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The Ultra-Neptunian Full Moon In Pisces

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Happy Full Moon in Pisces!  Any Full Moon in Pisces is automatically opposite the Sun in Virgo but in this case, it is accentuated by the Moon being conjunct Neptune. It’s always an important Full Moon for Generation X people as well, by dint of their astral signature being Pluto + Uranus in Virgo. It tends to highlight actual generational issues or themes, as well as whatever it’s pinging off at the more personal level.

For everyone, this Full Moon is a shamanic consciousness deepening experience. Other possibilities: surreal insights and profound affinity with others, felt energetically more than at the cognitive level. BUT the tension comes from this happening along with mind-bending schedules, pressures and goal-stalking.

It’s not just the Sun in Virgo, Mars is newly in this most mercurial of the practical Earth signs and soon Mercury will be BACK there…with an agenda. This is also a Moon where intense psychic vibes can conflict with logic or convention. Alternatively, if you’ve let your Neptune energy stray out of imagination-artistry and into the realm of delusions, this lunar blast zaps you back into being grounded.

See your Horoscopes for a more “you” take but in the meantime, share here; how are you going with balancing the Virgo-Pisces polarity?


Image: Adolf Hoffmeister – In The Pisces Constellation

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81 thoughts on “The Ultra-Neptunian Full Moon In Pisces

  1. Wow I’m loving this energy.
    My mars is here (along with Pluto Uranus) & just having the Virgo sun conjunction today.

    it’s certainly helped push me powerfully through the day. Brain-Body alignment is back!

    Now to see what this Full Moon flushes out…

    • If you have Saturn opposing that Uranus/Mars/Pluto hot mess we have the same chart! Neptune transits are changing my reality in a way that is making my head spin but I just keep my head down and work. Saturn opp Virgo does that. 😛

  2. Feel alright but have not slept through for the past four nights. Waking at 2am or 3am, not at all comfy just a diffuse anxiety. I am hoping that tonight or tomorrow I will sleep like a log.
    All this is in my 12th. No wonder I can’t put my finger on it.

    • hmmm thanks for this, my sleep has been way off too with the 2/3am wake ups. would be nice if it was astro related and soon to pass. happy dreams to you! (unlike the super whacked ones i have been having)

      • YUP. Slept through last night. Note to self
        Go moon bathing at the full moon as you’ll be awake anyways.
        This one had a dire effect of also making me utterly carb load. I mean ramming in carb like I was starving.. Eeeek. not nice. More 12th house stuff obviously

  3. I thought I would benefit from this. I have a lot of things to do, and people to see, bday coming up and I don’t want to move. I’m still trying though. Created a vision board for focus, trying the archetypal symbol and language to help me today. I just want to sleep but I know it will waste time.

    • That is a very real struggle between the stress of the Virgo energy and the Pisces energy, the Pluto drag to depth details and the Neptune need to pan out and soul clear.

      You know the advice. Mystic is excellent in her constant suggestions for both (as you would expect from a Piscean with Virgo Mars, i think placed high, from memory).

      So i just wish you well: your Virgo aspect, your Pisces aspect. Sometimes we have to ride the astro-waves and not get dumped.

  4. Moon in Pisces- Virgo Ascendant. I find the polarity very challenging. I’m highly sensitive to analytical Virgo and get deeply offended at times by being ‘brought down to earth’ which can feel like a complete disregard of my ‘feelings’. I’m also going through a long term Neptune conjunction Moon transit which is part of the intensity!

  5. i have a natal sag moon, but neptune / moon / chiron all transiting my natal 6th/chiron … i’m just back to work after 6 weeks medical leave, and am surprisingly chill about it … normally a madwoman / workaholic despite not having a strong 6th … just bathing in the cool piscean waters … it’s nice. the moon could stay here for awhile as far as i am concerned.

  6. I seem to be bouncing from blissfully in love with everything and everyone to total exasperation. Lol
    My timing and priorities feel jumbled, at the same time I’m noticing beautiful opportunities falling at my feet, all I have to do is say yes.
    Certainly an interesting vibe for me!

  7. Virgo rising here so the Full Moon was in my 7th.
    I was very “daydreaming” yestarday during my acqua gym and totally unexpectedly; I usually focus during the class so that I make the most of it.
    Maybe it was the FM and day dreaming really goes along with a FM enhanced by Neptune.
    Nothing was “highlighted” by the Moon though: I have no relationship/partner and I have long lost sight – thank God yes but thank my self love too! – of any past lover so I don’t get that much “blast/new info” with this I guess. I was kinda waiting for it but nothing major is here.

