Weekly Horoscopes From August 12

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The Weekly Horoscopes from August 12 are up and ready to prep you for Mercury Retrograde and some Venusian Vampery.

It’s for Mega Mystic members only but here’s Leo/Leo Rising FYI

Leo/Leo Rising

Mercury turns Retrograde but you are imbued with extra mega-wattage from mighty forces in Leo. It would take more than a pesky little Mercurial transit to dull down your glow. Still, be prudent with whimsical spending and offers incoming that would require any major investment of $$/time/sanity. Weirdly, this next three weeks is when lost funds or hidden benefits can be uncovered by some suave fiscal sleuth action.

Broad theme: Balancing Big Savannah Visions of all the energy in Leo with the details obsession of Mercury in Virgo AND the power-tripping courtship rituals of Venus-Pluto-Jupiter.

Fun, right?  And hey at least Mercury in Virgo activities are a brilliant way to distract from it being the vortex between two Eclipses! Geopolitical note: You could see the Leo Versus Virgo vibe now as being a lot of hot-air-braggadocio swagger from certain leaders, even as some very real repair and finesse work is being done behind the scenes.


Image: Olaf Hajek

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Sankt Freundin
Sankt Freundin

I’m Leo Sun triple conjunct Saggo, my ex? bf is Sun Venus Mars in Leo + double conj Aries + double conj Saggo. All this fire and all this Leo seems to make us hotheaded, we’re fighting like maniacs and I guess we just broke up. This should be amazing time astrologically but I guess it’s just hard to channel all the energy into something productive for us fire peeps… Sure, men seem to think I’m completely irresistible at the moment but also completely WRONG men do so, I mean my friends’ fathers seem to think I’m irresistible which is… Read more »

Kim S
Kim S

I am so happy i cannot for the humorous angles of your repartee. What hoot live action!

JokermanMM Member

“complex but enticing love/lust triangle”

Against all odds, this is actually happening.

LiliMM Member

Vortex indeed – Charlottesville. We need the forces of light front and center.

davidlMM Member

North Korea has been a serious problem for a long time. The despotic family running this country should have been dealt with many years ago. The same can be said for their nuclear program. The ruling families of North Korea have been working to be in this position for nearly 50 years. It was never a secret. They openly admitted their aims. So after at least 20 years of appeasement, numerous failed pow wows, continued supply of their military program by western corporations people want to blame Trump ? The guys an idiot but he inherited this mess lock stock… Read more »

PiMM Member

nonpartisanship has its benefits, in the long run, it seems

Lux Interior Is My Co-PilotMM Member
Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot


QueeenofCupsMM Member

Hi Mystic,
I recently returned from working away, to find my house had been broken into. My wine collection, jewellery , and many dear nicknacks had all gone, along with an odd collection of kitchen utensils and linen. I have installed a new security system, but still feel vulnerable and uneasy when in my beautiful house. What can I do to bring ease and warmth back into my home?
Theresa (libra/virgo cusp)

gogengoMM Member

Thanks for the great advice Mystic! I’m feeling more buoyant + optimistic than I have in awhile, that Full Moon weighed me down but now it feels like I have some space to move. And yes Leo rising I’m scoping for money to fund not just my schemes but to set a real foundation for success. Venusian magic would be gratefully accepted!!

Billy D
Billy D

This Leo started getting zapped by the retro a few days ago. First, US Postal refused to honor a return label on a package, so I had to make a trip to FedEX – hate USPS. Then, my contractor told me he’d remove my stove (cooker) prior to the delivery of a new one. Came home from work, he hadn’t done the job and when phoned told me he decided not to do it. Left me scrambling to find another dude for the job. Finally, the new stone arrives, a magnificent pro model – with a big scratch across the… Read more »


The vortex between two eclipses…..yeah, I’m feeling that! On Monday I *finally* have my court date to *finally* get my rent reduction for the effects of the leaky roof in my apartment — this has been dragging on for months, and is a problem that started back in 2016!!! My landlords are a-holes. Feeling nervous about it all because it’s nerve-wracking to go to court in general but wondering how the astro will support, or not. Wondering if the eclipse vortex will have a positive or negative effect on this proceeding? Venus is transiting right on my ascendant right now,… Read more »

emgMM Member

I’m replying as a land lord at the other end of the scales. Keep your fingers crossed for a good outcome as the law seems to be functioning in this realm at least. I had a tenant I finally removed last year exactly and had gone through a terrible time and full legal proceedings to get a vast sum for the damage he’d caused. Yesterday I got a cheque through for many thousands and can now finish off the repairs. Keep working through it. And personally it’s a huge victory for me as I’ve been through court a few times… Read more »

