Free Souls

“The free soul is rare, but you know it when you see it – basically because you feel good, very good, when you are near or with them.”

— Charles Bukowski, Author, Tales of Ordinary Madness


S.E.O. people have advised me to make the titles of my post direct and to the point; tell Google what this post is about so their bots will find you and anyone looking for help with – say – “Is Saturn actually Satan?” or “Hair Karma for Capricorns” will be pointed in the right direction. And then it comes down to the instruction: “craft copy that people are searching for anyway” which feels like a silicone greased slope to me and my Mercury in Aries.

I do have some epic click-baited astrological post ideas: Immortal Cats of the Zodiac, Aries Firemen Who Like To Talk About Their Dreams, Alien Technology Inspired Energy Wave Charged Fake Nails, What Bob Mueller’s Beltway Astrologer Told Me In Secret, Real Priestesses Of Atlantis and more.  But nobody would search for those SO, says the logic of the S.E.O. people, nobody would find this site except for “by coincidence.”  Or, as i prefer to think of it, synchronicity.

However you got here, hello and i am happy you’re here. The posts are going to continue to have strange titles, not all of which relate to the subject matter. Now a few practical points.

The Monthly Horoscopes for September are posted!  It is a really fascinating month but heaps of LILITH Vibe. I am totally feeling it, really relishing the areas in which i have autonomy but then i have Lilith in Capricorn being currently hit on by – yes – Uncle Pluto.

And when i say currently, i mean until the end of the decade. “Currently” just sounds less heavy lol.  If you found the last 12 hours strangely weighty and psyched, it’s probably just because the Moon was crossing Pluto.  It’s a once a month moment that is always alluded to in the Scheduler. I should have looked!!!!  When i have time, i am going to go through that thing and book massages or something suitably transmuting ahead for the next several Moon-Pluto hits.

If you are interested in deepening your understanding of how Moon cycles echo the deeper outer planet cycles and using these to tap the energy of the outer planets, look into Astro School! It is an add-on to your usual Mega Mystic membership if you want it – included in the two year Mega Mystic membership – or you can just get lifetime access by itself. It’s not really a “school” as such but more like hundreds of posts on a broad variety of astrological topics. Browse the topics via this link & email if you have any questions.

In other news, the Single Card Tarot is progressing, I am posting a (Mega Mystic members only) special little rant on Mercury Retrograde in about four hours and also some info re 2018 books + consults.


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Christian Dior 2006

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59 thoughts on “Free Souls

  1. Ha I am taking a 5 minute break from writing a SEO guide for a client and thought I’d pop over to change pace… to find you discussing SEO and click bait. Love it.

  2. So happy I looked at the Scheduler on Friday and took note 🙂

    I found this site via an add on….I think?

    Can’t wait for the new tarot

  3. It could be my ruling planet retro on mars rn but further thought on free souls,
    Someone I haven’t even met has played a vital part in the expansion of my consciousness this past year or 2. Not consciousness as in talking to angels or shamanic visions but the kind of 4th house inward-progression of self knowledge (a big deal when all natal personal planets are above the horizon around the sun). It was triggered by the most insane fear-envy-self doubt trip I think I’ve ever experienced. The other person appeared to embody all the things/philosophies I thought I wasn’t, but wanted to be. Including: free. I grabbed myself by the shoulders and said take a good look at yourself Pi. Thus continued the psychological freedom and self belief trip. Its ongoing but I’ve come a long way. I’m sure looking forward to progressed moon in Leo though, haha. So, thanks, person X, for throwing down some neon glow sticks on the path to soul liberation.

  4. Wow the outfit. Feels like I have been wearing that all my life.
    In fact I am claiming it as my outfit for life. Monday morning out to work, la la lah. Down the pub of an evening la la lah
    Soirees at my place with all those muggles. Lalalalalalala
    It’s my comic book hero outfit. Yay.

  5. I could have used a Saturrnic Slave whip for the last 5 years. Saturn on my ascendant and then 2nd house has been a work-livelihood punish. Natal Saturn in 6th in Aries sucks to begin with. Pluto in Cap in 3rd. and natal moon. I’ve been the slave.