    I have an awful loads of work stuff to sort so the Virgoan vibe definitely wins.

  8. the full moon and neptune chiron activity is all in my 9th house. Trying to decide which continent to decamp to, for the rest of my life. Apparently Portugal is the country furthest from my city while remaining the planet, which is nice.

    I feel dizzy and need to go for several very nice long walks out in the remote wilderness somewhere.

    Since this full moon is picking up what went on with the new moon, I think it’s a matter of feeling the grounding and progress and letting myself just fall into this particular moment and soon enough I will float back up to the surface.

    Also, researching and ‘stakes in the ground’. That’s earthed isn’t it. I cold definitely feel a twinge of “doing” earth energy, manifesting, rather than that hot, beautiful, vibrant Leo energy that was just so… blissful.

      • thanks ladies, yes it does have a certain something
        It’s either this or the allure of huge, endless cities that you can always discover, cities that have lived through calamities – cities that feel like countries. there are a few on my list..rather than go with something banal like “work opportunities” i am wondering about narrowing the options based on other things that mean more to me for living purposes

      • i know right. birds, wind in leaves, clear air, big sky, open horizon, no walls, no advertising assaulting the field of vision, being rained on, just green and space and water and rocks <3

        • and uneven ground. my feet are terrain-starved. I’m sure that asphalt and cement is bad for foot qi (not to mention micro stability for muscles and ligaments)

            • Oh I agree, trail walking /running in bare feet is my bliss. They’ve even entered my dreams, the wild back sandtrails. I visit town but my heart is in these wild trails, which are a bit feral and redneck. Even my cat’s gone a bit wild. Sun conj Neptune in scorp, the Pluto Uranus conj in Virgo opposite 9th hse Chiron – Neptune transiting it exact ATM. And everything else in Sag. Feels about right

  9. I don’t even know how to deal.

    Wildfires are burning our sacred Columbia River Gorge, just outside of town. A national treasure, incinerated. And we in Portland are choking on the ashes of the bones of burning old-growth forests. Windows closed, air barely breathable, eyes burning. People crying, and laughing with a maniacal edge.

    I’ve heard the word “apocalyptic” more times in the last 24 hours than I’ve heard in my previous 48 years.

    The full moon in Pisces up here is deep orange against an eerily still, dark violet sky. People stop and stare at it.

    • Love, light, and prayers of protection to you, yours, and the Sacred Sites in nature that surround your beautiful city <3 It does feel surreally apocalyptic out there, from the raging fires, to escalating geopolitical tensions, to floods of biblical proportions, and yet another powerful hurricane; my heart is heavy with all the suffering. I feel like Gaia is extremely pissed at the USA given all that has been occurring lately with the DAPL, the rolling back of the Endangered Species Act, etc. and this is Her way of letting us know She sees what our government is doing. She is reminding us of who is really in charge. As scary as it is to realize we are not in control, we must remember that Nature is a Destroyer as well as a Creator and these things are all part of a greater cycle. We must also believe in our ability to survive, adapt, and overcome as we strive to live in greater, more conscious alignment with the land and all She provides. In times of trouble, never forget we have invisible guardians and guides helping and comforting us in Spirit, always – every difficult moment in life presents an opportunity for reflection and increased spiritual connection as we surrender to What Is and strive to find our center. May some good arise from the ashes and solace be at the ready for all who are affected; om shanti shanti shanti. Love to you and to your community <3

      • I am envisioning a gentle, steady, soaking rain drenching the Earth and extinguishing the flames; all who would like to hold this energetic space with me and pray for rain are welcome.

    • Thank you all for your wet and healing wishes for us in the PNW. LV, your intentions were well received, as the fires have abated and the ash no longer falls on us. Sorry it took me so long to respond… I’ve been fasting from internet to go deep within.

      And LiberatingVenus, it seems the forces of Gaia have made her wishes known even more since you wrote this!

      • I am glad you are well and relieved to hear the fires are fading! I was recently looking at a map of the distribution of wildfires across the US while noting all the major hurricane activity coming out of the Atlantic and what struck me is the rough correspondence with the PNW & SE United States being most impacted by these crises was they seem to loosely align with the eclipse path. That’s an odd geological coincidence at the very least that we have so much natural disaster activity at the start and end of the totality regions so shortly after this event.

