The Same River Twice

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You can never really go back to the same waters. Not only are you no longer the same, but neither are the waters you left. The current has changed. The elements of nature have affected the stream. When you return, although it appears the same, it really is a different river and you are a different person. Therefore, you cannot cross the same river twice.

—  Alice Walker, Same River Twice



Image: Ansel Adams – The Tuolumne River – Yosemite

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28 thoughts on “The Same River Twice

  1. I have been healing from a deception in the workplace from someone who i genuinely believed would never deceive me, I am Pisces Sun Aqua Moon and he is Aqua Sun virgo Rising &Moon … i miss him terribly in the everyday but he disrespected me professionally and personally and in my most mature way I am letting go. We sometimes whats app, though less frequently, and it makes me sad, but this is so true. The river. I am putting my energy into honouring the blessings I did receive from our friendship and trying to let the hurt and sadness flow away downstream.

  2. I think the idea of “change”, just with my Mutable astro and the quick-flick Pisces nature plus the move-forward trajectory of Sag strong influences, is absolutely best read in the context of “the same river”.

    Just because my instincts tell me I’m moving and it’s going to be fresh, it’s not like everyone’s a Mutable. I have to recognise where others, in my view can’t seem to unstick or move on, or where the new terrain actually feels unfamiliar and difficult for them, rather than an inspirational refreshment.

    It’s important to keep recognising as something more than turgid.

    But, um… I’ll let you know when I actually deeply understand this and integrate it. For a Merc in Aries in the Creative 5th opposed the Other People House 11th Uranus in Libra, both squared my Build-this-Empire 2nd House Capricorn Mars, it seems to be one of those circular or spiral-type endless-return Piscean or 12th house lessons.

    *sigh* when your soul perceptions and your personality just don’t seem to pull in the same directions *sigh again* Guess i’ll just haul up straps and get on with it again.

  3. Beautiful. THAT FULL MOON! My artistic inspiration has finally returned… and maybe we’re about to get blown up? Hello Doomsday Clock, my old friend (it was 5 to midnight when I was in high school). And here in Aus, we are having homophobic freakouts about marriage equality, and our PM is sucking up to President Bumpf and will help him out in any NK conflict. Terrifyingly stupid. Also I just watched An Inconvenient Sequel, and actually feel a blit hopeful about renewable energy and have made some decisions about what I can to to help the earth — 1. change my mortgage to an ethically investing bank, 2. finally buy a keepcup and stop using disposable takeaway coffee cups. It feels overwhelming but we can all make a difference.

    • The Doomsday Clock is even…I dare say it’s closer than 2 and 1/2 minutes from last November. It seems to waver by the hour by the tweet.

      • Mind you, I don’t believe the US or NK will actually go through with a nuclear strike.

        I think the end of the world via the climate crisis (i.e. another 20 or so years) or some kind of pandemic super bug is far more likely.

        Goes off to google odds on how the end of the world will happen…

        Those crazy doomsday preppers must be excited. Groan.

    • Sounds like you’ve already been working the strange.

      Turn and face the beautiful new! Not to be flippant, I understand the hard work it takes to make job changes. But, godspeed and good luck xx

  4. Time only moves in one direction. I think in most cases, this has helped me. Now and then something happens that scares me, makes me worry I’ve fallen into a river I thought I had left. But, simply remembering the old river helps me navigate the new. Sometimes it’s nice to be still, feel the current flow past, watch it change with you.

  5. I moved to my house about seven years ago, from a busy place to a secluded spot in the woods. There’s a creek in the back, where I’ve witnessed many of the changes it can undergo storm by storm, season by season. The highlight was a beaver moving in, very powerful energy he brought to us.

    Recently I’ve found myself feeling overwhelmed by the passing of time. Does anyone else get like this and what do you do about it? I have fixed angles and a lot of fixed planets, but I also have a decent mix of mutables. Maybe it’s part of turning 40, Neptune square Neptune, Saturn opposing my Venus. It feels like my bearings are loose or something.

  6. I think the original quote was by Heraclitus, pre-Socratic Ancient Greek philosopher. Also the originator of “if you do not expect the unexpected you will not find it, for it is not to be reached by search or trail”, which is also amazing.

    • Interesting! I googled & found this: Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher born in 544 b.c. said, “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.”

      It’s kind of tautological I guess, like the two twins who were dark haired brunettes who hiked to the summit at the top of the mountain, but it wouldn’t work otherwise.

      I think the brevity of Heraclitus is haiku like and even more poetic perhaps.

  7. What a beautiful, healing image too. Imma go sit by a lake today, dip my toes in and let the water take the current, melancholic echoes of a time just passed away.

    Speaking of synchronicity, and thinking of the advice in scopes/daily email recently to cast mind back to Spring of 2008 for echoes and clues to thus one, I did a roadtrip then to the NW coast of the US. I remember seeing this quoted on a wooden post by a river flowing down from an outdoor natural mineral spa pool in the Olympic peninsula. My travelling bud and I had had a crazy time in SF and were soothing away tumult in the waters then too.

  8. One of my favorite sayings is ‘You become what you mix with’. E.g. You mix with honest trust worthy people and over time their influence will wash over and eventually penetrate. The opposite is also true. Every day we are influenced, often unconsciously, by the people and events we experience. The stream is the same. Only last week my boys and I visited some bushland we own. It is virgin bush on a river and a stream runs through it from the hills behind that meets the river in a mangrove . We hadn’t visited for months and as soon as we we arrived we noticed the changes that had occurred. A large tree had fallen over the creek and blocked its flow. On one side higher up this had created deep beautiful pools in the rock crevaces and below it the slower flow had created muddy ridges that blocked its meeting with the river and turned drier areas into more swamp like ground.
    Change is constant, the only constant and preparing yourself for change is the most important activity in our lives. Nature is mans teacher and guide in how to deal with it and respond to it.
    We won’t be moving that tree, we will be instead swimming in those new water holes this summer.
    When we return to the waters they are not the same and we too are different people but if one accepts this, the relationship between us can continue to
    develop and remain close.

    • Yes change, sometimes harder to surrender to. Just earlier today read jungs preface to Richard Wilhelm’s translation on the I Ching…

      So yes to synchronicty too

      • Try this I Ching site. He includes a variety of philosophers views as interpretations of I Ching moving lines and judgements as well as a number of translators interps. I’ve been studying I Ching for over 40 years now and this guys site is the best I’ve come across x

        • This site is my everything. The quotations he picks out are mind blowing and profoundly resonant. As a tool, when you have developed a symbiotic relationship with the I Ching, it is second to none. Big up

        • Yes, will check it, though there is something to be said for the language of Jung’s preface, his thoughts upon the translation.

          It could not ever be considered so, in contemporary times, true paradox…

    • Not as poetic, but this is why I don’t watch tv. Those micro-messages (and the blatant ines) about how to behave and stereotypes about people irk me to no end. I choose not to mix with tv land.

      • I remember walking into a friends house where the tv was on and all the family was watching a current affairs news program.
        I was visiting from my place in the hills and I hadn’t seen a television or heard the news or seen a movie for around 4 years.
        I sat and watched for 10’minutes and was shocked to find the world had seemingly slipped into a state that could barely be called sane. It shocked me.
        We are natural born co creators. To retain that power we need to restrict the constant noise of other peoples views and ideas so we can listen to our own. If we don’t we fall into emulation, the unconscious sabotager of co creation.
        More uploading, less downloading.

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