The Gemini Conspiracy

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There is no way that members of the same Sun Sign automatically get along. It’s not like discovering that you y’all have a shared interest or something. A Scorpio sniper, for example, is not going to just instantly bond with a Scorpio concert pianist. Leos can be actually freaked out by the proximity of other Leos – is there enough limelight to go around? You can see their (psychic) fur on edge like a cat encountering the neighbors cat on the wrong bit of the rooftop.  Sagittarius people meeting one another is more like particle collision and when Pisces meets Pisces they spin off another parallel dimension to communicate there. But Geminis? They get along SO well upon first meeting that they immediately seem conspiratorial. Thoughts?


Image: Marilyn Monroe and Tony Curtis – Some Like It Hot

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92 thoughts on “The Gemini Conspiracy

  1. I’ve never met a fellow Aquamaddie I didn’t chime with. All that fresh air and mutual lack of demand is so relaxing….And even more fun in packs

  2. I find Pisceans a bit variable and tend to vibe better when there is some earth in the mix.

    Geminis though… never met a gemini I didn’t like. I think. Young gemmies are so much fun. They just want to talk to anyone about anything. <3 there's nothing more youth-ifying than a curious mind. Even Joan Rivers in her shows, always asking actually interesting questions. Geminis 4 eva.

  3. As a Gemini, I have often pondered this. I tend to think we like each other in small batches but I’ve had some less than salubrious experiences with Gems with moons in Capricorn and Sag. Odd really because we get along immediately, then a sense of knowing each other a little too well makes us suspicious of one another. Little bits are sweet, as my father once said …

  4. I am a Gemini and I approve this message. Most of my close friends are Geminis, my brother is a Gem and we get along very well. I just met a cousin at a wedding recently and got the biggest kick out of him, turns out he’s a Gemini. I do love me a fellow Gem.

  5. Yes, it is true. When i first move into this city the first friends i got were Geminis. And even after many years of changing groups of friends and not seing each other often (thank you Uranus transiting my 11th), every time we run into each other we have a great time like if not one day had gone by 🙂

  6. The few Gems l know don’t get Dylan….and l just don’t understand that all. However there must be few Gems that like him. You couldn’t of effected the biggest imprimatur on modern music and not influenced some em.

    When l meet another Crab it’s like we try to understate each other. Sort of the opposite to Leo. Must be a Moon / Sun thing.

    • It’s his drone. It just goes on… And on… Every time I hear his music I just come away with the sense that there was only one note, one tone, one flat whatever in the entire thing. Even if there isn’t, and even if he’s a fricken genius wordsmith writing endless ballads about no idea what, I still have that impression. I have to make myself listen to his music, and then yeah sure ok cool, but yeahnah not right now soz Bob . I’ll probably go to hell for saying all this. Oh well

        • To us inner-circle fans his voice is his #1 attribute. His wordsmithing is a def gd thing but his singing is outrageously expressive. All the 60s/70s text-book singers that have lost the thing that made them good sound hopeless. Dylan’s voice has got bad with age but that subliminal quality is still there.

          If you knew what his songs were about you’d change ya mind. He is more Mutable than U2 (Pi & MNotte).

          He also is the only artist that has released 3 Triptychs (l use the term broadly meaning 3 excellent works of art in a row; many of you’d know that). Many artist have careers without ever producing one triptych. A far fewer have done one.

          And here l am (Fixed & Cardinal) singing praises of the Mutables.

          • I’ve never gotten that people don’t like his voice. Even as a child my dad played it and it was just its own glorious thing…and I always key into melodies before lyrics.

            besides that his autobio is genius. I AM from the dylan vortex state minnesota though so appreciation is compulsory

    • I’m a multi Gem who loves Dylan! Songs just pop in my head… my current replay is “Lay Down Your Weary Tune”. Had to listen to it after yoga last weekend and it stuck. Life soundtrack.

    • My Gem man loves Dylan! I am ok with Dylan mostly because of the larger than life stories and of course nostalgia. Blowin in the wind was the first song i learnef to play on guitar! I think he is an important musical figure but dont understand the cult following thing. I think he just needed to say/sung what the people needed to hear at the time.

      But seriously, the man likes to box and his friendship or mentorship or whatever you call it with Charlie Sexton (a Leo) is beyond precious!

      • He’s an Air sign (like you), a communicator extraordinaire who was / is the fulcrum that popular music pivoted on in the 20th C. His chart says it all.
        No-one is esteemed as highly by their peers as he. He has produced around 50, or more, studio albums.
        Even many casual Dylan fans don’t now how good he is.