    These long years, I have learned from my captor. I have plotted and morphed and devised schemes. I watched and hid away my materials. I recently started building my own Saturn Slave whip and my escape is near. I am no longer in punish/victim mode but make plans to rule my destiny!

  6. Hey Mystic! The people who find your website find it by parsing through so many other astrology sites. Yours has now been up for so long it shows up on first pages of astrology specific searches. How i found your site:

    1.) look specifically for Western astrology ( as i was not a believer in Vedic at the time)

    2.) look for astrology site with a live and active community. Meaning last comment wasn’t early 2k.

    3.) website was updated mostly timely. Didnt matter if it was a 1x amonth update but that it happened close to the time.
    4.) quality of community,. Mystic’s site has one of the BEST astrology communities around. it was hard initially to get an interaction as an outsider initially but im persistent. Could be also just “community rules” and customs i wasnt used to. But you guys are the best, even when i am an asshole. Lol!

    5.) an astrology community that was not centered on : aren’t abusive (emotional or physical) Scorpio guys the best? I shit you not, you can find many basic bitch astrology sites built on that one premise…or at least you used to.. Who knows if they are still around?

    6.) an astrology community founded on common sense over goo-goo ….he’s my soul mate so therefore i will do foolish action….nope! Nope. Nope. The amount of trash i used to read about someone in a shituation wanting a tarot pull…

    7.) a site that is beyond simple sun sign synastry.

    People who want quality will find your site Mystic!!

  7. Holy hell was it weighty, I had a dream that I had a sleeping hunting bear wrapped around my neck and when I woke up I was tense in my neck and shoulders from carrying that heavy son of a gun.

    I’m not sure if I believe in that quote though, I know people who are full of bs and hot air but are good at giving off a positive impression on people and they eat it up.

      • in case that sounds odd… it’s a saying (I think originally spanish?) meaning that you eventually reach a point in your learning / development where to go any further, you must face the fact that you will surpass your teacher, & must “kill off” the teacher with the very same tools they showed you how to master. It’s psychological. So, saturnian whips, etc…

    • I was gonna have a crack at it
      But l didn’t wanta lash out wildly
      Nor whip anyone into a frenzy
      By making some off-the-cuff cutting comment.
      I’d reconsider if l could get em made of Satin

  8. Is Pluto why I am currently experiencing excruciating back pain? I can barely walk.

    I digress.

    Difference is what makes this site what it is. Sameness and bot bait would kill the vibe.

  9. I have stolen this line from a song. Can anyone pick it 😉 to me it covers just about every marketing concept you care to choose.
    “Time is the space between you and me”

    It’s personal, communal, global, inevitable.

  10. speaking of free souls
    i just was cmmenting to a sadge friend who has been very pluto’ed in recent history

    i wrote a to-do list of simple house things and did most of it without feeling disgusting, like some kind of mild existential dread

    it’s like a bully has left (ok, or is leaving) my space/life/mind

    pluto is bully? was it the eclipse blasting away shadows? is it the gigantic grand fire trine activating my venus and descendant (and Jupes on my 4th h N node?)

    the future seems more available to me. (I think this is also a symptom of some kind of depression easing, if there are any psychologists out there)

    • I’m a step behind you on the same path. The house to-do list has been growing for months. Usually I keep on top of this stuff, but existential dread is exactly what it’s generating lately. Mounting and creeping with the piles of things to sort. I know if I can face it down – the dread – I can unblock the future. Gonna write that list now, fed up with feeling glued stuck by it all. Since when did a Virgo get so spooked by a bit of basic admin?

      • oh, don’t feel too far behind – this wasn’t “wash the walls – empty and wipe cupboard X – go through 3 boxes of notes” stuff. I’m months off that level… It was very very baby steps! wash up – put away v small pile of clean clothes – put shoes in cupboard. etc. I even write the time to finish each task (10 mins – 5 mins – 1 min) so as to help get my head around this list of extrinsic requirements. It was the surprisingly diminished psychological demand / stress of an externally structured “list” ..
        It’s the surface level of a much deeper change / fear thing going on. i’ve had to sit with some inner stuff lately so the pushy outside world got put on the bench for a long time xxx

      • you’d also have chiron and neptune opposing your virgo planet/s off and on? not to mention a saturn square. I mean, that’s a LOT to have hovering around without necessarily making themselves acutely known..

