soooo close. This week or next), and get my teeth cleaned. Then I graduate (second degree I’m finishing in this transit) and I’m ready for Saturn to head off for my Neptune in Capricorn.

    And by ready, I mean pretty much the opposite. But it can’t really be *worse*, right?

    • For someone on a mediumistic spiritual path, I sure do have trouble with Neptune. And Pisces. That void moon just about did me in. And the Venus retrograde. If I feel like every moment is agony, good chance Neptune or Pisces (or both) are up to something.

      I think I’m trying to make room for this very much non-Virgo energy. To let go of my main modes of worry/plan (Virgo sun, mars, Venus), compete/excel (Aries moon), or gab around relativistically (Gemini rising and maybe a dash of the Libra Mercury). Just trusting in this bigger deeper inexplicable something… I can and do, ultimately, but I don’t like giving it too much (any) space in my life.

      So… I’m working on it.

      • Good to hear, as I’m heading into it as well. Also I have transiting Neptune opposite my natal moon starting middle of next year. I’m hoping transiting Saturn conjunct my natal Neptune will counteract that. Like I might feel emotionally aimless but I will have a realistic perspective on my feelings?

  8. After I finished reading this I started hearing the Darth Vader entrance music. And I don’t even have any planets in Capricorn!

  9. I have a very fire/earth based chart. I got the 3 planets in cap Neptune, Uranus, and Saturn? I have no idea what that means though.
    Let me just share with you something my best friend Kristy said the other day. She is a textbook Capricorn, I found this funny coming from her friendly matter of
    Fact tone, as she takes a puff of her cigarette, and looks for her prescription eye drops “I’m such a bitch sometimes but… hey… truth hurts”

    • If Saturn is there you are heading for a Saturn return. Just sayin.. That truth may hurt ๐Ÿ˜‰ a little. But it’s all good right ?

  10. After my Saturn return at the ripe age of 24 (Saturn in sag i am now 26 but feel fucking 70) I WILL say a piece of
    Advice I heard from another astrologer
    “Don’t take advice From anyone that hasn’t gone through at least 1 Saturn return”
    Right? Riight?

    • After i did my first one, i just couldnt date anyone who hadnt been through theirs yet. They just seem like children. ๐Ÿ™

      Much later on…. I did end up dating 2 men (not at same time) while both were going through theirs. Not for the faint of heart! Current beau has at least a few years reprieve from his 2nd saturn.

  11. Nice, it will conjunct my natal Venus at 0 Cap the start. I’m into this transit, my day to day is verrrry Saturn at the moment.

    • The last one standing is the GOAT
      Virgonater, I totally feels you.
      That watery “be the water” feel the flow and absorb the emotion of everybody within radius energy is soo baffling to me but I respect it. I tryy to understand it
      I give credit where credit is due
      Hell after avoiding Pisces my whole life I’ve been kind of seeing one, and I still have no idea. Lol sooo intrigued and intimidated by neptunians

  12. This will be my first Saturn return. I have five planets in Capricorn. My entire head already feels like those melting clock paintings by Dali on a daily basis so I am…not particularly looking forward to this.

    • Good luck! I finished my Saturn return about 1.5 years ago. I am a martial artist, so I may be biased, but having a really good training regime helped me SO much.

      I imagine that for you, dealing with Saturn in Capricorn, conjuncting 5 planets over 3 years (!!) it might also help. Take care of your teeth and bones too! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Thank you! I need all the help I can get. Funnily enough, after a lifetime of avoiding exercise I’ve suddenly grown an affinity for swimming and yoga, so hopefully I can nurse that into a full regime soon enough!

        • My pleasure. ๐Ÿ™‚ Capricorn rules the joints and teeth, and is associated with bone health. One thing to keep in mind is that we can only really increase our bone density until we’re 30 (roughly) and after that we have all the bone density we will ever have and we can just preserve it. One way to build bone density is through weight-bearing exercise. So Saturn return in Capricorn would be a great time to do more intense exercise (health permitting) that will build muscle and bone density. Think weight lifting (even just a bit) or medium to high-impact cardio. I took a joint-support supplement through my Saturn return and that really helped my knees – knees are also ruled by Capricorn. Just suggestions and things that helped me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Opposite my sun right now then it lands on my ascendant. Yayyyy lol.

    I feel like a whole new phase of life is about to begin and right now I feel more like I’m observing my life, and not IN it.

    I have to say though… as much as it isn’t fun… I LOVE the results you get from Saturn.

    I am Saturn ruled though so what other choice do I have haha.

    • I feel you – I had it on my ascendant in Scorpio (a few years back), then my Saturn return, and now Saturn opposite my sun. Scorpio rising, Saturn in Sag, Gemini sun for the win!!

      Best of luck to you! I have to agree I love the results and I have gotten the best results when I go FULL ON and lean into the process. Like force myself to put in the time and do ALL the hard stuff.

      Like you said, the bright side is the results. Even though the past few years have been really challenging, I’ve accomplished SO much and I think having a ton of tough Saturn stuff early on in life (I’m only 31) is going to put me ahead of many of my peers. At least that’s what I tell myself in difficult times (like now).

