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Jupiter-Uranus liberates and inspires – Pluto turning Direct invites us (note the tactful euphemism) to gaze into our own personal psychological abyss and be real…SO real. It’s a super-strong Zap Zone Vibe, really the last of that Uranus-Pluto energy SO strong since 2012.

If you’re able to channel the Outer Planet intensity, stay innovative AND do the depth-charged soul mining without screeching off into the mountains or numbing out, you can anticipate speedy and tangible results.Β  More in the Daily Horoscopes AND the Weekly Horoscopes from September 30 have just been posted.


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109 thoughts on “Pluto, You And The Weekly Horoscopes

  1. I spent Sunday intending to clear out my front room which has accumulated all the moveable debris from various renovations only to stumble across boxes of old photos and letters (yes, letters!!) . Spent half the afternoon going over them with my teen son. People and places long forgotten. A version of me I’d forgotten. So much more attitude and laughter and beauty that I’d forgotten. Making me wonder who was the real me, my faulty memories as all memories are faulty, the me I see in the pictures who shows me a different side of me, the me I see in pictures now, the me I want to see? One last trawl through old lovers words and friends. One last gaze into the ancient past. One more time to reclaim parts of that past I never remembered!

  2. seriously though, pluto grinding back and forth between my first house conjunct-ish neptune and saturn has been super onerous. looking forward to it getting away from saturn. though it’ll have to pass over my aqua north node before finally exiting the first. what a trip–saturn’s been grinding directly over my ascendant.

    interesting: i didn’t want to say “grinding” again so was thesaurusing, and i’ve this whole time been thinking of pluto and saturn *grinding* aka pulverising, crushing. which is true, but ALSO, thesaurus gives the synonyms sharpen, whet, hone, polish. what a treat to think of it that way xx

    • I like “mill” – there is a bit of grinding (milling!), but it is for refining purposes, productive, there may be some (al)chemical processes, and the output never looks anything like the raw materials

  3. screeching off into the mountains hahahaha. truthfully though, i have major difficulty being loud (and especially making screaming noises) in public/ by myself but the thought of it is SO liberating and i have definitely thought often about doing it lately.

  4. Anyone else find it curious that Hugh Hefner died right before Pluto turned direct? A controversial and polarizing figure that changed so many things about sex and sexuality, who also pushed for change in terms of free speech, civil rights, etc… I’m not sure how it all relates but it’s interesting anyway..

  5. Argh Pluto’s on my ascendant in Scorpio. The makeup is out, the work dresses, the heels. I’m putting my armour on at a new job and well, for the next part of my life. I mean…I was a Gemini comfort-slob for the better part of the last decade. Now…not leaving the house unless my brows are filled in. What.

  6. So, I change my definition of myself again. Full time mom abruptly to liking for work and rebuilding career. Not easy. Paid some serious dues.

    Worked myself to the kids of place I had always hoped for. Essentially starting over as the newbie at bottom of food chain and starting over again.

    Hopes to be able to get outdoors more – hiking snow sport etc. Been dealing with health issues. One had not left and just diagnosed with arthritis in hips and back – that is usually found in people 15-20 years older than me. … Pluto in Cap is approaching second pass over my moon, I think.
    I don’t sit much but just cleaning my house hurts.

    I redefine my life again . . . Thank you Pluto?
    You suck but I will try to look for the gifts after assessing what you have taken away this time.

    • If l may…
      Arthritis, articulated in Ayurvedic health, is caused by an excess of ‘ama’ and a lack of ‘agni’. I got it in my right foot and when l maintain my diet l have no issues.

      • Yes, you may. Thank you! I have scheduled acupuncture and nutritional consult. I’ll look for an Aryudedic practitioner. I was feeling sorry for myself today after months of pain. Tumeric is helping. Any tips are much appreciated!

  7. Soooo I already live in the mountains in a national forest. So maybe already have run away.

    Also- I think I’m gonna miss Uranus sq Pluto??! do I have Stockholm syndrome?

    I’m Plutonic and Uranian tho so

      • maybe that is subconsciously what i am doing! i haven’t watched either yet and i REALLY want to but i haven’t been–i think you nailed it; the weather’s just not appropriate!

  8. Uranus ON my DC. Jupiter ON my Asc. Both sq my Moon-MC.
    Pluto opp natal Sun (2ΒΊ orb and widening, thankgod already!)