ShazberryMM Member

I cannot articulate where Mercury is situated on my chart right now, though, being a Sun And Mercury Leo with Pisces Moon and Ascendant….. I’ve had both intense and freak out frustrating tech issues…. and almost everybody telling me their personal stories or/and their deepest dark secrets. I’ve become the psychologist that was always within. Which really constitutes with me listening. Although, the deep dark secrets have been some what confronting and challenging…. And,,,, weirdly, I’ve developed a skill as to wherever I go or pop into, I’ve become a … celebrity of sorts. You kind of have to witness… Read more »


If the core vibe of this week (+ the rest of August), really is the great career prospects (due to the cosmic crush in my vocational sector) – I’m struggling with recovering from rejection in my career at the mo. So bad so to the point I feel like I’m ultimately sinking and I’ll never recover or get past this to move ahead. How can I have the successful redefinition of reputation if I have no optimism for opportunities…

Sad Scorp is sad.

PiMM Member

Of course you’re allowed to feel dispirited and completely off about it all. An interpretation should not bring you down. Cosmic crush doesn’t just mean rainbows and pots of gold. It is heightened energy in general, for better or worse. Your personal astro might be getting pinged. There are no “grades” for doing astrology “right”, and who’s to say that this momentary downshift isn’t in fact part of a bigger picture of constructive change that’s simply hard to see at the moment. There is no God of good choices. Career shifts take time. Give yourself a chance and absolutely avoid… Read more »

PiMM Member

Especially as a scorp sun and aqua moon. Leo energy squares all of this. It’s difficult, but you will be fine. Let your scorpy sun feel the feels and then go deeper out of range of the surface crap, and at the same time free your aqua moon to free-range think and process options, *when you are ready* x

PiMM Member

my tone sounds a bit terse but it wasn’t intended. I was trying to be specific for once 😉


Thank you a million times over. I have been reflecting all weekend and I am feeling all of this. Especially hopeful that this momentary downshift is just a small window closing, but a greater door opening – simply hard to see at the moment. I am becoming more mindful of my daily intentions as well.

I already feel WORLDS better.

LiberatingVenusMM Member

LOL @ the thought of “repair & finesse work” being done behind this scenes by this admin – finesse is the very last thing DJT knows how to do as a Mars Rising. Welp, it’s looking more & more by the day like what I mentioned a while ago re: the Total Solar Eclipse possibly bringing a declaration of war by DJT may actually come to fruition. Now let’s hope for the heart failure. 😛 Never in the history of ever have I rooted for someone’s downfall like this – I consider it way beneath me and a piss-poor use… Read more »

LiberatingVenusMM Member

El Em Eff Ay Oh – so now it’s North Korea AND Venezuela our Fearless Leader is beating his chest at?! WTF is this; Gemini multitasking gone horribly awry?


Mars in leo.

Fire Dog
Leo rising
Sagittarius moon
Cancer Venus
Gemini Sun
Uranus in Gemini

Kim SMM Member
Kim S

I marvel and despair how you read it back and almost simultaneously think did i say that sorry for the tone–bands doin a sound check and I got this buzzin in my ear i think it is…climate change and the secret busi ess of my realisation

Kim SMM Member
Kim S

Next level earth wobble internet warfare global prick stories with ridiculously desperate consequences. Denial of the worst case scenario is not going to take oxygen out of the problem. The honourable smart position for us, north korea, australia is retreat i ching style. Made you blink both blinked go down in history as demi-gods of legions of knuckled heads and unthinkable responsibilty. Bravo for comments you mean play for points, bonuses or money? My personal thanks straight back at you— Mystic for the sensational stream of images sourced from the wilds of history and art with swelter of pilferers and… Read more »

BoogeywookiieMM Member

I’m intrigued Kim – do you mean this?


Or is Undersea Network a forthcoming sound recording?


Thanks Mystic! This time is interesting for this Virgo sun, Leo rising! Mercury is stationing retro on natal Mercury (square natal Uranus and Chiron). I’m a recent art graduate and I have just started working on a video interview with a fellow artist – and I need to create an artist website and get my schizz together so hopefully it will help! Hmmmm I’m backing everything up pronto! Xx