The October Rules – New Style Monthly Horoscopes Are Posted

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The October Monthly Horoscopes are up – i have gone in a new direction with them this month. Thoughts absolutely welcome in the Comments for that page and wow, what an AMAZING month!   My aim is to make the information on there more punchy and able to absorbed quickly for a really great take on the month ahead and also how it is setting us up for upcoming astral passages. It is also a way to distinguish them from the Daily and Weekly Horoscopes.


Image: Uwe Henneken – Transhistoric Waterfall – i am currently obsessed with this artist’s work.

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85 thoughts on “The October Rules – New Style Monthly Horoscopes Are Posted

  1. Oh Mystic I too am more of a narrative type and already miss your writing style…bullet points are not my thing…please can we at least have a combo maybe?

  2. Glad to hear it, Mystic. You lose the sense of the spirit of the month and how life might change as it passes. Sometimes the story is more important than the information.

  3. Both styles are lovely. Your style has always been incredibly intriguing to me.

    The bullets are easily organized in the mind, which is awesome…I do second the comment about chronological organization!
    -3H Gem Mercury

  4. Hi Mystic. I love where you’re going with this and have a few suggestions. I found it a bit clunky because I was moving up and down between my sign and the dates and events up the top.

    I wonder if you could get it set up with filters? First you’d select for location/timezone, then your sign and it shows you your complete streamlined information in one spot. If it could be done to read as one integrated set with the dates embedded that would be fab!

    Thank you! xx

  5. *love
    *bullet points

    but as one who has done way too many power point slides and been beaten over the head with my own arm about how to do them, perhaps to appease all tastes and reading/learning styles a short blurb followed by a few salient points, rather than prosey points might be a good compromise

    October is going to be a massively awesome month for catalyzing change and utlizing your intuition to expand on ideas leading to adventure and money making ideas. Intrigue is on the horizon.


    idk, just spit balling, personally i love the points, but they are a little wordy as points go. however i adore your writing style so it still works.

    • Yes so i appreciate all the feedback and the intention now is to RETAIN the narrative but to also have the exact times for the important events of the month up there with all the zones – and a couple of super-pertinent points above the narrative where relevant. So this way, i think everyone will be happy…

      • i do not even know how i missed your prior post. doh! i blame it on the aries moon opposing my libra sun making me just this side of phuquing NUTTY this week.

        yes, libra lovin a hybrid as you said lol!!! YAY! <3

      • MM if it helps your Aries mercury at all, my (uber creative) leo rising aqua father often said, “I’ll tell YOU what you want.” because sometimes compromise sux 🙂 anyway, some inspo there for better or worse 😀

  6. I’m usually all for new things – but I liked the narrative.

    I have enough dot points and lists in my everyday existence. Give me something luxurious to read.

  7. LOVE the new format and I hope you keep it, too! It’s cleaner and easier to read and seems more actionable which I find really helpful.
    Also like the context for key dates, like the full and new moons.

  8. I love the narrative style and I don’t mind the bullet points. But if you could incorporate bits of bullet points into narrative.. I would love that.

    I like the looking ahead (e.g. Dec Gemini), I like the major themes delineated and timed so I know when they hit.

  9. I wanted to like the new format but I don’t. To me it’s missing flow and context.
    I did like the more info with the date and time stuff though.

  10. Okay so – it seems to be approx just over 50% in favor but i am taking ALL this on board and what i am going to do is retain the narrative style and put in a few bullet points above the narrative, for those who prefer to grab info that way and keep the relevant data above…if there is a major thing occurring that month.

    But FYI i am not sure why exactly but the bullet points actually took longer to write than the narrative usually does. So people concerned that i am trying to “save time” – it could not be further from the truth.

    • I think that while some outer (?) planets are changing signs and virgo energy is everywhere, libran concessional vibe is being amplified by Jupes, and pisces has the planets of “dissolution and surrender” all over it like a sea-mist, then now is maybe a great time (the right time?) to spend a month or two in a kind of monthlies-format-beta-testing space. Before everything comes back to ‘earth’ so to speak? my 2c. As a mercury mutable, as long as the info is generally there I can deal, but i’m not the only person here haha

  11. Mystic you are extraordinarily talented and experienced at what you do and not everyone can tell a story with such insightful brilliance. It is not only the ‘data’ of astrology that keeps me on as subscriber, but it is your ability to cut through and offer a deeper understanding of the world. So much of our world is now told in ‘dot points’ and hey we even have a major world leader who tweets his narrative. Adapt what you need to, but I also encourage you to keep telling stories…

  12. Love the new format. The old one never stuck for me – I would read and reread and retain nothing. This sticks with me better.

  13. new format too choppy and random for me; I prefer the weave of narrative style and miss the depth that comes with it.

  14. Hi Mystic,
    I too have to say NO.
    However I am Mutable and will adapt.
    I love your narrative prose monthly reports.