    Since 2012 I have shed family, then home and gradually work as Uranus fried my 6th H’s work ethic & finished it off as it hit my DC. It’s like I’ve become allergic to the concept…(you’re not alone in this Davidl!) So I’ve just declined a job offer that would have made me very happy a couple of yrs ago. Anyway, i can’t believe employers still ask “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” I could barely contain myself – 5 YEARS – I was going to make a cheap Uranus quip about my Ascendant – but thought better of it. I turned the job down instead – “just like that” (imagine Tommy Cooper)

    Everything at this point feels like it’s up in the air. I have no plans for the future, but oddly not freaking…. “Once your systems are streamlined and clear, your mind follows.” c/o MM Daily Mystic.

    Interestingly, the city and region i’m living in is planning a revolution this weekend. Literally.The feds have sent thousands of extra police here. I say interesting because the process leading up to this confrontation was begun in 2012.

    **Watch the next 48 hours for manifestations of this Change God energy** – also in the Daily Mystic…. hmmmmmmm.

  9. Absolutely sh*tful fortnight I’ve had leading up to this. If something could go wrong it did.

    I want to hide under a rock but dutiful Pluto is kicking me into the spotlight to be kicked by more and more angry people.

  10. Zap Zone? Still? Soooo Plutonic right now.

    Sun Pluto conj Virgo 1st House

    Moon in Scorpio so you know….it’s permanent

    I feel like I am beginning to see the light now at the end of the Tunnel of Saturn Square which began in 2014 with my early Virgo asc (yippee) and has been rolling back over my Sagg Mars (arrrr)

    Lessons are being learnt

  11. Ugh, more Zap Zone? Hopefully a culmination of that energy and then we get to finally move on…….finally?!!!!

    I’m stressed out, and not sleeping well, though I suppose things have improved and if this is the ‘finish line’ of the zap zone I’ve learned to surf it? I’ve definitely come a long way since 2012 in all areas of my life. Stronger, more confident, everything…

    Result! —> I was *finally* awarded $3000 off of my rent the city rent board hearing/case in which the landlord took a year and a half to fix the roof and we had rain coming in through the ceiling over two consecutive winters.

    I *finally* have a little bit of income from doing personal assistance work for some friends of mine, but it has been stressful work and there are some boundary issues, like feeling ‘on call’ all the time. Not sure how long I’ll last with this, but it was always going to be temporary anyway. They know I need to get back to working in my main profession. We’ll see… won’t be a comfortable conversation, though, if I bow out early……

    I’m starting my TEFL online class in October. Going to teach English as a second language and have that certificate as a way to perhaps work abroad, as well. I need some time away from my country (…USA)… all understand, I’m sure! πŸ˜‰

      • Thanks, mille! πŸ™‚ It was a long time coming, for sure!

        Forgot to say I’ve got Jupiter transiting my 4th house so that probably helped in getting a financially favorable outcome from this case.

  12. In an exact square to Chiron for the last time? With the sesquisquare pointing to that eclipse point.

    Sextile mercury.

    Went to wish my dad a happy birthday yesterday, his sun is conjunct my natal Pluto, so double whammy. and found a leaky pipe in his basement is been trying to fix up when I lived there.
    Water everywhere

    I’ve learned more about my past self in the last year then I ever knew and if I hadn’t studied Buddhism and the idea of no self I’d be lost completely. I suppose seeing that the mass pileup of ego and habits and addiction picked up from mimicking others who knew not what they did.
    But it hardly makes for an easy road.

    Just painting. These astrology chart boards that spin, look like deep space. My brother in law, another libra born tomorrow, coated them at his autonomy shop and called to say”make ten more by next week”

    Hitting refresh on a web page alleyway I should never look down and thinking, well, true self, you’re in a pickle. Who are you doesn’t pay the bills. Mystic/philosopher has to bring back some gold or you’re just that lady people cross the street to avoid.

    Write paint write paint. Somehow that has to be enough.