      As a Cap rising, I would love to hear your thoughts on how to best use Capricorn energy. It’s really not natural to me (although I do have a Virgo moon). ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. OMG I don’t know if I should be nervous or excited – Sag rules my 2nd house and transiting Saturn is currently conjunct my natal Uranus. 3rd house cusp is 25 degrees Capricorn, so I have both Saturn & Pluto transiting my 2nd house for the next 3 years basically. As a very Scorpionic person I feel more chill with Pluto than I do with Saturn overall.

    As a Gemini sun, Scorpio rising, Saturn in Sag lady (OH YES, I had Saturn in my ascendant/1st house, then my Saturn return, and now Saturn opposite my sun) I’m kind of freaking out – I really need to make more $$ stat. Hoping the end of my Saturn/Sun opposition mid-November will help.

    I have a Virgo moon (I’ve never been so grateful for it as I am now), so I think the best way to deal with this is to go full Virgo – spreadsheets, numbers, strategic thinking, and ruthless discipline. Full on control freak paired with some Gemini laissez-faire energy so I don’t seem full-on crazy.

    I have NO hard Saturn aspects next year (oppositions or squares) – thank the sweet lord. But I have Saturn conjunct Neptune all year, as well as Pluto conjunct Mars – ALL in the 2nd house.

    I have been working so hard on my beliefs about self-worth, self-value, and material goods, and MONEY, so I’m ready to make some serious $$.

    Just so much 2nd house energy – has anyone had something similar? Did you make a lot of money??

    Also here is my list of Capricorn in Saturn activities, please feel free to steal:

    – Track EVERYTHING: health/fitness stats, financial goals, spending, etc. Literally set aside time every day to track these things.

    – Set aside time every week to think strategically and plot to take over the world.

    – Release all negative beliefs around ambition, being seen in the world, and “stodgy” practices like keeping spreadsheets for everything.

    – Stop making fun of accountants (the ultimate Capricorn profession, am I right??)

    – Have CLEAR financial goals and investment strategies

    – BUDGET for EVERYTHING (including the unexpected!!)

    – Simplify, simplify, simplify – if I don’t need it, it has to go, because otherwise I invest time in tracking it in one of my many spreadsheets

    Any other suggestions??

    • I think that accounting is more Virgo than Capricorn. Accounting is micro and doesn’t achieve much other than adding and subtracting and knowing where the money is stashed. While a cap understands that you have to have a handle on the numbers, and we all need a good accountant so that we don’t go to prison, it’s not the raison d’รชtre. (Feel free to disagree) Capricorn mentality is to me more like engineer. They’re resourceful. a sound grasp on the context and the resources (and the SYSTEM or the factors that create it) and can therefore build anything. They have a vision and can make their way to it with steadfast determination. Any spreadsheets are just a way to help clarify, plan and review/allocate resources, but the endgame is achieving the goal…and the next one and the next one and the next one.
      Goats. Climbing. Weirdos.

      • Yes I can totally see that! Actually in a way I think Capricorn is like an engineer, but a boss engineer. Like a CTO or a CFO, you know? (The CEO is a Leo maybe.) ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Thank you, I actually took a screenshot of your list with my phone! I need to learn this stuff. Leos don’t thrive on budgets but I gotta approach this like a mafioso would do when running his (her) empire. Keep track of every little thing and be on top of your game!

  15. Looked back and found Saturn crossing my natal Chiron and 2 degrees off natal Saturn the week I did Reiki course. Almost 30 yo

  16. I am just happy to have Saturn rolling over and over and stationing direct in my SadgMars and the end of the Squares!

    My Virgo Asc + Sun/Pluto/SN conjunction is soooooo over the angst!

    My 5th House is ruled by Capricorn so this could get all earthly and start to trine my Sun etc

    Uranus zap zoned its way into though my 7th and I want a fresh new era asap!

  17. Uranus and Neptune literally on top of each other in Capricorn – in my first house. I sense that all my self-delusional crap and flakiness is going to burn off in the near future. But that’s just good. I want to be a person who can be counted on and which I haven’t been lately.

    I’m just worried that my 2nd house Saturn in Aquarius is going to activate as well. As a triple conj Sagg the last years have left me nothing as far as second house issues go. I have literally nothing. No money, no home, no worldly possessions. My clothes fit in three bags. I don’t have debt either but still… I hope I learn something new money-wise when Saturn in Cap.

    • But on the bright side, when I have my first Saturn return in a couple of years, it’ll probably be a walk in the park because Saturn has already grinded it’s way trough my Asc, Moon, NN, 1st & 12th house, Uranus and Neptune plus I have already learned to take a grip (with both fists) of my finances. Haha.

  18. This Cap sun/Sag rising is so ready for her Saturn return to commence. Saturn and I have a special relationship which has only grown in the past year as it passed into my first house. Bring it on!

  19. Alright all you Capricorns coping oh so well with this news – I’m here to balance you out – this little Cap Sun/Lib Asc is freaking the fuck out. It does NOT feel like long enough since 2009-2012 and a series of eclipses plus my Saturn Return in Libra which absolutely put me through mental hell and turned my life inside out and upside down.

