The Ultimate Mercury Retrograde Trip

Mercury is, as you know, Retrograde and this can manifest as apparitions from your near or far past.  So my multi-Sagittarius Developer Tarik (he has Uranus, Athene, Sun, Diana, Venus, Neptune, Mercury and Sagittarius all conjunct in Sagg) just blew my mind.

In the middle of a Void Moon In Taurus and apropos of nothing he showed my snapshots of my site going back to 2000 – yes you read that right. Thanks to the Internet Wayback Machine there are records of my site from the digital equivalent of the Minoan era or something.

So S-loads of perspective right there and a classic Mercury Retro trip. So if you are looking for a suitable Void Moon in Taurus activity – that really WILL deliver – consider tomb-raiding your own past and searching for ancient scrolls. The tangent will always pay more dividends than the linear path during a Void Moon. This is particularly so during a Mercury Retrograde.

Also, for those of you who actually remember the old-era site and the various vicissitudes and are still around today in any form whatsoever, thank you!  All those times i thought i would have to impregnate the site with ads everywhere and thanks to the Mega Mystic people, it has not happened. I appreciate you beyond words.


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65 thoughts on “The Ultimate Mercury Retrograde Trip

  1. Mercury in retrograde
    Knew it would be big
    I have Sun, Mercury, Venus and Pluto in Virgo

    Nocturnal Activities indulged in…

    1/ last night
    Sat on the bathroom floor and drank Allicante Rose and pulled out every item of makeup I own
    Try, dry,wry,buy,cry
    Culled, threw, laughed at the awful mistakes…
    Then the bathroom cupboard, the shower, the window ledge, the drawers
    Got sorted, cleaned, culled, organised…

    Really had to resist the urge (it took the WHOLE bottle!)
    Not to catalogue my makeup, body products, hair stuff, soaps, teeth stuff, face creams, scrubs etc
    Now In snazzy little containers, ordered, categorised, colour matched, genred, cleaned (of course)

    2/ tonight

    Changed over my hand bag to a Spring one..

    Gleaned, weeded, sorted, ordered, fertilised, sewed

    How much weight do I carry in my shoulder bag ?
    Need it all!

    Also a woman’s nearest best weapon!

    Also if I grip the shoulder strap low and start swinging my handbag around my head, in circles could take out a few!

    At this rate I will have done the whole house by The time Ms Mercury turns around again.

    Smug, happy, satisfied, ordered!

    Creating Order out of Chaos

    My Bliss!

  2. Merc Rx nightmare. – 4am oven starts beeping LOUDLY and as it’s the People’s Day holiday no way to stop it til the realestate plus back on board tomorrow: (

    Had to turf out the international student and give her some bucks to find food and began to question why why why me?

    Merc Rx respect

  3. Sunrise sunset, sunrise sunset, quickly go the years .. I’ve gone all fiddler on the roof Myst.l. I remember the first time I commented on the blog, Kataka had recently birthed gem boy in the dining room and I’d bought myself a new computer. He was the 3rd and we had Asian students living downstairs. We were renting a big ramshackle place
    That was 2003. I wanted to run gems Astro. Looked around and struck gold with you Myst, and a beautiful group of women to chat to about everything and nothing.
    There are trees and there are birds. You Myst are a magnificent tree and we are the birds who come and fly around your amazing branches. It’s probably why you can’t get rid of me 🙂

  4. i miss being able to access the site
    no thats not me being pass agg ( i hope)
    ive not inquired or asked for support because the issue is definately on my side. Any access to any website has too many redirects for connection to the server to be trusted lately. Mirroring my body / mind / soul / psyche and general state of being a hot mess, work in progress, so I own it all.

    missing my homies, PIABs and MM
    but grateful
    and with a sountrack like Lust For Life – Lana Banana I love you…) how can I complain?

