At The Start Of Your Saturn Transit

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At the start of your Saturn transit (above) compared to near the end of your Saturn transit (below.).

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88 thoughts on “At The Start Of Your Saturn Transit

  1. Weird because i have been in some sort of De Nile Is De Longest River in Africa bullshit protective device (yes! All this time! SAGITTARIUS NEPTUNE JUPITER MOON CONJUNCT RISING IN ANTARES) and looking at also relevant transits to fqn Chiron Merc Leo Pisces Capricorn Aqua Aries you name it cos my dumbfqer chart makes the whole thing resonant…

    Anyway, i guess with that chart i must consider and “experience” all aspects. As a Pisces they are mostly going to appear to my detriment/enhance a victim mentality.

    Which gives me fuel to f the WUT?? Because in the end, if you are a 12th type “how does it all end” even in the daily, then u just have to ask yourself…

    Well, it never has ended yet, in life threatening circs from childhood to soul destroying circs these days, and never mind your shame at vulnerability. And just when u actually are at your most alone, don’t you even see the people around who quietly bring it with their food, non judgment, smiles. (Shout out to my gorgeous neighbours from so many cultures.)

    The body, all those tight sag ascendant muscles, are craving release and pump. Exactly what i need in stressful times that feel too busy to make the time. Pisces has adjusted the alarm; VirgoPluto opposition, mars Cap2nd and TauSaturn 6th know EXACTLY WHAT TIME THAT IS ANYWAY.
    What so i care: it’s seasonal. And fq getting up at 5 in winter. Have at me, bro, go on do it when im in bed after missing the ideal bedtime by an hour and a half due to working at home the night before.

    Spring here now-ish. It’s a Spring of the body soul and mind. And the HEART, yes the heart will surely follow. This is my prayer.

    • I feel you on the seasonal thing. Except my ‘seasons’ are more like… years. It’s like a rollercoaster when it happens and when it happens, it’s like literally EVERYTHING in my life gets fuqing triggered and feels like its collapsing. No, *is* collapsing lol. So.

      But yeah. I find truly awesome people, real friends, to be rare birds. I am fortunate to have a few. I am grateful beyond measure when they show up.

      At my best, I’m like a fuqing Zen Master, slaying shit on an elevated level. At my worst, I feel like a qi vamp. But it’s hard not to when literally everything around you is falling the fuq apart and you have to ask for help… *again*.

      I’m hoping the roller coaster goes back up again soon.

      • Yes a season is long in some astro transits!

        Suddenly a light broke through. That long season has been a struggle but i realised ive come far in some ways. It sounds like you have done more than endure, lrock.

        That feeling, though…looking to letting the heaviness fall away and soaring new skies.

    • Just because you don’t get up at 5.00 in the morning doesn’t mean you aren’t doing the Work. And I so, so hear you on the muscles craving action release

      • I’m giving myself up until the spring equinox to work back up to balance and healthy process as a daily practice. About 4 weeks. I think the Leo new moon was a good start. (“Get it together”) Weather will be warming up, days getting longer, and it’s Virgo season, with a nice new moon near then too, and mercury out of shadow. When the sadge new moon hits, 12 weeks later, that’s my 6th house and on the tail of the Saturn transit. Let the goal stalking resume? It’s been a long time. The houses 2, 6, 10 all seem to mandate incremental gains for long term achievement. OK, I can do that. Saturn, I’m going to need your full support.

        • Hm i like that read of those houses being incremental support.

          Thank you. That’s in my chart so i have it in me. We feel so easily undone by our selves. That is what i aim to tame.

          • you had another comment somewhere about that earth trine and I thought, ahhh now i get it. structuring our lives in a reasonable (not autocratic) way is probably helpful when the fish-centaur is start to roam wildly but there are things to do

            • Just in the interests of astro-thenticity, my earth planets are not in trine with each other.

              Pluto and Saturn are trined. But Mars trines nothing.

              It’s one of those uneven pie-slice house divisions that are the result of distance from the equator at birth.

              Not that it diminishes the insight you brought us from your observations!

