Sagittarius Moon, Virgo Lifestyle Tips & Some Announcements!

Yes the Moon in Sagittarius – yes-yes-yes – that was a depth-charged drag of a Scorpio Moon right? Too Gothic, too raking over the mucky bits of one’s psyche. But productive? Well yes. And now the atmosphere lifts with the Mutable Fire intensity of Sagittarius, sign of the Seeker.

Also, in the spirit of Mars in Virgo, i wanted to quickly share three things that i think are amazing and super-practical; they are Focus@Will, the Elvie and Lumosity.  They are (relatively) recent inventions that make a massive difference and are super cool. And no i don’t do any affiliations. This is just me being Mars-in-Virgo about better-living-productivity-tips.

And announcements.

Okay, from this morning, all Mega Mystic members were meant to be receiving the Daily Mystic via Mail Chimp’s Time Warp feature, which sends them to you at whatever time (5am in this case) in your time zone. However, what i did not realize is that many people (for a number of strange reasons) show up as being in another country (digitally) to where they actually are. So someone in the Australian outback with a particular ISP could show up as being in Minnesota and thus will be sent the Daily Mystic at 5am Minnesota time. This is obviously not helpful and I am trying to find a work-around. So please be patient: if you did not get the Daily Mystic today, please email me and in the meantime, you can read it here.

The Scheduler has been moved so that it is now below the Astro-School in the Menu.

The design stage of the new Single Card Tarot has been completed, two more stages to go.

Orders for the 2018 Astro-Passages (always limited) are about to close.

The 2018 Books are now up and available here and these are unlimited!


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25 thoughts on “Sagittarius Moon, Virgo Lifestyle Tips & Some Announcements!

  1. MM, If you like Focus@Will, check out it has a TON of sound generators, soundscapes, binaurals, etc. and the site is free or for a minimal donation you get all access. It’s customizable and checks all the boxes for me (including an engineer PhD at the helm, so super techy).

    I just got my Aqua (for my rising) horoscope book off (US site). I love when you talk about linking certain transits with past eras, it is SO helpful for me to grok the meaning and my personal evolution.

    • Oooh thank you! This sounds totally me…Will take a look…
      And fab re the book – i had issues with Amazon last year so happy it is working…
      This is synchronicity as i am just doing weekly for the week Jupiter gets to Scorpio and thinking of how it will cross over the Saturn turf of late 2012 to September 2015. xxx

  2. feeling much lighter now the moon is in saggitarius!

    and thank you for the focus@will link…what a great idea. signed up straight away – i know already that it will help me enormously in the coming weeks as deadlines draw closer.

    • That is so good to hear – and yes i think it is revolutionary, all the science behind it is very NOW…My fave is Propeller Drone and the Einstein one but people i know doing fiction or music composition love the water tracks

  3. I got the daily at 5 am California time so no complaints here!!

    Ugh the Scorpio void, I had to work when I would have preferred to sleep the rest of the day away,my Chiron stuff came up AGAIN + I had to really focus my awareness on being with it instead of pushing it away. Void moons really get to me so I did take more time than usual to meditate + be still.

    So excited for Uranus in Taurus!! Let’s do this!!

  4. When will the e-books be available to purchase via amazon? Or ibooks?

    Libra asc and i’m going through relationship issues suprise suprise. Done all i can to show interest to crush. I will see how things unfold over the next two weeks. Esp thurs 28th and the ariee full moon. I pray for strength and clarity. Sometimes when people say they are not ready or in the right place, it is just that. And sometimes its not. The ability to discern when you’re being stringed along is part of growiny up, being able to set boundries. If this is goodbye or not now, I will handle it better because i’ve been through lots in this transit of aries over 7th house. Uranus has made me realise that better/ better circumstancee will come, just ride the wave for now and trust, keep eyes peeled for qi vamps. It’s hard because time is ticking, and my health is gradually improving. I cannot hurry my body on. It is taking its sweet time. Patience!

    As 12th house stellium in virgo, im learning to be critical of others, their words and actions towards me as much as I am on my own self. Sometimes i forget what i deserve. Saturn on my 3rd transit has crippled my self-confidence for some reason…i only used to iverthink before, now i overthink in my writing too. In how i express myself in communication. Its been a tough ride.

    • In Oz at least you can get them right now! I just went to amazon’s Aust website (not my favourite place in all the world but sometimes I think pragmatism decides) and 5 bucks later (what a bargain!) I had it on my kindle app on my iPad (yes pragmatism etc). Hope this works for you. As ever, Mystic’s work is wonderful and I’m betting you will love it.

      • thank you!
        It really annoys me that digital companies distinguish countries. it is so irrational. I had an Amazon account basically the day they opened so it was a dot com and now they keep trying to make me get a even though all my buying history is on the and i just don’t want to be bugged by them. And i hate that thing where you have to navigate a swarm of bots and automatic answers just to get to the point where you can have the privilege of emailing a more complex bot or a person whose main function is to cut and paste stuff from the FAQ.