        Simply, he articulates the the human condition as good as anyone since Shakespeare.

    • If you think I’ve overworked this…..I have.
      In my defence I have Cancer Asc trine 4th/Scorp Neptune and it squares my Moon.
      A Moon-Neptune devotee of the highest order.

      Don’t get me started on actresses!

  7. Hmmmmmm — as someone who has far too many planets in Gemini, I initally love meeting and talking to other Gems, but am just a bit too spacey to actually maintain a friendship. Exception is my Birthday Buddy — we see each other 3x a year and it is perfect (and she is great).

    Insta-friend material for me are the Libras, 1st decan. They are fantastic and lovely, every last one of them.

  8. Virgos can drive other Virgos nuts….

    I think people with the same moon tend to get along great? Maybe?

    I love that picture! Marilyn and Paul Newman?

    • I LOVE other Virgos, generally. Also a Gem rising and love Geminis. For the longest time when I was younger I couldn’t actually be close long term except with Gems or Virgos. Now I’ve got all these Aquas circling and we love each other… from an acceptable distance.

    • Two Virgos can fight over who gets to micro-manage the other! The only Virgo, I met that annoyed me was one that addicted to meth. His chaotic energy stressed me out!

  9. This Leo dated and adored Leo’s – and will next week be visiting a married couple of Leo friends. We are bit one note as a vibe all together but I like it all the same!

  10. As Gem Sun Aqua rising, it is a big yes to fellow Gems, a usual yes to fellow Aquas, but Librans really grate, don’t know why air astro works like this.

    • Interesting….I have that same Astro. Usually do love fellow Gems tho I’ve had a couple Gemini girlfriends who I ended up disliking because hey actually WERE hat shallow. Love Aquas…I instantly grok to their weirdness and Libranss are lovely too. Male Scorps drive me crazy….in that good/bad way. I’m gobsmackingly attracted and usually have amazing banter with them, but am also repelled by their rigidity/dogma/selfishness….pick one.

    • Interesting….I have that same Astro. Usually do love fellow Gems tho I’ve had a couple Gemini girlfriends who I ended up disliking because they actually WERE that shallow. Love Aquas…I instantly grok to their weirdness and Libranss are lovely too. Male Scorps drive me crazy….in that good/bad way. I’m gobsmackingly attracted and usually have amazing banter with them, but am also repelled by their rigidity/dogma/selfishness….pick one.

  11. So true for my Gems – I’ve posited it to them and they all seem to agree that it’s because they’re all some kind of interlinked cosmic twins of each other. Whatever one says during a convo resonates with what a convo I had with another, it’s practically like a Buy 1 Take 2 x 23761487143434 raised to infinity with each of them. Was quite handy when one is trying to figure one out in the matters of <3

    As for Sag – I actually have a substantial amount of Sag sistas (topped only by Aq, but then again that's also my 11th house). We're just hardly ever each other's constant side ho's as each one flies off to their adventure, but reunions are always golden.

    • Agreed. I’m superSag and always get along with other Sags. Of course, we can piss each other off a little with the blunt edge but shake it off just as quickly….

  12. Yes! Most of my best pals are Geminis.

    I can walk into a party and literally into a Gemmy within a few minutes. The best thing about meeting other Gemmy’s is that it’s loads of fun, there are no strings attached, no deep and meaningfuls and we’re djing by the end of the night …or the beginning 😀

  13. Gem asc , gem moon here.. yeah I can pick the gems in the room and eventually when we all get bored with the others we find each other. There is a bit of a uniform, a look in the eye and a certain group of hairstyles that can be clues to gems.

  14. My sister and most of her closest friends are all Gemini. They are kind of the cutest… And totally conspiratorial.

    I’m have a bunch of Scorpio friends with birthdays within a week of mine. But we’re all friends from nat med school so maybe that skews things a bit. One day someone asked me how we all managed to get along because we were the most intense women in the school. Lol. In addition to the scorps, we had one gorg Leo in our group, an athletic Arian, and a sweet lil Crab.

  15. In my experience, Capricorns either get on or they drive each other mad. I work closely with one staff member, she and I get on like a well oiled machine. But our Cappie colleague drives us nuts because she’s scatty, and our Capricorn boss is vague. I love my Cappie mother in law and people thought it was very funny when I met my partner because we are so alike. But she can be crazy sometimes so I think the differences in our charts show too!

