Weekly Horoscopes From August 26

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Still parsing the Eclipse in between battling Mercury Retrograde inertia, greedy-guts Jupiter maxed out AND existential ennui from Saturn turning Direct alongside Lilith, the original Bitch-Goddess?!  Join the coven!  The Weekly Horoscopes from August 26 are posted already and aiming to gild your Power of Awesome.

Also, i have acquired a multiple Aquarius Trend Forecaster & Designer to work with me on the new Single Card Tarot and at Warp Speed. Thank you to the Turbo people! The theme of it is something i have been obsessed with since forever and i will email a hint to supporters in the next few days.

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23 thoughts on “Weekly Horoscopes From August 26

  1. Honestly this Saturn vibe feels so heavy, I’m having to let go of so much – is it too much to have blind faith + trust? I swear these last few days have felt downright awful, I know every no I receive means there is a YES somewhere down the line –

    Thank goddess for Netflix + friends 🙂

  2. I’m here to tell you that having Saturn station exactly on your 21 Sag Venus and therefore park there for about 8 weeks (on the 7/8 house cusp) is a brutal thing. Venus rules my chart, and I can’t tell you when I’ve felt so bleak. All I wanted to do today was be someone else: someone less neurotic, whiny, failed, sad, ancient, boring, awful.

    • Owww. I so feel for you, it’s horrible feeling horrible. I’m struggling hard since the first eclipse. In happy times, it’s not that I take it for granted, but I do semi-forget how sad I can be. When I’m sad, I can’t quite remember how to be happy. But…it will pass. Sending you hugs x

      • Thank you Plum! I think that as Saturn picks up a little speed things might improve. And Virgo Sun is okay for me. This Mercury has been a bear – everything is breaking. I have one more exact hookup of Saturn/Venus in about ten days… it is creeping along.

      • How are you doing with it? I have Taurus rising, so Venus is on my 7/8 cusp. It feels like by the time Saturn moves off my Venus I’ll be a hollow shell of my once-vibrant self! Hang in there.

  3. I did a very insightful Tarot reading for this Virgo season yesterday. Everything in line with my life situ + my horoscopes! Thank you Mystic, looking towards the single card reading! <3

    Six out of the 12 cards pointed towards a secret admirer and a possibilty for a new relationship so I'm very curious but I made another realization today thanks to the reading. I've REALLY been feeling the Saturn, and the Eclipse, AND the Mercury retro. Money, work and living situations are all a mess and I'm not on my sharpest edge. My co-workers seem to rely on caffeine and gangsta rap to get them into killer mode, but I feel like I couldn't induce a good hubris even on Space Dust. Then I realized that for me clean eating, good sleep and excercise is the same as amanita to the Vikings. Ego boost, Pluto in Capricorn style! So here I am sipping green smoothie and planning BIG for the future. We can do this, even Saturn Direct!

    • Hey I am having similar realisations. I quit Blue Devil for almost two months then decided to test myself out and see if it really did make that much difference to my health/life. Two weeks going back to my (former) normal habits – which were what society would call normal – and I feel terrible. I actually can’t believe how bad my body and mind feel. So it’s bye bye Blue Devil for me.
      I’m actually bailing on a big weekend away with my friends in order to get my head/life centred, walk in the sun, drink some herbal tea, get some space to get back on track. I’m feigning illness to get out of a big event that my friends have been looking forward to for months. What’s wrong with me?? 🙂

    • Relating to this. In terms of where the energy comes from. Thank you for reminder. Even the I ching told me – in very specific ways. After I specifically asked, of course.

  4. this week’s sharp drastic break from a manifestation of my past that was blocking my light? woof. sudden, violent breakup with a smothering angry taurus (just like dear old dad, do NOT get me started) just as we were moving into the eclipse, holy phuq. talk about shadow rising, release and rebirth. will definitely take soul mining and balance for the week upcoming.

  5. Wishing I could enter some kind of magical zen crystal cave pool while I meditated on career and wellness this week…instead of a)buying last minute decorations late night for sis wedding bridal shower and merc retrograde freaking out WHICH STREAMER SET b)trying to stuff down Saturn Lilith vibes re: wedding industrial complex and put my best bridesmaid smile on c)Avoiding any Jupiter style binge drinking urge
    Ty MM for laying out the astro weather so that I can feel prepped and validated and not insane!

  6. The scopes were SO BANG ON re: the eclipse I can’t even!!!


    My guess is ancient egypt…or babylon?

  7. Dude I’m totally set to move ASAP even tho Mercury retro etc. toxic overload situation with a neighbor-

  8. Feeling very low about the toxic cube farm sitch, It’s spilling over into everything – lack of sleep, carb loading, general ennui. Is it Saturn stationing direct on my SN?? Lots of very hard realisations about my lifelong habits of procrastination and making excuses.
    I have been feeling my age also. Post-Chiron return I am wondering what the realistic possibilities are of making a new direction. I do wonder if I’ve left some things too late, even though I know all the new age-y rhetoric. Sigh. *Goes back to fetching wood, carrying water*

    • This relates to nothing you wrote, but I saw a pretty lady on the bus the other day, possibly around Chiron return age, with the Most Spectacular Amazing Blonde Tresses and I actually thought, I bet chrysalis looks like this. (Wrong state tho! Xx)

  9. So the to-do list continues to grow into the MEGA list of Departmental Government agencies that I am dealing with (and trying to healing from).

    How to shuffle up and deal with all this?

    Step: 1 (I’ll just make sure I remember the basic rules of survival). Food, water and shelter.

  10. it’s a bit echo-ey in here … but i wanted to ask ,Mystic is there a way of searching past posts by date? am finding that i want to go back to a specific transit or month/year to re-read the posts / related comments for perspective. I get that this might be impossible / excessive

  11. you could turn the coolest images among them into limited-edition prints to sell to us astro-floozies. for motivational purposes, you know. something book-sized that’s easy to handle

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