        And now more hurricanes, a bad earthquake in Mexico….I don’t like to dwell, but my internal antennae are perked up and I am listening. What I am receiving is a deep sense of foreboding I have never experienced before and I absolutely do get the sense that Mother Nature is lashing out – “Climate change isn’t real? Oh yeah? Let me show you just how wrong you are!”

        Pachamama is so good to us, but at this point in human history we are like teething children suckling at her breast and we are hurting her. There may come a time in the not-too-distant future where she yanks us away from her bosom in frustration and I would completely understand. For thousands of years we have depleted her, and her patience with us wears thin.

        • I fear you are right about Pachamama. I feel so frustrated and helpless.

          I work near a high school, and the kids yesterday walking by after school all had this really glum, disturbed look (more than the usual teenage surliness). I got the sense of “what a quagmire of a world they’re leaving us”

          And while I noted the relation of these natural disasters by time in relation to the eclipse, I had not noted the geographical relation! That is a genius observation!

  10. I am Pisces sun-Saturn-Merc and Chiron opposite the Pluto/Uranus and Mars in Virgo so it is my life all the time.
    It has been hard the last few days. So many tears about lack of authenticity in my life right now. Yoga set it off. I’ll be fine but wow so intense.

    • Pisces Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus with Virgo Rising, yep Pisces-Virgo polarity is my life all the time too. I am also grieving for the lack of authenticity in my life and am moving back in with my parents to start all over at 39. Feeling relieved to escape every aspect of my current life but completely at loose ends as to what comes next. Yoga sounds like an excellent starting point!

      • I think going back home to a sound support base is like an excellent starting point 🙂 well done on making a courageous move. As I keep telling myself I just have to do the next thing even if the end point isn’t at all clear. x

        • Yes, staying focused in the present moment is the hardest thing. My Neptunian mind rebels at dealing with the here and now. So much more pleasant to escape into fantasy or dreams of the future.

          But as they say, the future and the past don’t exist, now is truly the only time that exists and I have found that by always living for the future, the present just slips through my fingers and I have moments of startling awake in the present and realize years have gone by and I am still stuck. It’s terrifying! That may be my mid-life crisis coming on though. 🙂

    • My eyes are really irritated today too! I thought it was the long hours in front of a computer, but that doesn’t usually bother me too much.

  11. Lst night I suddenly felt like a fog in which I have been drifting, lost, was lifting and a sane brain was coming back. Rational thought around a stuck situation occurred. I checked the time – 9.45pm just after Mercury went direct. Today I feel much more in control of myself again rather than driven mad by uncertainty.

  12. I worked really late last night and then did a forgiveness meditation while listening to 528 Hz “Golden Om” music. 1 part Virgo (OK, maybe more like 10 parts Virgo) and 1 part Pisces. 😉

    Transiting Mars has just moved into my 10th house, so I did a “money and success” forgiveness exercise where I forgave people from my childhood that I had built negative money/visibility/success memories around. I’m in the final leg of my Saturn/Sun opposition (and really, really finishing my Saturn return once Saturn gets the fuq out of Sag) so I just can’t carry anything negative with me.

    Also, has anyone else been hyper-sensitive since the eclipse? I’m SO sensitive to other people’s energy that I’m getting most of my work done at night, or hiding in our bedroom (normally share the “home office” with my boyfriend). I also seem to be obsessed with wearing blue – I literally had to take off my red t-shirt yesterday. This is new. 😛 Anyone else feeling really drawn to these watery colours?

      • First I write down all negative money memories that I can think of around a particular issue and/or family member and/or energy.

        Then I turn on good meditation music (the aforementioned 528 Hz) and I go through each one, allow myself to feel the feeling of that memory. I then visualize releasing it and say out loud: “I forgive you. I’m sorry. Thank you. I love you.” I forgive you = releasing it. I’m sorry = acknowledging I played a role in creating/carrying this story. Thank you = thank you for playing this role in teaching me/carrying me to this point in my life. I love you = generating feelings of loving kindness towards myself (first) and the person (or situation). You don’t have to mean it all, but saying it all helps.

        If there is a belief surrounding these memories that I want to release, I say something like: “I have a belief that when I shine brightly, I make other people feel less-than. I’m clearing and transmuting this belief through beginningless time, endless space, and all the innumerable dimension.”