  16. Love catching up with my Gem girlfriends. They always have good music, and hilarious stories (partly because of their ability to laugh at their own failings). Only one is a Dylan fan but she is the biggest BD fan I have ever met!

    On the other hand, one of the nastiest pieces of work I have ever met is a Gem woman, with no talent or personality and very few friends. She is, in fact, more like several Capricorn women I know-who have lied, brown-nosed, flattered and who knows what else (!) to climb the corporate ladder. I have labelled them Needy, Needier and Neediest. Just creepy uuuuugh…….
    I have Retro Mercury and Sun in Gem and Sag Ascendant.

  17. My parents are both gem both June 12 But a yeat apart, my mum grabbed herself a toy boy! The y met aged seven and are still together as mum hits eighty next year. I think it looks easy for gems to meet and chat and get on like a long lost pals but it takes them a bit of time to discover depth. My niece a very chatty gem realised this when Facebook came in and before long she had three million friends. Took her about three years to realise that these weren’t friends but acquaintances and that her real friends numbered about a dozen. She’s been great with my daughter explaining the nature of a true friend.

    • On a personal note my water grand trine and asc in Pisces cancer sun means I’m very happy to dive into a fish pond. If I’m in a room it’s guaranteed I’ll find the Pisces ? Then no one else exists !

  18. As long as pisceans have got past some weird meddling / gossiping stage, though, then we can all float around in the same space and there is a transmission frequency that we kinda use nobquestions asked maybe. Auto-translate of the things.

  19. I recently worked closely in an office with two Gemini ladies. They seriously sparked off each other, but not in a good way. Each of them have prominent mars. One has it conjunct their sun, the other has mars conjunct mercury in cancer…very argumentative and competitive. Each of these ladies were much more at ease with my pisces sun and Gemini moon. I think it all depends on the toe of geminis you’re dealing with.

  20. I have also noted many aquas like other aquas as well as libras like other libras (in general). Maybe its an air sign thing?

    My particular nuance is i have more libra friends who are october libras rather than sept ones. My bf is gemini and he has exactly zero gemini friends, but he is born right before the sun switches to cancer. I know cusps arent a thing, but it was worth noting.

    • At my school Aquas are the largest in number. We have a ‘Think of Aquas’. But I am the Resident Uranian. The Aquas can’t keep up with me. (Leonine Merc cj Uran opp Aqua Chiron. All T-sqd by a SD Jupiter)

      There was an Aqua who did get me. You can barely keep Mercury in a tube but ya can’t at all Uranus.

  21. Hmmm…in my individual experience, I hafta say Gemini + Gemini compatibility doesn’t really seem to hold up well from what I’ve personally observed – YMMV, obvy. They’ll fraternize and chat each other up, sure, but they do this with everybody and I’ve rarely (if at all) known garden variety Gemini to keep the attention span of another Gemini for too long. They just like to pollinate too many different flowers. When this is multiplied, although they may enjoy alighting on the same bush briefly, pretty soon they both flit off in different directions

    I do, however, know of Scorp-on-Scorp or dual Libra pairings that instantly click and then proceed to get on smashingly. Scorps are thick as thieves and Libras are so polite/accommodating/considerate of one another that it’s as if you’re staring at mirror images. Ever do yoga next to another Libra, LOL? It’s ridiculous – you take turns automatically staggering your spacing and movements *just so* in order to be considerate of each other. You go back and forth handing each other props or mat wipes or whatever in a neverending feedback loop of reciprocity. And then there’s the ping-ponging of compliments – it’s charmingly nauseating in its niceness, really. I’ve never to my knowledge seen a Libra hate another Libra – they’d much rather focus on what they like about people as a general rule. Scorpios, OTOH, can run hot/cold – if one Scorp doesn’t vibe right to the other Scorp, it can be instant and vehement animosity. But when they do click, they’ll be off in a dark corner together in no time flat. One of the most memorable examples of this are the two Scorpio friends I had in high school who dated and then went on to marry one another – they’re still together all these years later.

    I’d wager the *least* compatible with their own sign are Aries and Leo. *Most* compatible with their own sign IMO seems to hover between Libra and Taurus, followed by Scorpio (provided the spy-vs-spy “kill on sight” mechanism has not been activated). Taurus on Taurus just wants to laze around, eat good food, drink good wine, luxuriate, and screw. Repeat. It’s been a while since I’ve encountered a double Bull pairing in the wild since Taurus is the most underrepresented sign in my circle, but I’ve definitely known of a few over the years and the attraction between them was instant and enduring.

