The Full Relationship Moon

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This will be ranted about with more nuance and sign by sign (or rising sign) in the Monthly Horoscopes for October but check out the Full Moon in Aries on October 5/6. It’s like the ultimate Hot Date Night…On Pluto. Or the “particle collider” version of chats about “us.”

This particular Full Moon – when the Sun in Libra opposes the Moon in Aries – is always a fun ride as broadly speaking, Libra loves “together” and Aries loves to self-actualize. If you’ve gotten the balance out of whack, you feel it with this Moon.

It can be the sort of Moon where, Werewolf like, you go out to howl at Luna for a while before texting some F-Wit to take you back after all…that’s if you’ve been individuating SO much or setting your anti-co-enabling-crap-relationships borders SO high that the Full Moon tips you into needing to get married…Now.  Only you don’t know what century it is because Venus and Mars are also conjunct in Virgo and data from every relationship ever is churning into your brain.

Or it can be a Full Moon that goes the other way; you have made significant compromises of time, money, psyche, place, autonomy, whatever…only you did not know that it was happening. And then suddenly – this process is helped by Pluto being in aspect to both the Full Moon AND Venus-Mars – you come out from your amnesiac trance and hit the roof in a rage, charging around looking for your lost self. Or, you know, just ranting your discontent at the soulmate turned Chief Enabler of Crap Suspect.

Bonus Points for existentially questioning whether it was relationship climate change or you just evolved out of a previous ‘shell’.

True or functional relationships with a foundation of authenticity tend to thrive brilliantly under such stars but you still need to duck the were-bats in the streets, try not to break your jaw tensing up at idiotic communiques landing in your phone/device/front doorstep and view the surreal cavalcade of politics with Priestess-like detachment and poise.

Image: Sunrise – A Song Of Two Humans

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95 thoughts on “The Full Relationship Moon

  1. I still reguralry receive those “I miss you” or more subtle “How are you?” messages from a dedicated army of my loser-ish ex boyfriends/lovers/who-knows-what-it-even-was’s so that’s why I’M FINALLY CHANGING MY PHONE NUMBER tomorrow! Yes! This is the perfect time as I’m finally busting out those sad old ghosts AND unabling myself from ever getting back to them as one weak moment, one text back only provokes months of active longing from their side. And I don’t think a mile long block list is actually good electric devise feng shui.

    So now or never, very Pluto like, metamorphosis and a tabula rasa. At least what it comes to phone contact list. It’s a start.

  2. And single people avoiding toxic shitheads & recovering from abusive relationships, therefore not in the dating or marrying pool, get to steer clear & laugh? Please say it is so…

  3. FM already in effect for this PIAB. Ran into an ex last night while at Happy Hour for my birthday with my dear Gemini friend. The ex douche ghosted me twice: once on my BD when we were 26 or 27, then again on my BD in 2012. I turned 53 yesterday.

    Last night, I wasn’t friendly, but I wasn’t rude, either. I just sat stoically & watched him gazing longingly at me, as he squirmed & fumbled for the right words, not that there are any.

    Synchronicity, huh gang?

    • Good job! You handled it perfectly!

      I hope I can be exactly like this if I run into my ex. It’s the perfect way to respond –or, rather, *not* respond. 😉

      Happy Birthday, too! 🙂

      • Thank you, thank you, flowerchild!

        And, if my loaded Saggo big-mouth 7th H (w/Lilith) & Mars in Leo 3rd H can do it, you bet your sweet arse, you can do it! LOL. xx

        • Oooh! That’s some strong astro! Yeah!!!!

          I’ve got nothing of the sort. Pisces Moon, Pisces Mars, and Cancer rising! Total mush!
          But I’ve got the icy Venus in Capricorn and aloof Aqua Sun….I’ll try to channel those! 😉

            • I am glad, dark star! It has taken YEARS to quasi-master some of the less than favorable/flattering aspects in my natal. Lots of throwing the baby out with the bath water kinds of idiocy. I still shoot first, ask later, at times. But am not quite the verbal missile launcher I once was as a youngster.

              Happy weekend!