    Perhaps because I am an empath I feel/ felt so much emotional nuance in your prose.
    It resonated with great power as your wisdom pushed/dragged us to our
    “First, best destinies”
    All month when needing clarity, I would read and feel your words and find a subtle hint or sometimes a big sledge hammer to guide me.

    Please, and I never thought a quad Virgo would plead this…

    Don’t sacrifice ART on the altar of brevity and efficiency.

  15. I’m afraid I do think that you lose a lot of very unique ‘Mystic’ in the new format. The monthlies now sound very much more like so many other astrology sites. I’m a no, I’m afraid.

  16. I love the idea of dot points – Mars in Virgo / Cap moon lol – however I love that the narrative style is rich and many layered. I always go through the monthly scopes and jot down the key dot points as I see them and so having a list would be useful.

    However I’m a big believer in the idea that when you read something you retain what you are supposed to…so perhaps a pre-bulleted list would remove some of that. Interesting!

  17. Undecided,
    The dot points seemt to make it easier to “chunk” the info without the whole bother of syntax etc. I don’t mind it atm because I’m in info-hoovering mode, like a whale shark in the info ocean. Voooooooooorrrrmmm *delicious*
    At the same time, I think something alchemical happens (as a reader and possibly writer?) when ideas are cohesively linked in a paragraph.
    Maybe that’s the narrative part ppl are mentioning.
    Don’t mind either but just now I’m ok with the points.

    • not sure if it helps, my comment about the syntax thing had no judgement attached to it. it is gemini word things – not snark. I can see how adding more juice via dot points means more dense info. X

  18. Yep i like the new format. Insightful as ever, Mystic. Enjoyable to read. And a lesson in boot. Good thinking.

  19. This is all really useful – thank you! I think we will probably end up with a hybrid – Moon in Libra here – and that i will definitely keep the major ingress times on the Monthly. They are always on the Daily Horoscopes and also the Scheduler but i think it is good to have them right there, when reading the Monthly.

    Also, yes i would love to do Jupiter candles but the candles are impractical as (1) they are too heavy to deliver reliably overseas and (2) the glass can break even on just a short delivery…not always but enough to make it non-feasible. The Jupiter candle i would WANT to do would be even more hopeless to ship though i am going to get some made up for myself and they will be huge

    1 Kg three wick (three = Jupiter) in terracotta with Meadowsweet, Spruce for Jupiter and Frankincense for the Scorpio/Pluto energy….

    It will be amazing but you can appreciate the hopelessness of shipping such a monolith…but if you are interested and you live in my city so you could pick up. email me and i will let you know if there will be enough.

    • awww i understand mystic…i love three wick candles…mite get my solstice candle early…why is three associated with jupiter?

  20. I prefer the previous style of the monthlies. I appreciate that the bullet poitns are more efficient to read, but they feel more like an outline. As others have noted, the prose version had more of a story and more of your unique voice.

  21. I much prefer the narrative format for the monthly horoscope. As others have pointed out, they tell a wonderful story for each month, one you can read again and again. With the new dot points, it seems as though a lot of the meaning has been lost. There is no cohesive overview of the month. Like a previous comment, I really enjoyed the narrative format, with its inspiration, humour, and wisdom.

  22. I’m another in the minority, but I loved the prose version…I find your communication style incredibly inspirational and there were always real nuggets of wisdom sprinkled throughout. The bullet points, while more action-based, were far less inspiring to me.

  23. Mystic, love the new format for the monthly scopes.
    I’m a ‘bullet point’ lover; makes it easier for me to understand and read everything.
    Thank you!

  24. I like the new layout! I appreciate a nice list. 🙂

    Also, I didn’t realize that the upcoming full moon is on my descendant!

  25. Loving it! My Cap moon loves bullet points. Doesn’t seem very bullet-pointy though. It seems like you’ve taken the sentences and made them into bullet points. Still, now it’s way easier for me to read.

  26. wish you’d made a ‘jupiter’ candle i can light on the tenth…so exciting…anyone know what essential oils are ‘jupiterian’ lol

  27. I seem to be in the minority here, but I will still voice my opinion. NO NO NO and a NO. 🙂 I prefer bullet points for programmatic layouts like planetary movements you write – but the monthlies work better as a narrative. More so since you are a true storyteller – your natural style veers towards flow weaving in facts and its effects together – vs other astrologers who are more dry. So the bullet point seem like the flow has been hacked. I get this unsettling feeling when I read it. I read the monthlies many times over the course of the month, but this one seems hard to go down even once.

    • If you are going to use bullet points, then order has to be honored. As in, you start with whats happening at the beginning of the month and you walk through the month. Right now, at least for my sign, it starts with end of the month, then hops back to the middle, then beginning, then back to end .. its really hard to follow. Maybe the ‘order’ you used is more planetary – not sure. My 2+2 cents. 😀

      • Me too – I am in the minority here- but it feels confusing. I liked the old way because it felt like a story to me. I would sit down and read my paragraph and have my story. This feels more like a work-related messaging point document and I prefer to have it presented in the form of a little fairy tale. But maybe if it’s broken up chronologically, according to different key times in the month, it would make more sense to me. Alternatively it can be broken down via bullet for each aspect like love/money/healing, etc. Or according to planets. I guess the bottom line is this Virgo Sun/Virgo Moon wants more organizing :)!!