        I also like to do loving kindness meditation with the mantra: “May I be happy, may I be well, may I be safe, may I be at ease.” I sometimes focus on sending this loving kindness energy to particular parts of my chart – lately I’ve been sending it to 2nd house (where Saturn is transiting) and my sun (which Saturn is OPPOSING – guh), and my 10th house (where there is a ton of great energy – YAY!).

        Sometimes I send that loving energy to retro planets, like Mercury, my ruler.

        I would love to hear if you have a good experience with any of these! 😀

        • I do the same loving kindness meditation and it’s helping me shift the Saturn square feelings of isolation and “hard feelings” my Mars in Sag has been mown over and stationed on directly so no wonder I am feeling embattled it IS hard! Add perimenopause in the the mix and look out! I am going on a much needed holiday to unspoilt naturally beautiful beach with extended family to feed my soul and get myself some calmness

          • Yes loving kindness is great for shifting a lot of things. I’ve been doing it since early 2014, when Saturn was passing back and forth over (conjunct) my Ascendant in Scorpio. Lol I am getting SO CLOSE to being done with tough Saturn transits for awhile!! I hope you feel better after your vacation. 🙂

    • Thank you so much for sharing the details of this practice. I really like it, especially the use of the meditation music. Will let you know how it feels and goes for me when I try it. <3

  13. Currently, My Indigo Inner Dreamer is trying to convince my Saturn-return-afflicted jobless but lately Virgo-powered self that taking today to revise my poetry manuscript before sending it to its potential publisher is just as worthy an activity as plodding through job listings & pretending to be excited about bar jobs.

    Right? It’s still work, & in the long run being a poet is my career. And I have been putting it off for months.

    • I would say so!

      Eventually you will find a job so long as you keep looking. The key (in my opinion) is to focus your energy on the right job… Which sometimes means taking a not-so-right job for a few months in until the timing is right and the good job pops up. Being jobless can be exhausting… I digress…

      If you let this job free time pass you by without working on your passion, you will regret it!

      Revise the manuscript! Submit!

    • My advice is to get a simple job close to home with nice people. Low stress, no commuting. This will get you on your way and give you the time and space for your art. The best career move I ever made was quiting a high paid corporate job and finding one I could walk to from home where I could dress casually and work with people I liked. It was a much more simple straight forward job than I’d ever had and I thrived.
      Aim low, prioritize convenience and enjoyment.

  14. This full moon formed a grand mutable cross with my lunar nodes. I downloaded english version of Koran today. Never been religious, but lately I’ve been very dissatisfied with my past actions. You’re right Mystic, as always :*

  15. This full moon formed a grand cross with my lunar nodes. I downloaded english version of Koran today. Never been religious, but lately I’ve been very dissatisfied with my past actions. You’re right Mystic, as always :*

  16. I had a beautiful meeting last night with an indigenous elder and knowledge keeper. Unfortunately, I had to leave just as we were getting into the juicy stuff because I only had my babysitter until 9pm.

    Usually I don’t mind being a single mom but every once in a while it’s hard. (I don’t feel like having a live in babysitter is enough benefit to have a full on relationship though…)

    This moon is happening in my 2nd house, so perhaps I’m not sooooo jaded… just more about $ than love!

    Although I also just broke it off with my lover and told him it was because I wasn’t getting a good ROI on the time I spent talking to him. (It was going on and on and on and around and around and around… Who’s got time for that?).

  17. Full moon in the 10th house, cancerian rising, natal neptune in the 6th and more on point regarding the realities of my job than I’ve been for a very long time 🙂 Loving it and hating it at the same time, but ultimately grateful.

  18. My dog and I got sprayed by a skunk last night . Guess this full moon in the 4th house means clean my house? It stinks and the smell got everywhere since my Lil furry friend went crazy when he got inside. Anyone know any good remedies for carpets and hardwood floors?

  19. Good LORD it is all so intense! Plus Mercury going direct at the degree of the eclipse just plugs it right back into that psychedelic socket.

  20. Yes. Moon/Neptune conjunct my descendant and Jupiter in Pisces (and Juno and Ceres). Sun conjunct my ascendant in Virgo. All square natal Sun/Moon at the MC, and square natal Neptune at the IC. Ooooof.