    • yes to not getting up at 5 in winter, and taking it easy. all my taurus means I’m pretty lazy, and I do what I can. Yoga today, riding my bike to work when I can and it’s not raining. walking and stair climbing during my day. I gave up the gym years ago, being fit was great but I don’t love the regular time consuming and boring classes…
      I think we try too hard to be ‘perfect’ with exercise, eating, whatever, and berate ourselves harshly when we don’t follow the regime, and then feel like shit. so I’m giving myself a free pass to do what feels good and what I’m actually up for rather than what I *should* do.

  2. Me: My natal Saturn is at 29 degrees. It’s… hard sometimes.

    Christian Them: What is Saturn at 29? Honey, this is meant to be. Jesus is teaching you lessons. You’re like Job. Don’t question it, just believe that it is meant to test your faith. God loves you!

    Pagan Them: Aww, just be more positive! Don’t be such a cynic!

    Atheist Neoliberal Them: Listen, I know you’re pretty much fuqed right now, but all you need to do is pull yourself up by your bootstraps. You’re the only one who can save you. I’m off to buy a new house. Peace!

    Me: FUQ. OFF.

        • I’m thinking back to the first G20 summit with protests, and the creation of the world trade organisation in the mid 1990s. That was a big stellium / conjunction in Capricorn, importantly including Neptune, melting (economic and regulatory) barriers (to trade). This made it easier for companies to grow enormously and I guess also become more powerful. The neoliberal argument is as dogmatic as any religion so there’s a possibly a difficult sadge aspect or transit there?
          At the personal belief level it’s a very hard, exclusive set of ideas about personal value and worth, defined only by one’s economic productive capacity but increasingly a form of slavery but for a few (kids want to be bankers and lawyers these days, not astronauts and explorers). And often these views are inherited so there’s a family-line (alternatively an active break from family) vibe.
          So maybe the cultural signature is the 1990s Capricorn stellium, with Pluto in sadge? Power-mongering dogma. but strongly supported by Americas protestant cultural heritage (“God helps those who help themselves”) around its inception.. and as an accelerant from time to time).
          It also likes to talk about ‘efficiency’ (systemic or economic) so is there a Virgo signature there for its adherents? Was it the Work of Pluto in Leo and Virgo generation? Picked up and run with by the kids? I mean, who doesn’t want more money? I could certainly do with a least a nice apartment, a car and some supplement for my surf trips or astro readings or the kids school fees or whatever
          It all seems very earthy. Not to mention the insane accumulation of wealth and reliance on inside or collegiate networks e.g. Davos forum. It’s kind of opposite the Aquarius vibe, isn’t it.

          • I think you’re spot on. My thoughts went initially to some relationship between Neptune and Capricorn – there’s a real delusion at the base of neoLiberal dogma, a willingness to not-see the impacts of these monetary structures. And we’ve bought it. Looking back, the point for me was seeing a news article about people buying bottled water in Canada back in the late 80s. Canada has good water – why would you you choose to buy something freely available? Neoliberalism is just an extension of that con. Trickle down economics, my ass.

            • I can’t remember which post this was explored in but it is in the Financial Fuqery category (category menu on right) and basically i was saying that Neptune in Capricorn was the birth of economic rationalism/globalism etc as a belief system – and that Pluto in Capricorn was rolling over it till 2024, exposing delusional aspects of the system

        • Lol! Crappy Libertarians! I know some decent ones and then there are the ones that are total trash. Libertarian solution for homelessness: the churches or some other group will take care of them. Govt doesnt need to do anything about them. Were you not paying attention in the 80’s? Trickle down economics doesnt work.

          But i am curious what are Libertarians astrologically? In the U.S. They made a news splash at the same time as Tea Party-ers but are slightly different. They seem to be aligned with “Preppers” (non-political subculture into homesteading, homeschooling) but one can be any political leaning and be into disaster readiness.

  3. Yes.
    And then the balancing because of a Libra MC. The above picture melts into the background, not as something done and conquered, never to be returned to again; but as fundamental maintenance so that the ‘get out’ lines are precise, accurate and without a trace of quibble quabble doubt. Nay instead their said with an internal sense of gleeful self knowing.