        • Me too – although i love lists, i miss the story version. It was comforting.. this seems like another to do list i need to refer to.

          • I join the minority train here. I love the storytelling style.
            Plus for Gems the 1st bullet point is about December(?). I will forget till December and even if I write it down somewhere- I forget where.

            • I get the point about – say – December being mentioned first but the thinking is that it’s the most important. As in months are just compartments of time but of course astrology is a continuum – the Mercury Retrograde of December is intimately tied in with the end of this cycle of Saturn in Sagittarius so as opportunities or scenarios to set up your December are bound to occur in October, it is good to have a handle on it. For example, if i suddenly said on December 1 – ideally don’t do X or Y this month – it would be way too late for situations such as holidays already booked or big-ticket purchases etc. So i always see the monthlies as a chance to roam a bit further forward – regardless of the format

              • The ‘preparation’ for December was the best part, I think. But the other itens, with more precise dates and such, weren’t in order either, and that’s less ‘didactical’.
                But as pointed in another comment, I also prefer a more narrative-type writing. The jumps in ‘time’ seem less distracting somehow; or they make more sense, as in feeling more well connected between them.
                But, of course, it might be just a case of getting used to. But I’d miss your fun witty writing, it’s definitely less evident in the bullet-type writing…

        • Yes. Even though I prefer the bullet points overall I would have appreciated them being in chronological order as I had to keep jumping to the top of the page to check the dates.

      • Yes, i went on a small tangent trying to work out the heirarchy of the list: is it the biggest planet influences? Is it the most urgent for my sign?

        Narrative chronology works for me, but if i knew there was another way to read it, i guess i could work with that, too

  28. I agree, maybe it’s my Aries Mercury, but I love it. I’ve really been digging it in the 2018 Moon horoscopes too. Last year the moon write ups were wonderful- but this gives me very concrete action steps. I am a fan.

  29. I love the bullet-points. And I love the picture above. Who did it? I keep getting introduced to such great artists through this site.

  30. Hi Mystic, I feel like I “should” find it easier to read and take in but found myself having to read most dotpoints several times over to take them in. I think I’m more of a narrative person and so resonate more with your usual style. In saying that, all cool if most people prefer the new style, I’m sure I will adjust

    • Well I agree with you. My first thought was the dot points were a refreshing change, but after rereading I’m missing the narrative. Maybe a combo is the answer? Now that would be cool..

      • Also, just wanted to add I’m another that would love the info in chronological order of events 🙂 gives a nice snapshot of what to look forward to.

    • I agree with you. I couldn’t absorb the story of the month at all. But appreciate that I’m also a narrative person – one of the reasons I enjoy Mystic so much and why this site seems so different and interesting.

    • I’m with you Michelle – I love narrative but it seems that most people prefer the new style. My brain is hurting from all the detail -which I feel there is too much of these days everywhere causing information overload. Bullet points also feel a little ‘cold’ xx

    • Also agree with you and the other ‘repliers’ of your comment. And also more a of narrative person, although usually like ‘practical’ stuff – somehow it didn’t feel practical/clearer/easier at all. (Pisces with Gemini rising, in case that’s relevant!)

  31. I absolutely LOVE the new format Mystic! Great move I think! Feels very … actionable … My Moon in Virgo is all over hardcore scheduling my months (as I always do tbh) with these by my side for guidance/encouragement!

    • yes! Actionable is the perfect word! I love the new format too, especially things like the {Saggo} suggestion to do a ritual around the entry of Jupiter into Scorpio and fashion tips for the same! Dunno if its Saturn speaking, but these days I find the more specific the astroadvice the better whereas pre-Saturn in Sagg it was the opposite. THe more I think about, the more I love the term actionable!!

  32. I appreciate the bullet point style MM. Its concise! I don’t feel i have to keep re-reading the blurb to absorb the content. Thank you!

  33. I love them! I used to find the old monthlies a little much to take in. These though.. My Virgo 8th moon loves knowing the exact time and degree of upcoming lunations well in advance and my Scorpio in the 10th Mercury thrills to the pithy outer planet nuancing you add in one sentence after. Absolutely to bullet points and ahead of time awareness. A thousand times, yes (claps hands)

    • My Virgoan Mars / Pluto / Venus loves the efficient succinct manner in which this delivered. Early October is showing signs of manifestations already. They are both blonde and this has me outside my comfort zone.

    • Love that you say “used to” and adapt so quickly. This is the everything-style for me at the moment: adapting while also grounding into uncluttered earth. Weeding out and planting as we speak.

      The planetary shifts and the whole monthly vibe in dotpoints is so far brilliant for me! Thanks, Mystic xx

      Feels like a good spot to return to easily for the full lowdown (get a Boz Scaggs moment, people) and a quick refresher as the month unfolds. Really, thank you xx

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