Venus + Mars in Virgo Vision

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Venus is in Virgo!  Mars is in Virgo! It could work!  These two meet up in October, with Uncle Pluto as chaperone, a profoundly regenerative scenario affecting all relationships but particularly the Earth People!

Also, Venus in Virgo is fantastic for precision grooming, alterations to image and aesthetic reforms. In relationships or potential relationships, it’s an atmosphere of constant calculations, subtle transmissions of valuable information, non-stop processing and calibrations. Pattern Identification is a prerequisite study for October.

Nuance is Currency. Vibe Control is an Asset.

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75 thoughts on “Venus + Mars in Virgo Vision

  1. Discovered a hidden little swimsuit shop I’d never seen before…

    Managed to find The Miracle Swimsuit in my power colours.

    Thankyou Venus!

    Also–I am SO excited for this…

  2. I’ve had Mars on Venus then Venus on Mars a day apart…..and Pluto and Vesta sits between. There are two potentials but one seems to be waning with Venus separating from Trine with Uran. But the other is pingworthy; a 1st decan Water GT conducive to my Asc / Neptune trine. And her Leo Asc on my Merc / Uran Cj.

    So Oct could be good seeing I’m indigenous to Mars Pluto Venus.

  3. I’m looking forward to affording a haircut after 6 months! Hahahahaha. How’s that for precision grooming #lowmaintenance
    Unfortch the couple will be quintile my native mars Venus so … No idea really!

  4. Been struggling for months on how to make my bedroom more feng shui friendly. Venus entered Virgo (my 4th house) and voila, a solution. And it took me less than 10 minutes 🙂

  5. Virgo rules my fourth house.. precision grooming my family? Just had them sheared at the Barbar by some funny Kiwi guys. We are on the Costa D’Or avoiding crowds and eating tropical fruits. We are non-stop calibrating and re-calibrating the little Cappy Chappy’s interactions with everything as he is a bit overwhelmed by it all (wanted to go home after catching the plane). The family has been on the receiving end of my subtle transmissions of valuable information about what, when and how we are doing things. So I guess this all pretty spotlessly spot-on (ok except for the subtlety bit).

  6. just took a look at the image. hahhahaha <3
    my kinda girl.
    Do miss hanging out with spunks on the beach though.
    well, that's easily changed isn't it 😀

  7. Oh boy the illustration is priceless!

    Went for a haircut yesterday evening (yes I waited the New Moon in my Virgo rising). Shorter and way more neat than I was doing before and very happy about it.
    Saturday I’ll add a sexier wavy touch to it and end of the month/ beginning of October, when Venus will have past the 8° Virgo (my rising is there, so Venus is still in the backstage of the 12th) I’ll get some sunlights and a lighter shade, buy no permanent coloring; too harmful for my hair and environmentally bad ingredients.

  8. Ya, that all sounds cool but what or who is ‘nuance’ ? Hell I don’t really care but all i know is my first grandchild just got named. I’ll begin the ‘subtle transmission’ of that to my daughter asap. Now back to the precision grooming. It’s taken me all day but I think I’ve worked out finally how a large gold pendant can work with a slim cut silk shirt open to the navel. I could do with some help though, I’m matching the shirt with some leather high wasted Balero style pants and I’m finding I can’t keep the silk tucked in. Any tips would be much appreciated x

  9. Right before reading here I checked to see when Venus and Mars would be meeting up. So, October 5. I have been deeply considering a major hair redo to even out all the colors and it pains me to write about it. Native Venus in Virgo hates talking about this but my Sun in Leo is all on board. So, about that Venus and Mars meeting—once again, something major, right on an important point in my chart…this time the MC. It will be so interesting and enlightening to look back at this year from 10 years on, should we all be lucky enough to survive.

  10. Haha, the visual I frequently get with this conjunction is one of arguing with a Significant Other over how to properly load the dishwasher; it’s the Fallen Venus! 😀 Spicy little bit of business if you’re wanting to get it on w/ a co-worker, though 😉 That trine w/ Pluto in Cap lends an “M&A” sort of feel to my mind – though it complicates things, it’s not half bad if you’re pooling resources or looking to do some kind of other serious “merger” with a partner.

    All of this is bouncing off my Midheaven and I’m incubating a new service offering that will likely be launched shortly before this conjunction perfects…here’s hoping it is well-received and proves lucrative – I definitely like my odds with this energy on tap!

    • God, I’d love to merge love and work, I think, you could manage it easily enough, also I wouldn’t have the b/f grizzling that i work too much (this happens in my life lol) and all that extra airtime for the cool biz ideas, until the split at least
      Good luck LV

    • My theory with dishwashers is as long as everything gets clean, however it’s done is fine! Although the men in my life have been Not Compatible in certain important ways, for some reason they’ve always been house proud types (my psyche in Virgo probably the final arbiter then, haha) – disagreements were never over the particular – only the general – and even the angery Pisces was actually quite cute about my housekeeping foibles.. signifying a mismatch in worldviews rather than any grating daily habits that culminate in a domestic explosion of some sort.