  4. Omg, lol. This is so timely for me. I just finished with 8 years of Neptune square all my personal planets, then once that was done Saturn conjuncted them all . Let me tell you Saturn conjunct your Sun and venus, baaaack and forth for a couple years feels like you are the last person standing. I did lots of therapy and now I actually enjoy my alone time with my daughter so friends and family (the few I sekected after all that) are back again, lol. It is FINALLY all over and Saturn is in my tenth house where in am working hard but doing well inn my career.

  5. hahaha – this illustrates my seemingly never ending saturn transits perfectly! Have you heard of the Vedic concept of Sade Sati Mystic? its a horror transit spanning (I think) 30 degrees either side of your moon. Some people it makes, others it breaks… Im pretty sure this explains the non stop Shiz-fest since Saturn entered Libra, exited Saturn and then hit on my Sagg stellium..

    • exited Scorpio!
      btw , i think this is one of my favourite posts 😀 – short, succinct and the perfect illustration of the situation

      • Yes, lol. I have had the exact same experience. Luckily it’s through my sag stellium now and in my tenth house.

    • Well I’ve just checked for the Sade Sati periods in my life & they coincided perfectly with two periods which were truly hard and awful. Both started when Saturn was 30º before my Moon & ended when Saturn was 30º past. So yes, interesting.

    • I read this up a bit earlier. It appears that it is a 7.5 year section of a Saturn cycle so it entails 90*, not 60*. Moon in Leo are the most affected and conversely, in Aqua, the least affected.

      • Yes, I was not clear above. It affects the sign before and the sign after the sign your Moon is in – so 3 signs: 90º. All I know is that both times the monumental foulness lasted for at least 7 years.

    • Experienced the same with Sade Sati. My Saturn transits were non-stop since 2005 up until end of 2015. There is no way pure Western astrology alone with a paltry 2 yr Saturn transit can explain the shit that happened those years.
      If you feel like the world is out to kill you, check if you have a Sade Sati transit.
      To check, make sure you use your vedic moon sign. I’m Scorpio Moon but in vedic I am Libra moon. So that means shit starts hitting the fan when Saturn is in virgo and continues hitting the fan all up until done with Scorpio.
      2016 was mostly me in PTSD mode thinking it is still happening. I am finally calming down in 2017 and ready to build a better future. My natural correct intuition came back to me 2015.

    • Ergh. FQ.

      I’m just gonna remind myself that “makes or breaks” is typical of the Vedic binary extreme language used (reminiscent of Chinese conservative-conformist fears of the outlier) and go…

      …yeh that is why i keep contemporary in astro interpretation reading. Despite my love of the ancients. For background more than personal. May be true; may be self fulfulling fearful illusion.

  6. Saturn, I love you for making responsible + sober but for the love of God, can you please lighten up a bit???

    He’s pushing down hard on me, I’m SO OVER IT

  7. I actually referred to Saturn as “my heartless redeemer” the other day, but I’ve always leaned towards the poetic (see icon).

    In my case, I think it happened backwards, because I didn’t really see what can happen when you work with Saturn until recently. Might go differently when it crosses my natal Saturn (in my 12th house), but that’s not for two and a half years.

  8. Right. Almost done with this stretch.

    Saturn 3 Sag
    Mercury 7 Sag
    Uranus 17 Sag
    Venus 21 Sag
    Sun 28 Sag
    Neptune 3 Capricorn

    So……… after 2018……… everything should be a little clearer.

    • Oh wow you remind me of myself. Similar Saturn and Neptune positions. My sun is at 23 Gemini, so opposite yours (and opposite Saturn currently).

      Scorpio Ascendant at 17 degrees
      Saturn 5 Sag (1st house)
      Uranus 20 Sag (2nd house)
      Neptune 4 Capricorn (2nd house)
      Mars 22 Capricorn (2nd house)

      3rd house cusp at 25 Capricorn. LOL so Saturn leaving it in… 2019 (ish)??