  5. holy moly… this happened to me
    fittingly while reading about The Shadow and Projection in Jungian psychoanalytic therory and asking myself “what IS this / was that / who sent you?” etc
    suddenly my former iphoto library became not only available but seeming to have tarrot like syncronicity and a binary magic sends me an “on this day one year ago” movie, complete with genetic elevator music Voila a montage of almost the identical exprience With The Same Soul/ Six-pack- man thing being but mercifully showing some progress and wisdom gleaned and I was like…. thank you internet (who is more of a teacher than friend lately) and Mercury Retrograde

  6. Beautiful Dear Mystic, I only discovered your site a couple of years ago, and give a big hoorah to all those who were around supporting you back in the day! The minute I saw your world (I think I must have found it by googling some astrological question) I knew I had to visit often and keep it near. Since then I have told anyone who would listen about your wisdom, humor, insight, killer eye and voracious appetite for great imagery, and personal commitment. I cant wait to enjoy the next 17 years and more with you and everyone here! Much love xoxoxoxo

  7. Merc is retro across my Pluto/Uranus/Mars first and second houses. I don’t normally get much interference with the retro but this one is proving very interesting already.
    I’m getting info floating to me from peeps I worked with 20 years ago, really complimentary stuff about my talent/work. These same people rubbished me so much back in the day that I left that industry, what little confidence I had was destroyed. I’ve lugged their views around with me since then in some form or other and it’s really shocked me to hear this new perspective. I had a long convo w bestie last night about the Triple Toro and why I am so unsettled and she told me a few home truths about how I am down-dating with him. So much incoming about self-worth and selling myself short. Sobering stuff. I’m not doing anything, just taking notes and reflecting.

    • re our above comments – yes come to think of it – i’m noticing similar things. but it’s kind of a “…huh.” – realising that some important things have healed within my heart. And knowing that i dont have to act if it means treading on this freshly fixed stuff to attend to someone else in a way tyhat will destabilise me So, yeah, a revision of sorts, but not of the administrative kind. it’s only early days in the retro though, haha. notes and reflecting. yes. Kind of yin style.

  8. Is there any reason “why” (lol) mercury retrogrades (even in my 3rd house, as currently) never ever associate with ‘the past’ in my case?
    Is my capricorn moon scorched earth policy – when it comes to past relationships – a feasible explanation for no past-‘loves’ re appearing? Having said this, as relationships are just a reflection of our (my) shadow self, perhaps this links to my Venus South Node actual successful vanquishing of the past.

    I noticed that this retrograde does cross the same territory as the 2015 midyear Venus retrograde, which was a Very Important Time for me (cf: the Capricorn)
    Incidentally that time also coincided with a double transit to Ceres, psyche and Vertex in my chart from transiting NN, jupiter, ceres. (ceres on vertex, Node on Ceres, jupiter (I think, or maybe it was the mars venus thing) on Psyche
    and i recently managed to successfully do a psychic clean-slate – in a pleasant, ‘í feel ok about this’ way a thing re the Capricorn

    i have no idea what i am saying now.

    • Yeah maybe it manifests as revision rather than past stuff reappearing. Maybe past loves only rock up when you really have big final goodbyes/issues to sort. I dunno – it never happens to me either. I travel, book stuff, buy stuff, all sorts during Merc retro and never had a problem. (touch wood lol)

      • yes i don’t really subscribe to the admin fiasco stuff
        maybe my absence of desire to control stuff or sweat stupid details helps, or, professional due diligence habits, lol
        Also, knwing myself enough to do my best to avoid high stress, high detail situations – that is not where my strengths lie
        psychic-drag of deep-stress past few years has taught / allowed / shown me how to forgive myself for daily snafu’s – berating myself only fuqs me up – it’s an enabling pathway for low self esteem (in my world)

  9. Cool to see the early days. I’ve only been around since about 2012. I read the blog for a while and knew I wanted to learn more. Once I subscribed, I was hooked. I LOVE the subscription with zero ads!!! Thank you, Mystic, for sticking with the no advertising mission! You get what you pay for…

  10. Your site always brings a smile to my face. It’s beautiful and smart…always good art…always an ‘in the now’ feel.

  11. The aries conundrum solved in a heartbeat. I was thinking in this low ebb tide how bummed out I’m physically, my aries sun’s fifth house is my charts 12th, summer is winter, fall is spring. For the best this year as I can neither rabble not want to rouse.

    On antibiotics and heading for bed no contact zone. August always looks a bit like this. This gemini moon has been helpful, air enough to get the job done before the sleepfest to prepare for rebirth #53665467645

    May you all have the eclipse you need.

    Thanks for upcoming tarot goodness Mystic.