  13. I felt Pluto (naturally being a Scorp) more than Jupiter /Uranus.

    Finally ended a big four month love zombie fling with a Pisces / moon in Cancer guy. It was dead anyway, I just had to bury it to move on. Couldn’t handle the disappearances and silent treatments (he had venus in Aqua)
    I don’t really do “friends with benefits” but made an exemption with him because he was out of this world dreamy and hot…. and the chemistry *sigh*

    Hoping that will be my last LZ episode. What with Jupiter in Scorp and Saturn in Capricorn coming up I need to focus on work and want something enduring!!!!
    No more Pisces either. They glamour you with their eyes and *bang* you’re gone!!!

    • Pisces come all different hues. Don’t let that get in the way.

      My many times lapsing Pisces (mit Scorp Asc) rings every so often to let me know nothings changed. Even to her phone calls to say nothings changed. And nothing has changed. She rings to tell me. That’s how l know…….nothings changed.

      Everytime one swims into the room; l feel itn

      • Well that’s nice πŸ™‚ Maybe she had some earth in her chart?.
        This particular Pisces was not very good at replying to text messages. Two weeks is too long. I was patient enough too many times (you have no idea how hard that was for a Saggo moon square Uranus). I did all I could but I think his mind and heart were elsewhere.

        I’m putting in an order to universe for a Cappy – would suit my Cap Asc. Last time Saturn was in Cap I dated 2 Caps and none since. Fingers crossed they come around again.

        And you’re right, they do come in different hues. When the right person comes along I don’t think I’ll really care what sign they are.

    • Heartache coming inevitably, or started already, and yet to be fully tasted?

      This ol’ heartslut has been wilfully (and wondering why i’m wilfully) on my own for about a decade. Yes, i’m one of those Uranian-Venusian types and yes it was just like that…til it wasn’t. Mind you, i’m a Saturn-Venus square, which didn’t figure until i got my heart truly broke (ie person left me instead of me leaving, so whatever in the face of most people’s experience, but i was like, late thirties when it finally happened and for the first time told i’d be an awesome mother and asked to be one.)

      So if you let that Bastard Heartache stay there unencumbered by a love or a crush irl, even if it happens on soul plane, then you can figure out for real the best of your real self (while you wonder if there will be noone to appreciate you as a lover while you are still hot and juicy). You’ll definitely fall in love in the meantime, but hot damn if it won’t all be a lesson deeply learned, and more so if you don’t actually go there because you see some signs, and ignore all the well-meaning people in your life saying….well, whatever the fq they say to a man, and i can’t imagine it’s much different due to our ages (except you won’t be asked by not-exactly-in-laws if you can still have children, which…just appreciate that shit. I mean that was when i was mid thirties so when i think of it now, i just nope the hell out of that thought with certain family encounters. It’s worse when you look younger than you are, and then the in-law types realise.)

      It probably won’t be so long. I just discovered i’m a 1% MyersBriggs type (which i doubt, as a totally exaggerated journo-addled percentage to make me feel spesh, tho it really does not.) You are a lovely Cancer, and though Uranian, could not possibly be in any tiny percent of any human relational data. Certainly not until 2028. But you do you, whatever that may mean, all they way through whatever dates and years the astro pings at you. And if you find a love, do them too πŸ˜‰

      • Actually, it’s #8 coming right up. The first 5 years were my marriage imploding. So that was #1.

        And the rumbling has me morose. When l get like this my Uranity takesover; you know, clownface.

        It’s like the Outre Drei are playing some fucking sick joke on me. “Lets see how much one individual can stand of all three of us in one insignif human life?”.

        I am now that guppy in an obscure Tanzanian pond.

        And if l hear one more time “ya such a nice bloke” or “l can’t for the life of think why you haven’t found someone”, it’ll be one more to the tally….of fissures in my heartbridge. But I do have lotsa followers for my Astro musings on their charts. “Physician, heal thyself”. Ha, fuqn, ha.

        • I dream Im single then think fuq I got married at twenty what was I thinking. Still together 30 yrs later but a rough rd sometimes.

          • When you are a Dbl Cancer and your Chart Ruler is also a Bucket Handle in the 7th opposite ya Sun and Uran and Square ya 10-Ptolemaic-aspected Focal T Squaring Stationary D Neptune in Scorpio 4th haus which is trine and sextile many Yin planets.

            A relationship, the relationship, is all l yearn about. Sorry for being such a sook.

            • Aw. You don’t have to apologize for being a sook… Sounds like you can’t help it, double cancer πŸ˜‰

              What on earth (or in heaven) is a bucket handle chart ruler in the 7th?