        • Yeah, Neptune opp Sun for…oh…forever. Saturn transiting 4th, Chiron 8th so you’re probably spot-on. Have made some baby steps this morning. Skipped the list, went with rap music and just doing something. It’s maintenance really, not in-roads, but it’s a start and I feel better for it.

  11. Synchronicity abounds. The artworks are insane, mesmerizing and all worthy of further research (and dont my art students know it). This blog is real, worthy and righteous. The peeps are on their own wavelengths and creative thinkers and writers. Honestly if I had to choose between this site and food for a week I’d be hungry but content. XxXx

    • Also, I met you the old school way Mystic – over coffee and bagels while reading the Oz Mag every Saturday morning, aeons ago. I remember thinking, ‘Fuq, this person’s work is so funny, real and bang on.’ I wonder if that happens any more or if Gen Y (or whomever, clearly I am old and have no clue about these things) just google, ‘Why is Tony still a fuqwit’? 🙂

      • I would get ‘The Australian’ weekend edition just for her one page in its magazine. I don’t think I ever read any other part of that paper.

        • I started buying the Oz bcos l shifted from an Aussie Rules state to NRL state so l could still read about Aussie Rules.

          Then one Friday l came home from just giving the bank a big serve about poor treatment. Next morning l read about how l shouldn’t have given the bank a big serve. Freaked.

        • Me too!! It seems incredible now – with our 24/7 access to the site and all sorts of features like the tarot – that we only had the “weekly” scopes then. I used to hang out for them!!

  12. I swear I don’t live on this site mystic – i just opened the page and there was a new post.
    I don’t know – maybe sub-title the post with seo plain language guff?

    this being an alterna-blog which means less “What 2018 Means For Cancerians And Love” post headers (thank fuq?), and tbh on google there seems to be an awful lot of johnny come lately SEO optimised blandly constructed astrology sites with some combo of super lame astrology clip-art and backgrounds in various shades of pastel and some kind of Garamond or whatever font (nfi). not to mention 40 % of the screen taken up by blinking ads and the content itself is probably bot-harvested and regurgitated somehow – it’s not exactly engaging (and largely not v original either, like going on Ebay for a skirt and you see 45 listings for the same item with the same photo which is a low res img of the thing in 19 different loud colours). Not to mention the profusion of slightly odd youtube astro clips. Some oddly fusty (did you look in the mirror before you did this, dude) Or that kind of astrology-pantomime digi backdrop
    BUT i do kind of like the fusty wierd youtubers – like the more kooky or indepedent blogs (would not say this blog is kooky ftr but is obviously damn independent) – there’s a human being behind these, i watched a clip the other day about north node and 4th house, for the first 15 seconds I thought it was a hostage video, dingy lighting that brought out the beige in everything, the guy looked like he might be going through a bad divorce somewhere in america’s midwest, but! what he had to say was worth listening to. and it was concise. So yes we need all sorts I guess.

    but then reading these pages, and the astro horizon just opens waaaayyyy up, it’s refreshing and entertaining (sorry, that word is a bit detestable these days .. “Media! Entertainment! Fun! .. and now for Finance news.” ) as well anyway ppl know this, i need coffee, thank you for everything you do XXX

    • so to be clear, my gemini rising critique is not of the Little Guys getting amongst it (because it’s people like this who remind my saturn in Leo to just put myself out there), but of the floofy astro-fast-food sites who dominate search engines because they have more web intelligence than astro intelligence afaict.

    • V reminiscent of Eric Idle’s “Travel Agent”. He has Arien Sun Cj Merc 6tile Uran in Gem.

      And l agree, passion trumps presentation (ya post below).

    • Pi, you are Super Funny LOL!!
      I too plunge down the occasional Mme Trelawny-esque astro rabbit holes- and there are a few other astro czarinas out there- Kimmy F- reigning with Mystic!

      But my MM Mega Mystic payment lives in the vital expenses column- with coffee.

  13. Excellent. Looking forward to your members only rant!

    Mystic, do you think you’ll ever do audio file consults again? I stumbled across an old one this week and still love it. It’s much more spooky and mystical to stumble across a recording than a pdf, I feel.

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