  12. I abso love that fact that the site is ad-free

    But I never knew it in its old incarnation

    Totally gonna look at some olde scrolls…lol

  13. Subscriber for 14 years now I think and I’ve loved all of the makeovers. This site just gets better and better

  14. Kind of bizarre but last night I had the urge to facebook stalk an ex friend — got up to date very quickly, she married the bogan guy and has a kid — which was her main aspiration back when we shared a house together and were friends. I have no hard feelings towards this woman we drifted apart geographically and psychologically — she was a real nutbag and love zombie supreme.

    I think doing this kind of archeology is easier now bc of ppl’s online presences.

    • I too went full FB stalkery last night to get to the bottom of a few things and found the whole experience so lame and disappointing. Again, shocked at how everyone from the Ground Zero days has totally moved on. Their lives are unrecognisable from before. My drive to know their stories (and somehow have an illusion of control) isn’t even there anymore. I wonder if I’m the only one who still feels anchored to that point in time?
      Perhaps because I am not drinking (six weeks and counting) I get no buzz from a FB stalkery session. I dunno, either way I feel I’m finally done. It’s been my Chiron in Pisces trip: horrible but transformative.

      • yes, kind of like watching The Batchelor. I know, ppl watch it for entertainment, but the whole competing for the (extremely shallow) man and bitching and scheming about and with the other biatch thing is soooo tedious and promoting stereotypical patriarchal behaviour IMO.
        ‘Keep the wimmins down by distracting them with killer abs, get them all fighting for some brainless twit and a diamond on their finger, and they will stay passive aggressive and hence ‘controllable’ forever. / feminist rant over

        • Oh it’s the shorthand phrase I’ve started to use to describe the time everything blew up… not just with me but with the whole group I was hanging out with at the time.
          Chiron in Pisces pretty much covers it, timewise.

  15. Ah! This is awesome, MM! I bet that was fun and gives perspective, to go back through your old web pages! I found your site in just 2011, so I’m a relative newcomer, but SO grateful to have found you and the amazing community here! Thank you for being! You have helped me so much!

    So……..yesterday I think I slayed at Rent Board court. It was a Merc retro experience in that it was a revisiting to the case that we could not resolve in mediation in June. I got all Merc in Virgo in preparation and went back over all the paperwork and condensed the pertinent facts down to a written statement that I read aloud to the judge and he thanked me for being so concise and organized and being able to present exact dates, etc. Yay, thank you Merc retro in Virgo! …….never thought I’d say that!

    But, at the same time, I won’t know the judges decision until 4 to 6 weeks from now. I sincerely hope I get a fair outcome. I felt the landlord’s response to what I presented was weak, flailing, and he also went on a tangent bringing in irrelevant information. I sensed the judge was impatient with him around that, and the proceedings went just 2 hours, as opposed to the 4 hours it went last time. I think the judge had so much written, pictorial, and factual evidence from me in the file that he just shut down the landlord as so much noise. Also, because the City department of building inspection was involved in this case, the judge can rely on that information, too, since it’s an outside, objective and authoritative viewpoint.
    I hope I’m reading it all correctly! It is nerve-wracking to just be there, so sometimes I feel I’m not thinking entirely clearly while I’m in the situation, but I know I presented really clearly and in the moment gave cogent responses.

  16. Synchronicity – I just went tomb-raiding my archives yesterday for something I had written some time ago. It was just a miscellaneous thought I hadn’t expounded upon but I wanted to revisit it and couldn’t recall exactly where it was stored since it wasn’t a completed piece with an actual title. Fortunately my memory is good and searching with a couple choice keywords yielded results in a matter of seconds – the digital age makes searching for documents such a breeze, which is very handy when you do a ton of writing. I couldn’t imagine if I had to sift through actual reams of paper; it would be a proverbial needle in a haystack! *shudders*

  17. awwww, very bummed i didn’t find you till recently, but boy was i still sleeping back then despite my mom having taken me for my first astro (hand done chart and dot matrix print out) when i was like 12 (and trust me that was a LONG time ago .. x-ref dot matrix) . i am so glad you never had to succumb to the advert path. so many sites that might be good that you can’t even navigate for the slog of the ads. happy to be here now, and wishing i could be reminiscing with you all instead of having had TWO exes text w/in 24 hours of one another. smh.