    Do I want a relationship? Do I want to become a nun? Do I want to hide in a cave? Do I want to take over the world? I am trying to just keep breathing, not have any opinions and let the fog and the dichotomy (Quadchotomy?) have it’s way with me.

    Although in practice, that Venus in Leo has got me too as I’ve been obsessively looking at haircuts on Pinterest for the last two days.

  21. Last night, somewhere on the interweb I found out that Dion Fortune also wrote fantasy novels?!

    And the description for the Sea Priestess was so in line with this Pisces moon that I can’t even.

    Definitely on my list to find someday soon:

    “The Sea Priestess is the highly acclaimed novel in which Dion Fortune introduces her most powerful fictional character, Vivien Le Fay Morgan- a practicing initiate of the Hermetic Path. Vivien has the ability to transform herself into magical images, and here she becomes Morgan Le Fay, sea priestess of Atlantis and foster daughter to Merlin! Desperately in love with Vivien, Wilfred Maxwell works by her side at an isolated seaside retreat, investigating these occult mysteries. They soon find themselves inextricably drawn to an ancient cult through which they learn the esoteric significance of the magnetic ebb and flow of the moontides.”

    Definitely on my list as well as her more practical instruction on psychic defense and her writings about the magical battle for Britain.

  22. This full moon is in my first house, conjunct my Jupiter and ascendant and square my Midheaven and Neptune conjunction. I had a great review at work yesterday – my boss said not one person had even one bit of constructive criticism, all praise:) I love my job – I get paid really well and can work from home almost every day. But I am exhausted and sick with a cold. Laying on my couch and trying to get the energy to finish up a bit of work. I had a couple glasses of wine Monday night and its just not my thing anymore. I felt like crap Tuesday. I feel myself moving more towards being alone in my quiet cool house in the mountains and reading books, rather than going out, drinking any sort of alcohol, or trying to “fit in” which I spent YEARS doing.

    • Virgo rising here. I too have a job that I love, paid well and work from home when necessary. ALSO extremely sick with cold since yesterday. Not sure what to feel about the full moon yet other than cruddy but I was hyper focused this morning doing work at home then I said I need rest.

  23. I have a lot planets in the 12th house and have been really emotional and teary for the last 24hrs. Also just couldn’t sleep the night before woke about 2am and just had to get up and do work? It’s been incredibly intense for me.

  24. I had started to enjoy seeing the rays of hope and forward movement in my life with the end of the Merc-fuq-you-grade which I’ve been going through as a Sun in Leo, moon in Cancer, Scorpio rising wretch… but now with all the forecasts about Hurricane Irma the biggest storm ever about to hit Florida, (where my financial base is) I’m bracing for more fuq-you-up-astro developments over the weekend… thanks cosmos!

  25. Struggling. My father is a Virgo, is 84, and even though we’ve been warned if he falls again his hips will shatter and cause a pain from which he will never heal or be comforted. He insists he can still drive. He trusts my Leo brother who has two felonies in Florida for grand theft with his investments. I keep saying he’s not clear enough to be making such decisions or putting others at risk. Today, 2nd time in 2 weeks, he couldn’t remember his birthday and how to turn the alarm off when he enters the house. Even though I gave it to him over the phone I guess he didn’t remember that off means off and stay means staying in the house with protection on. This simplest proof of his mind capacity, and I (Sagittarian truth) am the bad guy. Fortunately I’m going back to the beach with my Cancerian soul sister from south Africa to celebrate the full moon with other spirituals.

  26. I watched the rising full moon come up––it was a stunner! I was spellbound by it and had to pull over as I was driving to a friend’s place and was not always keeping my eyes on the road. Then had dinner with said friend who is a Pisces wine-maker. Never drink with a fish on a fish full moon. We had a lovely night but that Gen X Pluto/Jupiter/Uranus Virgo part of me is all ‘what the hell were you thinking?’ this morning. I am sure I didn’t drink that much. Ouch!

  27. Beforehand I was scared I would have to just ghost bust my way trough this Full Moon but no – I’m loving it! I’m relaxed, I feel like dancing because music sounds AMAZING right now and I’m bonding with people left and right and just having good time. My Virgo Mars is back home so work also feels like dancing. Even brushing your teeth feels like fun lol.