    • If you are in Astro School – and it comes with the 24 month Mega memberships – check out the Saturn Diaries…It is a really useful technique to making the most out of Saturn trips

    • My theory with an Aries descendant is to work on the relationships operating principle of “time waits for no man… Including YOU, buddy”

      The ‘you’ in question being the romantic interest at the time.

  5. It all sounds a bit complicated. What if ppl just get it whenever they get it (I.e. no change to current), but simply not open it until 5 am on the day or something? Or just re evaluate the vibe upon receiving the email? Maybe it helps that I don’t do mornings. Hmm

  6. thanks for the Saggi reminder. I must now take the time to get to grips with Sagg as It is my MC and therefore the start of my 10th. Got to get to grips with the career moves from here on in. Seeing as Saturn is just about to get into my 10th too. I was wondering if I should do an ask mystic regarding a MC at the galactic centre. Any career advice??? Apart from polish up my archery..

    • Well, that’s target practice right there isn’t it? A giant bullseye, the centre of the galaxy, right at the top of your chart! surely too tempting for a sadge MC not to aim for the heart of the matter, the calling.. what else are the sadge arrows for 🙂

      • Ha. yes! The calling, service in the highest order. I always said I was born with a silver… tray in my hand.
        “what do you need?” “how can I help?” But I am way more kick ass than that. “ha you think so… Try this it might be more useful”. Take cover everyone.

    • That’s where we are all headed. That massive black hole at the center of our galaxy. MC at that spot ? I’ll use a black holes attributes as an analogy. You have always held the highest goals on your career path. Reaching the top in your field was your aim and early in life you were sure what that field was. Everything you did from a young age drew you closer to that one goal. Nothing was going to stop it because your drive for it was stronger than any other force.
      As you drew closer to the achievement everything picked up pace, you were no longer reaching out, it was pulling you in and resistance was useless. The other elements in your life began to blur. You reached the event horizon, the goal was right there, everything you had dreamed of.
      One more step was taken and you were consumed. Every fiber of your being was pulled apart. Is this destruction ? No, out you come the other side. A newly constructed you, seemingly in another universe. You are not who you were and the world is not as it was. The remnants of the old life are dealt with and new goals conceived, the pattern replays.

      • Woah. Ok. A few points that are weird here. As a child I had a dream or a day dream that I went out from the ground watching the Land slip away as I climbed straight up and away I broke through into space. I continued going further out or deeper into space seeing our galaxy then many, further and further until I was again at an edge or condensing area it confined and confined got denser and denser until I came through a tunnel to see light which grew bigger until I fell out into daylight through the end of a tin can in the gutter. Back on earth once more.
        I must have been around six or seven at that point.
        But throughout life I have had no ambition or drive at all but am driven by circumstance, it’s like life takes me never the other way about. I still don’t know what I want to be and I’m in my 50’s. Then second point to raise was another dream around 30 years old, I was looking out into the distance to witness a nuclear explosion, the mushroom cloud went up and the shock wave started to move out, rapidly, burning wall of power coming straight at me. I stood resigned totally at peace with it. It hit me and passed by and I was still standing as though nothing had happened. That one still amazes me now. So the whole passage through change I really get and yes life has been one black hole after another. Love your take on it thanks for that.

  7. Super glad that you chose 5qm, Mystic. My Daily Myst Email told me it would be sent 8am my time, and i didn’t want to fuss, but i felt regretful that i couldn’t continue my early morning ritual, since i leave my house so much earlier than that (Sag Rising) and need my dressing for the day ritual, with all esoteric knowledge as talismanic armour, regardless of whether my willpower heeds it or learns from it during the course of the day.

    Just because i hate 5am wake ups and more so because all my life i wake up earlier than that, and know it is all about bringing introvert 12th house me into the buzz-world of all the drama that awaits. The Sage wakes up too sharp and ready to warrior, with the theatrical (inspired by 12th-scape trine to Neptune-Jupiter-Moon, no doubt) so i do use my readings here to attempt a counteract advisor to War-Sage (Life’s not a war, War-Sage…or….choose your battles when you get out and about: they’re not all players in your psycho-drama.) It’s been a bit tough seeing the whole damned clock-tick against how i stretch time like mozzarella, and know that i would be a fqd cheesemaker if i had two jobs.

  8. Uhm no daily Mystic here either but thanks for sharing it.

    It was one hell of a gloomy Sunday: moon in Scorpio, Mars in my first house opposing nebulous Neptune (stil on today) in my 7th.
    It was all foggy and bing-y and gloomy: I played couch potato all afternoon. Before that though, I had been spending allo morning cooking healthy meals for almost all of the upcoming week and then proceed to stash them in the cooler, so it wasn’t too low of a vibe. It’s practical Mars in Virgo season after all.

  9. Bought the hard version just this afternoon can’t wait for mother duties to cease for the day and chillax with my new book 🙂

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