Gemini Hound With Mercury Key Ring

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I was worried that one of my people had not gotten the Mercurial Key Ring (it was hanging out at the post office, without them having notified her) so she sent me this picture of “the Gemini Hound” – whose name is Sophie – with it. I love this.

Mercury, in case you don’t realize, rules communication + communicators, writers, Geminis, Virgos, actors, commerce, currency and magic. I am obviously biassed but i am convinced that carrying mine with me everywhere is bringing about a better style of face to face dialogue with people.

Speaking of Mercury, the Trickster is in alliance with Doctor Chiron at the moment, an emotion and memory triggering aspect made more potent by Pluto getting set to turn Direct. See the Horoscopes for more or you know, just grizzle here.

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Sophie is so synchronistic for the Gemini Hound.The name is derived from Sophia, meaning wisdom & Skill.

rusty faerie
rusty faerie

little Soph is a Whippet…


Such sweet and gentle personalities. Very sensitive. Also mercurial! x


Is Sophie a greyhound? I can’t wait to adopt an ex-racing greyhound after my mom passes. Soph is so pretty and so is they key ring!

Jillian Clemmons
Jillian Clemmons

I would say she’s an Italian Greyhound or a Whippet. If you’re looking to adopt an ex-racing greyhound, check out I foster greys from the track with that organization and they are wonderful. 🙂


Since the keyring arrived my conversations seem bolder, it seems the power of speech and thinking have been revved up and now with Merc direct for a while it’s become natural to speak with power and where that hasn’t happened yet seems to be from weighing options of how to best make the point. Interesting effect and Pluto Direct coming – even more so!

Mystic Medusa