      I assume my reflection here signifies a spot of virgoan analytics firing up, it’s not really a reply to you LV rather a musing spurred by your (fruitful) words

      • Division of labor is never an issue for me in my relationships – I’m a team player and it doesn’t matter to me who does what; I do plenty of tasks outside the traditional cooking and cleaning “women’s work”. That said, when it comes to the kitchen and dishwashing in particular, as the risk of sounding a bit Virgo I will say there is indeed a proper way to load the dishwasher IF 1) you want all your dishes clean 2) you don’t want Tupperware lids or other small plastic items melted all over your heating elements. 😉

    • Good luck with the ‘service offering’ I hope you have Abundance & Synergy on your side – sounds like super Astro for it!

  11. In my collection of all these mega transits having 1 degree exactitude the last few years. I’m seeing that Venus Mars on my ascendant. I wish I’d kept a better journal.

        • insult? no? certainly wasn’t intended. just a thing. virgo risings in my experience (and i seem to collect them #pisces) are observant and polite – painstakingly so – and also slyly witty and ridiculously good at knowing what ppl need. inflected by their sun sign. at ease dear A.S., take that one off your merc saturn square shitlist xxx

          • Thinking of that Smith’s song…” If you’re so clever, why are you on your own tonight…”

            It’s maudlin street over here. Pay no heed.

            • Hello fellow Virgo Asc and add a Sun Pluto conj for more fun at the Saturn party – I am along with the angst, researching spinal burr removal
              …. talk about a pain in the neck.

              I had it on my Asc in 2014 which was not easy at all so all and I can not wait until it’s all over

          • Oh pi, I’m sorry I misinterpreted and then misspoke at the same time. I’d never heard the phrase before so I looked it up, not that you meant it as such.

            I went to a show the other day to apologize to a musician I’d used the wrong phrase with, insulting him in the process and felt like ,well you rarely get the chance to….walk up and make it worse.

            I’m thinking that a full stop let go of words is appropriate for Neptune transiting mercury conjunct the DC. Just humming and doing menial chores and observing as best I can. In 2020 I’ll report back.

  12. Currently contemplating eyelash extensions after an unsuccessful run with magnetic lashes –

    After a long long time of being without the funds for self care, I’m feeling confident with my spending habits + slowing allowing myself to indulge in beauty products/treatments. Next up is my hair, cutting it + coloring it. Have an appointment to see the eye doctor to update my prescription + get new glasses.

    Lots of weird Venus stuff happening in my life but happy to channel that energy into updating my look. It seems so obvious but when I lack the resources to properly take care of myself (hair/makeup/dr appts) everything else in my life suffers.

  13. Hey mystic.
    I was just reading an older post about Leo. You mentioned the idea of doing a “sunsign-rehab” series. Eg. Libra rehab, taurus rehab, Pisces rehab, Virgo, cancer rehab etc – after a trying relationship with one (even a work colleague!), or even with heavy transits?
    It could even include garden variety feng shui cures
    For example. Fairly sure that rehab from a Libra-Virgo connection is to drive very loud, obnoxious vehicles in a reckless manner e.g monster trucks or burnout competitions, eat BBQ, go run up a mountain mid winter etc, burn things, etc. Rehab from a Pisces connection is to smoke everything with something purifying and douse the rest in bleach, wear only white, block all avenues of communication especially the psychic ones etc …
    Not that you’re busy or anything hahaha but it sounded fun 🙂

  14. No relationships for me right now thanks (trying to recover from narc abuse, it’s been a year of this special kind of hell) but the image & your caption “… It could work!” lifted my black little heart.

    • So sorry to hear that Ariel…
      Me too, unfortunately….
      11 months since my future faker narc fiancée let the “mask”
      Slip and showed me his true nature.
      Never heard of “love bombing ” before…
      Slowly regaining my equilibrium and finally, hopefully my equanimity…
      Wisdom born of pain…
      Its such a fin shock to encounter these freaks.
      Love and light dear Ariel x

  15. This has nothing to do with anything but I don’t know where else to write it. Is it mars opposite neptune right now? It’s like finally my headspace is coming together after an entire zap zone’s worth of bullsheet, and suddenly everyone [ok maybe not everyone] around me is clusterfucking their way into a psychological black hole and i am worried i’m going to get caught in the slipstream. some of this is definitely a familial/mother rage-fear dynamic

    wtf is going on today? the vibe is awful.

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