    Synchronity is also crazy. And humorous. I got a straight flush in numerology. I picked up messages 1111, 222, 333 and 444 and even 9999 in a row. I got a massive break-trough in a problem/plan regarding my very future. I’ve been obsessing with my life plan since the New Moon in Leo but now – tadah, I got it.

    This Void Moon feels a bit more dreamy, let’s see what I can get out of this. Happy Void Moon and Aries Moon everyone!

  28. This moony moon has me Angsting about destiny/love/self actualization that seems nebulous (SN in Virgo opp Pisces stellium) and calculating money in lists for car repair. I feel prickly but dreamy too. Today’s my half bday and I feel unsettled about it :/

  29. Full moon in 3rd house, opposite my amazing stellium in Virgo, smack on my Venus. At first, it was hit after hit on my weezy little ego. Each little sting, a way for me to say “Aha! I see you!” Then figure out a new strategy for holding, understanding that sting. Feeling the good of Mars into Virgo–I need it for the next 2 weeks at least. Must attack tasks with vigor! As the moon was rising decided to have a house dance party of one in my living room and connected with the way my body and emotions link up clearly when I move to music in the moment. Then this quote from a lovely video by Supaman: “To dance is to pray. To pray is to heal.” Yes. That. I dance to pray, to heal.

    • Wow! Powerful quote, must write that up. It’s so true. For me, dancing is making the most out of my life, that moment, with my life and body and soul that might be broken or ‘not perfect, yet’ but in that moment everything is already perfect and whole. It’s praying.

  30. On a whim, I just picked up a notepad of blank pages, found a giant texta in the cupboard and wrote various stream-of-consciousness supportive “you got this” messages in giant black bold caps over about 10 pages, hahaha. They’re scattered all over the living room table at the moment. It’s quite nice to see my inner cosmic cheer squad saying all the things I need to hear every time I walk past 🙂 I felt like I was chanelling … someone, haha. I just really needed to hear these kinds of things with all this upcoming work your ass off Virgo traffique.
    And there needs to be a part of you that believes it, that can feel a bit of the self love, so you can hitch the words onto something, so they don’t just slide unused onto the floor. That little part starts out from a cosmic matrix you know the way ligaments and bones heal, first there are little biochemical signal molecules, then there is a soft kind of bio-matrix, then the bricks and mortar, but you can’t just go, “be fixed” when it’s all broken apart. Holes must be filled, things must be re-aligned. easy does it.
    anyway, that’s the deal this current millisecond.

  31. Gone deaf in left ear , hurt my back badly on the left side. Currently in hospital having loads of tests on my heart valve which is leaking. All kinds of overflows at home sink bath you name it. Mad dreams. Neptune conjunct my asc natally, this full moon in in my 4 th house Aquarius. No idea what to make of it so far, except I don’t like it much!!!! I love music, cant hear it! Boooo

    • Goodness, I hope they get you fixed up ASAP!! I know you have been through a lot on the health front, but I am confident in your resiliency <3 Re: the hearing loss, is it possibly the result of otitis? Mars was just conjunct an Rx Mercury, so perhaps you were asymptomatic other than the deafness. You mention all the Neptune happenings, which in the physical body can often present as susceptibility to infection. To me it sounds like maybe a middle ear infection/blocked Eustachian tubes – sometimes if this does not clear on its own they put in artificial tubes to keep the fluid moving though this is way more common in kids than adults. I feel like it probably isn’t coincidental the ear and heart issue are happening at the same time, though, so perhaps in resolving the cardiac end of things and getting the circulatory situation straightened out the fluid will drain from your ear and your hearing will be regained. Regardless of the cause I hope they figure it all out fast – I’m sure they’ve got their hands full with the more pressing issue, but perhaps they can have an ear, nose & throat specialist have a look while you’re there. Will be holding you in my thoughts, Katy of the Coyote Medicine, and envisioning you surrounded and protected by many Spirit Helpers!

      • Thankyou! Yes in practical mode got my ears syringed weird sensation but it worked! Well in my left ear have to go back for right. So lovely hearing the trees rustle! Pacemaker to be fitted in a month. Back is healing, think very much to do with being gentler with myself. Thanks so much for your lovely words LiberatingVenus they helped! Suddenly on Saturday I won 150 quid on scratch cards! My best magical friend came to stay

  32. Just a note: my 5 month broken hot-water system decided to work on this night, only for the night. Since then it’s been doing sweet FA again.
    When it began it sounded like some dude attempting whale calls.

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