  4. How did I miss this post?!

    Oh man…….my old housemate moved back to the city and I just went out for drinks with him tonight and with his girlfriend and my current housemate….
    Haven’t seen him in a year and a half and I was instantly like, damn, there is serious attraction there, that I felt when he lived here but it just rushed to the forefront tonight……oh wow! But……..he’s in a long term relationship and he’s half my age……. The astro is weighted heavily, he’s got SO MUCH CAPRICORN! Sun, Venus, Mars, Neptune, Uranus and Psyche (exact conjunct my Venus in Cap) and he has Pisces Moon just like me and his Eros conjuncts my Pisces Mars……
    WHY is it always like this?! I’m never attracted to ‘practical’ people, I think my attraction meter is only attuned astrologically, so that it doesn’t matter their age or life circumstance, it’s the ethereal level connection that comes through but doesn’t make sense in this world. Anyway……dang it! We’ll see what happens as not only did he move back to the city, but moved just around the corner from my house!
    He’s an exact Mars conjunct Neptune person (in Cap) and you know what? I’m not above it…….partially because I think he’s got a strong enough relationship that if we had a little thing, it wouldn’t bother what they have. Also, I’m so ridiculously much older that I’m not really a contender long term…

    • Oh, and all his Cap stuff lands in my 7th house, opposite my Crab rising… gah! Well, at least we’re good friends and he’s my neighbor now, which is kind of amazing that not only did he get to move to San Francisco from Canada — got a good job and the visas and all that — but he randomly ended up getting an apartment less than a block from mine! I guess we have karma together, but what’s great about this situation is that it’s really all GOOD karma. I just felt so happy in a light and optimistic way to see him again.

      • Oh I remember you posting about him before! How lovely that you can feel good things and enjoy that the connection is positive and enduring without it needing to be ongoing romance.
        Hey I wanted to thank you again for mentioning Hip Sobriety on here. It has totally changed my life and way of thinking. xxx

  5. Goodness, so much in play. Mars-Venus on my first house Pluto-Uranus conjunction, Merc on my 2nd house Mars, Pluto still on my moon-Lilith, Saturn on my SN and opp my NN (still, sigh, this feels like it’s been so long Saturn trawling through the base of my chart) and Neptune and Chiron in Pisces almost done with my 7th house. AND a full moon looming !
    Yoga is proving my saviour at the moment, it must be releasing a whole bunch of stuff because I get home from class and curl up in a ball and cry. Got to make a few hard decisions along the lines of the second option, Libra v Aries.
    I suppose I feel I am ‘off course’ but I can’t tell what’s my anxiety and what’s my actual intuition. I realised the other day my anxiety is not only back, it’s running the place so well I barely register that it’s taken over.
    Pluto/Uranus in the first always wants to raze everything to the ground and start again. The flames have reached the trees that line the driveway going up to the house 🙂

    • Yep. I’m feeling this! That last para especially. Anxiety vs intuition. No idea.
      My natal Pluto/Uranus is in 8th, along with Mars and Uranus squares my Saggo moon. Burning bridges is my core competency. Fighting the urge every day!! And with Pluto about to go direct in a few days I don’t think I’ll be able to contain myself any longer

    • “I realised the other day my anxiety is not only back, it’s running the place so well I barely register that it’s taken over.”

      Yes! I had the same realisation a couple of days ago. I hadn’t noticed how much of my behaviour is driven by an unconscious compulsion to soothe my anxiety.

  6. This made me laugh. Snort. Ha! I have done both these things in my life already. Thought I was individuating but really an undercover agent version of me was hiding in the shadows ready to pounce and get me married, quick like. Then after 20 years, I woke up and went through the roof in a true-lost-my-self rage. I’m better now. I think. I understand shadow code, a little. Enough to know to be careful. While I was sleeping the moon squared my Venus while Mars was conjunct and it was really a lovely dream I had.

    Great post.

  7. 12Aries43 reactivates the Zap Zone hit of December 2014 – no thanks! My Venus & angles have taken enough of a pounding – everything can just go the fuq ahead and step off the Cardinal signs now, TYVM. Unless you plan on bringing me legit cosmic presents for a change, GO AWAY.

  8. Does this mean it is NOT an auspicious time to do a 10 day health retreat in physical practice of a spiritual discipline…with many strangers as potentially a revisited scene…

    It makes me wonder…

    I have sun in Aquarius 15-20 degrees…6th…the libra sun and Aries moon will make an interesting aspect to my midheaven & IC too.

    My south node is 2nd similar degrees…north node ares in 8th…I’ve been wanting to go to a boot camp so to speak. The head instructor’s of either choice are both very good.

    I’m planning to recover my commitment to physical arts, yet it will be no picnic, I have been unwell….on the mend, yet it would be an overhaul to say the least.