      Saturn is opposite my natal sun at 23 Gemini in the 8th house until like end of November.

      Also Pluto transiting my 2nd until like end of 2020 or something.

      I’ve read that Saturn conjunct Neptune can be… trying. After Saturn in my sign, my Saturn return, and now Saturn opposite my sun on and off the past year, I think I can handle it. Like “OK Saturn if all you want to do is make me paranoid and kind of crush my dreams, it seems like I can handle it compared to the past 2-4 years.” 😛

      I hope your Saturn return wasn’t too bad. 🙂 Hang in there, almost done.

  9. Seriously, my Saturn transit never ends. Moon in Cap, four houses with either Cancer or Capricorn on the cusp, Saturn in 7th house, it’s just one long Saturnfest. When people ask me if I did anything “fun” lately I want to do the “Get Out” move.

  10. Is there an after Saturn? Does air and color and joy return? Or is it still like now, where I get them for two or three seconds, here and there, only by dint of weeks of hard work?

    Pluto in Scorp, Saturn in Sag 7th house, Uranus in sag, Neptune in Capricorn…

    I’m filling out a dating profile and debating adding, for honesty’s sake “I may sometimes enjoy myself but fun is not in my vocabulary.”

      • thats nice to know, because right now my idea of fun is a clean sink and bathroom and then an early bedtime with a cup of dandelion tea while working on some spreadsheets….seriously haha

    • usually aided by tapping into Jupiter or venus consciousness or transits perhaps? Uranus can drop sunshine ray-bombs into our lap too sometimes, which is nice. saturn can forget to fade into the background – by stopping to take stock and reflect, and recognise the fug that has cleared as a result of the work, might help to see how much more room we have for pleasure and happiness. Maybe even – hey this is something saturn would approve of! – a ritual or event to mark the shift or change/learning…a boundary! Take a friend out lunch to celebrate ‘the end’ of something, or have a dinner party and each person can bring something (an idea or a bottle or a non-booze cocktail recipe or something) to toast “good riddance” or (a bit nicer) “farewell, stuff!”
      so we’re consciously a little more open to it at least, even if it still feels a bit heavy.
      hope that doesn’t sound too sunday liftout-ish.

    • Thank you for this reminder that my half-hearted memory smiles at the joys in life are probably a result of Saturn–in my 1st right now and trining my natal Saturn/and Sun and squaring a Virgo stellium that begins at 8deg up to my Uranus at 27deg (so not done yet…but up next an opp to natal moon)….ANYWAY. This was a good reminder. Having stepped back into qi gong to reset, am being rewarded with longer than 3 seconds gusts of mystery, joy and numinous all-love. But it’s way way earned this time.

  11. YES!

    I just kicked the last one out, it’s been a long process but I get it 🙂

    Mars conjunct Saturn in Virgo 6th house

      • Well yes, according to this math. Imagine that the brain, the mind, can ‘entangle’ photons, light. According to this math once they are released, by thought ?, they travel faster than the speed of light to anywhere on the timeline, where they can be observed by separate entities anywhere on that timeline. If for example one photon has travelled to the ‘future’ and is observed as red, the other, currently in the past will also become red.
        So, if I entangled a thought today, Einstein might get it tomorrow or yesterday and vice versa 🙂
        This is a 5th dimensional concept as it entails a dimension outside of time.
        We need to start becoming more conscious of that space . Will keep us one step ahead of the singularity. Machines already know how to entangle and transmit this way. Our future broadband will be based on the technology that comes out of this understanding.

        • I was reading that the fundamental laws of physicls to not include the variable of time, t, in their equations. Of course being multidimensional beings of universal love and sub-material consciousness we already know this, but it’s nice to have it in black and white so to speak, so the engineers can start working on the next-gen transportation devices and so on.

          • Yes, it always annoyed me, but now I realise it has not been ignored. In fact it has been more thoroughly researched before allowing it in as a factor.

            Einstein would definitely be pleased.

