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The Mercurial Key Rings Are Back In Stock & Working In Weird Ways

Up until a few days ago, the Mercurial Key Rings were a pre-order BUT i am happy to say that all the orders have shipped and that the Mercurial Key Ring is now officially in stock. If you get one, the price includes postage and it is shipped the same or next business day. It’s in a cute box (pic to come) & with a little card to explain how it works…

Or i think it works. I have had mine in my paws for weeks now and it has not worked exactly as I thought it would but it HAS worked. How exactly? Well, the idea of the Magical Talismans range is to have everyday objects that we need to use anyway, infused with the extra zing of a potent symbol and/or affirmation.  So i would anticipate, you know, eloquence & agility from anything Mercury…the Trickster, the God of Roads and Journeys…

But what i have found from my Mercury Key Ring is that the quality of my everyday interaction with the people i meet in the street, at cafes and the dog park etc has shot way up. It’s NOT a romance talisman (the Venusian Bra Charm is in development though) but it seems to be making life a bit more rom-com…i do have my natal Mercury in the 3rd house (neighborhood) so perhaps that has something to do with it.

But there is definitely something to the concept of having items super-charged with esoteric energy…

So if you like symbolism or magic and you need a fresh key ring to open ‘new doors’ than you know where to come!

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41 thoughts on “The Mercurial Key Rings Are Back In Stock & Working In Weird Ways

  1. Yay! I can’t wait to get mine! Just got an update that it made it safely from down under to NYC. Just a few more days and it will be at my door. 🙂

    I am a 3rd house Mercury native who needs as much protection as possible when it comes to driving around my ‘hood these days. Too many accidents over the past few years (none of which were my fault) have really taken a toll on me and my cars!

          • Funny but i thought so when the first pics came through subscriber email. Thought I was being whack! Gem hands are amazing to contemplate in the Mercury times. Elegant, capable and amazing!

          • OPI usually have great names for their polishes.

            My favourite from a few years ago was a brilliant red polish called ‘I’m Not Really a Waitress’

  2. Excited for my talisman! Just read a goop article about the modern crisis around lack of ritual for transition into 30s. Saturn yes but also Mercury is just as vital I’m realizing more and more.

    • I am thinking of a dark and glittery journal with a Saturn pen that has rings around it BUT maybe when Saturn is at work, you just go for brands like Rhodia and Lamy…you only want stuff from companies established for CENTURIES

        • Saving for some la perla seems like a good saturny goal I had to look up their history tbh love the woman designer founder story

      • love the sound of that! IMO paper quality-thickness/ pen excellence/ subtle aesthetics/ magic infusion outweigh brand recognition. Saturn is on my Neptune exact so I have standards for this things lol

      • What about bracelet with Saturn n its rings being semi precious stones? Something weighty which could also become charm bracelet if u feel like attaching things that u win over whatever the victories are – weight diet, money matters, time matters etc. But can be reminders of what’s left to do. Too dark?

    • True because my important transition as i was growing up was into the ’30s, as in the decade of the twentieth century.

      My writing habits have changed but the materials still go to Rhodia and Lamy, et al (despite a Lamy ink leak in a favoured handbag…washed it out but the little yellow detritus stain reminds always, and shows on the outside, i don’t care.) Fav items are never as crisp as presentation items, hardly worn, or neatly show-nothing. Fav items are in good fabrics, wear well, have signs of wear but don’t wear out. That thirties era! Make do with the absolute best you’ve got in thrifty times! Good for any Ritualista. Says the 6th house Saturn in Taurus.

      If i’m ever in any doubt as to the wear of the luxe i compare notes with LibraPa. He and AquaMa (aqua hoarder vibe in a constantly re-roomed, re-upholstered state, how the heck do the old things still manage to endure, with the construction level re-decorating) hang on to what wears best in a luxe context, while always finding more. *sigh* Well if only i hadn’t moved around so much, i guess.

      Is that Saturn Mercury enough context for you?

  3. I did wonder, with mercury also being a trickster, what would happen to my keys if I had this on them. Also my mercury being conjunct mars in Gemini in 8 th house if they would shapeshift into other dimensions or open doors to magical inheritances…

  4. Being Gemini with Virgo rising (yes, Mercury is definitely my chart ruler) I think this talisman could help.
    Love your take MM on the whole “neighbors” thing, since even though I am a Gemini the casual chit chatting in café and bars is sort of my sore point, as a led my shy and suspicious Virgo rising lead the way most of the times.

    Very interested in the Venusian “bra charm” also. 🙂

  5. So want Venusian bra charm! Love my magic Mercury keyring – so today I had to cross madly busy road that I generally avoid and even the zebra crossing is a nightmare as people don’t stop – so it still takes ages to get home. I was heading to the crossing and mentally said – I have my merc keyring so I am protected on journeys – when suddenly police car appears out of nowhere pulls up to let me across the crossing against nd everyone else around slows down LOL

  6. Am finally learning to drive- at 46 and have recently purchased my first car! So I felt a strong pull to this beautiful object for protection and luck. Went for my first drive with magic keyring in ignition a couple of days ago..all confidence and smooth sailing. Loving my lucky charm ☺

  7. The Wealth Wallet and Venusian Bra Charm are definitely on my must-have list and even though my Mercury is already on steroids, I’m considering this too. With 2-hour daily commutes I could be more protected. Or at least swift. Yesterday I commuted for 4 hours! – Boy, those last moments before Mercury Direct!

    Unless the key ring would just turbo-charge my 7th house. I’m already a walking open-invitation social hub/Cupidian match-maker/everybody’s BFF/information center haha.

    • How i adore the sand timer! Must appeal to my Taurus earth Saturn 6th.

      But hell using it to get things done…my Neptunian side finds watching the sands trickle quite a dreamy compulsion..haha, so are the days of my lives!

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