  18. I’ve been following you since Saturn in Libra days… 2009/2010? I can’t believe your site goes back to 2000!
    much love

  19. My Mercury Retro is really weirding me – I’m getting random flashbacks to nothing in particular – you know, like that time I was standing in a paddock for work back in 2012 when absolutely NOTHING happened. For the record my job was to be out in paddocks so it wasn’t unusual. Or that time I was lying in the backyard sunbaking, like I did every boring weekend in that small town. Or that six months I decided to wash my car every weekend. Flashbacks to nothing.

    Worse still, I’m getting feelings come to me from the past that I haven’t felt – it’s like having nostalgia for loneliness. I’m transported back to a time several years ago where I felt deficient and lonely on an everyday basis. I can’t explain it, these feelings just pop up and I go “what the…?” and it goes away – exactly like a memory. Or kinda like when you find a bad photo of yourself and you cringe at it and put it away again just as quickly, like “ewwwww”.

    Is it trying to show me that I have completely changed since then? Like “hey you, look at all this spiritual AND tangible growth you’ve achieved. Goodo.” I dunno.

    • Just had a go at the tarot – 12th house: Moon. Yep.

      “Other realms opening up” – well, I didn’t go into that, but let’s say I’m sufficiently freaked in that respect also.

      Depending on my dreams tonight, I might be burning some white sage soon.

  20. Ah so like sunken treasure buried in the past and overlooked until now–also new tools to ascertain the true worth. I love it–when you mentioned flipping the notion of retrograde the other day but this makes perfect sense in the mix with the eclipses. The ellipsis non linear way around the conventional type barriers or norms. Viva!

  21. You’ve come a long way baby! And so have we all – I remember coming across the site after adoring your horoscopes in the Australian! I can’t do without daily mystic and scopes and blog and magic wallet, candles, consults and all the cool wisdom and feng and the best images ever on a blog – I think about all I have learned from you and it’s such a positive community for all of us pseudo intellectual astro bitches … what more can I say – love the site love you MM xxx

    • It was so exciting to have the blog after religiously following MM in the Australian. And yes for how she has been there through thick and thin, would have been so much harder to get through some stuff without her sage advice and great take on things. Long may she prosper!

  22. I’ve been wondering whether I could hearken back to the days of old (somewhere around Feb 2009) as I read somewhere that conditions now are similar to that time and wanted to compare the two)

    Is all of this an example of Uranus time as opposed to Saturn time.

    This is a major gift to everyone by the way and thanks so much for thinking of us.

  23. This post is freaking me out. Was just thinking today about your site and its incarnations and wondering what would be your top five ‘running a website” tips. You see I have a web based business idea…

    I was there in Minoa with hard back Astro guides. Thanks for the trip MM ❤️

  24. I loved the old spinning Oracle on the triangular ladder…. and I liked the fact it took a few seconds before it revealed the answer… Those few seconds were GOLD for reflecting on the burning subject. and amped the synchronicity, in my opinion.- please bring that small delay back!

    P.s. I love the current Olaf Hajek banner. So powerful.

    • I totally agree I loved that oracle too!
      I also love the current banner I have it as a post card right on my desk so beautiful!

  25. I remember it! What a buzz to see it again. Loved it and still here all these years later. I remember it being spnsored by, amongst others, an organic winemaker, yes?

  26. OH wow how fantastic! I loved the old site. It looks positively antiquarian now tho’ in comparison.
    Riffing off Pi’s comment above, I wonder if there would be money to be made in doing astro consults for work teams. A kind of Myers Briggs, but with synastry and transits. I would love to cop a look at the chart of the new Grand Royal Psycho in my cube farm.

    • lol… grand royal psycho 😀
      Yes I wonder about my previous boss from hell who gave me the boot — although not very much because I prefer to put her and her psychosis behind me — far behind me!

    • P.s. top work from multi sadge web developer Tariq!! I love how you look at the astro of your coworkers(?). I guess that’s your job though 😀

  27. I remember how many oracles there were! And you’d pick a symbol, I liked that bit. And if I think maybe it spun too…I was 14 and still here!

    • Me too! I was 17 or 18 and my sister and I used to use the oracle all the time! It was and still is so spot on! Still an avid reader and it makes my subway rides and days off so enjoyable.

  28. Wow! I had completely forgotten what the old site looked like but of course now it all comes flooding back! I kinda love the old look and the darker colours. But I am reading this on my phone while on the bus home, so I am literally experiencing right now the virtues of the current interface.

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