              • Where ya chart ruler is is the area of ya life that dominates ya thinking. My chart ruler is the Moon (emotions) & the 7th is ya serious relationships. The Bucket Handle reference is when a planet is the only one on the top half of the chart. It assumes a greater influence because of this.

                It’s why l bang on so much about it.

                • Oh I see. I love how there is so much to know about Astrology!

                  My chart ruler is Jupiter and he’s in the 9th. That makes sense for where my mind is focused!

                  My 7th house is all tumbleweeds… except the north node.


                • And now I’m obsessing about my bucket handle chart… also the moon… but it’s in the 6th.

                  To the Google!

                  Omg I have to get to bed!

                  • Your avatar name is a clue. Moon in the 6th means emotional sustenance from serving others. Bucket Handle is a lone planet in the top half. Umbrella handle is just the reverse; one planet in the lower half. As in your 6th Moon.

                  • It’s nice to have my Gemini moon make a little sense, finally!

                    Other than requiring
                    getting) a lot of mental stimulation from my lovers.

  14. Ha in the mountains…got up at a sparrows fart to travel 2 hrs to feed cattle at Nowendoc, swept out a very dusty house and found my rescued diamond python in the shed. I think “Frankie” is pregnant. Then went to a funeral an hour away. Went to the wake and went back to the mountains. While husband went back down ( the top is 1100m asl and the bottom is 660m asl) for another feed run I did a rain dance then waited with some very deep and melancholic thoughts, and happier memories, also remembering Pluto direct. Headed back down to sea level at dusk. Strange, strange day.

  15. I think all the re-engineering by chiron, pluto square, saturn square to sun
    (just pinged that this could be the self issues am encountering most recently) Zap zone on chart angles etc , it’s not quite over but it’s like being allowed to go into the house that has been under renovation for 4-5 years, smells of fresh paint, the drop sheets are still up and there are overall-ed tradeys carrying ladders etc but wow, it’s really nice in here! better than I was imagining even though I designed it, right? hahahahah πŸ˜‰

  16. How’s THIS for Pluto stationary Direct in Capricorn: Hugh Hefner just died!

    A little weirded out now that I just mentioned him – same thing happened with George Michael at Christmas. I hope I’m not developing some kind of creepy death radar. :-/ It’s very strange, though – this is the second time in 3 days that something has randomly popped into my head and then become subsequently mirrored/echoed back by the Universe. The synchronicity is strong out there for sure!

    • I came on here just to see if anything was said re Hefners passing, RIP. And I had this same experience with Chester Bennington of Linkin Park a little while back! :O

      • When you’re an elderly pornographer – like, the man responsible for *the* premier iconic brand of smut – and the Grim Reaper happens to come for you right as Pluto stations direct in Capricorn, I’m pretty sure that’s not a coincidence. Sex and death = killing two birds (pardon the Plutonic pun) with one (geriatric) Capricornian stone.

        Bennnigton & Cornell bummed me TF out. πŸ™ Weiland, though sad, was totally expected given his unfortunate lather-rinse-repeat cycle of addiction – TBH, I was a bit surprised it didn’t happen sooner.

  17. Curve ball twist flute trumpet iconic battle resolution deep is the soul inside so close outside so farway- boom crash not opera even mychcondria

  18. @mystic you chose the MUMIN for the Scopes! I like them so much: I love Finland, went there for my bday and I have a Mumin mug in my kitchen.

    As for Pluto: I have Pluto in my first house (not on the Ascendant, unfortunately, I’d love to be a Plutonian!) and I usually feel its power very strongly.
    I feel like I know the planet so its direct motion is great news.
    To the very least I know it won’t be dumb and boring.

  19. Today was a strange day for me. A contract I signed during eclipse season is on shaky ground- they told me they made an error in my salary and want to pay me less (lol nope). But, this past week I’ve been wondering if that contract is really furthering my vision or just paying the bills (definitely the latter). So, it would be a window to bow out graciously… if only it weren’t for said bills.

    Also today: the script I wrote for a different contract was rejected… it is a suicide prevention video… but they don’t want me to say “suicide” in the video because it is too “jarring” and “dark”… so… I don’t even know. #scorpioproblems

    The irritating thing is that I can’t heed Mystic’s advice and wait until after Thurs/Fri to deal with these things. The AGM for the former is tomorrow and the script has to be in to the teleprompter people by the next day. I’ve written and deleted at least 5 emails because I’m incapable of not being condescending right now.