    I mean at the end of it all I met my now husband… but I also have PTSD from the eclipse fallout (that’s not an exaggeration I actually have PTSD).

    It’s just – I’d decided the end of this year would be a great time to start trying for a baby. And I hadn’t quite twigged about the Saturn timing. Saturn in 12th house felt like the easy placement at first but it’s kicking in late.

    Anyway, I will view it and approach it positively in the end. Just for anyone else out there thinking fuuuuuuck I’d like to say, you’re not alone!

  20. Saturn is tromping through my 4th house, and will be setting up for my Saturn opposition at 3Cap. Ugh, just toss it on the pile of all the other midlife transits.

    Saturn in 10th natally, so I’m kind of lucky in that my work situation has been on autopilot for years, leaving me free to dive into the spiritual quest aspect of it all (Moon/Sun in 9th). Doing a lot of inner child work and reparenting myself – I think this is Saturn 4th foundational work.

    Part of me is waiting for the other shoe to drop with all these transits, but I’m hoping that I am in alignment enough and making enough internal changes that maybe it won’t have to get too bad. My Saturn return was an utter disaster, so we’ll see.

  21. Good. Good riddance Saturn in Sag *pats Saturn on the bottom* your restrictions on my freedom were a pain. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. You’ll be happier in your home sign ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • O.M.G. Exactly this. Happy to have it off my Saggo Sun. And before that Scorp rising. Amd before that. Libra moon.

      Now its heading for my 3rd house. With Mars. I’m not sure if that means I’ll be more assertive/focused/successful in biz or just more potential deep-seated challenges with work.

      Post all the other Saturn transits, though, I kinda feel l like I’m built to handle whatever comes.

  22. hmmm, my chart ruler Venus is in Cap, currently with Pluto hovering close by. I should know the Saturn drill by now, having had an extended Saturn transit since 2010, but somehow I can’t think of how to positively divert Saturn energy in the Venus realm…a structured beauty regime or art practice?

  23. Looking forward to Saturn and Jupiter in Scorp.

    Cap rising 3ยฐ
    Scorp sun 12ยฐ conj Neptune in 10th house.

    Art / career opportunities already in motion
    Woohoo ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. The thing I need to remember is that transits happen whether or not you consciously work with them. The saturn vibe that feeling of oh god this is too much work I can sink or swim, that’s saturn. I think saturn through my 6th was definitely a nearly-sink phase – but coming off the back of pluto squares and chiron conjunctions and whatever, I just had nothing left in the (psychological) tank to really muck in and reconfigure my daily practice. I needed a bit of ‘looking after’, I think… cap moon was busy sustaining me in other ways. At the same time, you still get by, and you really feel the intense friction points of Saturnian action regardless, so you know ‘what (not) to do’ in future, you know you can get through just about anything, you’re still changed as a result.

    • It’s when you have ‘no choice’ – you simply HAVE to do the work – raise the baby, 60 hour weeks, 30 hours a week on campus plus a part time job, complete postgrad studies while suffering from bereavement or a divorce to get the position you Know you want, driving compulsion to train for a marathon, taking on / being loaded with more more more, = saturn working.

      • Well said Pi….
        I am really wanted to have so much done and have so much on my plate. I am loving my Cap Moon strength to remain on point with the details. Never mind the trine vibe.

        Psychologically I am cycling grief as my dearest friend has her son in ICU. I have my own extensive hospitalisation history. Glad I faced my fears to support her and her family and friends last night and this morning. But I realised that I had to leave my class early as I couldn’t be around happy youth, my heart and head were consoling elsewhere.

        The tipping point was seeing an R U OK? Tshirt and I lost my composure and my caffeine supplies were low. Exit stage right.

        I resolve to get myself through this year. Certificate in hand (which may take longer than this year). Would like a stable home and some friends (beyond my treating team of professionals). Submitting some artwork for October and perhaps raising some capital to invest in my future endeavours…advocacy, creative pursuits and peer support certification.

        The community here are a magical bunch that revitalise my soul when I am struggling to cope inside my own landscape. Eternally grateful.

  25. Is there a quick breakdown of how it affects you by sign? Or is it more relevant where Cap is in your chart? I’m a Gemini with Jupiter in Cap…which always felt rather unlucky to me.

    • if you have node and jupiter in cappy, and saturn is coming along, to me that sounds like a really big, focused phase of grounding and work, when you’re feeling quite strong and driven to achieve certain things probably relating to the house placement of cap or these planets/node. node might signify that it feels more daunting or challenging (“less familiar”) but also a tad compelling, a soul development (?) thing.

      • jupiter and cap together are expansion, sociability, business and enterprise, leadership, management, philosophical ideas, cool good connections – keep an eye on personal planet transits /aspects here too ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. My Saturn is in Capricorn and I’m gearing up for my first Saturn return. Felt like I woke up one day this past March and everything in my life suddenly felt not quite right– career, relationship, the city I’d bent over backwards to finally live in. A little nervous for what this next year has in store for me. Feels like I shouldn’t try to hang on to anything right now that might not be working.

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