    • Oh venus & mars in virgo would be also conjunct my Pluto 1st…Pluto is transiting my 5th, conjunct venus…

      Pisces Mars is 7th widely conjunct chiron…opposite Pluto and uranus…

      I’d be truly re-inventing/ transforming my being…

    • The physical stuff will get you tired pretty quickly so if you can do your spiritual discipline enough to learn when to accept backing off is not quitting….erm, for both…then you’ve got a good start.

      With that 2nd 8th axis it’ll be a real push-pull, so keep eyes on the prize and be both committed and forgiving.

      Libra Sun will be okay with any vascillations normal to forging a new path, but Aries Moon might keep pushing your feelings of inadequacy to task by burnout, if you let it. Let that Aries Moon be your cheerleader for every thing you do – EVERY THING including rest where needed – and congratulate yourself for it.

      Just wondering where your Cap or Virgo is, because you could use those aspects to ensure any slower down times are appreciated as creating energy and efficiency in the whole picture of recovery and trajectory.

      • Watch that Piscean Mars dip in energy levels opposed the Plutonic charge to regenrate. Kepp remembering that recharging IS regenerating, and should also lead to sustained effort on much slower terms than you might feel. It’s a marathon not a sprint race. Best of the stars for your endeavour.

        • Thanks, Pisces is in 7th. Lol it’d be my unhealthy relationships being hopefully re-shaped/ more discerning my defined by all the Virgo action! Yes folks have to be careful not to burn out…plus my Capricorn Venus 5th is being Pluto-bombed by current transit there

          The head instructors are both health “gurus”, though this is about being our own, just that sometimes the spiritual energy sort of siphons people’s individuality. Eyes open, I guess!

    • i’d have thought that the ongoing pisces-virgo dynamic would be pretty good for physical/health/spiritual practice. and with the transiting SN in Aqua, maybe a way to recognise south node-y things while it’s near your sun and feeling all personal-like.
      hope your recovery continues, whatever you choose ASRxx

      • Hi Pi, agree, thanks. Interesting with Leo north node transiting in the 12th…it’s a retreat organised by a well known health / cult. The aquarian influences would be more in background themes to the Leo agenda. I think 12th house is almost a bit like our shadow persona.

        • Pi just another idea; virgo stellium of mars venus hitting natal Pluto is in conjunct the Aquarian stellium of the 6th – that is an aspect of adjustment, and it is often quite uncomfortable…

          Sun in 6th (ego) conflict to Pluto 1st (transformation) is really pretty difficult, I’m saying this is really like a testing challenge.

          Also neptune is quincunx the libra sun/ mercury vibe…that requires a dexterous mind in the face of any sentimentality or warped emotional dreams…with macho Aries moon, which will conjunct my saturn 8th to ramp up the effort! Nothing like pain as fuel to streamline feelings…

      • Ok. Thanks. Jupiter Scorpio will hit my Juno exact 2nd, transit over Ceres. My marriage is cactus so I might as well, lol, return to daoist bootcamp!

  9. Ah, tits. I actually cannot be bothered with this but suspect it will be a major thematic given the flow of life lately. Conjoining MC and NN in my chart and in the chart of the person I’m seeing. Recent and ongoing conversations are pointing this in the ‘howling at the moon’ direction for sure… I swear i’m gonna be the addict that ends up starting a Pisces Anonymous group after this full moon.

  10. Hahaha…noted.
    That little bit of insight is written so well.
    I am well amused considering my mission and geographic coordinates during this moon. I will be in a strike zone. Good thing I have a handy border to cross if necessary and several safe houses to take cover.

      • The board game reference had my Sag thing going, “Yeah ok we can do this.”

        Not sure why as i’m not known as a board game freak, but it’s actually true. Won a French wine at a quiz night once. Not that i do quiz nights, either, but all those games are a good gamble!

        You gamblin there, girl? Play like you’re a loser who doesn’t give a damn!

        (Poor advice from a person with gamblers in the fam, who avoids the races and can’t remember card games for just that very reason! Jupiter tricks me into a newbie win every time, and then i’m hooked, line and sink ‘er. Audience goes wild! Watch yourself, babe, it’s your heart.)

        • Yeah we got this and noooo…not gambling, never interested me. Am not even sure where that little bit of lingo downloaded from but it seemed to fit. Talking in metaphors and perhaps stretching Mars in military mode tactics with Mercury bounding along beside him egging him on with quips.

          For a Saggi I find horse racing offensive. Too close to my blood lol … Ive been blessed to have a few equine friends in my life. I forget card games too!

          Ding ding was the boxing ring bell.

          I suppose I could have summed it up in two words…

          Heading north….