    Also today: my Jupiter return! So… I’m just guessing all this weirdness can be chalked up to blessings in disguise?! #sagrisingsolutions

    • Let me chime in here to say that Jupiter “Blessings” for me hurt so so much! But while it felt like a negative, and mostly a negation of all the me i thought i was, it was very much a Tricky Trickster blessing.

      Perhaps with Pluto, whose slow moving turn actually has a deep vibrational sound, what you can turn to is the idea that you can expand once a space has been cleared. Ego is what keeps us confident enough to push our ideas forward, and a Plutonic Jupiterian gong chime is tremendous energetic resonance. It does take time, and i feel for you with the impending AGM. I, too found that i had to front up with sour empty feels due to deadlines.

      I have no real advice, just empathy, because part of me wants to slyly suggest, “OK new title, team: the Annihilation Antidote with Auntie Allan. It alliterates! Appeals to many genders!” Growling at PR/marketing here, but you know they could have a point, too. It IS scary to think you’re looking at suicide help if that’s what you think you’re coming to (your target aud, not you).

      Pluto and all-or-nothing Jupes can make you angry and want to raze it to the ground. Is there a space to hold all your valuable work, while having any kind of assistance with editing script? (You’re on here, so don’t mind me suggesting astro-assistance, powerful intent. Sounds like you have no time to call in the human troops for a hand.)

        • Go ON with that good outlook!

          My sarcasm of late is going to join hands with that sort of outlook wherever the need may be. (Only that i was stunned by a mate saying how supportive i was recently, and all i felt i had was the quiet caused by a really deep existential shrug in those times.) The sonic rumble is the turning and it’s real, even if one wants old projection or illusion for comfort, despite the illusions having been a discomfort. And the illusions feel completely awkwardly off right now, even in dream, or especially then (if you’re neptunian or 12th type.) So yes, do GO GO GO, even if you’re not sure where, just leave that shit and with a good outlook. No lies, and mutate the psychodrama xx

      • I had a good sleep and woke up refreshed. Typed up an email saying thanks for your feedback and submitted a new script on extreme mental distress without saying suicide at all. It works out better for my brand anyway. (You can imagine that scorp with sag rising and gem moon writing about suicide would not be a gentle anodyne… Too bad they don’t know about astrology- they never would have asked me! Lol!)

        I’ll prep for the AGM and tell them that my decision is pending. Everything is brighter in the morning!

        • Nice solution! Though I think it’s foolish of them. Reminds me of a funeral I went to with the religious minister using every euphemism he could to avoid acknowledging my friend’s suicide. It made the whole thing a sham.

          Might be too late now but can you negotiate the contract to accept a pay cut in return for crappy aspects of the job being also being cut? Or a creative redirection more in line with what interests you?

          • There are two types of people in the world. People who know death and those who don’t. I can’t be upset that the word suicide makes them uncomfortable.

            I’m not worried about the contract renegotiation. I just need to decide if it fits in with my goals or not. They’ll keep my rate of pay the same if I tell them to. I feel like this is just giving me an opportunity for an out… If I want it.

    • Stick to ya guns, use the word.
      Watering down meanings and mincing words doesn’t nail it effectively.
      Difficult subjects require difficult words. Pluto SD demands it.

      • That’s how I feel. But they weren’t into it and it’s not a hill I want to die on- so I chose a different/related topic. I just hope that they don’t come back and insist it be on suicide.

        I don’t think that a mental health professional speaking about suicide but avoiding the word itself will do much to dispel the stigma around it or make it easier for people to get help.

        • I agree totally with this statement. My Saturn Chiron conjunction on my asc in Pisces means I literally cannot say anything other than I mean. It feels exactly like Jim Carey in liar liar when he’s compelled to tell the truth. If we spend our time trying to find a more pleasant way of stating something aren’t we trying therefore to make it pleasant ?! Plain confusing I say.

  20. I’m coming to the end of Uranus on my sun and Jupiter opposing it. The day Jupiter was exact I landed a big work contract. The funny thing is I don’t want to work at all πŸ™‚ and have been enjoying my freedom from stress for months. This contract will pay some bills so…

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