  22. My Piscean best friend and I are practically the same person. Two sides of the same coin. We almost don’t even have to communicate at all, we just exist on the same plane and KNOW. I’ve also yet to meet another Pisces I didn’t like, even if it didn’t go further than acquaintances or co-workers. Oddly, I can’t think of anyone in my circle who is close friends with someone of the same sign.

    • Yep its like all my Pisces friends just…I can’t even think of the word. Like co-exist harmoniously doing our own separate things while still having some vague uplink to one another that comes into consciousness again at some moment of synchronicity or other. I read this quote today that women just KNOW and we don’t even know how we know, we just do. And that is Pisces buddies.

  23. Gem Rising here popping in to say I am in love with Tony’s shoe+sock combination. And this photo. They do look totally simpatico.

  24. Gems are good value fun because when two geminis meet it’s actually a party of four…

    I get along with fellow aquas, mostly. We get each other but we can also turn into avoidance causing anti magnets if one vibes low. (We get why the behaviour is happening but we don’t want to be near it until it’s over… )

    Problematic thing with librans…. usually starts well but goes terribly sour.
    Scorpios hate me at first but take pity after a while.

  25. It’s like meeting another one of my many twins. Yes I have many. I know like five other Geminis with the same birthday as me. I won’t date them, we don’t even behave similarly or have similar characteristics but we’ll still get along as though we’re old friends.

    Out of the blue we’ll meet again and it’s as though everything they say makes sense. I mean…I talk a lot of nonsense so I assume all Geminis talk a lot of nonsense. But I think among Geminis, it’s like “what a load of crock but I get it”. I suppose we each have a sense of mind that the other is not serious, so whatever, let’s just hang out.

    • omg I was just looking for a particular kind of video that captured my idea of Gemini thinking, but I found this instead, it’s even better, but best to imagine it sped up by at least 10x to be gemini-appropriate, and the things are completely unconnected associations across all platforms of existence, AND also it Never Ends

  26. Particle collision is right, as far as Sags go. We might get along swimmingly, but good luck if we see each other again this millennium.

  27. Gem here…this is for sure true. When I get along with someone instantly the first thing I ask is, “are you a Gemini?” 9 out of 10 times they are.
    My mom and my sis are Gems as well. I am Gem with Scorpio rising and tons of earth and water. When I get to heavy I love floating in the Gemini air. With another Gemini it’s magical.
    Had 1 Gem lover….so much fun and so much trouble.
    Love my Gems, we are a pretty cool tribe.

  28. All my Gems have come in pairs. My mum and her new husband (not really new, but he’s not my bio dad) are like two peas in a pod. The best workers I had were a gem pair too.

  29. I totally agree about all the article observations but would say that I love talking to aquas as my mercs in aqua…not another dimension per se but they automatically or very quickly can get behind process my most strange and kooky thoughts and vice versa. Pisces/ water sign convos way more emotional. I need both
    Gems are hilarious to see vibing

  30. Gemini’s do get along great, and for some reason they love me (I am a chatty Pisces with Mars and Venus in the 3rd house, my 6th house is Gemini, that’s all I can look to about why I attract them so much?). I don’t have any gemini in my chart but I have mercury in Aqua.

    My son is a gem (with venus and mercury also there), his dad is a gem, his aunt is a gem, his grandfather is a gem (so my son’s father’s immediate family was 75% gem growing up, and his mom’s a libra). A good chunk of my female friends are gem’s, they are so fun and light and sweet.

    As a Pisces I don’t find I necessarily get along with other Pisces but it’s never bad. I struggle with Pisces men, maybe they’re too much like me?

    • Also speaking of gem’s, my son just said “mom do you remember when I said I wanted to be many things?” – that sums him up pretty well haha he’s not a twin he’s a multiverse.

  31. Haha I actually love other Leos, they’re the only ones along Aries that I have natural respect towards. Like if I see a person who, no matter how sunny and cheery they are, instinctively make me think ‘whoa, do not piss that person off’ – they usually turn out to be Leos. Leos check other Leos out, that’s true.

    But Geminis – yeah, I get that. I have Venus, South node & descendant in Gemini and my ex wife and two ex boyfriends are Gemini risings. It’s more likely to be my Sagg ascendant attracting Gemini like people but anyways. Geminis do not bore Geminis. It’s brilliant!

  32. This post led to a dream where Marilyn and I ate pints of ice cream together in a tent. She was so giddy and fun (in the dream). BTW, Gems are my 7th house buddies.

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