          • Ah yeah you are probably channelling Jake LaMotta. Sat in the car with an African listening quietly to an interview on the radio with him. God does bless uber rides 🙂

            • Muchisimas gracias

              Yes yes.. I had not considered a disguise. Mo-cognito eh. Me gusta

              I had to look up Jake and..that’s entirely plausible since he only recently left this realm though I don’t know why he’d pick me. I’m ok with the jokes but not so much the left hook.

              • IF.. I were a gambling lass David I’d say it was the Viking /Aries scent of possible war that drew you to this post. Well, that or your kinkier side came out at the mere suggestion of dress ups? Hahaha..

                Bless you funny man x

  11. this is interesting, been in a very surreal, possibly soulmate, possibly completely dysfunctional relationship for 6 months. we’re either great mirrors, inspiring in each other massive growth, change and karmic up-leveling, or this needs to be set on fire. sounds like this moon will be the time to find out which way to go for sure. and yeah i’m a Libra, so this moon always gives me a little extra kick before i descend to the underworld for the dark half of the year. blood moon. see you on the killing fields.

    • There’s never an either-or with those soulmate-y connections – and i say this because the universe has conspired to keep two sag rising and moons in the same grounded location – it’s a both-and.

      You’re great mirrors, great soul-growth, and great at probably setting it on fire. i guess i am lucky in that the projection seems to have to have some kind of growth, only because i can neither push it nor escape it. And neither can the other person.

      While i feel all the frustrations of it, i can say that each of us HAS to grow. Sometimes i’m not sure it happens at the same time, but one definitely pings the other. And somehow seems to hold the other in it (projection? real but out of time?) until the really quiet underground (forced?) growth happens in the individual.

      Super weird, and worse if we could actually follow our natures, but deeply, um, yeh okay. Deeply okay. Best i got, love. It’s necessary, apparently. It’s psychic but seems delusional for the most part.

      When you come to the killing fields, i’ll see you there (hold that thought, cos i might be busy with sword, but i’ll be there and i’ll give you a grin.)

    • “See you on the killing fields”

      Boy, do I know that location well; familiar stomping grounds indeed when you’re Venus/Pluto and your 7th house ruler lies buried in the 8th. Relationships truly are the catalytic converters of the soul; extracting all the noxious pollutants until we finally burn clean.

  12. The last paragraph – much thanks & will take heed. My jaw is already near breaking point. This will be a true test for my NN-SN (Libra-Aries) resolve.

    …*were-bats in the streets* Lol! and how.

  13. The past few days has been euphoric on project immersion up until yesterday realizing I just finished ovulation. Cue serotonin crash! Been taking kava pick me ups and a wee bit of chocolate to comfort myself. I knew dating a breezy Gem musician would give me lots of space and me time (which is ideal) , but i am lacking attention and cuddles lately (weird because i am not normally cuddly). He has been texting me a lot more it seems since i have started indulging in a new Aries fantasy celeb crush while he is out of town for weeks. I get a new text update every other day now. (Our normal texting even when he is in town is like once a week.). We will both be in the same town at the same time on this magical date. Let’s hope for the best!

  14. I’m probs more the raging lunatic. Plus the Uranus Jupiter opposition is bang on my mc/ic. Feeling like I can take down the roman empire single handed AND warp zap into a new reality!!

  15. Ok whoa lol. It’s on my midheaven/IC which means both natal Eris and Pluto are directly in play. Hahahahah oh well, if I can survive outer planet transits to these two on my chart angles then surely I can survive this (and if not then that becomes someone else’s problem I guess!). Can I surTHRIVE though. YES WE CAN
    So astro freaks is this right? The full moon will be translated by Mars (moon in Aries) and Venus (sun in Libra) conspiring in Virgo. As the Virgo action is in my 3rd house, is this -as in right now this week – the best time to push out as many word things / communiques as possible and await obvious glory at the FM? Or, use the impetus and energy of the full moon to hit “send” on 35051 emails and *then* kick back. Or should I just work on my new creative venture (brand, things, a soft launch at some point) and ignore everything? I don’t do relationships right now and moon in cap Never does instant weddings (unless there is a 12 week cooling off period, which is the best she can manage when Aries Venus gets the bit between her teeth sometimes)

      • Second that…pulled my chart and it looks kind of scary. Lots of libra Lilith squares and sun opposite mars venus :/ note to self Avoid public

        • You’re right. 10th house and 3 rd house with close links to er, conflict-seeking planets could apply to PR issues as much as ‘opportunity’… Maybe I unplug the modem for a bit instead.