    • I like the idea of retrocausuality, Ive had several instances where an “echo” of the future gave me a clear picture of how a situation would play out yrs ahead…not like a premonition or anything, (thats different like a flash) , just literally an energy wave that felt like an echo…too hard to explain, but this article confirms it for me anyway.

      • Yes, an echo, a wave that washes over you.
        Means we can tap into anyone on the timeline, and them us.
        The question remains whether this is a totally random process or whether we can be more specific.

          • Think we can experiment..but I can’t imagine sure control of retrocausality. Bur are we not like trees, connected at our roots to one another?

            • Maybe you (and we) are doing it RIGHT NOW for our past selves??

              I’ve been contemplating your question for what seems like ages but i note is one diurnal-ish. This notion suddenly blows me away! It is totally the Theory of Relativity. Those giant circles on the cover of the book, flanking the explanation inside. And so perfectly readable. That man was a great teacher! No high-falutin’ lose-you-lesser mortals, just metaphors and examples that anyone can grasp. (I mean, i love Hawking as well, but i get so lost).

    • Thanks, looking forward to reading this later. Time and its elasticity or otherwise has been the theme of my summer. Intergenerational relationships, midlife, younger/older versions of me, before/after tipping points… I happened to go to London, where I stood on the meridian line – arbitrary but all the more symbolic for it. I’ve lost my way in space-time and need to re-establish my coordinates.

      • The Vedics would say to reestablish your ‘constitutional position in the universe’. This is so important.

        • Well, now you’re speaking to my 6th House. It’s Taurean ruled Saturn, and is a total shrinking bad, at times, on how i bunker down into habits and poor framing of my everyday alchemy, which is what i totally believe is the magic of the 6th, and can never get quite right.

    • I had to wrap my head around retrocausality when I trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine… Took me months to wrap my head around, but now it’s just part of my reality.

  12. Man, Saturn is now past my natal Saturn – woo! Saturn transit madness for sure. That retrograde……*shudders*

    So I’m on the borderline of both images…. out with the old…. flying fuq balls where do I go to now!?!

    Capricorn ascendant at half a degree….. don’t know whether to be scared of Saturn into Cap, or to celebrate…… the end of me of me as I know it.

  13. Haha yes!! I’ve been on some pre-Saturn return since 2014 and WOOM this weekend I finally returned to my roots, to ME, The Annoying Sagittarian Truth Teller and Catalyst. Ah this is so much easier. Not wallowing over what people might think, just blurting the hard truths out in the least offensive manner. If it’s true, they can’t really say anything to it. Let people see the light. No matter how stingy the truth, it sets you free and moves you forward. Also applies to myself. I’ve also found a straight-talking friend. Despite all the Saturn, this weekend got it’s silver lining 🙂

  14. Am into my final round of Saturn square my natal Pluto, then Jupiter, then Uranus. Tough love? Well, at least love remains in that phrase. Squares make you grow. Saturn takes that concept and ups it. Yep, get out anything that doesn’t belong to who you are. It’s the authenticity planet when all is said and done.

  15. I’m pretty good with Saturn these days. It’s on my asc in very late pisces 1st house. And transiting Saturn is just about to return again the my MC at the galactic centre. I’m expecting to be very busy for a couple of years.

  16. Hahaha too true. We are getting almost to the 100 day countdown mark until Saturn enters Cap. My psyche has basically donned her gray sweats to continuously run up those steps to victory come mid December.

  17. It’s been all about relationships for me – Gem Sun, Aqua rising. Have learnt a lot the hard way but also identifying and refining the techniques as I go through to hopefully last a lifetime.

    Main advantage now is that I don’t do duty relationships, including family (or should that be especially family), and I don’t try to buy affection via gifts and shouting people for meals, wines, coffees, etc. Also stopped people coming in for the save: I can work this out and often the save is about them, not you.

  18. As a scorp sun with sag rising, I feel like Saturn is my bestie now… Or maybe that’s my Venus is Capricorn talking.

    Either way, I’m planning a thigh tattoo that says, “nous sommes nos choix” Once my hip flexors are satisfactorily sexy. Satres ftw.

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