Weekly Horoscopes From September 23 Are Posted

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The Weekly Horoscopes from September 23 are posted, complete with the thrill of Pluto Direct, some Neptune fuqery and positive Saturn action.

Here is Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising:

Rise above this week’s Neptune nonsense: streamline your systems and resist any naff compulsions. Saturn is mere weeks away from ending its tour of duty through Sagittarius – do not back-slide now. You’ve matured and evolved your game considerably since late 2014. Soon: the gains. Jupiter – your ruler – opposes Uranus, helping to realize a romantic or creative dream buzzing enticingly about for months now.


Image: Carl Barks

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12 thoughts on “Weekly Horoscopes From September 23 Are Posted

  1. I am a totes different animal than 2014 era me. Currently I am really involved in my art now. Deep in it. Not seeing anything really naff except maybe carbs.

      • I worked all night, for the first time in many moons.
        Took me a week of pacing around before I could sit and start it. Then I couldn’t stop. It’s Hebrew new year today and everyone here can sleep in. No work, no school. The sun is just coming up and it’s either the couch or the beach ?

          • Omg they are the 2 other things that I need to do but have been putting off for ages !
            Either you are the actual ‘eye in the sky’ or you’ve implanted those candles I won with some type of surveillance device ?
            … See, I’m sanding the floor, can you see ? I’m waving at the candles, hello can you hear me ? I’ll call the acct soon, ok ?

          • That’s freakish Mystic. I hassled my accountant for info in my fight with the Elucidation Dept. And now I’m repairing dents in my Kombi; as a mental therapy.
            And then I read this; hah!

          • Lol. I’m actually looking right now for an accountant specialising for sole traders in the creative field. Not much of a property or share portfolio to toy with, I’m afraid, but structuring nub$ to look after my interests would be a real boost rn

          • I’m two exams away from completing a cert in bookkeeping and then complete stuff to be a BAS agent. I just needed to know this stuff!

            Mars in Virgo 6th house

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