          • Hahaha Love your phrasing **conflict seeking planets**…I’m actually due for some quiet contemplation so its opportune

    • I say work on your creative venture BUT keep the emails open in the background, so you can deal with them by typing response, getting back to biz and then sending your perfectly edited communique.

      A little tip: delete the sender from the To so you don’t accidentally send until it’s truly ready.

        • Not genius, just accident prone Sag Rising in combat with Cap ruler 3rd house. The Cringing, now and again! Works out but by god!

          Delete sender as soon as you hit reply, and before you start to forge the text 🙂

          • I’m back at my desk playing with people’s business systems.
            I learnt my lesson long ago about pushing the go button way too soon on looping email scripts.
            Sometimes I forget to write the stop button. Once started those scripts can send thousands of emails until you basically smash the computer on the floor. Once I sent out thousands of emails with purchase orders attached while testing a new script 🙂 Then I had to send them all another email asking them to disregard the last one.

            shit happens 😉

  16. My conversations today were all around intimate relationships. Could be the urge that surfaces after a funeral. I wear his wish on a tshirt for love, peace and help the world. I’ve found a return of several people in my life, these relationships have a renewed harmonious flavour. Could a romantic relationship be next? The right kind would always be welcome.

      • Thank you Pi.
        My son’s friend who past away, found it difficult to get to a salon to have his hair cut, dealing with repeated headlice infestations and he had beautiful hair. The prevention, intervention and ongoing support strategies for suicide (both youth and adult) needs a royal commission.
        This boy’s life reflects so much of my journey and I am determined to help. Glad I could provide details of support services to some of his friends. Speaking up about services that I need as a person with a disability to complete my course.

        I finished an artwork from 2010, after being compelled to completed it during his ICU stay. Acknowledging our shared lived experience and the gift of legacy, I offered this to my dear childhood friend and hope that it signifies his wish for the world too.

        Once I’ve paid my course fees for the year a float take session and Mystic subscription are on the list. The MM tribe are a knowledgeable wealth of interesting ideas, kindness and genuine soulful folks seeking to know about the nuances of the self and the ripples globally.

  17. Also a Hot Tip: bad or chronic cases of “clench-jaw” can be offset by shrieking with laughter. See Also: Saggitarius; Gemini; YouTube comedy marathons.

  18. Hot date night and particle collider spell bender–maybe reprise the warm up rounds different weekends, different nights different cities. Go the universe for a I did not see that coming type of vibe. Just when you think you are coming into port it seems there you are, there YOU ARE all at sea again, away on the open main. Why not share that with a pirate black magic women or femme fatale

  19. With no relationship and none in sight, I suppose I keep individuating. Certainly I’ve come out of a relationship shell. (excuse for dry spell?) I’d rather be alone than be the lady in the first image. I don’t have time for drama. No down dating and no keeping anyone around just for fun. I mean, Saturn is heading to Capricorn! To join Pluto. I’m sure I’ll need some fun, but only with authentic peeps!

  20. Hahaha I’m excited!

    Break up blues? Got that, check.
    Wanting independence? Got that too.
    Having opportunities left right and centre? Check.

    Hehhe it can go either way for me!
    Haha I wonder what will happen?

    Oh skipping in and out of detachment from it all? Yeah I think it’s this bit.

    Thank you, it’s slowly making sense.
    Also it wasn’t the mars in Virgo that fired me up.
    I think it’s the Pluto.

  21. AHAHAH, reading wikipedia plot lines for silent films is basically like watching them. Humming whatever soundtrack that may have been used.

    Both ‘Sunrise’ and your posts could be mini episodes currently playing out inmyhead. Of course they could easily be playing out with and through another, but THAT is the current crux of the Libra/Aries axis for me. Since right now, for these sorts of things to play out in day to day/waking life feels like one party (likely me) would suffer some very very dire drawbacks and repercussions on different levels is I were to indulge myself at this point.

    So while I watch the moments go by through my day, inviting me to react, enticing me to trust in the surreal, I’m instead standing uncomfortably, sometimes impatiently, for my inner caliber to set itself into manageable balanced swinging along the pendulum of spirit and matter.

    Needless to say I’ve been napping a lot, amongst other safe, productive coping strategies.

  22. Dear god.. I mean my anti-co-enabling-crap-relationships borders are pretty damn high but still.. damn.. this sounds like get thee to a mountain retreat and disable all communications devices STAT kind of warning. And yes yes, I’m a Libran riding the individual lifestyle, forget the schizzle relationships groove train to the max kind of gal at the moment.

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